COMMERCIAL LEASE AGREEMENT

1.    What item describes the renewal or extension of terms? Item

2.    Item _____describes the total Sq. Ft. of rentable space

3.    Where in the agreement does it outline how the rent will be increased
      commencing with the 13th month? Item__________

4.    Item _____states rent shall be adjusted according to any increase in the
      “CPA” What is CPA?

5.    Can the tenant use the security deposit in replacement of last month’s

6.    If all or part of the premise is condemned for public use what happens to the
      agreement? What item outlines the policy if these conditions prevail? ____

7.    Is the tenant’s personal property become the responsibility of the landlord if
      the property is stolen, broken, etc? Is the tenant’s personal property insured by
      the landlord? _________

8.    Item ___describes the tenant’s responsibility to deliver to the landlord a
      Tenant Statement verifying that the agreement is unmodified and in full force
      or in full force as modified. What’s another term used in the agreement for the
      Tenant Statement? Item _____________

9.    The “Tenant Statement” must be returned with _______days after its receipt
      Item ____

10.   Is the contract/agreement position before or after a deed of trust, mortgage, or
      ground lease? Is it subordinate to these liens? Item_______________

11.   If there is a dispute between tenant and landlord what’s the first step taken to
      try to resolve the matter? What item outlines the policy? _______

12.   If mediation fails to resolve a dispute, what’s the next step? Item _____
13.   Item ___ describes the entire contract and states “Time Is Of the Essence”

14.   Where in the agreement can you find the payment structure? Item ____

15.   If you need to understand the parking policy you would review what item?
      Item ___ Can tenants park anywhere? What’s the policy? ____________

16.   What item tells you that the tenant has examined the Premises and
      acknowledges that the premise is clean and in operative condition?_______

17.   If there is a question regarding regulations/rules what item should the
      tenant/landlord refer to? Item_______

18.   Can the tenant change the use of the premises at his/her discretion? Item_____

19.   The item that defines the responsible party for maintaining the roof,
      foundation, exterior walls, common areas etc. is found in Item ____

20.   What item outlines the policy for a late payment? What’s the interest rate per
      annum on the delinquent amount? Item ______

21.   The item that describes who is responsible when the premises are vacated is?
      Item _______

22.   Can the tenant use, store, generate, release or dispose of any hazardous
      materials on the premises? What Item describes this policy? Item ___

23.   What item explains the policy for alternations? Item ___

24.   What item would the tenant or landlord refer to in respect to entry? Item ___

25.   Want if the landlord is unable to deliver possession of Premises on
      Commencement Date, where in the agreement should the tenant or landlord
      refer to for specific directions? Item_______

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