Senior Multi Genre PowerPoint Project by ert554898


									  Pride and
Satire Project,
    Part 2
Step one
 Carefully consider
 Hogarth’s famous satirical
 painting, “Marriage ala
Step two
 Identify a minimum of ten (10)
 examples of elements within the
 painting that are intended to
 criticize either marriage or the
 upper classes.
Step three
3.   Be sure to
     identify the
     specific satirical
     techniques used.
 To enlarge, increase, or represent something beyond
 normal bounds so that it becomes ridiculous and its
 faults can be seen. Caricature is the exaggeration of a
 physical feature or trait. Cartoons, especially political
 cartoons, provide extensive examples of caricature.
 Burlesque is the ridiculous exaggeration of language.
 For instance, when a character who should use formal,
 intelligent language speaks like a fool or a character
 who is portrayed as uneducated uses highly
 sophisticated, intelligent language.

 To present things that are out of place
 or are absurd in relation to its
 surroundings. Particular techniques
 include oxymoron, metaphor, and

 To imitate the techniques and/or style of
 some person, place, or thing in order to
 ridicule the original. For parody to be
 successful, the reader must know the
 original text that is being ridiculed.
 To present the opposite of the normal order.
  Reversal can focus on the order of events, such as
  serving dessert before the main dish or having
  breakfast for dinner. Additionally, reversal can
 focus on hierarchical order—for instance, when a
 young child makes all the decisions for a family or
 when an administrative assistant dictates what the
 company president decides and does.
Your Overall Goal
  Each group must write a numbered list of the
  elements, explaining:

    A. which aspect of society/humanity is being
                           (15 points)

    B. the specific satirical technique used.
                              (15 points)
Step 4
Now it is your turn:
       A. Choose a character or concept from
        Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

       B. List a minimum of 15 satirical elements or
       details for use in your own satirical drawing,
       based on the story. Be sure to include which
       technique each of your elements is utilizing.
       This will go on the back of your finished
       product. Also include a title for your picture.
              (ex. “Mary’s Birthday Party”)
Grading for the Final Product
Purposeful Title:               10 points

15 satirical elements listed:   150 points

Creativity:                     40 points

Total:                          200 points

     ***Due Wednesday, April 15th.

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