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									About R & R investigative                           Undercover Investigations         Specialized Investigation
Solutions.                                          Corporate Investigations          Interviews
                                                    Compliance Training Group
                                                    Technology Services
                                                    Physical Security Systems
                                                    Safety and security surveys
                                                    Pre-hiring background
                                                                                                           As an employer, you
                                                                                       need a solid basis for taking action and
                    R & R investigative                                                defending yourself against claims of
Solutions. is a nationwide provider of                                                 inaction and unfair treatment. The
corporate investigation and internal risk                                              objective of a workplace investigation is to
mitigation consulting services. R & R                                                  procure reliable facts so you can make an
Investigative Solutions assists employers                                              informed decision.
and the law firms that represent them in
identifying, preventing, mitigating and
responding to risks through a
comprehensive and integrated suite of
professional services.

R & R Investigative Solutions specializes
in solving complex business problems,
increasing profits, reducing risk and         With the average due diligence
improving morale.                             suite settlement around 1 million
                                              dollars in California, by working with
Today, the Company's business services        R & R, you’re not just covering your
are organized into six specialized practice   assets, you’re protecting your
groups:                                       future.
                               Individual Non-Employment /               Workplace Investigations
                               Special US Searches

                                    Aircraft Search
                                    Bankruptcies, liens & Judgments
                                    Business License
                                    Cellular Phone Number Search
                                                                                                 We understand the
                                    Civil History
                                    Corporate & Limited Partnership
                                                                         sensitive legal issues involved in handling
                                     Filing Search                       a situation that could potentially result in
                                    Credential Verification             some form of litigation and recommend all
                                    Criminal History Database           our clients to retain a qualified
                                    Criminal History On-Site            Employment Law attorney. Our team of
                                    Drivers History                     qualified investigators, agents, and
                                    Education Verification
      At R & R Investigative        Employment Verification
                                                                         security experts have years of experience
                                                                         and understand the issues of concern
            Solutions,              Federal Civil History
                                                                         faced by employers in today’s business
                                    Federal Criminal History
                                    Fictitious Business Name Search     environment.
                                    Fire Arms Search
We are dedicated to helping         License Plate or VIN Search         From hiring or firing an employee to
safeguard you’re assets by       
                                     Media Searches
                                     National Criminal Index Database
                                                                         acquiring/merging a business, R & R
                                                                         Investigative Solutions should be a vital
limiting you’re exposure to          Search
                                                                         and necessary part of your next decision.
                                    Sexual Assault Registrant Data
liability.                           Bases                               Our proven techniques and services
                                    National Death Locator              enable employers to reduce liability
                                    Officers/Directors Records Search   restore productivity and improve profits.
              760-686-4545          Personal Reference Verification
                                    Phone - landline Number Search
                                    Professional License Verification
CA Lic. # PI00025564

Additional Services:

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