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					CCNA Certification                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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Information technology Technology (IT) professionals often seek CCNA certification as a     Formatted: Font: Calibri
way to advance increase employment opportunities. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified           Formatted: Font: Calibri
Networking Associate. . IIt is a highly recognized and IT professionals with this           Formatted: Font: Calibri
certification are highly sought -after certification by employers.

Cisco developed the CCNA certification as a way to demonstrate that an information
technology professional had the base skills and knowledge required to install and
support small and to mid-sized networks.

While the CCNA certification is the foundation for all the more advanced and specialized
Cisco certifications, it is by no means entry -level. Even though there are no
prerequisites required to sit for a CCNA exam, the course materials areis most
appropriate for professionals with some networking experience, background, or

The types of roles positions most often filled by people with CCNA certifications
includeinclude: network engineers, network administrators, systems engineers, and
information technology managers. The average salary for a CCNA’s varies depending
upon the specific role filled. For example, according to, networking
administrators who hold a CCNA earn onan average of between $40,000 to- $60,000
per year.
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Candidates who are interested in obtaining the CCNA certification must first prepare for    Formatted: Font: Calibri
the examination. Many schools, such as Devry University and the University of               Formatted: Font: Calibri
Maryland, offer curriculum curricula geared towards helping candidates prepare for the      Formatted: Font: Calibri
exam. Alternatively, there are a variety of independent study materials and practice
exams available for free on the Internet.

The CCNA certification exam can be taken in a couple of different ways. You could
takeIt can be taken the exam all at once and consists of 55 to 65 questions that must be
answered in ain 90- minutes session consisting of between 55 and 65 questions. If you
prefer, you can breakOr, it can be broken down into two sessions the test into two
segments:. Tthe first part of the exam consistss of 45 to 55 questions that must be
answered in 75 minutes; and . Tthe second part of the testexam, (which must be taken
within three years of the first), covers consists of 55- to 65 questions and that must be
completed answered in 60 minutes.

Once obtained, the CCNA certification is valid for three years without taking further
recertification examinations.

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Counselor Certification                                                                        Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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Counselor certifications are awarded to candidates who have the fundamental skills and
educational background required help people work through emotional or behavioral
issues. Counselors work in a variety of settings, ranging from one-on-one situations, to
small groups.

A counselor certification is appropriate for people who like to work with others and
positively impact their lives. The credential is validation that a professional has the core
competencies required to meet professional standards.

A counselor certification can take many forms. Some of the more common counseling
professions includeinclude: marriage, drug and alcohol, eating disorders, family,
bereavement, metal health, school, professional, and career counselors. The iIndividual
U.S. states set the licensing requirements for each of the counseling
specialtiesspecializations,; however, there are is a wide array of academic programs to
choose from in order to prepare for your a counselor certification.

Many colleges help students prepare for counselor certification. There are many four -
year, bachelor’s degree programs in psychology, health and human services, behavioral
science, mental health, and social work that provide for a foundation for a career in
counseling. In addition, many schools offer Master’s master’s Degree degree programs
that serve as a pre-requisite for certain licenses. Accredited counseling programs
typically require a Master’s master’s Degreedegree, or equivalent experience, as a

EMT Certification                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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An EMT’s, or Emergency Medical Technicians, areis typically the first people person to       Formatted: Font: Calibri
on the scene of an accident, crime, fire, or natural disaster. They are specially -trained   Formatted: Font: Calibri
in emergency life- saving methods. They quickly assess an injured person’s condition,        Formatted: Font: Calibri
and administer the basic medical care needed to stabilize and transport the person to a      Formatted: Font: Calibri
hospital or health carehealthcare facility.                                                  Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
Emergency 911 operators or dispatchers usually call upon EMTs’s. An EMT’s
collaborates with police, firefighters, and other first responders to ensure that the
injured receive urgent care quickly and appropriately given the situation. Upon arrival
at the hospital or medical care facility, the EMT must report treatments rendered and
observations made to the health carehealthcare providers.

An EMT’s must work at all hours of the day and night; therefore, someone in this
profession must anticipate an irregular work schedule.

