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									                                         THE 3ABN LAWSUIT
                                      ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: WATER AND YOUR HEALTH / WHAT IS IN A VACCINE?

                                           Another tragedy is in the making. I have been             of allegations; all of which Danny denies.
M                                     very careful to avoid the slightest mention of the                  For Linda Shelton’s defense, type
                                      series of unfortunate events at Three Angels Broad-            Especially click on “Questions.”
    3                                 casting Corporation (3ABN), since 2004,—which has                   For Danny Shelton’s defense, you would want to go to
    9                                 now led to an explosive lawsuit.                     
                                           This litigation is so momentous in its implica-                For Gailon Joy and Bob Pickle’s collections of docu-
                                      tions, that you should be aware of it. Regardless of           ments, type “” It appears surprisingly well-
                                      which side you may be on, tragically, this litigation          documented. But you should be warned that Danny de-
                                      is not going to help 3ABN. Many fear that Danny                clares it all to be fiction. So you may not want to read any
                                      Shelton has made a great mistake in initiating this law-       of it, since Danny says that none of it is true.
                                      suit; for, throughout its course and however it ends, it            Yet we would not expect that Danny would dare
                                      can only bring injury to 3ABN and its mission.                 sue for libel if those allegations were true. Surely, he
                                           Some of our readers may feel I should be silent about     will be able to bring forth evidence at the trial disprov-
                                      it, but this lawsuit is too big to ignore. Eventually, lead-   ing such outlandish charges!
                                      ing newspapers in Chicago and Boston will be report-                At the heart of all this is the question whether Danny
                                      ing on it, and wire services will then carry the story         had a Biblical right to divorce Linda and remarry. There
                                      across America—and Protestant and Catholic Sunday-             can be little doubt that Danny would not dare to re-
                                      keepers will rejoice.                                          marry if he had no evidence that Linda had commit-
                                           Yet I can assure you that, in providing any news re-      ted adultery! Doing so would be utter foolishness on
                                      ports on this matter, I will consistently maintain a neu-      his part. It would mean the end of his ministry; for,
                                      tral position. Fortunately, in America the press still has     when 3ABN supporters eventually learned about it (as
                                      a right to do this. It is not yet muzzled.                     they eventually would),—they would not donate to an
                                           As you probably know, on August 2, 2007, Amazing          adulterer to be in charge of their funds. Therefore the
                                      Facts backed out of the planned merger, which it had           following statement, on, is another ex-
                                      announced on April 19. In view of this lawsuit which           ample of alleged information which Danny should have
                                      was served only eleven days after the merger was an-           no difficulty disproving:
                                      nounced (April 30), it would appear that Amazing Facts              “In keeping with Linda Shelton requiring an open and
                                      was wise to do that. Indeed, the lawsuit may have helped         transparent ASI sponsored hearing, Linda has now pub-
                                      trigger its decision.                                            lished a letter that includes a clear demand that 3ABN
                                           This lawsuit was filed by Danny Shelton and 3ABN            and Danny Shelton produce the evidence they claim to
                                      in late April against Gailon Joy and Bob Pickle. Danny           have [that she is an adulteress] for inspection and veri-
                                      chose to file the suit in a federal (not state) court; and       fication by the entire church membership and by the
                                      they selected Worcester (pronounced “Wooster”), Mas-             stockholders in the pews. Danny Shelton in various
                                      sachusetts, as the location where the case would be liti-        forms and under various aliases has repeatedly refer-
                                      gated and decided. The courthouse is not far from                enced evidence that he claims to have thereby giving him
                                                                                                       a basis for divorce and remarriage. The chairman of
                                      Gailon Joy’s home.
                                                                                                       3ABN on AToday has made it clear they [Danny and
                                           This suit will be massive. It already involves over

                                                                                                       3ABN] have no proof of an adulterous affair. Linda
                                      50 subpoenas by Shelton against Joy and Pickle; and
                                                                                                       Shelton and Arild Abrahamsen have repeatedly asserted
                                      innumerable counterclaims are in the process of being            that there was no basis for divorce, that no inappropri-
                                      filed by the other side. When all this eventually hits the       ate relationship occurred and that there is no evidence
                                      public press, it surely will be a smudge on the Adventist        to support Danny Shelton’s claims.
                                      Church and its precious message.
