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									Implementing 360 Appraisal in
     your organisation.

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360 degree appraisal is a
powerful addition to the
     way people are
 Implementation needs
 careful consideration.

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Success and Failure
will depend on a
number of key factors:
.1. Is your organisation ready for
the impact.
.2. Are your managers prepared
to provide the feedback and
.3.Is there a ‘culture’ of open-
ness within the organisation.

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            4 Golden Rules:
.1. Design a questionnaire that people
.2. Tell people in advance what is
    happening and why.
.3. Keep the process confidential – so
    opinions can be given without fear.
.4. Use the process for ‘development’
    not discipline.

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      Be prepared to:

   Overcome resistance.
Support people that find the
    process challenging.
 Start from the top (board
    and senior managers).
Spend time briefing people.

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The potential benefits are:

It will help the managers bring
    powerful feedback to the appraisal

It will initiate a level of open-ness as
    people become more involved in

It will indicate to all the people
    completing questionnaires what
    ‘high performance’ looks like.

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