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					VERMONT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                   Glossary and Definitions
Grant Application

                      Glossary and Definition of Commonly Used Terms

                                   Glossary of Acronyms
The following are some of the more commonly used acronyms appearing in the Vermont
Community Development Program materials.
ADA                 Americans with Disabilities Act (federal)
ACCD                Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development
AM                  Access Modification Grant
CAP                 Community Action Agency
CDBG                Small Cities Community Development Block Grant (federal)
CEO                 Chief Executive Officer of Vermont municipalities
CFR                 Code of Federal Regulations - publication of federal rules and regulations
DET                 Vermont Department of Employment and Training
DEHCD               Vermont Department of Economic, Housing and Community Development
HA                  Home Access Grant
HUD                 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
IFP                 Interim Financing Program
IG                  Implementation Grant
LMI                 Low and Moderate Income
NCDO                Non-profit Community Development Organization
NHS                 Neighborhood Housing Services
PG                  Planning Grant
PI                  Program Income
RDC                 Regional Development Corporation
RD                  Rural Development (formerly FmHA)
RPC                 Regional Planning Commission
UR                  Unrestricted Revenue
URA                 Uniform Relocation Assistance, Real Property Acquisition Policies Act
USC                 United States Code - code of federal statutes.
VCDP                Vermont Community Development Program
VDOL                Vermont Department of Labor
VEDA                Vermont Economic Development Authority
VHCB                Vermont Housing and Conservation Board
VHFA                Vermont Housing Finance Agency
VSA                 Vermont Statutes Annotated
VSHA                Vermont State Housing Authority

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VERMONT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                      Glossary and Definitions
Grant Application

                                 Definition of Commonly Used Terms
Acquisition the term used when a possession of        board of selectmen, the president of the board of
real property is gained through the expenditure       trustees or chairman of the prudential committee
of VCDP grant funds (or other funds of federal        (see the State Act).
derivation).                                          Community Development Block Grant
Activity(s) the tasks or actions the municipality     (CDBG) the generic name given to community
proposes to undertake. See Appendix B.                development programs, such as the VCDP,
Agency of Agency of Commerce and Commu-               funded in whole or in part with federal funds
nity Development the Vermont state agency             from HUD.
responsible for the administration of the Vermont     Community Development Board a board of
Community Development Program.                        nine members appointed by the governor the
Area, Program the general description of the          function of which is to review applications for
purpose for your program activities, such as          funding under the VCDP and make
housing, economic development, public                 recommendations to the Secretary.
facilities, and public services.                      Completion Date date by which 1) all activity
Audit, Single a financial and compliance audit        costs other than general administration have been
that covers the entire financial operation (schools   obligated, and 2) a national objective has been
usually excluded) of the municipality, including      met.
VCDP grant funds.                                     Compliance adherence to the requirements of all
Authorized Person(s) the person(s) duly autho-        applicable federal, state and local laws and
rized by the legislative body to take legal action    regulations.
on behalf of the municipality. See Resolution for     Consolidated Plan the plan developed by the
VCDP Grant Application Authority.                     State that governs the expenditure of HUD
Award Date the official date on which a grant is      funded programs.
awarded as indicated in the grant award letter.       Consortium two or more municipalities submit-
The date is identified in Attachment A of the         ting a joint application with one municipality
grant agreement.                                      agreeing to serve as lead grantee.
Beneficiary (direct) any person, business,            Department of Economic, Housing and
organization, or municipality that receives direct    Community Development (DEHCD)
economic aid or services from a VCDP-funded           department within the Agency of Development
grant, such as, housing rehab, home ownership         and Community Affairs responsible for the
opportunities, housing counseling, employment         day-to-day administration of the VCDP.
opportunities, job training, business loan, day       Depository Account the account in which
care, senior center activities, etc.                  VCDP grant funds are deposited upon receipt
Benefit a measure to determine that a grantee has     from the State.
met the HUD national objective of aiding              Displacement the term used when a person,
persons of low and moderate income. With rare         organization, business or farm is forced to move
exceptions, all grantees must undertake activities    as the result of acquisition or rehabilitation of
which result in at least 51% of the beneficiaries     real property (owned, leased or rented) using
being persons of low and moderate income (LMI         funds made available through the VCDP, no
q.v.)                                                 matter who acquires the real property.
Cash-In-Kind a contribution of professional           Eligible Costs are costs allowed under the
services (such as pro bono legal work), supplies,     Agency Procedures and conditions of a grant
equipment, etc.                                       agreement.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) the mayor of a          Environmental Notice of Release of Funds
city, the president of the board of aldermen, the     Letter(s) the written response from the
chairman of the city council, the chairman of the

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VERMONT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                        Glossary and Definitions
Grant Application

