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									Catherine Wong graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours arts
accountancy degree and a master of accounting. It was in her second year of
undergrad studies that she became interested in auditing.

Shortly after graduation, Catherine returned to Ernst & Young’s Toronto office,
where she currently works as a manager of Assurance serving clients in the Retail,
Distribution and Manufacturing sector.

As an Assurance manager, she has had many exciting opportunities, including
helping her clients with million-dollar prospectuses, capital acquisitions, client
pursuits and sales.

More recently, Catherine took advantage of a sabbatical program at Ernst & Young
and returned to the University of Waterloo to teach a first-year accounting course
as an adjunct professor. Catherine also taught Introduction to Audit at Wilfrid
Laurier University and worked with the CMA and ICAO to develop teaching

Through developing programs such as the Adopt-a-Co-op program and Fall CA
Night for small- and medium-sized firms at Waterloo, Catherine has cultivated a
passion for working with students and universities, and is now Ernst & Young’s
campus recruiter for Central Canada.

Outside of work, Catherine is involved with the United Way of Peel and is an avid
volleyball player. She is also an enthusiastic traveller and has swum with penguins
in the Galapagos Islands, climbed Machu Picchu, explored the pyramids of Egypt,
fished for piranhas in the Amazon and snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef in

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