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									MATT Regulatory Division Motor Fuel Tax
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Comptroller of Maryland Schedule of Disbursements
Account Number C To whom sold Schedule E Fuel used for F Z

P.O. Box 1751 Annapolis, MD 21401-1751 410-260-7138 1-888-784-0141 Month / Year Product Code





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Rev. 7/07

All schedules must be attached to GTD-300, and received by this office on or before the last day of the month for the preceding month. 1. Enter registrant name, account number, month and year of report, and check appropriate schedule box. 2. Enter detail required by column headings. If only use of fuel, enter “Self” under column to whom sold. 3. Enter total gallons sold or used. (Do not show tenths) 4. Returned products or meter test gallons should be reported and identified as such. Prepare all schedules in duplicate. Retain a copy for your file. Schedules: Prepare a separate schedule for each class of disbursement. “C” “E” “F” “Z” 054 065 072 092 124 125 130 142 Non-taxable sales or use. (Heating, refrigeration, cleaning, construction equipment, etc.) Sales to users or sellers not licensed to buy tax free. Use in own equipment, separate total for each class of vehicle, motor carrier and other. Adjustment of prior month(s) report(s). Explain Adjustment on Schedule and (bracket credits). PRODUCT Propane(LPG) Gasoline Dyed Kerosene Other Gasohol Ethanol Blend Aviation Gas Jet Fuel Undyed Kerosene CODES 150 152 160 170 224 225 228 241

#1 Fuel Oil Heating Oil Undyed Diesel Biodiesel-Undyed Compr. Natural Gas (CNG) Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Dyed Diesel Ethanol

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