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lesson1 millionaire


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Lesson 1 A Material World
   Lesson 1 A Material World (Unit 10 )

                     We aim at
Moral Objective
having the right attitude towards the material life
Language Objective
enjoying the general idea of the text & reach
understanding of the key words and phrases
        Word- building: millionaire
• -aire : people
•A millionaire is
  a person who has one
  million dollars( pounds/ yuan---) .

       billionaire is a person who has one
• A _________
  billion dollars( pounds/ yuan---) .
     word-building: ex-millionaire
Ex- : former, at one time
• Clinton, ex-president of the USA, once made a
  famous speech in BNU.
• Angus Deayton interviewed Charles Gray, an
• His ex-wife ,Mary, is addicted to social
Do you know who he is?

           Bill Gates

           PRESIDENT of
           TOP1 $46.5b
Do you know who he is?


         A successful
         TOP 22 , $13b

Basketball player
  on Rockets
   $76m/5 years
How do people become millionaires?

 Born into a rich family
  Win the lottery(彩票)
  Marry a rich person
  Be a successful business man
 Invent something that everybody

 Become a sports/ film /music star
 Be an expert
 Be a successful writer
Old and worn houses
•Does everybody
  want to be a
Read the article. Decide if the statements below
   are true ( T),
False (F) or there is no information.(NI)

1. Charles Gray was a rich businessman.   F
2. He has not got a stove in his dormitory.NI

3. He has got a vegetable garden.     T
4. Charles gave his money away to poor people. T

5. People thought he was drunk when he gave
   away small bank notes in the street.            NI
6. He was happier when he was rich.
       of being a millionaire/billionaire
A buy anything we like such as an expensive car
  like a BMWand a villa with modern equipment
   and luxurious(豪华) furniture
B be well-fed and dressed
C Travel around the world
D leave some money to charities
E give some money away to the poor
    … …
 of being a millionaire/billionaire
• A be unable to be relaxed at the
    thought of making more money
• B worry about being robbed of the
• C worry about being kidnapped (绑架)
 D be occupied because of too many
     social activities
        What money is
   in the eye of western people
• Money talks.
• The love of money is the root of all
• Money is a good servant but a bad
• Money has no smell.
      Chinese idioms or proverbs
• 有钱能使鬼推磨.
Money makes the ghost turn the millstone .
 • 钱乃身外之物.
 Man is made up of flesh & soul, not money.
 • 见钱眼开
He who loves money makes money by all
   What’s your attitude towards the
          matter of money ?
• Money is neither everything nor nothing.

• Make money honestly and spend it effectively

• There is always something more important
  than money: friendship, health, love and so on.
  Find the words or expressions in
   the text to match the following
• 1 make up one’s mind(s) to do sth
• 2 worry about sth (Par.1)
• 3 care little about or put aside (Par.2)
• 4 old or used (Par.3)
• 5 be fed up with (Par.4)
• 6 choose or decide to do (Par.4)
    Find the words or expressions in
     the text to match the following
•   7 realize ( Par. 5)
•   8 give sth to sb for free ( Par. 5)
•   9 make a lot of money ( Par. 5)
•   10 change , leave or give up a lifestyle ( Par. 6)
•   11 return to sth ( Par. 6)
1 make up one’s mind(s) to do    Be determined to do
2 worry /care about sth          Be concerned about
3 pay no attention to or avoid   Turn one’s back on sth
4 old or used                    Second-hand
5 be fed up with                  Be tired of
6 choose or decide to do          Make the choice to do
7 realize                          Be aware of
8 give sth to sb for free          Give away
9 make a lot of money              Earn a lot of money
10 change or give up               Drop out
11 return to sth
                                    Go back to
• Turn one’s back on sth / sb:不理睬/ 回避
• Eg, Lucy turned her back on my invitation
   and didn’t take part in my birthday party.
• Be aware that---/ of sth 意识/认识到
• Everybody is asked to be aware that hard work
  leads to success.
• Drop out (of---)放弃(弃权/退学/---), 带宾语 或单
 It’s 4 years since he dropped out of the
  national basketball team.
       Be aware of turn one’s back on
        be concerned about drop out
         give away be determined to
1 Some students in mountainous areas have
   to __ because of poverty.
2 She ___the importance of learning
  English and ___do it well.
3 I________ 100 yuan to the people in the
   flooded area.
4 60 years ago,Qianweichang__his comfortable
  life abroad and returned to China.
5 Don’t __ his safety. His house is closely guarded.
    Retell the text, using the following
          words and expressions
1 be determined to do         7 be aware that---
2 be concerned about          8 give away
3 turn one’s back on sth/sb   9 earn a lot of money
4 second-hand                 10 drop out
5 be tired of                 11 go back to
6 make the choice to do
• Read the text again ,paying attention
  to the key words and expressions
• Find give-phrases in your dictionary
• Finish Exx5-7 ,P9

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