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                              AFFECTIVE CURRICULUM

                   Personal and Group Dynamics Class
           Debbie Clary and Paula Pursley - Resource Teachers
                            September, 2009
                      "Giftedness has an emotional as well as a
                      cognitive substructure; cognitive complexity
                      gives rise to emotional depth. Thus, gifted
                      children not only think differently from their peers,
                      they also feel differently."
                                                     Linda Silverman

The Personal and Group Dynamics class is a very important part of the WINGS day. This hour,
specifically allotted to affective education, is part of a comprehensive curriculum designed to
meet the needs of gifted children. Linda Silverman, author of Counseling the Gifted and
Talented, defines the following goals which provide the framework for our affective curriculum
for gifted children:

                                AFFECTIVE EDUCATION GOALS

                      * Understand what being gifted means
                      * Develop strategies to strengthen personal capabilities
                      * Develop an awareness of and gain insight into
                        interactions between self and others
                      * Develop interpersonal and group process skills
                      * Develop life skills used to attain self-actualization

We reserve the right to be flexible with scheduling order of the following lessons, contingent
upon the individual needs of students within our various classes.

                               The WINGS student will…

          OBJECTIVE                                  ACTIVITY

        analyze giftedness.                          Bell Curve (State and Federal Definitions)
                                                     Peer Interviews (Flex Week)
                                                     ME Poster (Flex Week)
                                                     Student Questionnaire (Flex Week)
                                                     Definitions and Discussion
                                                     PGD Group Guidelines (Flex Week)
                                                     Why Even Have Gifted Education?
                                                     Gifted Kids Speak Out
                                                     Characteristics and Behaviors
                                                     A Child’s Fate (Poem)
                                                     Gifted Is…Gifted Means
                                                     Training Wheels Activities
analyze cultural, special        Deciphering Challenge
needs, and gender issues         Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
related to giftedness.           Feminineville & Masculineburg
                                 Asynchrony Squared
                                 Gender Issues in Gifted Education
                                 Who Are The Gifted?
                                 Large Group Lily Pads Activity

develop a personal               Literature – A Hat for Ivan
definition of the word gifted.   Hats Off to Gifted (Poem by Paula Pursley)
                                 Synthesis of Hats (Individual Students)

analyze personal learning        (VAK) Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic survey
and thinking styles.             ILS (Index of Learning Styles ) – done online
                                 Strategies for Active/Reflective,
                                 Sensing/Intuitive, Visual/Verbal,

recognize personal               Turtle Talk activity
capabilities.                    Billboard activity / Poem
                                 What You See Is Me Ad Campaign
                                 Personal Awareness Surveys
                                 Literature – If Only I Had a Green Nose
                                 20 Ways to Fight Peer Pressure
                                 Self-Image vs Self-Esteem

develop strategies to deal       Story Bag (Activity on Life Lessons)
with procrastination and         Performance Wheel
perfectionism.                   Perfectionism vs. Pursuit of Excellence
                                 Are You a Perfectionist?
                                 14 Ways to Beat Perfectionism

develop strategies to deal       PowerPoint on Stress (Activities)
with stress.                     General Causes of Stress
                                 Physical Signs of Stress
                                 Helpful Hints for Dealing with Stress
                                 Mean Song (Nonsense Poem)
                                 Comprehension Through Vocabulary or
                                 Can You Memorize This Sequence of
                                 Memorization Techniques (Pegs, etc.)
                                 Enhancing Personal Wellness & Self-Esteem
                                       (Management Ideas)

develop an awareness and         Self-Efficacy PowerPoint (Role Models)
understanding of                 Self-Efficacy Survey & Strategies
self-efficacy.                   Goals and Progress Plan
                                 Just Like Me
                                 Individual Logic Puzzles / Mysteries
                                 What is Your Motivation?
                                 Understanding Motives
                                          What I Have Done Right!

develop skills for dealing                What's in the Sack? (Silverstein)
with gender issues.                       Me Bags
                                          Occupation Checklist
                                          What’s In The News? – Gender Issues

develop strategies to                     Self-Profile handout
enjoy the present.                        Contour Drawings / Classical Music / Mirrors

identify self and others'                 Creation of Personal Hats
expectations and develop                         (Combined with Understanding
strategies necessary to deal with these                  Gifted Lesson)

develop strategies to deal                The Best of All! (literature)
with peer group issues.                   Lycra Tube / Fishing Net /
                                                 Compliment Cards Activity
                                          The Wrong Kind of Laughter
                                          Are You A Bully?
                                          Don’t Pick On Me (Video)
                                          Help If You’re Being Bullied
                                          Dear Abby / Dear Andy Column Response
                                          Blind Shapes Activity

understand the adult                      Long-Leg Lou and Short-Leg
perspective.                                    Sue (Poem by Silverstein)
                                          Situation cards / Role Playing
                                          Classroom Characters
                                          The Yarn Thing (Team Building Activity)
                                          As Your Teacher I Will (by George Betts)
                                          Monster Poems (By Paula Pursley)
                                          Monster Cards and the Monster Pit
                                          Monster Collages (Worries or Concerns)

develop strategies to                     Myself Poem
articulate feelings.                      Sketching Personification
                                          Diamante Writing
                                          Have You Ever? (Teambuilding Activity)

understand the impact of                  Role Playing Scenarios
learning and teaching
styles on interpersonal
relationships in the
school setting.

develop communication                     Master Poster with variety of
skills relating to personal,                     materials
family and school issues.                 Poster duplicating materials
                                          A Listening & Communicating Challenge
                                          Rule of Focus / Assertiveness Packet
                                          Group Communication Problems / Mysteries
                                          PowerPoint on Communication

develop strategies to make                Ten Common Concerns Gifted Students
and keep friends.                               Have About Their Friends
                          The Bundle of Sticks / Coming To Consensus
                                Apple Tree Activity / My Picture
                          (Cooperative Lesson w/Counselor)

develop group dynamics.   How I Respond To Conflict
                                 Skills Handout
                          The Butter Battle Book video
                          Children Solve Problems” - DeBono
                          What’s My Rule?
                          Hidden Homework Assignment
                                 Group Problem Solving Activities

recognize ethical         Re-Lyric Some Lyrics worksheet
behavior.                 (Piggy-Backed with Role-Playing
                                  Scenarios from Peer Group Issues)

develop decision-making   Across Crocodile Lake
skills.                   The Knowledge Master
                          Sprouts Competition

recognize the need for    Service Class Project (Marching for a Cure;
service to others.               Iraq Care Pkgs.; Pennies for Peace,
                                  etc. – Changes year-to-year)

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