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53, A. 49, L. 118, Sung-lan Sec. 2, Pen-zhen, Taoyan Hsien, Taiwan
Tel : 886-3-4203898-9       Fax : 4203900.
E Mail : vacuutek@lycos.com or vacuutek@kimo.com
Vacuutek takes hard research to develop most advance technology
In PVD Hard Coating for Hardware and Time pieces Industries.
All of ARC coatings provided hard, strong and many different color coating
on the surface of Aluminum alley, Brass and Stainless steel.

The Color
The color depends on different metal target, such as,.
The Zirconium target provided light bright golden color.
The different percentage of Zirconium & Titanium alloy target provided
golden color from 14K to 24K.
The Titanium target with Nitride or carbide can produce gold, brown,
pink and blue color.
The Chrome or Cr/Ni target with Nitride or carbide can produce silver
and gray color.

The Coating quality
The ZrN Coating Quality including Mechanical strength and Chemical
corrosion test has been done in USA.
The highest rank is “9” and we got 7 to 8.

The Throughput
The Coating batch as fast as 40 minute per batch. And the capacity is
36 sets of door lock set. Total throughput is app. 1,200 sets per day.

The 24 Hours working
With very special design, this machine can running 24 hours none stop

             The ARC TiN and ZrN Hard coating plant.
                            1. Description
                            2. Flow chart
                            3. Facility :
                               (1) Equipment
                               (2) Manpower
                               (3) Utility
                               (4) Space
                              4. Machine‘s specification
1. Description
   This proposal calculation base on mass production TiN, ZrN
   Hard coating for Aluminum alloy, Brass and stainless steel

Products Target : Door lock device made by Aluminum alloy, Brass
and stainless steel. The one set of lock consist by two handles, two
front plates and one center plate.

36 sets/loading x 30 min/batch x 20 hour = app. 1,200 sets/day.

2. Flow chart :

Aluminum alloy          Brass                   Stainless steel

Nickel and Chrome Electrical plating

                    Ultra sonic Clean ( Very Important )
                    Loading into the Vacuum Chamber
             Pumping down to 5.0 x 10-5 mbar vacuum pressure
                      Surface Plasma dry clean
                       Initial pure Ti or Zr coating
                       TiN or ZrN Color coating
                Unloading from the Vacuum Chamber
                       After Coating process
                            Final Inspection
 3. Facility
 3-1 Equipment list.
          Name          Model           Q‘ty   Unit price      Amount
1 ARC Ion Coating       TN-1000         1
2 Ultra Sonic Clean     Local made      1
3 Chain Conveyer        Local made      1
4 Jigs                  Local made

Remark :
1. Machines item dipand on buyer’s request.
2. Delivery: 120 days after receipt of L/C.
3. Price including machine installation and training in buyer’s factory.
4. Buyer pay the all expanse during the machine installation.
5. Need both water chilling plant and cooling tower for machine cooling.
6. Item 2~4 can be made in buyer’s country.

 3-1-1 Raw Material List
       Name              Unit Price          Stock      Amount       Usage
 1 Rotary Pump Oil                          2 drums                 2 years
 2 Diffusion Pump Oil                       6 liters                2 years
 3 Zirconium Target                         100 pcs                 2000
                                                Total US$10,240.-

3-1-2 Total cost of Equipment and raw material for initial production
      Equipment US$386,000.- + Raw Material US$10,240.-
                                         = Total Import cost US$396,240..-
3-2    Manpower
       Maintenance man 1, pre clearing process3, PVD Coating 2,
       After coating process 2, Inspection and packing 1, total 9 person.
3-3    Utility
3-3-1 Water consumption 0.1 tons per hour.
3-3-2 Electricity max. load 45kw.
3-4    Room space: App. 4 m x 5 m for coating room, 6 m x 5 m with chain
       conveyer for jig loading, pre clean, after coating process, Inspection
       and packing .
3-5     Target Cost
        US$80 x 6 pcs/set ÷100 times ÷ 36 sets/batch = US$0.1333/set.

4. PVD Hard coating machine
System with six ARC coating source and Glow Discharge surface for
clean. Full computer control system provided easy operation and keep
uniform color coating.

System equip Japan made mechanical vacuum pump and Vacuutek
special design Diffusion pump provided large pump speed to keep
coating batch time down to 30 minutes. Computerized operation system
provided from cooling water temperature to ARC source monitor to keep
machine running without any trouble. Every operation actions are keep in
Computer’s memory. This record can be print out for
operation/production record or for maintenance trouble shooting

Module type wiring design provided easy service and modem device
make just only one wire connect between Computer and machine.

