Business Professionals: Why should you learn Mandarin?

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					Business Professionals: Why should you learn Mandarin?

Did you know that seventy percent of the Chinese population – or almost 1 billion individuals –
speak Mandarin as their primary language? This is a large part of the reason why a lot of people
today including professionals and university students alike are studying the language.

If you are a businessman doing business in a country vastly different to your own, it will help
immensely if you must know about the culture of the people where you want to build your
business and having the ability to speak in their local tongue adds a certain edge. Mandarin is
used heavily in business and can come in handy when one needs to deal in business, or facilitate
negotiations. The Chinese economy is leading the world economy now, taking over Japan’s
place as number two in the world as they continue to produce goods and add value for the world
at                        an                         unprecedented                         rate.

As a result of China’s rapidly rising market, there are many investors that are looking to Chinese
companies for investment opportunities. As an investor, their ability to take advantage of the
opportunities that exist in the country is directly correlated to how much Chinese they can

"Here are some reasons why you may find it useful to Learn Mandarin:

It makes sense to learn Mandarin because it is the most widely used language in the world.

As China’s economy grows, there will be an emerging class of people that will seek to travel the
world and will assist you in interacting with incoming Chinese travelers. If you are directly in the
tourism industry, it certainly makes a lot of sense to know at least a little bit of the language.

Learning a language is a rewarding experience in itself but to learn a language that can be traced
back to the Chinese Bronze Age? Priceless.
Learning Chinese can make you more marketable and competitive in the job market as more
companies go East for business.

Learning Chinese is not like what it used to be. Even if you’re already working, there are plenty
of programs outside of school which can allow you not only to grasp the basics but actually
become fully fluent in the language with world class programs and some motivation.

So what are you waiting for? Give Chinese Mandarin a shot! You will surely have a great time
learning the language and have the pleasure of exploring Chinese culture at the same time." For
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Description: One of the most effective ways that a student can learn Chinese is by learning in small but frequent sessions.