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3                   Chanel Sunglasses: Tips On How To
                    Maintain Their Quality For A Long Time

5                   Prada Sunglasses Take On Unique Street

7                   Tom Ford Sunglasses – Completing Style
                    Recipes With Designer Protective Eyewear

9                   Chanel Glasses – Look Scholarly, Yet Not
                    Nerdy In Your Corrective Eyewear

11                  Tom Ford Glasses –Tips On How To Create
                    A “Look” With Designer Prescription
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  Chanel Sunglasses: Tips On How To Maintain
         Their Quality For A Long Time

                              Designer glasses are all the rage these days – if
                              you want to replicate a celebrity look, it would
                              be hard to complete it without a pair of really
                              stylish spectacles. One of the most important
                              eyewear brands that many people invest in is
                              the quintessential French fashion brand,

                          Chanel sunglasses have consistently been en
                          vogue since the fashion house started coming
out with optical provisions. The designers of the brand have mastered
the art and science of making high quality frames and shades for
corrective and protective eyewear. Every pair of Chanel glasses exudes
a classic appeal that can withstand evolving trends and actually prove
to retain its value despite changing times. These days when classic
vintage styles dominate fashion, the brand is one that style-conscious
folks always turn to for inspiration.

Since these sunglasses do not come cheap, (especially if they have
special lenses to accommodate different eye conditions, such as
varifocals which a lot of people are required to use in place of several
prescription glasses) it’s important that owners know how to maintain
their quality for a long time. Also, considering how their styles can
transcend trends, it would be a complete waste to compromise their   Copyright 2012                         Page 3
quality when the frames can be reused and can handle customisations
so these shades can be turned into reading or single-vision glasses.

Everybody knows that in the UK, the weather can change from sunny to
rainy in a matter of minutes. In fact, a tour around London even in the
summer would require tourists a handy umbrella because there’s
always a big chance of rain during the day. Those who originally wear
their sunglasses the right way are often forced to turn it into a
headband when the weather turns dour. This is a big no-no because it
can stretch the stems of the glasses out of shape and the oil and sweat
from the hair can transfer to the frames and lenses. Sweat is acidic and
while Chanel eyewear has protective coating, the acidity may still leave
marks. For sweat and oil on the eyewear, always wipe them off with
the provided microfiber cloth.

Always carefully remove the sunglasses as well; do not stretch the
stems outwards because this can warp the shape and make it loose
over time. Just carefully slide the glasses forward with two hands.

Also, it’s best never to leave the glasses on the dashboard of the car.
The extreme heat and direct sunlight can melt the surface of the frames
and lenses. Even with protective coating, the material is still plastic so
extreme heat can completely compromise the integrity of the eyewear.

Lastly, always store them in their case. A lot of people carelessly throw
their sunglasses in their bags when they do not use them and this can
lead to the disfiguration of the designer sunglasses. The hard case can
fully protect them from contact with the other items in the bag.   Copyright 2012                    Page 4
      Prada Sunglasses Take On Unique Street
Street fashion these days is
described as eclectic; it’s always
a mix. Young style-conscious
people have no problem
incorporating classic vintage and
contemporary items, as well as,
expensive designer accessories
for their comfortable “dressed down” look. The times surely have
revolutionised fashion and style; there are no more boundaries or
restrictions because self-expression is most important.

One of the really amazing style developments for the new millennium is
the increased importance of sunglasses or protective spectacles.
People rarely go anywhere not having a pair of these optical accessories
with them, not only because of the harmful effects of UVA and UVB
rays, but also because they really have become style essentials.
Designer sunglasses are particularly important because fashion for a lot
of people is no longer something to strive for; it’s already a way of life.

