ARMY DEPARTMENT
                                MINISTRY OF DEFENCE (HQ)
                                   SHIP HOUSE – ABUJA



       The Army Affairs Department is one of the seven departments in the Ministry

of Defence. It provides support services to the Nigerian Army just as the other three

Operational Departments, namely, the Navy Affairs, Air Force Affairs and Joint Service

Departments render support services to the Nigerian Navy, Air Force and the Defence

Headquarters respectively.


2.     The Department consists of two Divisions, namely, Hardware Division and

Logistics Division.   Each of the Divisions is headed by a Deputy Director who is

answerable to the Director (Army), the Head of the Department.


3.     “Having a modern Army that is well-trained, highly professionalised, compact

and mobile with adequate fire-power and sophisticated communications, capable of

discharging its constitutional roles, performing its international obligations proudly,

effectively and efficiently.”


4.     “To provide administrative and support services timely, effectively and

efficiently to enable the Nigerian Army build and maintain a modern, compact,

mobile, strong, professional combat-ready Army for the defence of the territorial

integrity of Nigeria and the protection of the constitution of the Federal Republic of

Nigeria, to assist the police and civil authority in the maintenance of law, order and

internal cohesion, and to contribute to the maintenance of world peace under the

auspices of regional, sub-regional and global organizations of which Nigeria is a



5.    The aims and objectives of the Army Affairs Department are as follows:

      i.     maintaining men of the Nigerian Army in a state of combat-readiness;

      ii.    maintaining a proper balance in arms and men to meet the needs of

             internal and external security;

      iii.   making provision for the welfare of the men of the Nigerian Army in

             terms of training, accommodation, health care and other benefits aimed

             at boosting their morale;

      iv.    enhancing the capability of the country’s Defence industries in order to

             reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources of supply and

             maintenance of equipment;

      v.     ensuring security in the African continent by the promotion of a

             collective defence system through bilateral, sub-regional and continental

             co-operation to ward off external aggression and to attain the African

             objective of the national foreign policy; and

      vi.    contributing towards peace and stability in the world as a whole through

             the United Nation Organization (UNO), African Union (AU) and Economic

             Community of West African States (ECOWAS).


6.    The Army Affairs Department co-ordinates the activities of the Nigerian Army

in order to create a well-motivated, efficient, compact and highly mobile fighting force

that can diligently discharge its vital functions in protecting Nigeria’s territorial

integrity and quelling internal revolt. The functions of the Department are as follows:

      i.     Articulating and advising on policy matters relating to the Army;

      ii.    Liaising with Army to prepare its rolling plans and capital budget;

       iii.   Processing contracts for the Army’s capital projects;

       iv.    Monitoring and supervising Army’s major capital projects as awarded by

              the Ministry;

       v.     Dealing with matters relating to the training and welfare of Army

              Personnel; and

       vi.    Providing the secretariat for the Nigerian Army Council which is the

              highest decision making body for personnel matters of Senior Army



7.     The Army Affairs Servicom Charter is aimed at providing timely, effective,

efficient and quality services for the satisfaction of all our customers. In this regard,

all officers of the Department work round the clock to ensure the realization of the

targets set for the department by the Ministry for the satisfaction of the Nigerian

public and other customers. The Servicom charter which is reflected in the format

attached indicating the targets set for the Department, details of the customer,

grievance redress mechanism and expectation from the “Customers” may be

reviewed from time to time as the need arises.

Army Affairs Department
Ministry of Defence
Ship House

May, 2006

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