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									Graphene: Analysis of Technology, Markets
and Players 2013-2018
Graphene is a hot topic. It promises to offer the best possible material properties in almost all
applications. Its extraordinary performance has led many to call it the 'superlative' or 'wonder' material.
The reality however is different and this report diligently separates hype from reality using our detailed
understanding of the graphene technology and industry.

IDTechEx forecasts that 100 million dollars of graphene will be sold in 2018 into a range of applications,
including RFID, smart packaging, super capacitors, composites, ITO replacement, sensors, logic and
memory, etc.

For each market segment, the forecasts are provided by both value and mass. The forecast models are
based on (a) our detailed market knowledge at application level, (b) our critical assessment of graphene's
value proposition per target market, and (c) existing and projected commercial activity at company level.
Our knowledge base was built up by interviews relevant players across the industry and tracking and
interpreting the latest around the globe.

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Published: September 2012
No. of Pages: 227
Price: US$4250

IDTechEx finds that there is no single graphene, but they are different types of graphene. Each type has
a different a microstructure, layer number, oxygen content, etc. And each type offers a different set of
properties therefore targeting a different set of markets.

Graphene can be manufactured using a variety of techniques. IDTechEx critically assesses the potential
volume production capability, cost structure, and graphene quality for each technique. Here, we evaluate
mechanical micro-cleavage, chemical vapour deposition, liquid-phase exfoliation, oxidisation-reduction
and various plasma approaches.

The value proposition of each type of graphene for each target market is critically assessed. Beyond
R&D, the markets examined include high-performance composites, smart packaging, RFID, energy
storage including supercapacitors and lithium ion batteries, sensors, touch screens and other ITO
replacement opportunities, etc. For each application, the state of technology development and
approximate market development time scale is determined.

For each market segment, the main go-to-market strategies are presented and analysed. Where
appropriate, the incumbent and emerging rival materials are identified and examined. These materials
include carbon black, carbon fibre, graphite, carbon nanotubes, silver nanowires, ITO, silver flakes,
copper nanoparticles, aluminium, silicon, GaAs, ZnO, etc. In many cases, graphene-enabled performance
premiums are evaluated. These give space for premium pricing.

In our assessment, a critical link between the manufacturing technique, graphene quality, and accessible
potential target markets is established. This way, companies can be sorted by their size and maturity of
potential addressable target markets.

Detailed company profiles are provided. In many cases, the profiles are compiled using direct interviews
with decision-makers within the companies. For each company, detailed insight is given into their state of
the technology, target markets, assets and business strategy. Using our insight, an overall picture of the
emerging graphene industry, from an investment and revenue prospective, is constructed.

Who should buy this report?

Players active in:

       Commercialising graphene and carbon nanotubes
       Providing materials that graphene will rival including silver nanowires, silver nanoparticles, ITO,
        carbon black, carbon fibre, etc
       Assessing the use of graphene as additive in composites and epoxies
       Developing transparent conductors and alternatives to ITO.
       Feeding into the graphene supply chain including graphite miners
       Producing and using conductive inks, particularly for smart packaging applications
       Assessing options for RFID inks
       Providing energy storage solutions including batteries and supercapacitors
       Developing transistors including printed ones
       Investing in emerging technologies

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