There are four different levels of EMT Certificationcertification: EMT-B, EMT-1, EMT-2,
EMT-3, and Paramedic. The certification level reflects the types of methods the person
has mastered. For example, an EMT-B’s certification are is the most basic levellevel .
Tand the EMThey can only provide noninvasive techniques, such as blood control.

The prerequisite for an EMT Certificationcertification is a high- school diploma or a GED
(General Educational Development) certificate. Many states also require evidence of
American Red Cross CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training. In addition, most           Formatted: Font: Calibri
states require that the EMT candidate complete six months of supervised training for         Formatted: Font: Calibri
even the most basic EMT certification.

The EMT certification process consists of written exams as well as and practical training.
Many colleges, universities, hospitals, and vocational schools offer EMT training

The EMT designation was created in the 1970’s. Prior to that time, hospital personnel
rotated shifts in theriding in ambulances to administer treatment in the field. The
current demand for EMT’s and paramedics continues to growis on the rise, mainly due
to . Because the aging baby boomer generation and their increased is aging and
requiring more requirements for medical attention, job prospects for EMT’s continue to
rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of EMT and paramedic
jobs will rise 9% percent between the years 2008 and 2018.

In 2008, Tthe national median wage for EMTs and paramedics was $14.10 per hour hour
in 2008.

ESL Certification                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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Professionals who want to teach others how to speak English should consider an ESL
Certification certification. ESL stands for English as a Second Language.                       Formatted: Font: Calibri

The need for ESL teachers is on the rise. It is estimated that 3 million students in the
U.S. school systems in the United States alone do not have English as their first
language. The challenge is to help these students keep pace with their academic
counterparts while sharpening their English skills at the same time. ESL teachers
receive linguistics and semantics training to help students understand nuances and
overcome the challenges associated with learning English as a second language.

In addition to school-aged children, ESL teachers there is a demand for are also needed
to teach English to adults learners in the United States. It is estimated that In the
United States it is estimated that one out of every five people adults in the United States
speaks a language other than English in their homes. Many adults seek ESL courses to
improve their English language skills in order to: get a better job, join in the education of
their children, and or to become better acclimatesmore acclimated to the American
English-speaking culture.

There is also a significant demand for ESL teachers internationally.

The ESL Certification certification process varies by state. A prerequisite to both state
and national ESL Certification certification is that you have attained a bachelor’s degree.
Most people who are interested in teaching English as a second language major enroll in
an English in collegedegree program. Often a teaching certification is a prerequisite to
an ESL Certification certification. For many, the ESL Certification certification is an add-
on credential for certified teachers.

There is also a significant demand for ESL teachers internationally.
If your goal is to To teach English abroad, an ESL Certificationcertification may not be
necessary; however, . Iit will, however, improve your a graduate’s chances of securing
a position.

According to, the national average salary for ESL teachers at the
elementary school level is between $40,000 and $53,093 a year. The average salary for
middle school ESL Ccertified teachers is slightly higher than the elementary level, at
$45,693 to $55,093. The national average salary for ESL high school teachers is
between $39,176 to and $58,000.

