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Balanced Scorecard 3


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									       Main Uses of the Balanced Scorecard Created by Doctor Robert Kaplan

 In this post, we are going to discuss the main uses of the balanced scorecard created by medical
professional Robert Kaplan. essentially speaking, the balanced scorecard refers to a strategic
management and planning system used by non profit organization, government, company and
company to align the activities of the organization to its tactic and vision.

This system is also used to improve external and internal communications and keep track of the
organizational performance against its strategic goals.

The system was created by Dr. Robert Kaplan who works at the Harvard organization School and
Mr. David Norton. It came from as a framework for performance determinement that aimed at
including strategic non- financial performance evaluates to the traditional economic and financial
frameworks previously sed.

Thus it gives executives and managers a more balanced view of the performance of their

The balanced scorecard has been evolved with time from its initial use as a simplified
evaluatement framework of performance to a full fledged management and strategic planning

This scorecard is developed to transform a firm's strategic plan from a passive document into
marching orders that an organization can use in day to day activities. It provides frameworks that
employ performance evaluatements while supporting planners identify the aspects that should be
determined and the things to be done. Thus it is useful in enabling executives execute the
methods effectively.

In addition, the balanced scorecard provides feedback around exterior outcomes and internal
organization processes to improve results and strategic performance. Thus planning is changed
from the academic angle to the very nerve of any provided enterprise.

point of views of the Balanced Scorecard

To truly understand the main uses of the balanced scorecard created by health practitioner Robert
Kaplan, one has to review the four perspectives that this scorecard suggests we view
organisations from. Data should also be collected and examined relative to these perspectives:

- The studying and Growth standpoint
This perspective of the balanced scorecard includes the coaching of employees and the cultural
attitudes that are associated to corporate and person self- improvement. The current office
requires staff to constantly be in the understanding mode especially when you think about the
rapid modifications in technology.

- The business enterprise Process perspective

This balanced scorecard standpoint is connected to the internal processes within a enterprise. It
includes metrics which permit managers know the usefulness of the business and whether the
companies and products conform to the consumer requirements.

- The customer perspective

client satisfaction and focus is very important to any company organization. Thus clients have to
be analyzed relying on the processes that a business is using to serve distinct buyer groups.

- The financial viewpoint

The other use of the balanced scorecard is seen in this point of view. fiscal data is a priority for
any provided firm and managers should do everything in their power to get accurate and timely

The balanced scorecard is very important and has many uses to organisations. It is used to
measure real performance against the goals set within the strategic planning documents initially
drafted for the organisations.

Overall, all players within organisations should learn the main uses of the balanced scorecard
created by medical professional Robert Kaplan.

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