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					                  INDIVIDUAL TRAINING ACCOUNT (ITA)
                          APPROVAL CRITERIA

To ensure that our customers have access to quality education and training options that will
result in credentials that are recognized by the employer community, Delaware Workforce
Investment Board (DWIB) has established approval criteria that include, but are not limited to
the following:
  1. Obtain Department of Education Certification in the State of Delaware, as described in
      Title I4 Chapter 85 of Delaware Code as a pre-requisite. This annual certification
      expires December 31st and must be renewed each calendar year. Please provide a
      copy of DOE Certificate to the DWIB office.
  2. Providers must have at least one year experience as a training provider, offer
      programs that are already available (at least one year) and in use by the general public
      and have demonstrated success in proposed programs.
  3. Provide a current signed Memorandum of Understanding (M.O.U) and a signed
      Debarment Form.
  4. Provide Surety Bond Certificate of Insurance (Title 14 Delaware State Code).
  5. Application must match tuition in the course catalog and be in use by the general
      public on a tuition basis - and available to DWIB students at the same tuition or lower.
      Your refund policy must be provided to the Workforce Investment Board.
  6. Offer training/education and a credential for an occupation that is in demand by the
      current, local labor market.
  7. Submit invoices for payment within 90 days after the course add/drop date (see
  8. Maintain financial resources adequate for the satisfactory conduct of the course of
      instruction offered. Please provide a financial statement prepared by an accounting
      firm or a signed tax return.
  9. Retain sufficient and qualified instructional and administrative staff (Title 14 Delaware
      State Code).
  10. Understand that the Proposal Review & Certification Committee has determined that
      cost can be taken into consideration when approving programs.
  11. Note: Internet-base training will be funded for Higher Education Institutions
      (Accredited Colleges and Universities) provided they are regionally accredited (Middle
      State Accreditation) and have applied through the State of Delaware to offer on-line
  12. Performance - Provide participant, completion, employment and average wage data
      annually as part of the renewal process for each program submitted for subsequent
      renewal. This data will be reported based on the calendar year (January 1, 2011
      through December 31, 2011 for Program Year 2012)
                     Please submit the worksheet in your binder requesting student name,
                        training program and social security number for all students having
                        taken the programs (include non-WIA funded participant).
                     Monitoring visits will be conducted starting October 1 – March 31.
  Failure to meet or agree to any of the above criteria will result in your program(s) being
  ineligible for DWIB funding through the Individual Training Account Voucher system.


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