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									Looking For Ethernet Switches?
                 Try Cisco 6724

                                  Dated: 10/09/2012

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What Are Ethernet Switches?

  An Electronic Device Used To Build A Connection Over The Network

  It Transmits Data At The Rate Of Ethernet Standards

  It Is Intelligent To Understand The Destination Of Data Packets And
  Sends Them Accordingly

 They Help Save Bandwidth

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Why Cisco 6724 Ethernet Switch?

 • It is high quality

 • It is ideal for people who have small or medium

 • It provides Gigabit Ethernet over 24 switched ports

 • The ports are hot-swappable

 • Has single fabric channel interface

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Why Shopricom?

     • We have a vast array of Catalyst 6000 equipment (e.g. Cisco
 A     6416)

     • Biggest current as well as discontinued products

     • Our engineers are all certified stage and test each every
 C     product

     • Our prices are competitive

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