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									Robert D. Quinones
                                                                      Upland, California, 91786
     I am looking for a position in Flash Development, specifically 3D web site development or 3D Flash
     game development, as well as interactive 2D Flash content creation areas, such as web
     development or desktop application development.

Professional Experience
     Independent Flash Developer                                                        2009-Present
         Developed the 3D Flash multiplayer first person shooter game series “3D Future Ops”.
               o Each game was designed with multiple game modes; Co-op Story mode, Co-op
                   Zombie Mode, Team Deathmatch and Classic Deathmatch, up to 44 players.
               o Fully and independently developed by me, including AS3 and C# programming, 3D
                   modeling and graphic design.
               o Tools used: Adobe Flex Builder 3, Alternativa3D AS3.0 Library, Papervision3D,
                   JiglibFlash AS3.0 Physics Engine, AS3.0 Player.IO API, 3D Studio Max 2009, VRay
                   3D Texture Rendering Engine, Adobe Photoshop CS4, Fruity Loops Song Studio 8.
         Currently developing a massive multiplayer online 3D Flash first person shooter based on
           the current “3D Future Ops” game series.
               o Mobile device support, with minimal graphics options for use on cell phones,
                   specific mobile Flash 10.1 controls.
               o Tools used: Adobe Flex Builder 3, Adobe Flash Builder 4, Adobe Flash CS5 Private
         Developed Flash enhanced web sites for local businesses.
               o Tools used: 3D Studio Max 2009, VRay 3D Texture Rendering Engine, Adobe Flash
                   CS4, Adobe Dreamweaver CS4

     Flash Developer                                                                         2008-2009
     Curriculum Technology
               Developed interactive digital work books for colleges, cross platform applications.
                   o Tools used: Adobe Flash CS3
               Developed interactive web sites for educational use.
                   o Tools used: Adobe Flash CS3, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS3

     Web Developer                                                                           2007-2008
     Absolute Computer Solutions
               Developed web sites for professional local businesses.
                   o Tools used: Microsoft FrontPage 2003, Adobe Photoshop CS3

     Independent PHP Developer                                                           2003-2006
         Co-developed one of the first Browser Based Instant Messengers to support “tabbed”
           messaging for both IM’s and chat rooms, GPL licensed as PHP121 Instant Messenger.
              o Professional level product used by loan companies and many other businesses.
              o Can connect and integrate with any mySQL database, including Blogs and Forums.
              o Over 20 optional features programmed specifically by me, including; tabbed instant
                  messaging, grouped buddy list, staff groups, customizable theme Interfaces,
                  customizable profiles with HTML allowed, unique “2-way” buddy comments, and an
                  advanced admin panel to manage all features.
         Software Proficiency
             3D Studio Max modeling & animation, V-Ray scene development, V-Ray lighting, V-Ray
               advanced 3D texturing.
             Adobe Flash design and development with 3D Actionscript 3.0 libraries, developing with
               Flash since 3.0 in 1999.
             3D Flash game development with Alternativa3D as well as with Papervision3D with
               JiglibFlash physics engine.
             C# programming in Visual Studio 2008 for the server-side backend of Flash games.
             PHP application development, co-developed the browser based tabbed Instant Messenger
             Photoshop design and learning from professionals since 1997.

Academic Achievements
         Bachelors                                                                            2006-Present
         Currently working on a Bachelors Degree in Computer Animation.

         Diploma                                                                                 1999-2003
         Graduated from Canyon Springs High School while enrolled in their Academy of Creative
         Technology Program for 3 years.

         Certificate                                                                                  1997
         Advanced Photoshop Summer Program at Moreno Valley High School.

                Years of developing and designing on both Mac OS X and Windows PCs
                Strong technical skills from a wide array of programming and designing abilities
                Troubleshooting skills from years of consistent programming
                Sales experience gained from professional client meetings
                Extensive customer support through personal meetings, phone calls, emails, and webcam
                I am able to walk clients, programmers, and ordinary users through seemingly complex
                 issues and diagnose their problems, using ordinary terms that the user is comfortable with
                 and can clearly understand
                I’ve worked often in groups, partnered, and independently, as well as subcontracted.
                I feel comfortable working in any situation that would benefit the most from my extensive
                 list of abilities
                Beta Tester for Adobe, currently on the official Adobe Flash CS5 Private Beta Team

         Past Employer References are available upon request

         Project Web Sites
             3D Future Ops: – Independently developed Flash game series
             PHP121 Instant Messenger: – Co-developed PHP application
             Designer’s Magic Carpet: – Local Business

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