AP English 11 Honors by 57A9Rp


									AP English 11 Honors
Mr. Tyler, F-215
April 2005

                                      Vocabulary Development Lesson #11
      Instructions: Using the core root definition, try to find the definition of at least two of the words per root without using a dictionary.
      Then, seek out the definition of any word that you do not currently know. This is the eleventh of a series of 17 lists we will be drawing
      from this year. (This list used with permission by Susan van Druten, AP English teacher)

-i           (plural)              alumni, bacilli, fungi, Gemini, homunculi, literati, magi nuclei, octopi                                        Latin
-a                                 bacteria, Cephalopoda, data, effluvia, Nematoda, phenomena, phyla, trivia
jus          (law)                 injustice, judge, judgement, judgemental, judicial, judicious, just, justice, justify                           Latin
luc/lum      (light)               elucidate, lucent, lucid, lucidity, Lucifer, translucent, pellucid                                              Latin
                                   illumination, illustration, illustrious, luminary, luminous, luminiferous, luster                               Latin
ann          (year)                annals, annual, annalist, anniversary, annual, annuity, perennial superannuated                                 Latin
apo          (away or up)          apotheosis, apogee, apoplexy, apology, aphelion, apostasy                                                       Greek
sen          (old)                 senator, senile, senior, seniority, senescent                                                                   Latin
sol          (alone)               desolate, sole, solifidian, soliloquy, solitaire, solitary, solitude, solo                                      Latin
bas          (low)                 abase, bas-relief, basal, base, basic, bass, basset, bassoon, bouillabaisse, contrabase, debase                 Latin
rogat        (ask)                 abrogate, arrogance, derogatory, interrogation, prerogative, supererogatory, surrogate                          Latin
parl         (speak)               parlance, parlay, parley, parliament, parlor, parlando, parole                                                  Latin
potent       (power)               impotent, omnipotent, plenipotentiary, possible, potent, potentate, potential                                   Latin
surg         (rise)                insurgence, insurrection, resurgent, resurrection, source, surge                                                Latin
log          (word or reason)      analogy, apology, catalogue, chronology, dialogue, doxology, epilogue, etymology, eulogy,
                                   homologous, illogical, logic, logo, neologism, philologist, prologue, syllogism, trilogy                        Greek
gram         (writing)             anagram, deprogram, diagram, grammar, hologram, monogram, pentagram, program, telegram                          Greek
cant         (sing)                accent, cant, cantata, chant, charm, concert, enchantment, incantation, recant                                  Latin
reg          (rule)                interregnum, real, realm, regal, regalia, regicide, regime, regimen, reign, royal                               Latin
pro          (forward)             impromptu, proceed, proclaim, proclivity, procrastination, procreation, procure, prognosis,
                                   prognosticate, program, prolix, prolegomenon, pronounce, prospect, provide                                      Greek
gyn          (woman)               androgynous, gynecologist, gynephobia, misogynist, polygyny, queen                                              Greek
ag/act       (to do)               agency, agent, aggression, aggrade, agile, agitate, agree                                                       Latin
                                   abreact, action, activate, counteract, interact , react, transact                                               Latin
mob          (move)                automobile, demobilize, immobile, mob, mobile, mobility, mobilize                                               Latin

sed/sid      (sit)                 séance, sedan, sedate, sedentary, sediment, siege, subside, subsidy, supersede, assiduous, dissident, Latin
sess                               insidious, preside, president, resident, residue, residual; assess, obsess, possess, repossess, session
fic/fy       (make)                artifical, beneficial, deficit, difficult, efficient, efficacious, edifice, magnificence, office, officious,
                                   orifice, pontificate, proficient, prolific, sacrifice, specific, soporific, suffice, superficial (many more)
                                   amplify, certify, clarify, deify, edify, fortify, horrify, pacify, sanctify, signify, solidfy, specify       Latin
nounce       (tell)                announce, annunciation, denounce, enunciate, pronounce, renounce                                                Latin
andro        (man)                 androgens, androgynous, android (droid), Andromeda, philanthropy, polyandry                                     Greek

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