Poetry Terms - DOC by ro61q7ka


									                          Poetry Terms

Simile - a comparison of two unlike things (using like or as)
Metaphor - an implied comparison between two unlike things
(without like or as)
Personification - human characteristics given to non human things
Stanza - a group of lines set off from another, the “paragraph of a
Imagery - words that appeal to the 5 senses
Setting - the time and place of the plot
Irony - a contrast between what appears to be and what really is
Symbol - a thing that has another suggested meaning as well as a
literal meaning
Theme - the main or underlying meaning of a work
Connotation - the emotional association of a word.
Denotation – the dictionary definition of a word
Hyperbole - an exaggerated statement
Tone - an author's attitude toward the subject
Mood – the emotional feeling of the work
Free verse - poetry that is free from regular rhyme or rhythm
Internal rhyme - rhyming words within one line
End rhyme - the last word in lines of poetry rhyme
Rhythm - the arrangement of stressed and unstressed sounds. It
can be regular or varied, fast or slow
Onomatopoeia - words used to imitate the sound of things
Alliteration - the repetition of a consonant sound at the beginning
or within a word.
Repetition - a word or phrase used over and over
Limerick -        a five line humorous poem

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