The 8th Annual Delaware Fall Throwers Classic by 8P6711R


									                Entry Form for the 11th Annual Delaware Fall Throwers Classic
                                                  Sunday, Sept. 30th
This meet is a meet for ALL throwers and ALL age groups, youth, open and maters. It is hosted by the UD Track Club
                                     for the purpose raising all club expenses.
             Groups: 10-year groupings for under 50, 5-year groupings for 50+.
Entry Fee: $25 first event $5 for each additional event. Weight Pentathlon only-$40.
Entry Date: Email before Thursday, Sept. 27th Provide date of birth, gender and
event(s) you want to enter… then pay on site before competition starts. You need not
mail a paper entry if you send information to me via email. If you mail a paper entry
please send before 9/25/12.
Directions: From North: Take I-95 South over Delaware Memorial Bridge continue
south to exit 1-B (Rt. 896 N) go to 3rd traffic light turn right take first left.
From South: Take I-95 to exit 109-B drive N. on Rt. 279 turn right on Rt. 4 continue to
1st major intersection, cross over Rt. 896 and continue straight, then take first left.
Equipment: Be sure to bring your own age appropriate equipment. Will weigh only
record breaking performances.
                                    Schedule of Events
10:00 am        Hammer M&F              Back Circle under 50, Front Circle 50+.
10:00 am        Javelin M&F             Mini Stadium, Tartan Surface,
                                        Primarily for javelin only entries, all age groups.
                                        Javelin Clinic to follow by Bob Sing.
11:30 am        Shot Put M&F            Back Circle under 50, Front Circle 50+.
                Discus                  follows the shot at both circles.
12:30 am        Javelin M&F             Mini Stadium, primarily for multi event throwers
                                        of all age groups.
11:30 – 12:30 Continuous Lunch is free for all throwers and officials.
 2:00 pm        Weight Throw M&F Back Circle under 50. Front Circle 50+
                Super Weight            Follows weight throw…at both circles.

 Email entries to Larry Pratt at or Send entry to Larry Pratt, Delaware Field House, South College Ave. Newark,
                               DE 19716. Be sure to you note all events entered, age group, and gender.
         Hammer                Weight               Super Weight    Javelin                         Shot           Discus
                                                      Weight Pentathlon

Name______________________________________________________Age___  M  F DOB_____/____/_______



Phone________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________
                                                                      ( PLEASE PRINT CAREFULLY)

In consideration of your acceptance e of this entry, I hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and assigns, waive any and all claims for
damages or injuries, which I might have against the USATF, Mid-Atlantic Assoc., and the University of Delaware, agents,
representatives or assigns, for any and all injuries suffered by me at said meet. I also certify that I am healthy and sufficiently trained
to compete in the meet.

Signature______________________________________________________________ Date______________________
                                          Throwers Classic Meet Records
Group               Hammer                                Weight                             Super Wt.
HSM      Alec Faldermeyer       67.83m    ’08   HS Alex Faldermye      21,39m   ‘08
HSW      Caitlyn Green          40.90m    ‘05      Caitlyn Green       13.83m   ‘05
-20m     Mike Yost              44.16m    ‘02      Bob McDale          14.54m   ‘04
-20w     Amanda Marshall        42.74m    ’07      Amanda Marshall     12.87m   ‘07
20-29m   Chris Boutskaris       56.36m    ’09      Paul Wagner         16.57m   ‘08   Sam Yarrington      09.15m ‘04
20-29w   Calth Seymour          52.96m    ’05
30-39m   Anders Halvorsen       64.38m    ’02     Louis Chisari        18.26m   ’04   Anders Halvorsen    11.91m ‘04
30-39w   Jennifer Stephens      29.58m    ’11     Jennifer Stephens    11.21m   ’11   Jennifer Stephens   07.67m ‘11
40-49m   Carl Shields           48.68m    ’05     Glenn Thompson       15.57m   ’05   Jim Brown           09.95m ‘04
40-49w   Neni Lewis             52.84m    ’02     Neni Lewis           19.09m   ’02   Neni Lewis          10.03m ‘08
50-54m   Carl Shield            52.48m    ’04     Carl Reichard        15.63m   ’04   Carl Reichard       07.44m ‘04
50-54w   Janet Wagner           29.84m    ’08     Janet Wagner         10.10m   ’08
55-59m   Bob Cedron             46..31m   ‘11     Bob Cedrone          15.32m   ’11   Bob Cedrone         08.58m ‘11
55-59w   Janet Wagner           30.31m    ’11     Janet Wagner         10.76m   ’11   Cindy Arbelbide     06.66m ‘08
60-64m   Mike Valle             41.50m    ’04     Mike Valle           17.05m   ’04   Charlels Roll       08.21m ‘08
60-64w   Cindy Arbelbide        30.65m    ’09     Cindy Arbelbide      11.88m   ’09   Roslyn Katz         06.55m ‘02
65-69m   Valdimir Strelnitski   32.40m    ’06     Bill Kuegler         13.73m   ’04   Dave Marovich       06.43m ‘09
65-69w   Roslyn Katz            24.71m    ’08     Roslyn Katz          09.72m   ’08   Roslyn Katz         05.35m ‘09
70-74m   Lewe Overbeck          38.68m    ’05     John Sellers         15.79m   ’07   John Sellers        07.54m ‘07
70-74w   Ann Circulnick         17.42m    ’04
75-79m   Lew Overbeck           36.57m    ’10     Bill Garrahan        14.36m   ’04   Lew Overbeck        07.58m‘10
75-79w   Gloria Krug            17.64m    ’07     Gloria Krug          08.52m   ’04   Gloria Krug        05.18m ‘09
80-84m   Bob Chase              34.38m    ’05     Bob Chase            12.79m   ’05   Bob Chase          05.56m ‘05
80-84w   Gloria Krug            17.97m    ’11     Gloria Krug          08.24m   ’11   Gloria Krug        06.86m ‘11
85-89m   Brian Power-Waters     19.01m    ’09     Brian Power-Waters   07.11m   ’08   Brian Power-Waters 04.09m ‘09
90-94m   Bob Detweiler          02.15m    ’07     Bob Detweiler        05.40m   ’07   Bob Detweiler      02.67m ‘07
            Discus                                 Shot Put                                Javelin

