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									           PilotWorks Enterprise Dashboard Implementation Project Team
            Meeting, Thursday, February 2nd, 2006, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                 Admin Building, 2nd Floor Conference Room AB

I.     Executive Team Review Update

       Eric 10 minutes

II.    PilotSoftware Training Resources
       Seminar: ”Getting Down to the Critical: Designing Key Outcome Indicators for
       the Public Sector”

       Judy 15 minutes

III.   Introduction of Process Definition Template
       Example Provided: Customer Service Index

       Eric   30 minutes

IV.    What are the Next Steps
       a. Finalize Executive Team Feedback
       b. Start working with Template – Formulate Ideas on Process Definition
       c. PilotWorks / GovMax KPI Coordinator Training

       Eric 10 minutes

V.     Logistics for PilotWorks / GovMax KPI Coordinator Training
       a. Members of the Training Team
       b. Establish Dates to Meet to Finalize Training Curriculum

       Eric 15 minutes

VI.    Next Meeting to Schedule
       a. Change the Time & Location?

       Team 10 minutes
PilotWorks Enterprise Dashboard Implementation Project Team
             Meeting, Thursday, January 19th, 2005, 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                       BOB Building, Falcon Conference Room


 I.     Demonstration of PilotWorks – Customer Service Index; Eric

        This is an overview; will get detailed instructions and definitions during

                Measure types – outcome, lagging (after the fact), leading; output
                Target types – attainment (increase over time); reduction (go down over
                 time); absolute (hit absolute # of times)
                Very beneficial if you can record where the data can be found and how it
                 can be collected. Especially if you leave the county and another person
                 follows you.

       ACTION ITEM: Coordinators should be thinking about how to measure and
            how to collect information, especially if you have software that collects
            information. EIT should be able to provide a data process for information
            to go from software (e.g. recware) to data bucket.

            STRONGLY SUGGEST you use the excel template and map out what you
            want to do BEFORE you try to enter data.

       ACTION ITEM: Template will be distributed before next meeting.

            Currently historical data can be entered back to 2004. At end of this fiscal,
            data will be copied and entered into FY 2007 so that it does not need to
             be re-entered.

       ACTION ITEM: See if technical team can add additional years back.

                Sub-measures to not need to be measured at the same weight. How an
                item is weighted determines its impact.

                Zero option default – if you have no data yet. It tells the computer to
                ignore rather than factoring in a “0.” Suggest putting in DO NOT POST
                ZERO VALUES on dashboard.

                When considering how to slice:
                Multiply factors (times) process activity (times) customers
                       To = number of data point needed.

       ACTION ITEM: Laura Hanson will be sending examples on how to set up;
            How to weight, and on sub-measures.

                GovMax is updated at noon and at the end of each day. Can be updated
                more frequently if we decide that.
            Can GovMax comments transfer to PilotWorks? PilotWorks to GovMax?

II.     Review of new KPI descriptions – Feedback from the Team; KPI Coordinators

        As we start to frame all measures, will take time to review for coordination and
        to answer such questions as – which index should contain the Citizen Opinion

        ACTION ITEM: Eric will contact Chip to see if he will handle human services.

        Suggestion that Park Accessibility Index become Recreation index.

        Promote Positive Social Environment:
             Review to see:
                     if all measures need to be on enterprise level.
                    Can it be used to make a valid business decision
                    If over 6 measures, difficult to get a clear view.
                    Look at moving some of these measures down

        Discussion of where personnel categories can be recruited – e.g. park attendant –
        locally; engineer – national.

        Jobs created in value added businesses – suggested for elimination. Data is
        confidential and we can not say how collected.

        Increase supply of affordable housing - % of family cost burdened. Is data’s
        time delay too long to be effective? Is there another measure to take its place.

        Want everyone to review all KPI’s.

III.    Executive Team Review Timetable; Lora

        Executive Team had Dr. Pickering in to visit. Did not have the opportunity in
        the agenda to review the KPI’s. Decision was made to postpone next meeting to
        February 2nd

IV.     What are the Next Steps

        a. Executive Team Feedback
        b. Review Templates to help develop Process Definition
        c. Each KPI Coordinator starts developing the Process Definition of their

V.      Comments / Concerns
        d. Next meeting – February 2nd.

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