                                                                                                          “We have repeatedly asserted that, if there is no proof,
                                           This is a tragedy in the making. How we wish Danny          then a remarriage [by Danny] would constitute an adul-
                                      had not filed that suit! It would have been far better to        terous relationship. Danny Shelton was married at 3ABN
                                      let that tiny website continue complaining about him;            in March 2006 to a Brandy Murray, a 3ABN employee
                                      for hardly anyone knew about it. —But now word is                that reportedly arrived at 3ABN in Thompsonville, Illi-
                                      rapidly spreading, from mouth to mouth, to go read               nois, in July of 2004 [the year that Danny suddenly said
                                      what is on that internet site:                     that Linda had committed adultery].” Italics theirs.
                                           I do not wish to say much about what is involved in          In view of all this, it is rather obvious that, if Danny
                                      all this, but the basic crisis which prompted Joy and          can bring forward the needed evidence, he will surely
                                      Pickle to start their protest website included a number        win this lawsuit against Joy and Pickle.
     Someone could reply, “But maybe he won’t have the          now, Linda has demanded that Danny produce that evi-
evidence.” Yet, I can assure you that Danny surely must         dence, but so far he has not.
have to have it—or he would not dare to sue Joy and                 He must be waiting for the trial to convene, so he
Pickle! It would be impossible for him to win the case          can spring the evidence on everyone—and win the case.
without that evidence.                                              If Danny loses this case, he could use his six attor-
     So we have here a cliff-hanger. There is no doubt          neys to keep the matter tied up in federal appeals courts
that we will all be waiting to see what happens when            for a number of years—in the hope that doing so might
this case goes to trial. I will say it again: Danny would       delay the final outcome of a lost cause. That, of course,
not dare sue against such a sizeable collection of de-          would be very costly; but 3ABN, with over $16 million in
tailed charges, if he could not disprove them in court,—        donations last year alone, will cover his legal expenses.
especially in view of the fact that the suit is going to cost   Danny is firmly in control of how 3ABN money is spent.
so much.                                                            It is an interesting fact that, because this lawsuit has
     Even though the Joy/Pickle website especially con-         been filed against Joy and Pickle,—they now have the
cerns Danny, 3ABN will be covering all the costs of his         right to obtain additional information—directly from
suit against Joy/Pickle. Those legal expenses will be size-     Danny’s and 3ABN’s private records. This “discovery
able, for six lawyers in two states have been hired by          phase” has already begun.
Danny to handle his case. This will be an added drain               This is a very brief news report. Hopefully, we will
on his ministry, and will require extra money from do-          have nothing more to say until the trial date, which at
nors to defend him in court.                                    this time is tentatively set for April 2009, which is a long
     On Monday morning, April 30, 2007, the lawsuit             way off.
papers were served upon Bob Pickle in Minnesota by a                Pray that God’s will be done. There are only two
representative of Hons Investigations of Grand Forks,           alternatives: Either will be terminated
North Dakota. Shortly thereafter papers were served             or Danny—and perhaps certain others—should be dis-
upon Gailon Joy in Massachusetts. The federal case              charged from 3ABN.
#(07-40098) has been filed in the United States Dis-
trict Court in Massachusetts.                                      LATEST NEWS RELEASE
     The crucial question in all of this is whether or not         On August 4, 2007, the North New Zealand Confer-
Linda Shelton committed adultery. The Joy/Pickle state-         ence of Seventh-day Adventists issued a Bulletin, in
ment quoted earlier, included this:                             which, under a heading of “Important Notice about
     “The chairman of 3ABN on AToday has made it clear          3ABN,” the following statement appeared:
  they [3ABN] have no proof of an adulterous affair. Linda           “Following advice received from the South Pacific Divi-
  Shelton and Arild Abrahamsen have repeatedly asserted           sion and the General Conference we wish to share the fol-
  that there was no basis for divorce, that no inappropri-        lowing information with members regarding 3ABN: . . Se-
  ate relationship occurred and that there is no evidence         rious legal allegations have been made involving the 3ABN
  to support Danny Shelton’s claims.”                             organization which have yet to be resolved.
    Who are the three people mentioned in the above                  “The General Conference and the South Pacific Divi-
quotation?                                                        sion has therefore taken action that the denomination
    The chairman of the 3ABN Board of Directors is                will no longer process and/or accept donations received
Walter Thompson. He is the key man on the board,                  for 3ABN. Therefore any funds received at the local church
knows more about this than any other board member,                after 31st August 2007 . . must be returned to the donor,
and is in frequent contact with Danny. He should be un-           and any funds received at the conference office after 20th
usually knowledgeable about everything, more so than              September will be returned to the source from which they
anyone else besides Danny.                                        were received.”
