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									How to handle worst
case scenarios in
 Case 1: You have 15 minutes for presentation
 instead of 45 you planned initially

  No matter how fast you talk you won’t be able to go through the
whole material. Select only key messages from each part of the
presentation and keep your eyes on the watch. Limit the information
but make sure it follows a logical path. Always be prepared to extract
the essence of your presentation.
 Case 2: You are asked a question on a topic
 you wish to elaborate further on in the training
  Always respond to questions. Offer a brief answer and
explain you wish to discuss more on the subject later in
the presentation. Do not leave a question unanswered or
avoid answering until the finish of the training or you will
lose your credibility in front of the audience.

Case 3: You lose your train of thoughts

                It’s ok! Smile, excuse yourself and start again. It
              happens to everyone and the audience will
              empathize with you if you have an easy going
              attitude and you keep on smiling.

 Case 4: You plan to go through the training
 manual page by page but the participants move
  Take into careful consideration if you are going to offer the
participants the training manual at the beginning or at the end of the
training. The risk of offering it at the beginning is that the training
participants will not pay so much attention to you and will try going
by themselves through the course material. If you do offer it, try to
keep them at your pace, always reminding them what page are you
 Case 5: You are expecting to hold a training for
 10 people but find 20 in the room
  Smile and appreciate the opportunity that you will deliver your
message to a larger audience. If you have hand-outs prepared, either
transfer the information on the flipchart or group people in teams of
2 during the exercises. Think about allocating more time for
discussions and questions.

 Case 6: Several participants begin a side

  Stop from your speech and inquire if they have any questions, or
you can offer them any clarifications on the subject you were
discussing. If this does not work, continue your presentation while
moving closer to the group and lower your voice. Pause and wait
until they stop talking.
 Case 7: You drop your notes on the floor

 Make fun of yourself, pick them up and rearrange them while still
making jokes and smiling. It will be easier to rearrange them if the
notes are numbered, so be sure to do this before the training.

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