CGS 1060 Project 2

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					             CGS 1060 Project 2

                 By: Traci C. Oliver
               Professor: C.S. Lamar
            Lab Instructor: Karthik Narayanan

9/11/2012                                       1
            Telex Communication, Inc
 Headquarters located in:
    Burnsville, Minnesota

 Employs over 2100 people
  world wide

 Shares of Telex
  Communication, Inc are
  traded publicly on the
  NASDAQ exchange under
  the ticker symbol TL .
9/11/2012                              2
            Telex Communication, Inc
 Digital Duplication
 Telex has been an industry leader for more than 30 years in providing
  high-speed duplication systems. The extensive line of products include
  cassette, CD and DVD duplicators, as well as digital conversion tools to
  make A/D and D/A transfers in a matter of minutes.
 Military/Aviation
    An industry leader with more than 75 years of experience in acoustics
    and audio products for the military and aviation markets. Telex or
    Electro-Voice branded products in nearly every airplane flying in the
    world today.
 Retail Audio
    Telex is the performance leader in Computer Audio Products.

9/11/2012                                                                   3
                   Telex’s Mission
 To meet the needs of PEOPLE:
                                      Our SHAREHOLDERS,
 Our CUSTOMERS AND                    by providing their
  THEIR CUSTOMERS, by                  expected return on
  providing products and services      investment
  of the highest quality and value

                                      Our SUPPLIERS, by
  providing opportunities to make
                                       creating mutually
  meaningful contributions and to      beneficial relationships
  be recognized and rewarded           with strong, capable
  accordingly                          partners

9/11/2012                                                         4
                  Telex’s Products

                     EV SonicsXS 4.1
                                            Aircraft -
SpinWise 2-28D,                             Airman 750
Two Drive DVD                               Single-Sided

                       USB internet phone
 9/11/2012                                           5
               Optio Software, Inc
 Optio was founded in 1981 and      More than 4,000 customers are
  is headquartered in Atlanta.        benefiting from solutions,
                                      including companies in the
 They employee more than 200         manufacturing, distribution,
  people in the United States and     retail, healthcare and other
  internationally.                    industries.

                                     Shares of Optio Software, Inc.
                                      are traded publicly on the
                                      NASDAQ exchange under the
                                      ticker symbol OPTO.

9/11/2012                                                              6
 Optio products are being used:
 To tailor the information from enterprise, e-business and legacy
  applications for delivery and exchange as XML, web content
  and customized documents according to individualized

 To securely and electronically report business critical
  information to anyone in a company's trading exchange;

 To customize and distribute information from enterprise
  applications and proprietary systems to a global network of
  digital destinations.
9/11/2012                                                            7
          Products of Optio Include:
    eComitegrate                             OptioReprint
     Tackle communications head on.            Browse, view and reprint recently
     Automate processes and customize          submitted jobs with OptioReprint™.
     information for everyone involved:        With all the problems that can come
     suppliers, customers, partners and        with printers, this is one solution that
     staff.                                    keeps you at your desk and out of the
                                               copy room.
    OptioFax\
     A complete solution, OptioFAX™           Optio e.ComPresent
     supports your unique business needs       The pathway to web presentations,
     by providing high-powered faxing and      Optio e.Com Present™ provides easy
     reception solutions.                      access to web-based reports and
                                               documentation distribution
     Design Studio
      With flexible documents that you can    MedFormsDR
      customize and design—even                Providing round-the-clock access to
      document the routing process—you         records while maintaining your system
      run the show with DesignStudio™.         organization objectives, MedForms
9/11/2012 from your desktop.                   keeps up with patients for you        8
            Centra Software, Inc.

Headquarter located in   Over a thousand
 Boston, MA                organizations across
                           every industry and
                           market sector choose
Centra operates           Centra
 throughout the
 Americas, Europe,
 Asia, and Australia.

9/11/2012                                         9
             Centra’s Utilization
• Centra make real-time business meetings and events more
  cost-effective and convenient by reducing travel and
  extending reach to globally dispersed customers, partners,
  and co-workers over low-bandwidth network connections
  through a simple browser interface.

• By utilizing existing corporate computing infrastructure
  and platforms, Centra helps organizations align enterprise
  IT strategies with key business processes to enhance
  productivity, lower costs, and drive revenue.

9/11/2012                                                      10
            Centra’s Solutions

9/11/2012                        11
            Centra’s Application

9/11/2012                          12
            Centra’s Platform

9/11/2012                       13
                    T.C.O. Stock Prices:
                Current Stock Prices V/S 1 Year Ago

                               Stock Comparison

            Price $1.50
                  $0.50                               Price 1
                                                      yr ago
                          TL        CTRA     OPTOC

9/11/2012                                                  14
                T.C.O Stock Comparison
                                Chart Information

         # of Current Price 1 52 week 52 week               1 year     52/L      52/H
Company Shares Price yr ago low         high  T.C>V>         G/L       Profit    Loss
TL          500 $2.75 $2.35 $2.75 $4.35 $1,375.00           $200.00     $0.00     $800.00
CTRA        500 $1.27 $1.91 $0.76 $8.90         $635.00     $320.00   $255.00   $3,815.00
OPTOC       500 $0.35 $0.42 $0.11 $1.16         $175.00      $35.00   $120.00     $405.00

Numbers highlighted in red equivalent to negative numbers

 9/11/2012                                                                         15
9/11/2012   16

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