When people talk about fashion, Prada is one of the luxurious designer
brands that instantly come to mind. It’s an important status symbol and
people can rely on the brand’s designs to have that quirky quality
perfect for the unique fashion style many adhere to nowadays. Prada
sunglasses are particularly great because despite the brand’s leaning
towards the classics, these optical provisions take into consideration
most people’s desire to be stylishly unique.   Copyright 2012                     Page 5
The Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses are still a lot of women’s
favourite because the flattering swirly design of the frames instantly
provides a punch of unique glamour. A lot of London fashionistas are
particularly drawn to this style because it’s reminiscent of the nice
Celtic brand of aesthetics. It’s quite popular in the UK because the
frames can easily transform corrective eyewear (such as varifocals
glasses which are a combination of reading, prescription and distance
accommodation glasses in just one pair) into haute couture glasses.
This style comes in a wide range of colours to choose from.

Another popular Prada sunglass design that’s made its way into UK
street fashion is the D-Frame Acetate which works great for those who
are fond of “mod” designs. This style provides a nice flattering shape
and a splash of colour to any get-up, be it casual or formal. The shape is
particularly in demand for people who are looking for really beautiful
frames for their prescription glasses.

A great number of men also look to the brand for their designer
sunglasses. David Beckham is a fan, as well as, Ryan Philippe, LL Cool J
and one of the most important men of this era: President Barack

The brand undoubtedly understands proportions and shapes that really
flatter any facial shape, so it’s no wonder why, despite its expensive
price, Prada glasses have become staples for today’s street fashion.   Copyright 2012                    Page 6
     Tom Ford Sunglasses – Completing Style
    Recipes With Designer Protective Eyewear

Whenever style icons are interviewed
about their “style recipe”, they typically
enumerate the most versatile pieces in
their fashion arsenal. From their favourite
pair of jeans that they can wear to
dressed-up or –down occasions, to the
accessories that do not only uphold their personal brand of style but
also perform a particular purpose. One of the really functional
accessories that they incorporate to their style is that reliable pair of
designer sunglasses.

Sunglasses are not only super fashionable, but they are accessories
highly recommended by health experts. Because of the depleted ozone
layer, it’s very important to protect the eyes from the intensely
damaging effects of UVA and UVB rays. Even corrective glasses that
make use of prescription lenses (such as reading, single-vision, multi-
focal and progressive lenses called varifocals) need to have protective
coating or treatment against these ultraviolet rays and blue light.

The oversized sunglasses which have been in trend since the late
nineties are even expected to become the standard size for protective
eyewear because not only do they protect the eyes but also the skin
surrounding the eyes which is prone to moisture dehydration that lead
to spots and deep wrinkles. UK opticians also claim that the big-sized   Copyright 2012                   Page 7
frames and lenses provide better shield from a lot of particulates
carried by the wind that irritate the eyes.

Fashion-wise, designer sunglasses create versatility for any get-up.
They can come in standard black which remains to be the most
fashionable colour, or other hues that flatter features, such as
complexion, facial shape and even hair highlights. If a person’s wearing
an all-black outfit, a pair of black sunglasses provides style continuity, if
the sunglasses are of a different colour or have prints; they
automatically add a fun contrast to the get up.

According to London fashionistas, intricately designed shades, like Tom
Ford Sunglasses, have the ability to completely elevate one’s style. They
can draw attention and light to the face, or conceal facial imperfections
like dark under-eye circles and messy eyebrows, or really just glam up
the face by complimenting the make-up or the hairstyle of the wearer
or hair accessory.

Judging by the images available online, celebrities solidify their star
status by wearing designer glasses; whenever they’re out and about,
they maintain their celebrity appeal when they’re wearing these special
shades more than when they’re not. Perhaps doing so easily displays
their trendiness, as well as their enviable ability to purchase the most
expensive eyewear brands in the market. Overall however, sunglasses
are just stylish and no fashionable person’s style formula will be
complete without them.   Copyright 2012                      Page 8
Chanel Glasses – Look Scholarly, Yet Not Nerdy
         In Your Corrective Eyewear
Your mother told you to eat
your     carrots    and     leafy
vegetables rich in beta
carotene to ensure healthy
eyesight but you never
listened. So now, you have a
bad case of a combination of
myopia and astigmatism that
prevents you from clearly
seeing the notes written by your teacher on the board. It’s making
classroom learning difficult for you. A visit to the ophthalmologist
reveals that you would need to wear corrective prescription spectacles
and the first thing that comes to your mind is how wearing glasses
would conceal your eyes which you believe are your best assets. On
top of that, there are mean people in your school who taunt eyeglass-
wearing students with names such as “Four Eyes” and “nerd” and you
fear that they would start picking on you. Your concerns about wearing
glasses may seem shallow for a lot of people but if they weigh heavily
on you, it’s important that you come up with a good solution for them.

