13 Colonies Project - DOC by 7j26w55


									                   The Thirteen Colonies Map Project
1. Draw / Trace the outline map onto the poster board.

2. Label the 13 Colonies in black ink. (You can use abbreviations.)

3. Label the major cities of the Americas listed below on the map in black ink.
    1. Boston
    2. Plymouth
    3. New Haven
    4. Providence
    5. New York
    6. Philadelphia
    7. Jamestown
    8. Charleston
    9. Savannah
    10. Williamsburg
    11. Roanoke

4. Draw and label the major rivers of the Americas listed below on the map in blue ink.
    1. Savannah River
    2. James River
    3. Hudson River
    4. Potomac River
    5. Delaware River
    6. Roanoke River
    7. Susquehanna River

5. Label the following important features in the color the stated.
    1. Using green ink label the area where the Appalachian Mountains are located.
    2. Using blue ink label the Atlantic Ocean.
    3. Using black ink label the Proclamation Line of 1763 in black ink.
    4. Using red ink draw and label the Mason – Dixon Line in red ink.

6. Use 3 different colors to show the 3 regions. One color for the New England Colonies,
another color for the Middle Colonies, and a third color for the Southern Colonies.

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