CFDA Teen Vogue Scholarship GUIDELINES 4 by 7109PKv



    The CFDA/ Teen Vogue Scholarship program is an exclusive opportunity for full-time
    sophomore students who are on track to earn their BFA or equivalent undergraduate degree in
    fashion design at one of CFDA’s Participating Schools. Awards will be based on merit, and
    money should be used towards the student’s tuition and/or educational expenses.

                  The top Winner will be named the “Target Fashion Scholar” and awarded
                   $25,000 which will be paid in five (5) separate installments of $5,000 over the
                   course of five (5) semesters.

                  Five (5) additional students will be selected to win awards in the amount of
                   $5,000, which will be paid in one (1) installment at the beginning of the students’
                   second semester sophomore year.

                  Each school will be asked to submit no less than 3 and no more than 6
                   applicants’ work for consideration.


             A completed Application Form (including signed Applicant Release)

             A “Mood Board” which includes at least ten (10) hand-sketched “looks”.
              Submission should reveal the applicant’s ideas about fashion design and provide
              insight into his/her particular design aesthetic. Within the mood board
              presentation, applicant should include information that conveys who he/she is
              designing for. i.e. ideal customer, where she/he is going, type of lifestyle, etc.
              (Examples can be living or fictional, famous or commonplace) Applicants should
              feel free to supplement design sketches with other “support” materials (i.e.
              magazine clippings, photographs, fabric samples etc.) in order to convey his/her
              inspiration and to visually demonstrate a viewpoint. Boards should not exceed 8.5”
              X 11” when folded

             An Essay written by the applicant (see Application Form for essay question)

NOTE: Essay and Mood Board must be the original work of the applicant and not infringe the rights of any third party.

                           The CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship, C/O CFDA Foundation, Inc.
        1412 Broadway/Suite 2006, New York, NY 10018 tel: (212) 302-1821 fax: (212) 768-0515

                                        November 11th 2011
  Submissions become the property of CFDA, Teen Vogue and/ or Target and will not be
  returned to the applicant.

  Submissions should be sent to:            Sacha Brown
                                            1412 Broadway / Suite 2006
                                            New York, NY 10018

  All applications will be judged by a Selection Committee comprised of representatives from
  CFDA, Teen Vogue, and Target, in addition to other members of the fashion industry as
  decided upon by CFDA, Teen Vogue and Target. Scholarship recipients will be selected
  based on the exceptional talent they demonstrate in fashion design, as evidenced in their
  essay and Mood Board presentation. One (1) applicant with the highest overall score will be
  chosen as the “Target Fashion Scholar” and the five (5) applicants with the next highest
  overall scores will be chosen as scholarship recipients. Schools will be notified by mail,
  email, and/or telephone. All decisions of the Selection Committee are final and binding in all

                        The CFDA/Teen Vogue Scholarship, C/O CFDA Foundation, Inc.
     1412 Broadway/Suite 2006, New York, NY 10018 tel: (212) 302-1821 fax: (212) 768-0515

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