MCSE Certification                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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Systems engineers often seek their MCSE Certificationcertification as a stepping-stone          space between Asian text and numbers
forfor an increase in career opportunities and company advancement. MCSE is the                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
designation of for a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.                                      Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
The MCSE Certificationcertificate is widely recognized by employers and clients. It
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
indicates that a the Certification certificate-holder has the knowledge and skills needed
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
to design, implement, install, configure, trouble shoot, and administer Microsoft
Windows server platforms.                                                                       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
This is not an entry-level Certificationcertification. Candidates are encouraged to have
at least one to two years of experience in analyzing business requirements, as well as
and managing, designing, and implementing Windows- based server platforms before
taking the exams.                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The MCSE Certificationcertification process consists of a series of seven tests. Five of
the exams cover core topics and two of the exams can beare electives. Each
examination costs approximately $125. The MCSECertification certificate does not
expire.                                                                                         Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Professionals who seek MCSE Certificationcertification typically hold the following types
of positions: systems analyst, network analyst, and technical support engineer.                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
43% of office workers indicated that they received increases in their salary once they
obtained an MCSE Certification. According to, the national annual
average salary for a network administrator with an MCSE Certificationcertificate is
between $44,785 and $64,137. Systems engineers with their MCSE
Certificationcertificate earn on an average betweenof $71,455 andto $96,697 a year.
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Nursing Certification                                                                           Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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A nNurses areis legally required to be licensed in the state in which theyhe practices. A       space between Asian text and numbers
license grants a nurse the legal right to use the titleeither the, for example, RN              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
(Registered Nurse) title, or the LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) title.                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
In contrast with to a nursing license, nursing certifications are optional and voluntary.
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
A nursing certification is a credibility booster. They are most often obtained for
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
professional recognition, and in an effortand to help the nurse demonstrate his or her
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
specialtyspecialization or area ofor area of focus. For example, a nurse practitioner
may attain a certification asas a women’s health carehealthcare nurse practitioner, or a
neonatal nurse practitioner. The certification allows the nurse to demonstrate that he
is proof that the nurse or she has acquired the knowledge, skills, and experience
necessary to earn a certification in a that particular area.                                    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The first nursing certification program was created in the United States in 1945. Now
therey are as many as 67 certificationcertificate-issuing organizations that represent 134
nursing specialtiesspecializations. The certification process varies by
specialtyspecialization; there are no national standards.                                       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
According to a study published in 2004 by Nursing Management in 2004, nurse                     Formatted: Font: Not Italic
managers, nearly almost unanimously at (90%) percent, give hiring preference to nurses
who have successfully completed the certification process. 58% percent of these nurse
managers also perceive believe that nurses with certificationcertified nurses as better
performersperform their jobs better than their uncertified counterparts.

Paralegal Certification                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt

The term paralegal is used somewhat interchangeably with the term legal assistant. A
paralegal certification is a professional designation that provides instant credibility. A
paralegal certification demonstrates that a legal professional has a fundamental
knowledge of legal procedures, research, legal analysis, and ethics. In addition, the
certification validates the person’s has a foundation in legal communications and that
he has received training in legal writing.

You can find paralegals workingParalegals work in many different sectors and settings,
including law firms (70% percent), government and governmental agencies, mortgage
banks, and corporations. Paralegals work under the direction of a licensed attorney. A
person who has obtained their paralegal certification performs his duties to the extent
of their his skills and background, but an attorney oversees those duties. For example,
a paralegal could prepare 100% percent of the closing documentation needed for a
residential real estate closing transaction, but the attorney is the person who signs the
documents. The attorney is legally and ethically required to review the paralegal’s work
for accuracy and appropriateness.

A Pparalegals’’s time work is typically billed to clients,; however, paralegal rates are
substantially lower than attorney rates. For example, a paralegal’s time could be billed
forcould charge $125 an hour, while the attorney on the case could charge $250 an
hour. Clients find value in having paralegals assigned to casework because it saves
them money when the task does not necessarily involve advanced legal skill.

However, Tahe paralegal, however, generally does not generally earn the amount that is
billed for his or her time. According to the 2006 Occupational Employment Statistics
Ssurvey Pprogram (OES), the average salary for a paralegal working in a legal services
environment (law firm) earns is $41,460 a year. A Pparalegals working for the federal
government earns on an the average of $56,080 annually.

The National Association of Legal Assistants grants paralegal certificates; it has been
doing so since the mid-1970s. A prerequisite to a paralegal certification is an
associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or a legal assistant program that meets minimum
credit hour requirements and is approved by the American Bar Association.

Personal Trainer Certification                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Fitness professionals who want to help individuals meet their fitness goalswork with a
small group or one-on-one or in small group settings to help individuals meet their
fitness goals, might consider obtaining a their Ppersonal Ttrainer Certification
certification. Personal trainers are responsible for assessing a client’s physical condition
and designing an exercise program that will meet the client’s individual goals.