    Linda Shelton was the co-founder, vice president,               Apparently the growing number of allegations against
and co-speaker of 3ABN until she was suddenly fired             Danny and 3ABN, and the continued refusal of 3ABN to
in 2004.                                                        produce evidence which would answer them, is disturb-
    Arild Abrahamsen is a medical doctor who lives in           ing church leaders on various levels.
Norway. Both Linda and Danny had children by earlier                Yet, surely, those charges can be satisfactorily an-
marriages. Linda’s son had become involved in narcot-           swered. They have to be! Many are waiting for Danny
ics addiction; and, deeply concerned to help him, she           and 3ABN to do so. We will be thankful when that hap-
had taken him to see Dr. Abrahamsen in Europe.                  pens. This extremely expensive lawsuit against
    Later, at times, Danny claimed that she was an    , which required hiring six attorneys work-
adultress; while on other occasions both he and Thomp-          ing in Minnesota and Massachusetts, will cost 3ABN a
son said there was no evidence that she had committed           great deal of money each month—all the way to the trial
adultery.                                                       date, tentatively set for April 2009. This immense drain
    So a key question at the forthcoming trial will be          could cause Danny to announce on his broadcasts that
whether or not Danny really has the evidence which he           funds are low and plead for more donations.
claims to have. He would have to have definite evi-                 But it seems that if—right now—Danny would re-
dence or, as a Christian believer in Jesus Christ, he           veal the evidence he must have that he had a Biblical
would not have dared to remarry! For quite some time            right to remarry, it would put an end to
                                                                and the lawsuit would no longer be necessary.    —vf
             Water and Your Health


         Your body needs water and lots of it. Here          keted to doctors and patients today are, in effect,
    are several facts most people do not know.               various forms of histamines which counteract the
         There are a number of physical disorders such       body’s efforts to conserve water.
    as asthma, arthritis, and hypertension, which are            What we need to do is to drink more water.
    patterns of symptoms created by the body’s drought       But we also need to stop drinking beverages
    management system. When the human body be-               that deplete our water supplies. Most beverages
    gins to get dehydrated, it initiates a drought man-      do not provide the needed extra water. Drinking soft
    agement system that seeks to conserve water.             drinks results in a loss of water in your body, not
         This is because the brain must be kept hydrated     a gain in water. Once you drink one can of a soft
    at all times. So the body, when it is lacking wa-        drink beverage, you feel like you still need more,
    ter, will do everything possible to keep supply-         and thus the body is trapped in a never-ending cycle
    ing adequate water to the brain. A primary way           of craving for hydration that simply cannot be met
    it does this is by limiting the amount of water that     by consuming soft drinks. What your body truly
    other parts of the body can lose. An important func-     craves is water. The water is used in an effort to
    tion is breathing. This causes the normal loss of a      help flush the toxic substances in the soft drinks
    significant quantity of water each and every day, de-    out of your body. But not all of them are eliminated.
    pending on the climate in which you live and your            Caffeine is another water-depleting drug.
    level of physical exercise.                              Consuming caffeine in any form, whether soft drinks
         If you are experiencing chronic dehydration from    or coffee or pills, creates a diuretic effect in your
    not drinking enough water or from drinking water-        body,—which means your body begins to eliminate
    depleting drinks such as coffee, beer, or beverages      water through urination. Soft drinks, coffee, and
    containing sugar, your body tries to prevent repi-       other beverages deplete water from the system.
    ratory water loss by producing histamines which              Many people who are attempting to lose
    close off the capillaries in your lungs. Through         weight end up in a state of chronic dehydration
    the constriction of these capillaries, water loss is     because they do not want to drink water for fear
    reduced, but of course breathing is made far more        that it will add “water weight” to their bodies. They
    difficult. It’s important to understand that the body    actually impair their body’s ability to metabolize fat
    is doing this on purpose. The body is producing          because they’re afraid to drink enough water on a
    histamines as a strategy, not as a disease or some-      regular basis. In reality, being fully hydrated is a
    thing gone awry. The body wants to constrict the         prerequisite to weight loss. If you want to lose
    capillaries in your lungs because it is trying to save   weight, you have to give your body enough water so
    your brain.                                              that it’s no longer in a state of emergency. When the
         What is conventional medicine’s answer to           body is in a state of chronic dehydration, or a state
    this production of histamines by the body? Well,         of emergency, it will not let go of fat supplies easily.
