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Indian wildlife has an eclectic mix of numerous species of animals and birds. Every state in India
has an animal or bird specific to it and hence there is at least one national sanctuary in every
state in effort to conserve ecology and environment of that place. Get ready to be drenched in
the colours of it by embarking on India Wildlife tour. Safari, Elephant rides, photography,
trekking, picnic, bird watching are some of the major activities to keep you involved while on this
trip. To amuse yourself, you can spot royal Bengal tigers, Cheetals, various species of deer,
cranes, herds of elephants, etc. Wildlife photographers, adventurers and hikers can find
themselves in a new home here.

Indian National Parks and Wildlife reserves are the best when people with to hang out with
nature exploring moments of revelation. Wildlife in India in places like Panna National Park,
Kanha National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Nagarhole
National Park, Bandipur National Park and Mudumalai National Park, allows rendezvous with
self and nature. The listless amusements in these places would form a special place in your
memory. Only you could tell better as to which other treat to eyes can replace the witnessing of
play of young ones of tigers, elephants, etc? None!
                                                               Whenever we are set out to plan
                                                               vacation with our family on our
                                                               mind, we cannot rule out wildlife
                                                               adventures    from    the   tourism
                                                               delights. Kids are most happy to
                                                               be a part of such places and
                                                               memories. Remember your kid
                                                               requesting and beseeching to
                                                               keep one of the cubs of tiger as
                                                               pet while venturing in the forest?
                                                              Yes, this is the way with the kids.
                                                             Wildlife   in   India   cannot    be
captured in real cages to be taken to the home, but they could surely become a part of your life
in the form of moments. You can encounter Giant Flying Squirrel, Four Horned Antelope,
Elephants, Gaur, Tigers, Leopards, Chital, Panther, Sloth Bear, Python, Barking Deer, Common
Langur, Otter, Crocodiles (Mugger), Sambar, Banner, Macaque, Hyena, Mouse Deer, Spotted
Deer, Jackal, Hare, Porcupine, Wild Dog, Wild Boar and Mongoose. And this is a list of only
some of the animals. Birds are not at all part of the list. If they are included, the list would
become quite tiring to go through.

India Wildlife tour could be designed in a way that you get to see most of the national parks and
reserves in one single package. There are many of these india tour packages that will cover
important sanctuaries in a trip spanning from 5 to 15 days. That will depend mainly upon the
time you have to see everything these tours have, to offer you. Start packing your light clothes,
sun block, binoculars, cameras etc.

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