Personal trainers work in a variety of settings, including fitness centers, resorts, private
homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and corporations. America’s increased focus on health
and the public battle against obesity has increased the demand for certified personal

Successful personal trainers are individuals who can perfect exercise techniques, have a
solid understanding of anatomy and physiology, can motivate people, have strong
listening skills, and are adept at reading verbal and nonverbal cues.

Personal trainers work in a variety of settings including fitness centers, resorts, people’s
homes, hospitals, nursing homes, and corporations. With an increased focus on health
and the public battle against obesity, the demand for certified personal trainers is
expected to continue to rise.

Personal trainers are responsible for assessing a client’s physical condition and designing
an exercise program that will meet the client’s individual goals.

Successful personal trainers are individuals who perfect exercise techniques, have a
solid understanding of anatomy and physiology, can motivate people, have strong
listening skills, and are adept at reading verbal and nonverbal cues.

The increase in demand for personal trainers has given rise to a number of organizations
that offer personal trainer certifications. If considering a personal trainer certification,
it is prudent to first research the granting organization. One thing that youa student
will want to look for is whether the certificate granting organization has received
accreditation from the National Commission of Certifying Agencies.

In an effort to improve the standards of the profession and the quality of services
rendered, many of the different fitness communitiesy hasve joined forces to create
some hiring guidelines. Many fitness centers will only hire personal trainers who
receive their certification from one of 15 certifying organizations.

The personal trainer certification process varies by the certifying organization. Most
require the successful completion of a written and practical examinations. Most

organizations also offer personal trainer certification candidates the opportunity to
participate in courses, workshops, or seminars to help prepare for the examination.
They also supply or give reference to a wealth of self-study background tools.

According to, $52,632 is the median expected annual salary of for a certified
personal trainer.

Pharmacy Technician Certification                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Pharmacy technicians work in tandem with licensed pharmacists to dispense medicine
and health carehealthcare products. Pharmacy technicians are trained to read
prescriptions, as well as retrieve and dispense medications. In addition, they
technicians handlehandle some of the more routine tasks associated with the operation
of a pharmacy. Such tasks includeinclude: interacting with customers, taking telephone
calls, tracking inventory, record keeping, creating and maintaining client profiles, and
preparing forms for insurance claims forms.

A licensed pharmacist must supervise a pharmacy technician. The pharmacist is legally
responsible for ensuring that medication is properly dispensed.

In order to attain a pharmacy technician certification, a the candidate must have
completed high school and have no felony convictions in on his or her record. The
candidate should receive on-the-job training, complete an internship, or prepare for the
examination by completing a pharmacy technician program at a pharmacy technical
school. Depending upon the certifying body, the candidate may also have need to
prove that theyhe haves not had anyno drug or pharmacy -related convictions (even at
the misdemeanor level).

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board and the Institute for the Certification of
Pharmacy Technicians grant pharmacy technician certificationss. These are both
national certifications; therefore, a pharmacy technician does not have to become re-
certified if they movehe moves to a different state. The exams generally cover areas
such as medical and pharmaceutical terminology, pharmacy calculations, record
keeping, laws, and ethics.

Upon successful completion of the exam, the individual can use the designation CPhT
(Certified Pharmacy Technician). The certification is good for two years, and and the
CPhT is’s must required to complete 20 hours of continuing education every two years.

According to, entry-level pharmacy technicians earn between $21,988 and
$38,937 per year. With The baby boomer generation iss aging and in need of more
medical care and treatment; therefore,, the demand for pharmacy technicians will
continue to rise.

Project Manager Certification                                                                      Formatted: Font: 12 pt

As technology has evolvedevolves, and the global and virtual workforces has grown,,
companies have are becomeing increasingly interested in having professionals
specifically trained to manage large and complex projects. This interest is best
evidenced in the fact that the Project Management Institute has increased its size
tenfold over the past ten years.

