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					Computer viruses:                                                                 “You must always protect your computer or you can
                                                                                  risk getting infected and losing all your information. “
A computer virus is a small programs that people write in order to be
malicious or just to be recognized for there work. They pass from
computer to computer like a biological virus passes from person to
person. It must piggyback on top of some other program or document in
order to launch and once it is running, it can infect the whole computer
and can every erase your hard drive.

      Top 5 Antivirus Software:
  G-Data Antivirus 2010
  Symantec Norton Antivirus 2010
  Kaspersky Lab antivirus 2010
  BitDefender Antivirus 2010
  Panda Antivirus Pro 2010

Ways your computer can get infected:
•By opening an E-mail from someone you don’t know
•By installing a program or file that has been infected
•By downloading software, music & movie from internet, or
from pirating websites.
                                                                                              Top 5 worst viruses:
Here are a few ways you can tell if you are infected:                      The CIH virus in 1998: Estimated Damage $20 to $80
Your computer runs more slowly than normal                                 million worldwide and countless amounts of PC destroyed
Your computer stops responding or locks up often
                                                                           Melissa in 1999: Estimated Damage $1 billion
Your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes
Your computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally
                                                                           ILOVEYOU in 2000: Estimated Damage $5.5 to $8.7 billion
Applications on your computer don't work correctly                         and about 10 % of all internet connection computer where
Disks or disk drives are inaccessible                                      Code Red in 2001: Estimated Damage $2 billion
You can't print correctly                                                  SQL Slammer in 2003: Estimated Damage shut down South
You see unusual error messages                                             Korea’s internet for 12 hours and infected 500,000 servers
You see distorted menus and dialog boxes                                   worldwide

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