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					Elder Assessment Evaluation

Elder: Angie Beaulieu

Life Cycle Nutrition: FND 328

   Bre Bian
   11 December 2007
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Elder: Angie Beaulieu

DOB: 11/10/1940

Age: 67

Height: 5ft. 6in. (169.2cm.)

Weight: 142Lbs. (64.5kg.)

Diet History:
               Prescription drugs- No
               Supplement- Yes, Centrum Silver
               Chronic diseases- No
               Blood Pressure- mildly increased
               Cholesterol- normal

National Nutrition Screening Initiative:
      Score: 0
      Results: Good! (0-2) Recheck your nutritional score every 6 months.

Mifflin-St. Jeor Equation:
       645 + 1057.5 – 335 – 161 = 1206.5 calories/day

Kcalorie Intake
Mifflin-St. Jeor: 1206.5 kcal/day
My Pyramid: 2000 (female, age 60+, active)
NHANES: 2200

Day 1          2205
Day 2          1775
Day 3          1856
Average        1745.3
According to Mifflin-St. Jeor, Angie’s calorie intake was above the calculated value all
three days. In this case you don’t restrict her calorie consumption greatly due to the fact
that over 3 of her vitamin and mineral levels were low all three days. Recommend her to
try and consume more fruits and vegetables in place of other snacks. By reducing snacks
such as crackers, or having a piece of fruit instead of a roll with her salads can not only
help reduce the number of calories she is consuming, but also increase her vitamin and
mineral intake.
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Protein Intake
Recommended: 64.5g
RDA: 46g

Day 1         75.94g
Day 2         99.32g
Day 3         96.85g
Average       90.7

Vitamin and Mineral Intake

              RDA/AI             Day 1       Day 2          Day 3
Vitamin A     700mcg             1994        902            1025
Vitamin C     75mg               92.37       234.71         100.06
Vitamin D     10mg               6.23        1.04           9.56
Vitamin E     15mg               4.96        8.80           4.63
Vitamin K     90mg               63.35       228.1          79.16
Vitamin B6    1.5mg              3.27        1.67           2.12
Vitamin B12   2.4mg              4.12        5.33           4.98
Thiamin       1.1mg              2.69        1.76           1.53
Riboflavin    1.1mg              3.17        2.13           2.24
Niacin        14mg               51.75       45.18          43.52
Folate        400mcg             937         573            414
Calcium       1200mg             1914        1130           961
Iron          8mg                35.83       15.61          11.33
Magnesium     320mg              359         361            428
Phosphorus    700mg              1350        1498           1608
Zinc          8mg                10.46       16.59          8.48
Choline       425mg              327.84      284.44         354.95
Fiber         20-35g             23.4        29.36          25.6

      Vitamin D:
       For Angie to meet the recommended amount of vitamin D, the best way would be
       to consume more milk. Each day consume 1-2 cups of skim milk along with the
       milk she already is consuming. In doing this, she will receive over 25-50% of the
       needed vitamin and also fulfill other vitamin and mineral requirements, such as
       calcium. The best time would be at her main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
       or with an afternoon snack.
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      Vitamin E:
       Almonds are a great way to fulfill your vitamin E requirements. In 1 oz. of
       almonds you can consume 35% of your recommended vitamin E and also increase
       your iron intake. As a snack, have a handful of almonds and a glass of milk
       instead of a granola bar or crackers. Also, for breakfast have 1 cup of Total Raisin
       Bran cereal and you will fulfill your vitamin E requirement, along with many
       other vitamins and minerals.

      Vitamin K:
       Vitamin K was mildly deficient 2 out of the 3 days. To ensure that you are
       consuming the recommended amount try and consume more vegetables such as
       cauliflower, spinach and other green leafy vegetables. Make a side salad with
       fresh spinach topped with cauliflower for dinner.

      Calcium:
       By meeting your vitamin D requirements you can also strive to meet your calcium
       needs. In one cup of skim milk you can consume 300mg of calcium. So by
       consuming 1-2 more cups of milk per day you can meet your calcium needs.

      Choline:
       A great food source to find choline is eggs. By consuming one egg you can
       receive 125mg. of choline. At breakfast top your bagel with an egg instead of
       cream cheese. Even place a piece of cheese on top to add calcium and a little

Recommended: 20-35%

Day 1          49.95g
Day 2          59.49g
Day 3          45.12g
Average        51.52g
Angie’s average totaled to 51.52g. For a elder female, at age 67, this is an excessive
amount. To decrease her intake you need to watch the type of protein source you are
consuming. Meat that is not considered lean can be higher in fat and also deserts can add
up in fat grams. Try to consume low-fat and no-fat products when possible due to the fact
that excess fat can lead to health complications such as high cholesterol and cardiac
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Recommended: <2300mg

Day 1           3607mg
Day 2           2265mg
Day 3           2426mg
Average         2766mg
With an average sodium intake of 2766mg. you are on a good pace but need to start being
cautious about the sodium levels in the foods you are consuming. Soups and “pre-made”
or “boxed meals” tend to be increasingly higher in sodium. In consuming excess sodium
it can lead to osteoporosis due to the fact that sodium can excrete calcium in the bones.

Recommended: 4700mg

Day 1         3485mg
Day 2         2990mg
Day 3         3600mg
Average       3358.3
To increase your potassium levels consume a banana as a snack or with one of your
meals. A Medium-large banana contains between 425-450mg. Also, guacamole (contains
avocado) is a great source of potassium. As a fun snack have guacamole instead of salsa
with your chips.

Food Pyramid
      Make sure to vary your vegetables and make sure that at least your grains
are whole grains. Also, remain staying active! (30-60 min per day)
    Water: (fluid intake)
          o Recommended: 8 servings
          o Intake: Average 50 fluid oz. Daily
                   Dehydration can become a problem if you were to go on a
                     medication, toxicity can occur. Stay hydrated! (urine = lemonade
    Supplement(s):
          o Centrum Silver
                   One daily (at breakfast)
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NCP Chart Note
         S: My patient has an adequate food intake and meets most of her vitamin
           and mineral requirements as evidence by her diet evaluation. Angie was
           deficient in Calcium, vitamin D, E, K and choline. Her Protein and calorie
           intake was adequate. She does not state that she has been having any
           noticeable health complications and feels healthy.
         O: Height 5ft. 6in., Weight 146lbs., BMI 23.5, Average calorie
           consumption 1745.3, Protein 90.7
         A: Deficiencies occurred in Calcium, vitamin D, E, K and choline.
           Recommendations were made throughout the assessment.
         P: follow the recommendations that are stated/given throughout the
           assessment and if any further concerns or questions arise be sure to ask.
           Also, be sure to schedule follow up appointments.

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