A project manager is someone who leads, manages, or oversees a project. A project
manager certification certificate is a professional designation once sought, and at one
time fairly exclusively, by computer systems professionals; buthowever, it is now
appealing to people with a variety of backgrounds. Candidates for project management
certification are generally have a solid detail -orientationoriented, goodhighly
organizationalorganized, have excellentand time management skills, have the ability to
delegate tasks diplomatically, are outstanding trouble-shooters, and can communicate

The project management certification process is designed to validate a professional’s
proficiencies in the areas of project planning, such as the ability to create and prioritize
tasks, make appropriate resource allocations, and and also develop and manage to

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is a U.S. based organization that administers
certifications worldwide. It offers five different project manager certifications to reflect
areas of specialty specialization and degrees of experience. For example, someone with
a wealth of experience managing complex projects might seek a Project Manager
Professional (PMP) certification. However, and aa more junior employee who focuses
on task assignments may seek a PMI Scheduling Professional certification.

The Project Management Institution certification process is intensive. Certification
candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and three years of project management
experience, or a high- school degree diploma with a minimum of five years of
experience in project management experience. In addition, you the candidate must
have a certain number of specific project management educational hours. A number of
schools in the United States offer a project management curriculumcurriculum that is
designed to help students prepare for the project management certification

A project manager certification validates a professional’s skills and expertise, and
provides instant credibility. A salary survey conducted by the Project Management
Institute indicates that those who obtain certification are generally granted a 10%
percent increase in salary. The rigor of the Project Management Institute’s certification

program generally pays off for professionals. The average pay for someone with a
Project Management Professional Certificationcertification is over $100,000.

Teacher Certification                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt

The states U.S. requires that all teachers must be licensed by their particular state in
order to teach. In addition to the mandated licensing, a teacher may seek certification
in an area of specialtyspecialization. For example, teachers who work with students
from kindergarten to twelfth grade may seek certification from the National Board of
Professional Teaching Standards. Teachers holding this national certification are often
given hiring preference, as well as and increased pay and benefits. As a national
certification, it is recognized as a “gold standard” throughout the country.

The national teacher certification process consists ofincludes a combination of a review
of a the teacher’s portfolio of accomplishments in the classroom, as well asand the
successfully completingon of a written examination. Teachers can attain a certification
in one of seven different areas, which are defined mainly by the age of the students
they want to teach, and as well as the teacher’s preferred area of
specialtyspecialization, such as teaching (e.g., science). The background required for
teacher certificationrequirements for teacher certification vary between in the seven
areas varies. For example, an elementary teacher certification is more general and
covers the full gambit of subject areas. An Uupper grade (high school) teacher
certifications requires the teacher to specialize in an area of study, such as history or

In order to obtain most teacher certifications, a candidate must successfully complete a
four-year training program at an accredited teaching school or university and be able to
pass a teaching examination.

According to, special education, preschool, and kindergarten teachers
earn between $34,680 and $50,810 a year. Individuals with an elementary education
teacher certification earn between $34,018 and $50,810. High- school teachers earn on
an the average of betweenof $36,177 toand $53,192 per year.

                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold

Degree Directory Keyword: Accounting Degree                                                  Formatted: Font: 12 pt

An accounting degree can open the doors to many career opportunities. Accountants
are valuable to organizations because they help evaluate profit drivers, develop financial
strategies to increase effectiveness, and measure and report on the performance of an
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
An accounting degree can be obtained at a variety of levels:                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
        Associate’s dDegree in accounting. An associate’s degree that is offered by a        Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
junior college, or a community or online college, prepares students for entry-level          Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
positions, such as bookkeeping bookkeeper and accounting clerk type positions.               Formatted: Font: Calibri
Individuals in these types of roles typically perform routine and transactional accounting   Formatted: Font: Calibri
tasks. They do not typically perform complex analysis, nor do they make projections          Formatted: Font: Calibri
based upon on findings. Many students first obtain their associate’s degree so that          Formatted: Font: Calibri
they can get a foot in the door with an employer and gain practical experience while         Formatted: Font: Calibri
continuing with their education.                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
-                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
        Bachelor’s degree in accountingDegree. A bachelor’s degree in accounting
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
typically prepares students for entry -level accounting positions in public, private,
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
government,al and non-profit organizations. The curriculum curricula will vary by
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
between the different colleges or and universityies; however, most accounting degree
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
programs include the following types of courses: economics (both macro and micro),
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
business management, accounting, management, information systems, operations
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
management, communications, accounting, business financial, auditing, tax accounting,
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
and cost accounting. Most accounting majors students enter the work force after
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Only 18% percent go on for to attain more
advancedfurther degree programs.                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri

