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					KCJIS Overview

                      Tariq Azmi
KCJIS Overview
 Definition
 History
 Administration
 System Integrity
 System Access
 Training
 Meetings
KCJIS --- Definition
 Kansas Criminal Justice Information System is a
 network of connected data sources within a secure
 environment supporting the electronic exchange of
 information for local, state and national criminal
 justice interests.
KCJIS --- History
 The ASTRA system was established by Senate Bill
 No. 344 passed during the 1968 Legislative session
 and subsequently succeeded by the Kansas
 Criminal Justice Information System (KCJIS) in 2003
 K.S.A 74-5701: Establishment of committee;
  membership; meetings; compensation and expenses.
 KCJIS consists of various Law Enforcement Agencies
  such as KBI, KHP, KSA, KACP, KDOC, etc
KCJIS --- Administration
 Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) and Kansas
 Highway Patrol (KHP) share administrative and
 operational responsibilities for core KCJIS functions.
 Agencies interfacing with KCJIS will assume
 administrative responsibilities accordingly.
KCJIS --- System Integrity
 KBI monitors the network, oversees security and
  provides assistance to users of the network as
 Helpdesk personnel are responsible for
  troubleshooting and correcting user, software and
  connection problems.
 Network Control Center (DISC) personnel will
  troubleshoot and correct problems with routers and
  data circuits of the network, dispatching repair if
KCJIS --- System Access
 Access to KCJIS is restricted to authorized
  individuals and shall be accessed on a
  need to know basis and only for the
  purpose for which that data is requested.
 The system shall be used in a professional
  manner at all times and shall not be used
  for personal reasons or personal desire to
KCJIS --- Systems
All criminal justice terminals connected to the KCJIS Network have
access to:

 National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
   National Crime Information Center (NCIC)
   National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB)
   Kansas Department of Revenue (KDOR)
   Missouri Automated Law Enforcement Response Team
   Kansas Juvenile Justice Information System (KJJIS)
   Kansas Integrated Court System (KICS)
   Kansas Disposition and Reporting (KDR)
   Kansas Incident Based Reporting System (KIBRS)
   Kansas Adult Supervised Population Electronic Repository
KCJIS --- Training
 KHP offers training classes on KCJIS web portal ,
 NCIC, Information Security, etc

 The link below has the training schedule and other
  KCJIS related information.
 http://www.kansashighwaypatrol.org/kcjis
KCJIS --- Meeting
 KCJIS Committee meets 2nd Monday of every month
 at OJA building in FATZER Conference Room.(3rd
 Floor) These are open meetings in Topeka from 1:30
 PM to 3 PM

 Division KCJIS user meetings are held once every
 quarter. Check with you division or the auditor
Topics Covered
 Definition
 History
 Administration
 System Integrity
 System Access
 Training
 Meetings
KCJIS Overview

                      Tariq Azmi

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