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									e-Retail in the UK – Research Report
As consumers increasingly expect the convenience of shopping from anywhere at anytime the
multichannel model is becoming a key element in retail. Understand how new technologies can be used
in the market to enhance e-retail as well as pinpoint where the opportunities and threats are and how to
manage these most effectively for your business.

Features and Benefits

       Take advantage of new technologies to improve your multichannel offer and enhance the
        shopper experience
       Use the data, forecasts to 2016, and insight on the online sector to help form an effective growth
       Use consumer data to understand customer profiles and identify where the underpenetrated
        sectors are
       Identify the threats as well as the opportunities to grow business in this channel by looking at the
        key issues

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Report Details:
Published: August 2012
No. of Pages: 4495
Price: Single User License – US$6300         Corporate User License – US$11238


Though growth in online spending is slowing, it is set to rise by 15.0% to £31.2m in 2012. The greater
convenience of shopping online will continue to resonate with an increasingly time-poor shopper while
advantages that online retailers have over physical stores will continue to make using this channel more
appealing to customers

When comparing age groups, shoppers aged between 15 and 24 and over 55 are below average for
shopper penetration and spend per head providing opportunities for growth
Since the first widely sold tablet was launched in 2010, this new technology has continued to increase in
popularity. According to our e-retail survey, 7.4% of those that shop online used a tablet to do so in 2011,
and we expect this to rise going forward as they continue to provide consumers with a new, easier way to

Your key questions answered

       How is m-commerce impacting on the online model and how can I my business take advantage
        of this?
       Which customers present the most opportunities for growth going forward and what sectors will
       What are the factors that will impede or maximise future growth opportunities online?

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