-                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri

        Master’s degree in accountingDegree Programs. Many accounting schools offer          Formatted: Font: Calibri

a five-year combined bachelor’s and master’s degree accounting program. The extra            Formatted: Font: Calibri

year is designed to fulfill the course hour requirements for the Certified Public            Formatted: Font: Calibri
Accountant (CPA) designation in for most states. These programs also prepare                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
students that are in on a corporate tracks career path by preparing them to become           Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
Certified Management Accountants or Certified Internal Auditors.                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
-                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
-       Doctoratel degree in accounting (Ph.D. – Doctor of Philosophy)Degree (PhD).          Formatted: Font: Calibri
Colleges and universities seek professors with Ph.D. credentialeds professors to teach       Formatted: Font: Calibri
accounting courses.                                                                          Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri

School Directory Keyword: Accounting School                                                     Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A degree in accounting is valuable in today’s tight labor market. According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for accounting professionals will continue to
grow over the next decade.

The accounting school you choose is very important. The school you choose should
provide you with a solid academic foundation and grant you a degree that is
marketable. In addition, the school should introduce you or give you accesshave
professional contacts within to firms and professionals whowho might be ableare willing
to help you students land that all -important first job.

Some key things to look for in an accounting school are the followingAn accounting
school checklist:

        Type of degree. It is helpful tofor a student to know what area of accountancy          Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
accounting he finds most interestings you the most, . Tandhen you can try to match              Formatted: Font: Calibri
those your interests with a degree program. For example, if you area student is                 Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
interested in the auditing, you will want to try to findenroll in a school that offers an
auditing degree program. If there is no specific auditing degree offered by the an
institution, per se, makes sure they offerit offers a concentration in auditing, or at the
very minimum, a fair good number selection of auditing electives.
        Curriculum. If yourA student with the ultimate goal is toof becominge a                 Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
Certified Public Accountant (CPA), you should pay close attention toshould review the           Formatted: Font: Calibri
school’s various accounting curriculuma. Many accounting schools offer a combined
bachelor’s and master’s degree program in order to satisfy the CPA’s 150-hour
requirement. You’ll want to eComparevaluate the a chosen curriculum againstto your
the state-specific CPA requirements and have a pointed discussion with admissions
counselors to ensure the school program meets all CPA requirements.
        Accreditation. You’ll want to be sure that the accounting school you attend is          Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
accredited. CandidatesStudents who graduate from accredited school programs fare                Formatted: Font: Calibri
better in the hiring process than those who don’t. In addition, if your goal is to become
a CPA requirements include, your education must be from an accredited accounting
        Internship and co-op opportunities. In today’s tight labor market, it is always         Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
helpful to have a resume with some work experience listed, to complement yourin                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
addition to an academic background. A student with Iinternship orand co-op program
experience programs bulks up your resume and give you an has an advantage over
other candidateshis counterparts. In fact, accounting majors students who have had

some related work experience during their college years are paid an estimated 25%
percent more for entry -level positions.
-       Recruiting. A sure sign of a good accounting school, particularly for those       Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
focused on public accounting, is whether employers use it as is used as a recruiting      Formatted: Font: Calibri
grounds for good accounting firms. Ask the career counselor if any of theConfirm if any
of the Big 4Four Aaccounting firms – Ernst & Young, Deloitte Touche,
PricewaterhouseCoopers, and KPMG – participate in the school’s employment fairs.
These employers typically go throughuse an intensive screening process to determine
which schools to use as recruiting sources.

Unlike many other career majorss, most accounting graduates find and findpursue work
in their field.

