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For further information contact the EAP Administrator or contact the Faculty of Education
and Society through telephone or fax below.
Tel: +44 (0)191 515 3192
Fax: +44 (0)191 515 2628

                 Welcome to University of Sunderland
    Welcome to English for Academic Purposes University Preparation 2011
    Our EAP University Preparation Program provides students with the language skills and the inter-cultural

    competence required to succeed in higher education in Britain and successfully progress onto a full-time
    programme of study.
    The classes

The academic programme consists of up to fifteen hours intensive small group teaching each week, as well
    as large group lectures, British studies project work including out of classroom activities and one to one
    tutorials time with your EAP tutor.
Students study in small, closely supervised groups with trained and experienced lecturers and have access
    to modern facilities including a language laboratory, a computer room, and a well-equipped centre for
    self-access language work.
All EAP University Preparation Course students can use the University's Information Services.
Students applying for full-time study are encouraged to enroll for a Pre-Sessional Course.

    There are four courses of EAP : EAP A – EAP D, the courses are depend on student’s IELTS. To
    attend this course you must have reached IELTS 4 or above if your aim is IELTS 6 by September 2011
    (or IELTS 4.5 if your aim is IELTS
    6.5 or above).
    The Social and Cultural Activities
    As part of the EAP University Preparation Courses there are social and cultural activities that students
    will take part in. Students study issues of international, national, regional and local importance via
    lectures, workshops and field trips to places of interest. In addition to this taught course, students are
    encouraged to complete a range of projects based in local homes, business or industry, as part of their
    independent learning programme with support from their teachers.
    Day-trips to areas of scenic beauty in both England and Scotland are offered during each course.

    Applying for EAP UP 2011 Courses

You may apply to attend a course depending upon your level of English when you start and the level you
    plan to reach by the middle of September 2011 (when almost all University of Sunderland programmes
You must provide evidence of your current level of English in the form of an IELTS certificate or equivalent
    qualification when applying for an EAP UP course and you will be re-tested on arrival. Your application
    cannot be processed without it.
Progress from one module to another is based upon your results at the end of each module and requires
    consistently hard work. A hard working student can normally expect to raise their IELTS score by 0.5 of a
    band during one five week course.
For each module the fees are £850, students who have a conditional offer to study at the University of
    Sunderland will also receive a £100 discount for the EAP module which begins in August.

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