Hsm      Kyle Long              57.903m ’11   Ryan Whiting       19.70m   ’04       Andrew Bocskocsky 56.03m ‘08
Hsw      Jennifer Slagus        38.93m ’11    Caitlyn Green      13.83m   ’05       Olivia Hassler     40.39m ‘11
-20m     Bob Wade               48.73m ‘04    Nick Alexander     14.42m ’07         Jon Gomez         52.99m ‘08
-20w                                          Sylvia Galarza     12.82m ’03         Jillian Seamon    38.83m ‘09
20-29m   Aaron Braxton          50.92m ’06    Tyler Blatchley    19.60m ’10         Tom Masterson       59.64m ‘11
20-29w   Allison Randall        56.50m ’11    Rachel Young       12.63m ’05         Dee O’Donnell      47.33m ‘03
30-39m   Glenn Thompson         51.13m ’02    Glenn Thompson     16.53m ’02         Jason McMullen    64.75m ‘04
30-39w   Jennifer Stephens 25.79m ’11         Jennifer Stephens  09.98m ‘09         Sharon Shipe       26.55m ‘11
40-49m   Glenn Thompson         52.48m ’06    Glenn Thompson     16.20m ’06         Scott Hannay      50.54m ‘07
40-49w   Neni Lewis             46.01m ’02    Neni Lewis         14.66m ’03         Lesley Duncan     30.91m ‘07
50-54m   Warren Taylor          45.23m  ’09   Warren Taylor      15.00m ’09         Greg Geraci       56.47m ‘03
50-54w   Janet Wagner           21.98m ’08    Janet Wagner       08.90m ’08
55-59m   Craig Shumaker         44.64m ’06    Charles Roll       14.35m ’05         Greg Geraci        51.41m ‘07
55-59w   Janet Wagner           23.50m ’11    Cindy Arbelbide    08.90m ’08         Cindy Arbelbide 17.30m ‘08
60-64m   Larry Pratt            51.83m ’03    Charles Roll       15.52m ’06         Greg Geraci        46.52m ‘10
60-64w   Cindy Arbelbide        22.77m ‘09    Cindy Arbelbide    08.88m ‘09         Cindy Arbelbide 20.02m ‘09
65-69m   Larry Pratt            48.92m ’08    Bill Kuegler       12.55m ’03         Jim Kenney        42.77m ‘06
65-69w   Roslyn Katz            17.46m ’08    Ann Cirulnick      07.26m ’03         Roslyn Katz       16.51m ‘08
70-74m   Roger Busch            44.83m ’11    Bill Kuegler       12.71m ’07         Frank Illuzzi      41.40m ‘06
70-74w   Ann Circulnick         15.69m ’05    Ann Circulnick     06.75m ’06         Ann Circulnick     12.24m ‘05
75-79m   Bill Garrahan          34.74m ’04    Bill Garrahan      10.13m ’04         Bill Garrahan      31.33m ‘04
75-79w   Gloria Krug            16.03m ’06    Gloria Krug        07.03m ’06         Glorua Krug        18.17m ‘06
80-84m   Brian Power-Waters 23.20m ’03        Brian Power-Waters 08.04m ’06         Sid Kiwitt         23.83m ‘08
80-84w   Gloria Krug            16.14m ’11    Gloria Krug        07.60m ’11         Gloria Krug       14.68m ‘11
85-89m   Brian Power-Waters 16.80m ’08        Brian Power-Waters 07.50m ’08         Brian Power-Waters 13.03m ‘08
90-94m   Bob Detweiler          05.60m ’07    Bob Detweiler      01.70m ’07         Bob Detweiler      04.51m ‘07
                                         WEIGHT PENTATHLON RECORDS
         F45         Lanier, Gina             1811       ’10     H439,S381,D303,J244,W444
         M50         Hartly Palleschi         1916       ’09     H331,S603,D000,J432,W550
         M55         Bob Cedrone              3476       ’11     H857,S738,D638,J382,W861
         F55         Cindy Arbelbide          2952       ’08     H722,S674,D494,J383,W679
         F60         Cindy Arbelbide          3435       ’09     H867,S749,D563,J493,W763
         M60         Bill Gainey              2893       ’09     H511,S726,D603,J446,W607
         M65         Dave Marovich            2889       ’09     H595,S653,D533,J464,W644
         M70         Bill Kuegler             3309       ’09     H679,S837,D574,J528,W690
         M75         Ray Feick                3016       ’09     H606,S698,D577,J437,W698
         F75         Gloria Krug              3074       ’09     H596,S669,D521,J619,W660
         M80         Brian Power-Waters       2287       ’09     H495,S610,D487,J228,W467
         F80         Gloria Krug              3725       ’11     H741,S912,D668,J664,W740

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