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AKA “Gunny Whalen”
• Claims:
   – United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant
   – Been to Combat (4) different times
        • Combat Action Ribbon with (3) stars
   – Silver Star recipient
   – Drill Instructor
        • With (1) stars
   –   Navy/Marine Corps Medal recipient
   –   Recruiter
   –   Afghanistan (twice)
   –   Iraq
   –   Selected Marine Reserve Medal (twice)
           Allegations Cont…
– Has been in Force Reconnaissance Company since
  March of 2009
– Is associated with a Col James Masterson
  • He claims he is the Commanding officer of 1ST Recon
    Batt (as he spells it)
     – The Co of 1ST Recon Bn is not an 0-6, nor is it this individual.
Uniform discrepancies
Uniform discrepancies
1.) Silver Star – No record of a “GySgt or
SSgt, or Sgt, or Cpl, or LCpl” Whalen
receiving a Silver Star.
2.) Navy Marine Corps Medal – Out of all
the Marines I have ever served with I
have NEVER seen this awarded.
(including Marines who have received
Silver Stars and Navy Crosses)
3.) Combat Action Ribbon (with 3 stars) –
Given out for separate conflicts, i.e. (1)
for Iraq and (1) for Afghanistan, (1) for
Somalia, (1) for Gulf War, (1) for Grenada
– I dought this person is near 50 years
4.) Selected Marine Corps Reserve Medal
– he is not a reservist.
5.) Drill Instructor (with 1 star) not how
the ribbon is awarded, not a drill
6.) Also was a recruiter?
7.) National Defense Medial (with 1 star)
8.) Jump wings and Marine Combat Diver
breast insignia – Contacted those school
houses, did not attend.
Uniform Discrepancies
-Out of Height and Weight standards.
-Belt length at least (3) inches too
-- Pants not fitted properly
--Broke d**k shirt that doesn’t fit
-Looks about 16 years old.
• This person is not who he says he is.
   –   Is NOT a Marine
   –   Not a Reconnaissance Man
   –   Is not a member of ANY Force Reconnaissance Company
   –   Did not go to Basic Airborne School
   –   Did not go to Marine Combat Diver School
   –   Did not receive Silver Star
   –   Did not Receive Navy Marine Corps Medal
   –   Was not a Drill Instructor
   –   Was not a Recruiter
   –   Is (10) years too young to be the rank he claims to be.
• All of the photos of the individual in question
  were obtained from the individual’s Facebook
-His Facebook page states that he is
from and lives in Kingman AZ.
-Note the railroad abutment and fill.
-Note the small, square house.
-- Note the RV in the drive way.
-Small, square house
-- Appear to be an RV

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