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August 31, 2009

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 WEIGHTLIFTING: Rodger DeGarmo Memorial Open/World Team Secondary Qualifier

(Colorado Springs, Colo.) – Ten gold medals were awarded on Sunday at the Rodger
DeGarmo Memorial Invitational at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs,
Colo. Highlighting the gold medal recipients was 2008 Olympian Kendrick Farris
(Shreveport, La.) in the men’s 85kg division.

In his third competition since Beijing, Farris lifted 148kg in the snatch and 191kg in the
clean and jerk, for a total score of 339. Farris did not attempt any personal records
because of a recently rehabilitated shoulder. Farris was more concerned with clinching
the top spot on the World Team.

“The plan was to come and get the number one spot,” Farris said. “I sealed the deal, so
I’m on the world team. It’s official now.”

The two-day competition featured weightlifters in three divisions – School Age (17 and
under), Junior (18-19) and Senior (20+). This competition also serves as the World Team
Secondary Qualifier for competitors in the senior division.

With final official results and rankings to be determined, Sarah Robles (Colorado
Springs, Colo.) did her best to securing a spot on the World Team by claiming gold in the
women’s 75+kg division. The Olympic Training Center resident posted personal records
in snatch (98kg), clean and jerk (132kg) and total (230 kg). Her battle with Jenna Bussard
(Savannah, Ga.) provided some of the most entertaining lifts of the day.

“The past few meets it’s been her and I fighting for the same spot, so that’s a little
rivalry,” Robles said. “But it’s nothing personal. I actually really like her.”

Joining Farris among the men’s senior level gold medal winners were Patrick Judge
(Colorado Springs, Colo.) at 105+kg, Cody Gibbs (Shreveport, La.) at 105kg, and Danny
Schlag (Mesa, Ariz.) at 94kg. Donovan Ford (Colorado Springs, Colo.) and Jared Fleming
(Pine City, N.Y.) highlighted the junior men’s gold medalists.

In the women’s competition, Robles, Rebecca Crass (Colorado Springs, Colo.) at 75kg
and Sarah Bertram (Eugene, Ore.) at 69kg all won gold medals. Maegan-Lee Snodgrass
(South Jordan, Utah) took home top honors in the junior 75kg division.
The event was held in honor of Roger DeGarmo, a former USA Wrestling Executive
Director who passed away in 2007. Roger’s wife Suzanne and daughters, Paige and
Maggie, were present for the event.

“[Roger] was very familiar with the sport, very familiar with the athletes.” Farris said.
“He knew how to relate to us. He was just a great guy.”

New national rankings will be available at in the coming days.

Complete results of the first day of competition are provided below in the following
format: Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Total points.

Women’s 69kg – Senior Division
1. Sarah Bertram (Eugene, Ore.); 88kg, 109kg, 197
2. Anna Shoolroy (Bayfield, Colo.); 50kg, 61kg, 111

Women’s 75kg – Junior Division
1. Maegan-Lee Snodgrass (South Jordan, Utah); 83kg, 94kg, 177

Women’s 75kg – Senior Division
1. Rachel Crass (Colorado Springs, Colo.); 85kg, 106kg, 191
2. Erin Wallace (Shreveport, La.); 87kg, 104kg, 191
3. Samantha Zimmerman (Mobile, Ala.); 80kg, 105kg, 185
4. Kara Yessie (Colorado Springs, Colo.); 83kg, 101kg, 184
5. Michelle Baier (Holcomb, Kansas); 78kg, 90kg, 168

Women’s 75+kg – Senior Division
1. Sarah Robles (Colorado Springs, Colo.); 98kg, 132kg, 230
2. Jennifer Buckner (Albuquerque, N.M.); 87kg, 110kg, 197
3. Sarah Neubauer (US Air Force , Colo.); 66kg, 90kg, 156
4. Marilyn Munkres (Colorado Springs, Colo.); 32kg, 44kg, 76

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