    of course, it is the prescription of antihistamines,     It wants to hold on to everything it can eat or drink.
    or drugs that are designed to counteract the hista-      The only way to convince your body to let go of
    mines produced on purpose by the body in order           body fat and start metabolizing it is to drink a
    to conserve water. These antihistamines then open        lot of water, enough water so that your body feels
    up the capillaries in the lungs, making breathing seem   safe in letting go of unneeded calories. (Keep in mind
    easier. As you can see here, then, the conventional      that water has zero calories, is low-carb, and has
    medicine approach treats nothing but the symptoms;       zero grams of fat.)
    and, in doing so, it counteracts the body’s own inten-       Add to this the fact that many people who go on
    tions and strategies in trying to conserve water. What   short-term diets and who think they’re losing five
    patients with asthma really need is lots of water on a   or ten pounds over a couple of days are really only
    regular basis, not histamine prescription drugs.         losing water weight. They haven’t lost any body
         The same sort of destructive cycle of medi-         fat at all but they have managed to put them-
    cal treatment is taking place with other dis-            selves in a state of chronic dehydration that will
    eases as well—especially hypertension and arthri-        inevitably lead to weight gain once they return to
    tis. Many of the prescription drugs profitably mar-      normal habits of eating and drinking.           —vf

        What is in a Vaccine?
       Ammonium sulfate—This is a sus-                  Polysorbate 80—This is known to cause
    pected gastrointestinal, liver, nerve, and res-   cancer in animals.
    piratory system poison.
                                                        Tri (n) butylphosphate—This is a sus-
        Beta-propiolactone—This is known to           pected kidney and nerve poison.
    cause cancer. It is a suspected gastrointes-
    tinal, liver, respiratory, skin and sense organ       Glutaraldehyde—This is poisonous if in-
    poison.                                           gested. It causes birth defects in experimen-
                                                      tal animals.
       Genetically modified yeast, animal,
    bacterial and viral DNA—This can be in-              Gelatin—This is produced from selected
    corporated into the recipient’s DNA and           pieces of calf and cattle skins, demineral-
    cause unknown genetic mutations.                  ized cattle bones, pork skin, and feet. Aller-
                                                      gic reactions have been reported.
       Latex rubber—This can cause life-
    threatening allergic reactions.                      Gentimicin sulfate and polymyxin B
                                                      (antibiotics)—Allergic reactions can range
       Monosodium glutamate (MSG,                     from mild to life threatening.
    glutamate, glutamic acid)—This is being
    studied for mutagenic, teratogenic (devel-           Mercury (thimerosal)—This is one of
    opmental malformation and monstrosities)          the most poisonous substances known. It
    and reproductive effects. A neurotoxin. Al-       has an affinity for the brain, intestines, liver,
    lergic reactions can range from mild to se-       bone marrow, and kidneys. Extremely small
    vere.                                             amounts can cause nerve damage and
                                                      autism. Symptoms of mercury toxicity are
       Aluminum—This is implicated as a cause         similar to those of autism.
    of brain damage. and it is a suspected fac-
    tor in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, sei-            Neomycin sulfate (antibiotic)—This
    zures and comas. Allergic reactions can           interferes with vitamin B6 absorption. An
    occur on the skin.                                error in the intake of B6 can cause a rare
                                                      form of epilepsy and mental retardation.
        Formaldehyde (formalin)—This is a             Allergic reactions can be mild to life threat-
    major constituent of embalming fluid. It is       ening.
    poisonous if ingested, and is a probable car-
    cinogen. It is a suspected gastrointestinal,          Phenol/phonoxyethanol (2-PE)—This
    liver, immune system, nerve, reproductive         is used as antifreeze. It is toxic to all cells
    system, and respiratory poison. It is linked      and capable of disabling the immune
    to leukemia, brain, colon, and lymphatic          system’s primary response mechanism.
                                                         Human and animal cells—Vaccines
        Micro-organisms—Vaccines include              contain human cells from aborted fetal tis-
    live and killed viruses and bacteria or their     sue and human albumin. Also pig blood,
    toxins. The polio vaccine is contaminated         horse blood, rabbit brain, guinea pig, dog kid-
    with a monkey virus which is appearing in         ney, cow heart, monkey kidney, chick embryo,
    human bone, lining of lung (mesothelioma),        chicken egg, duck egg, calf serum, sheep
    brain tumors, and lymphomas.                      blood, and other animal contaminants.

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