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					         St. Michael the Archangel Orthodox Church
  2300 W. Huntington Drive, Kirkwood Hwy, Wilmington, Delaware 19808
 Rev. James Weremedic, Acting Rector • (302) 995-6775 • Cell (570) 764-4323
   Email: frjamesw@hotmail.com • Web: www.stmichael-delaware-oca.org
    Vespers & Confessions: Saturday, 5:00 pm • Divine Liturgy: Sunday, 9:00am

                Sunday, September 19, 2010 – Tone 8
 Sunday after the Elevation of the Cross. Martyras Trophimus, Sabbatius and Dorymedon of
Synnada. Rt. Blv. Theodore, Prince of Smolensk and Yaroslavl’ and his children, Ss. David and
          Constantine. Martyr Zosimas, Hermit of Cilcia. St. Theodore of Tarsus.

                     Epistle:                           Gospel:
                  Gal. 2:16-20                         Mark 8:34-9:1
                  II Cor. 6:16-7:1                     Matt. 15:21-28
DATE              3RD HOUR          6TH HOUR             EPISTLE
Sep-19            A RILEY           J RILEY              B PECK
Sep-26            M SENSOR          J WEREMEDIC          E SOUDER

A Panikhida for Vasily Gregory Obertyschew, offered by his daughter Olga
Maloney, will be served immediately following the Divine Liturgy.
A Panikhida for Beshara Aboufadel, offered by his niece Paula Flynn, will be
served immediately following the Divine Liturgy.
A Panikhida for Lynne Chrush, offered by her nephew Fr. James and family,
will be served immediately following the Divine Liturgy.
Prayers for the Sick and the Recovering—To be prayed for during the Service
of Preparation (Proskomedia): (Please see Father James if you are requesting
extra prayers).
Prayers for the Departed: Vasily Gregory Obertyschew, Beshara
Aboufadel, Donald Smith. Lynne Chrush.
Prayers for the Sick and Needy: Fr. Thomas Succarotte, Fr. Joseph
Chupeck, Fr. John Anderson, James & Olga Riley, Jeanne Kimerer,
Barbara Hicks, William Dryden, Cindy & Basil Peck, Sophia Puit, Nona
Carey, Mary Guretsky, Onufry Zabinko, Stephen Kutch, John Elliott, Diana
Zlatev, Tesfaye, Juliana and Joshua Bunitsky, Julie Harb, Constance
Gerassimakis, Betty Harb, Jean Harb, Daisy and Thomas Soper (Nino
Sensor’s parents), Deborah, Janet, Simon, Luke Wales, Nectarios Delasser,
Mary Trader, Mary Lewis, Kamiel (Mona Elia's father), Mark Bunitsky,
Steve, Marie Holowatch, Daniel Ruduski, Theophan Shatley, Vetta
Pierson, Maria & Antigone (Vetta’s mother and cousin), Seinait, Milan &
Abel, Lawrence, Candice & Caleb. Agnes. Helen. Tom Macri. Natalia
Romaniouga. Michael Sensor. Justine, Barbara, Daniel and Carl.

Prayers for Women and the Children to be Born of Them: Bisrat
Tesfaye, Nino Sensor and Ruth Kendall.

Prayers for Celebration: The engagement of Leah Hojnicki and Matthew

                           Parish Ministries Volunteers:
Date     Fellowship Hour   Service Duty       Cleaning         Greeters       Library
                                                               V. Chalfant
19-Sep   Souder/Riley      Elia/Wales         Baldytchev/Fox                  Poletaev
                                                               B. Peck
26-Sep   Conover/Daubert    Bunitsky          Kutch            Poletaevs      Gundersen
         Hojnicki/Flynn/                                       N. Morjana
3-Oct                      Riley/Baldytchev   Riley                           Skomorucha
         Roberts                                               S. Stoyanova
                                                               E. Torvik
10-Oct   Kraiter/Cretu     Souder/Poletaev    CareyBunitsky                   Stoyanov
                                                               M. Elia

The sisterhood annual baklava sale started last week, dead line for the
orders is November 14th. We need everybody’s help in selling and the
funds will go toward the purchase of the remaining the chairs and tables.
                             Our Junior Choir
         The Junior Choir is open to all interested children. There is no
minimum age, however it is best if they already know how to read. We
rehearse on Sundays after coffee hour in the choir loft. Rehearsals typically
last 45 minutes. The Junior Choir learns hymns that supplement the
repertoire of the Adult Choir. During this past year, we learned to sing
"Praise the Lord", the communion hymn for Sunday mornings. Each Junior
Choir member has the opportunity to chant 1 or 2 of the psalm verses, and
now the Adult Choir sings the hymn with us! Previously, the Adult Choir
did not have a version of "Praise the Lord". We also sang the Eis Polla Trio
last October when Bishop Tikhon visited. On Pascha night we sang the
triple Christ is Risen between the Odes of the canon. This was sung to the
Arabic melody. Presently the Junior Choir is made up of all girls and we
would love to have some boys. Any child interested in singing and chanting
with us is encouraged to join us! Our next rehearsal is Today!
                                                         Paula Daubert

UD OCF Retreat will be held the weekend of October 9-10th. The
keynote speaker will be his Beatitude, Metropolitan JONAH. To help with
organizing this event, please see Basil Peck to offer your assistance.
The Sisterhood will host a fundraising Flea Market sale in November.
Please consider donating items (jewelry, clothing, and other treasures) to
the Sisterhood for sale!
Sign-up sheet for grass-cutting is in the Narthex. There are still a few
more weeks left for which we need some volunteers. There will be less
grass cutting this year due to the social hall project.
The new social hall is still under construction. Parents, please do not let
your children enter it. We don't want an accident to handicap anyone!
Last week's collection: General Fund $1683.25 CAA $188.00, DA $0,
Mortgage $755, Good Samaritan Fund $100, Candles $110.75, Prosphora
(SAMP) $5, Loose Cash $10, Coffee Hour $11.25.
Parish Council’s monthly meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September
21, 2010 at 7:00 pm at the Church hall.

Monthly Church Costs

Current Mortgage Payment                                    $3,582.16

Salary and Benefits                                         $5,333.73

Utilities                                                   $1,657.88

Office Supplies/Maintenance                                 $1,341.04

Central Church and Diocesan Assessments                     $1,823.25
 Central Church - $105 per member per year
 Diocesan - $48 per member per year

Other Operating Costs                                         $877.00

Total Monthly Operating Costs                              $14,615.06

August Operating Income                                    $14,910.75

YTD Totals as of August 22
Income                          $116,942.00
Expenses                        $116,153.47

                          HOW CAN YOU HELP?
- Pay your diocesan and central assessments. The parish must pay
   assessments for each parishioner regardless of whether they are
   actually paid by the parishioners.
- Fill out pledge cards for parish operating expenses (green) and the
   building fund (yellow), and pay your pledges.
- Add an extra dollar or two to your offering.
- Support St. Michael's fundraising efforts.

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