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Tell me something about yourself?

I am Jivtesh Singh, 27 years old, Electronics and Telecom Engineer from AIT, Pune University (Batch of
2003). I, along with a friend setup Sublime Edge Pragmatic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in 2004 to develop software
products, through which we aimed to solve complicated real world problems.

When this idea clicked your mind to start company?

I would call myself an accidental entrepreneur. I did not plan to start a company. I, like a million other
people, had ideas which I thought were ‘really cool’. I saved some money and left my job to pursue one
of those ideas. One of my friends saw me work, and decided to join in. The product we were working on
became successful, and we had to hire people to help us take it further, and to support it.

What was the motivation behind the initiative?

We loved doing what we did. We were writing high quality software, and we had an official place to play
foosball and watch movies and sports on a big LCD TV. When we started making money out of doing
what we did, we did not need any other reasons.

What was the planning required?

The major planning required was in hiring the right people once we decided we needed help. In a small
company, there is no place for slackers. You need people who are good adapters, efficient, competent,
quick learners, and fun to be with. Fortunately, there are good people out there who fit the bill; you have
to search for them.
What were the problems faced?

Managing accounts. Registration of the company. Managing holidays.
We were geeks who just wanted to write software. Making trips to the Software Technology Park to
meet the officials for getting the company registered, seemed like a big waste of time. Thinking about
and making a HR plan about how many holidays each person should be entitled to, seemed like a silly
thing to do for a team of 8 people. Coming up with the financial statements and all the related
documents, was something we never planned for.

Initially, when we had to manage these things, it felt a bit like being dragged out of your dream world
into another world. However, once we accepted these as a part of running a company, it didn't seem all
that hard.

Your core competence and key focus area for development?

Our initial focus was on Smart Client Software’s, Crawlers, we've now moved to ERP Software consulting.
One of goals from the beginning has been to focus on few things and specialize in them. We aim to be
the best in the world in what we do. This helped us in delivering good value and make good money.

What are the most important factors to run a company?

People. “If you're changing direction often, worry a little. If you're changing people often, worry a lot.”
It's the people on the bus that matter the most. If the people are the ones you have fun with - you can
take the bus anywhere. I have been lucky to have a team that has shifted domains and technologies
multiple times, getting competent each time and always enjoyed the journey.

What were the major milestones while accomplishing the target?

The biggest milestone was getting and remaining profitable. As they say - Until you are profitable, time is
working against you. Once you are profitable, time is on your side.

What would be your message to the budding entrepreneurs?

The problem you solve should be ugly. The solution you build should be beautiful. Entrepreneurs work
long hours for a reason. There's more work than there are people. If you're seeking balance, seek it

What are your views about this project?

This is a great idea. I really look forward to hearing the view of people involved.


Jivtesh Singh

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