First things first, contact lenses require thorough cleaning because they
come in direct contact with your eyes. If you know that you do not have
the time and patience to regularly clean your contacts for daily use,
getting them is a bad idea; you may just end up with an eye infection
that may compromise your vision further. In this case, UK eye doctors   Copyright 2012                   Page 9
would staunchly recommend just sticking to eyeglasses because they’re
lower maintenance.

Not all prescription glasses give off a nerdy appeal. These days, a lot of
optical shops in London carry all sorts of really flattering styles of
designer eyewear, such as Chanel glasses. Designer glasses are status
symbols and nobody would dare taunt you for wearing them. Aside
from being status symbols, the wide range of styles assures you that
you will be able to find something that will compliment your facial
features. Also, wearing glasses with a really nice shape and attractive
colour will impress upon people the image of a stylish scholar instead
that of a socially awkward nerd; thus, you should choose a colour that
makes you feel confident and a frame shape that fully accentuates that
shape of your face. If you end up with the perfect eyewear for you,
people will likely tell you that you look really great in them instead of
focusing on the fact that you have imperfect vision.

These days, even the elderly go for designer frames for their
prescription lenses because they are assured of their quality. Designer
frames are perfect for reading, multi-focal and progressive lenses
(called varifocals); their materials are very durable and they are likely to
really last a long time -- so even if lenses have to be replaced every two
years, which opticians recommend, there would be no need to change
the frames as well.   Copyright 2012                     Page 10
  Tom Ford Glasses –Tips On How To Create A “Look” With Designer
                       Prescription Eyewear

                                   For some people wearing corrective
                                   spectacles can be a style downer, but with a
                                   bit of creativity, these glasses can actually be
                                   the root of many styling inspirations.
                                   Designer frames are actually stylishly
                                   versatile, their pretty shapes, and colours
                                   make them very easy to integrate to any
                                   fashionable get-up.

                            If you would check out the different print
                            campaigns of designer eyewear, you would
be provided the different ways that you can use your own prescription
glasses to push your personal style forward. For example, the print ads
for Tom Ford glasses have a strong preppy, mod appeal. If you’re in
your teens, you can bring out your (or your father’s) collection of argyle
sweaters and vests (even socks) and look like a smart, London private
school lass who has a bit of a cheeky tendency.

Now, if you love the romantic and classic style of Audrey Hepburn in
her cult-classic movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, instead of going for the
oversized Tom Ford sunglasses, consider a style with a lighter tint. The
lighter tint is ideal if you need prescription lenses (for single vision,
reading or varifocals) that you can use even on a dark and dreary day
which the UK has lots of. The Tom Ford FT 01730 sunglasses somehow
reflect the fashion trend during the filming of BAT, but its unique shape
provides it a more contemporary-edgy feel. Wear this with the iconic
black dress, wear your diamonds, pull your hair up in a high bun and   Copyright 2012                           Page 11
tada! You’re the Holly Golightly of the new millennium. You may even
pop off the original lenses and go with clear prescription ones for a new
take on this look.

For the really unusual shapes of designer frames or glasses, how you
style your hair will prove to have the ability of creating a distinguished
look. Big frames and lenses instantly take on a high fashion appearance
when the wearer has voluminous curls. The classic shapes and colours
look better when the wearer’s hair is pulled back because it will display
how the lines accentuate the facial shape – this creates a clean,
sophisticated appeal.

Men, on the other hand, always look cool and suave with thick and dark
plastic-rimmed glasses on. Whether they’re wearing a tux or designer
suit ensemble like the UK’s fictional secret agent, James Bond or
grunge-inspired layers of plaids and denims like Johnny Depp, this style
of optical provisions never fail to create that dignified look.   Copyright 2012                   Page 12

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