Edit Canon 550D MOV video on Sony Vegas by convert mov to wmv by magichhy


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									Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing software originally developed by Sonic Foundry. It does not
require any specialized hardware to run properly, allowing vegas to operate on almost any
standard Windows computer across a broad range of hardware. What formats does Sony Vegas
suppored? Vegas supported import format including: AIFF, ATRAC, AVI, BMP, CDA, FLAC, GIF,
M2TS, OGG, PCA, PNG, PSD, QuickTime. What can you do with this software? With this
software you can do:Light effects, there new ones include fill light, soft contrast, starburst,
defocus, rays and glint. Frame Rate Conversion, it is make it possible to use keyframes with Bezier
masks, filters, transitions and track motion. It can provide adjustments so that it is possible to
work with mismatched media. Addditional, Vegas has the features of Aspect Ratios, High
Definition, Real Time, Workflow, alpha channel, multiple file formats, unlimited tracks, enhanced
video compositing, color corrections, ProType Titler and much more.

There are some qiestions about Sony Vegas:
Q1: "Hi, I'm using a canon 550D (t2i) and shooting at HD 1920x1080p at 25 fps. In order to make
the footages be editable in Sony Vegas, I tried a third-party program-MPEG Streamclip. However, I
still get choppy video, like it was missing frames or whatever. How to do with it?"

Q2:"The MPEG Streamclip enables .mov file to well play back. But, when pull it into Sony Vegas,
the clips has sound only without video. Any ideas?"

What's wrong? The MOV file created by Canon camcorder is always tough for Sony Vegas, since
the MOV file is a compressed format and it's hard to decode it to be edited. What should we do?

Doremisoft video converter will give the help to convert canon 550D mov to sony Vegas
supported format like wmv, you can learn how to convert canon mov to wmv for editing in Sony

Step 1: After you install the video converter to your pc, run the application, then you can click the
"Add File" to load the Canon 550D mov video to the software.

Step 2: Select "wmv" as the output file format, you can hit the "Profile" bar menu, choose
"Common Video"->"WMV" as output file format.
Step 3: Begin to convert canon 550D mov to Sony Vegas WMV, hit the big "START" button to star
the conversion. After down this, you can import the wmv video file to the Sony Vegas to edit the

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