1. Vacuum Chamber
1.1 Box type with stainless cooling pipe chamber Dia. 1M x H 1M.
1.2 Chamber material : All Stainless 304 made.
1.3 Ultimate Vacuum Pressure                                 10-6 mbar
1.3.1 Operation Vacuum condition                          5 x 10-5 mbar
1.4 Turntable : 2 ~ 10 rpm               size : Dia. 700 mm x Hi 750mm
1.4.1 Turntable carrier :    with 6 axis size : Dia. 230 mm x Hi 750mm
                             with 8 axis size : Dia. 180 mm x Hi 750mm
1.4.2 Rotation Motor : 1/4 hp DC motor fix on top of chamber 1 set.
1.5   Vacuum gauge port                                          3 sets.
1.6   View port                                                  2 sets.
1.7   Chamber heating system, 4.5kw                               1 set.
1.8   Chamber inner cover                                         2 sets.

2.     Vacuum Pumping System
2.1    Pumping speed ( with loading )   within 15 min. to 5 x 10-5 mbar
2.2    Ultimate Vacuum Pressure                               10-6 mbar
2.3    Pumping Component
2.3.1   Japan Ulvac PKS-070 Rotary pump speed 7,000L/min.          1 set.
       Or equally other Japan and USA maker pump.
3.2.2 Japan Ulvac PMB-020, Booster pump speed 2,000M3/hour 1 set.
       Or equally other Japan and USA maker pump.
2.3.3 Vacuutek DP-26, 26” oil diffusion pump, 12kW, 26,000L/S 1 set.
2.3.4    Freezer Baffle for Diffusion pump CP-26,                       1 set.
2..4     Operation confirm vacuum valves
2.4.1    Vacuum pumping valve            6” x 2 sets, 26” x 1 set, 2” x 1 set.
2.4.2    Rotary pump vent delay valve                           3/8” x 1 set.
2.5      Swiss BALZERS IKR 250 digital hi vacuum gauge                 1 set.
2.6      Swiss BALZERS TPR 250 digital low vacuum gauge             2 sets.
2.7      Cooling water in and out thermo couple                      2 sets.

3.      Glow Discharge surface clean and Bias
3.1     Inlet Gas Mass Flow controller USA Brookes                   2 sets.
3.2     Gas flow control and monitor system                          2 sets.
3.2     DC power supply : Dual output DC380V and 1000V,
        Output voltage and current are Adjustable and under
        Control by computer                                         1 set.
3.3     High voltage feedthrough                                    1 set.
3.4     Turntable insulation : up to DC 2000V

4.      Operation Control system
        Full computer control provided maintenance reminder, operation
        Sequence interlock and alarm, Trouble location indicator and operation
4-1     With operation data file provided every production and every operation
        action did on this machine are keep in hard disc for reference.
        This information are very important for production control and trouble

5. ARC Source
5.1 60 mm target ARC source each three sets Fixed on both side
    of chamber to provided uniform coating color.
5.2 ARC source power supply DC70V/20V, 150A                   6 sets
5.3 Automatic Ignition system                                 6 sets
    ( with very special design provided stable and 24 hours operation)

6.      Others
6.1     Compressed air                              6 kg/cm2, 1/4“ port.
6.2     Cooling water                      30 liter/min. Pressure 2kg/cm2.
6.3     Power                       220V/380V/440V, 3phase, 50Hz, 80kw.

7.   Spare parts
7.1 Silicon grease, O rings and insulation parts                 1 set
7.2 Chamber inner cover                                           1 set
2-12 Monitor screen function Description (This page shown Manual function)
2-12-1 2-12-2 2-12-3         2-12-4 2-12-5 2-12-6 2-12-7

2-12-8 2-12-9 2-12-10 2-12-11              2-12-12 2-12-13 2-12-14
2-12-1 Diffusion pump temperature.
2-12-2 Freezer Baffle.
2-12-3 Vacuum reading.
2-12-4 Argon gas flow setting and actual flow rate .
2-12-5 Nitrogen gas flow setting and actual flow rate.
2-12-6 ARC source , Gray for close, Red for Ignite fail, Blue for coating,.
2-12-7 Bias for turntable.
2-12-8 Shown on trouble location. (with red color shown).
2-12-9 Room temp., cooling water temp. and chamber temp indicator.
2-12-10 Double click to open production and action report with printing..
2-12-11 Plasma Surface clean Glow discharge.
2-12-12 Turntable on/off.
2-12-13 Chamber heating on/off and temp. indicator. (gray for off, blue for
         heating, red for reach setting. )
     2-12-14 Bar for vacuum reading.

power monitor     Auto door            Vacuum Valves   Vacuum Pump
for ARC source    open/close

PC          Glow & Bias View Main power         ARC   Oil mister Rotary
            Power monitor port Box              Power             Pump

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