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									                                  STREET LAW
Mr. Lawless                                                  Fall Semester 2009
Deering High School                                          2 credits

Course Description:
        Street Law is an elective course that focuses on civil and criminal law. In this
course, students will participate in analyzing individual’s rights and the consequences of
society. We will refer to court cases, current events, and the US Constitution as
references in this course.

Principle Content Standards from the Learning Results:
       *Civic & Government
       *Application of Social Studies Processes Knowledge & Skillsla

Principle Means of Assessment
1st Ranking: Constitutional Law            2nd Ranking: Criminal & Civil Laws
Current Event & Blogging               10% Current Event & Blogging         10%
Street Law Vocabulary                  10% Case Study—Criminal Biography 15%
       Exam       75%                              Paper        75%
       Homework 25%                                Presentation 25%
Court Case Presentation                20% Mock Trial
Comparative Essay                      15% Research Paper                            20%
Participation & Homework               10% Participation & Homework                  10%
Supreme Court Simulation               20% Criminal Code Analysis                    10%
Quarter Exam                           15% Quarter Exam                              15%

Final Course Grade:
       1st Ranking:        45 %
       2 Ranking:          45%
       Final Exam          10%
        (Project & Rationale)

Frequency & Kinds of Homework:
Homework will be given quite frequently. Homework would consist of one of the
following—reading assignments, current events, work time on a project such as an essay,
completing questions to a reading, and any other type of work that would support our
class discussions.
Attendance Policy:
The school district has a clear attendance policy: if a student is absent for 10 days or
more in a full year course shall result in a loss of credits toward graduation requirement.
At Deering, “full year courses” are offered by semester.

Make Up Policy:
When a student is absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to get the missing
assignment and to have a follow up conversation with the teacher about an agreeable due

Late Work Policy:
Projects and assignments are expected to be completed in a given assigned time. If a
project or assignment is not ready to be turned in on the due date, a letter grade will be
deducted for each day it is late. By the fourth class period, the project or assignment, if
turned in, would be given a failing grade.
    1. Extra credit is not an option in this class.
    2. All assignments will be handed in at the beginning of the class period.

Classroom Expectations:
*Be respectful of others                            *Raise your hand to be heard
*Be prepared for class                              *Be on time for class
                       *Have a positive learning experience!!

Agenda Book:
Bring your agenda book to class with you! This tool is important to you because it will
assist you in staying organized and it will be used as your hall pass out of this class when
signed. If your agenda book is lost, destroyed, or defaced to a point where it is not of
use, you will be expected to purchase a new agenda book in the AP office.

Cell Phones & Electronic Devices:
Deering has a school wide policy concerning cell phones & electronic devices. This
policy is in place due to the distractions these devices have been in the past. The protocol
and consequences of this policy will be practiced and reinforced in this classroom.

Contact Information:
       Phone: 874-8260

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