Department approving the submitted                     age or younger does not have to be included in
environmental review for each and every activity       the calculation of household income.
to be funded under the VCDP which allows the           In-Kind Services services provided by volun-
municipality to obligate or expend funds for           teers, or at no cost.
those activities.
                                                       Lead Grantee the community in a consortium
Environmental Review the process of making a           taking primary responsibility for executing the
determination of the environmental classification      grant agreement and other key documents and for
for each grant activity and following the required     ensuring that the terms and conditions of the
procedures for each environmental classification       grant agreement are met.
relevant to the grant.
                                                       Legislative Body the governing body of a Ver-
Execute the dating and signing of a legal agree-       mont municipality.
ment or contract by all authorized parties.
                                                       Limited Clientele the following are presumed to
Expend to spend VCDP or Other Resources                meet the criterion for Limited Clientele: abused
funds for services, supplies, materials, or            children, battered spouses, elderly persons,
construction.                                          handicapped persons, homeless persons, illiterate
Federal Act Title I of the Housing and Commu-          persons, and migrant farm workers. [24 C.F.R.
nity Development Act of 1974, as amended [42           570.483(b)(2)]
U.S.C. sec. 5301 et seq.]                              Low and Moderate Income (LMI) 80% or less
General Administration the overall manage-             of the median income for the State (non- metro),
ment activities of the grant common to any             the county or the municipality, whichever is
VCDP grant, such as, attending application and         higher, with adjustment for family size.
compliance workshops and post award meetings,          Municipality a Vermont city, town or
hiring personnel, office management,                   incorporated village, the charter of which enables
environmental review, payment of bills, record         it to function as a general purpose unit of local
keeping, supervision of program personnel,             government. It also means a "non-entitlement
hiring an auditor, preparation of progress reports     area" as defined in Title I, Sec. 102(a)(7) of the
and closeout reports.                                  Federal Act.
Grant Administrator the person(s) with the             National Objective the Housing and
overall responsibility for the day-to-day activities   Community Development Act requires each
of a grant for general administration.                 grant activity to meet one of the three national
Grant Agreement the legal and binding contract         objectives described in the Act. The three
between a grantee and the State of Vermont             national objectives are:
which sets forth the legal responsibilities of both    1. Benefiting low and moderate income
parties for the expenditure of VCDP grant funds             persons;
by the Grantee.
                                                       2. Aiding in the prevention or elimination of
Grantee a Vermont municipality which has been               slums or blight; and
awarded a grant under the VCDP.                        3. Meeting other community development
Income, Family the combined income of all per-              needs having a particular urgency because
sons living in the same household who are                   existing conditions pose a serious and
related by birth, marriage or adoption. Income              immediate threat to the health or welfare of
earned by children 14 years of age or younger               the community and other financial resources
does not have to be included in the calculation of          are not available.
family income.                                         Non-profit Community Development
Income, Household the combined income of all           Organization is a public or private nonprofit
persons occupying a housing unit. The persons          organization that provides community
do not have to be related by birth, marriage or        development services that are available to all the
adoption. Income earned by children 14 years of        municipalities in one or more counties or

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VERMONT COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM                                       Glossary and Definitions
Grant Application

regions, as defined below. The NCDO will              Program Management administrative activities
manage at least one regional Revolving Loan           directly related to accomplishing the program
Fund (RLF). Program Income and Unrestricted           tasks, for instance, clerk of the works on a con-
Revenue will be managed by the NCDO to                struction project or a housing specialist on a
provide funding for one or more Title I eligible      housing rehabilitation project.
activities, as defined in Section 105 of Title 1 of   Real Property land, including land improve-
the Housing and Community Development Act,            ments, structures including machinery or
42USC §5305(a). In the case of Program                equipment permanently affixed to the structure.
Income, all federal and state rules and
                                                      Region is defined as a county or the service area
regulations of the VCDP will apply.
                                                      of one or more Regional Block Grant Partners,
Obligate to make a legal commitment to expend         including Regional Planning Commissions,
or loan funds for the purchase of services,           Regional Development Corporations.
supplies, materials, construction work or any
                                                      Relocation the term used when a person,
other purpose. There is no legal commitment
                                                      business, organization, or farm is "permanently"
until a contract is executed or a purchase order is
                                                      moved to a new address (location) as a result of
                                                      the acquisition of real property using VCDP
Participating Grantee one or more                     funds.
communities participating in a consortium where
                                                      Secretary the Secretary of the Agency of
another community takes the primary
                                                      Development and Community Affairs.
responsibility as lead grantee.
                                                      Section 8 Housing Quality Standards
Period of Performance time during which some
                                                      minimum federal building rehabilitation stan-
activity must take place, for example, the period
                                                      dards which all housing rehabilitated with VCDP
of performance for the grant agreement
                                                      grant funds must meet.
commences with the award date and finishes
with the completion date.                             State Act the Vermont Community
                                                      Development Act [10 V.S.A. Chapter 29.]
Personal Property property of any kind except
real property.                                        Subgrantee any person or government
                                                      department, agency or Subrecipient
Personal Property Non-expendable tangible
                                                      establishment that receives financial assistance
personal property having a useful life of more
                                                      from the grantee to carry out a VCDP grant, but
than one year and an acquisition cost of $5000 or
                                                      does not include an individual that is a
more per item.
                                                      beneficiary of a grant program.
Procurement the process of purchasing services,
                                                      Temporary Displacement when a person,
supplies, material, equipment and hiring of
                                                      organization, or business (as the result of
                                                      rehabilitation activities or acquisition of real
Program the entire proposal made by a                 property using VCDP funds) is moved, either
municipality when applying and contracting for        voluntarily or involuntarily, for a short period of
VCDP grant funds. A program may include               time, typically 30 days or less.
several projects which in turn, may consist of
                                                      Unrestricted Revenue Any Program Income
several activities.
                                                      generated by VCDP-funded activities from one
Program Area See "Area, Program".                     or more grants, where the total amount of such
Program Income is income received by a                income does not exceed $25,000 during a
VCDP grantee or subgrantee that is not a Target       Grantee’s fiscal year period; All gross income
of Assistance, from activities supported by           received from loans originated by an NCDO;
VCDP funds, including loan principal, loan            Repayments from second-generation loans
interest, and funds resulting from the sale or        originated by a municipality, assigned to an
lease of assets purchased with VCDP grant             NCDO, and re-loaned by the NCDO; or
funds.                                                Unrestricted revenue that is re-loaned.

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