School Directory Keyword: Art School                                                            Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
When choosing an art school you will want to look for one that can provide you with             space between Asian text and numbers
exposure to as many techniques and mediums as possible. An important part of the                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
curriculum should be in how the latest technology can help you better create your
artwork.                                                                                        Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Art careers are becoming increasingly lucrative and artists in general are in higher
demand givensince the intersection of art and technology. A good art school provides
exposure to many art techniques and media. The school’s curriculum should also include
the latest in art technology.

You will want to find aAn artist looking for a good art school should find one that that        Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
mixes these two disciplines: art and technology. well andAlso ensure the school’s               space between Asian text and numbers
curriculum preparess you the student well enough to be able to leverage these
technological advances, and to provide you withopen the doors to the greatest career
opportunities.                                                                                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
It is helpful for a student to know what area of art he finds most interesting and try to
match these interests with a programWhen thinking about what art school might be
best for you, it is helpful to know the direction you think you might want to go. There
are many types of art schools, includingsuch as graphic design schools, interior design,
web design, fashion design, animation, computer game design, etc..and so on. If you
have a particular interest in one area, you will want to start your search there.               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Other important criteria to consider when in determining whichdeciding on art school
might be for youan art school, includes:                                                        Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
-        Facility. Is the school a creative atmosphere? Is the school in a setting that you     Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
                                                                                                Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
would enjoy? Are their tools and equipment state-of-the -art?                                   Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
       -                                                                                        Asian text and numbers
Faculty. Get to know theStudy the instructors and their bodyies of work; . Aare they
respected artists and professionals that you admire and respect?

-         Internship and co-Coop Oopportunities. Confirm that the school offers
internship and co-op opportunities to students. Your ultimate goal in attending an art
school is finding a Work experience during college will give a student an edge in
competing for jobs, or for becoming best prepared clients as afor self-
employmentemployed as an artist.

        Placement. What is the school’s record for placing graduates in jobs that pertain       Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
to their area of study?

Accreditation. Most employers prefer graduates from art schools that are accredited by     Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
                                                                                           Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.One way to do that is by gaining     Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
practical experience during your college years. Look into whether the school offers        Asian text and numbers
internship and coop opportunities to students.
-                                                                                          Formatted: Font: Cambria
Placement. What is the school’s record for placing graduates in jobs that pertain to       Formatted: Font: Calibri
their major?
       -         Accreditation. For employment purposes, you are best served by
choosing a school accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design to
grant degrees in your area of study.
                                                                                           Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0"

School Directory: Architecture Schools                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
Most architecture schools provide students with the foundation of art, technology, and          space between Asian text and numbers
cultural, and environmental sensitivity needed to make positive architectural                   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
contributions to society.                                                                       Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
There are approximately 70 accredited architecture schools in the United States.
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Choosing a good the architecture school that is right for you involves matching your
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
interests with the school’s offerings. This can ,be attained by evaluating the school’s
faculty, technology, curriculumcurricula, and ability to provide placement opportunities.       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
If your a student’s ultimate goal is to become a licensed architect, you he must be a
graduate of an accredited architecture school. The National Architectural Accrediting
Board administers the accreditation process.                                                    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Most accredited architecture schools offer degrees of varying intensity. For example,
many offer an associate’s degree in architecture. This is typically a two-year program
that will prepare you the student for an entry-level architectural support and
administrative type positions. Most architecture schools offer Bbachelor’s degrees in a
number of sub-specialtspecializationsies, such as urban design, landscape design, and
community planning.                                                                             Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Some students choose to get an undergraduate degree in a related field, such as math,
engineering, or art,; and then attend an architecture school for a technical certificate or
a Mmaster’s Ddegree in Aarchitecture.                                                           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
If your a student’s career goals do not include becoming a licensed architect, there are a
number of technical or art schools that offer architectural training programs. These
training programs focus on disciplines such as drafting and digital design.                     Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
When evaluatingConfirm the architecture schools, you will want to look into whether
the school has internship or co-op opportunities. These programs typically grant
students college credit in exchange for working in an architecture architectural setting.
The work experience and contacts made during internships and co-ops can be
invaluable at securing your that first position as a full-time architect.                       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
A valuable resource to helpfor a student to you find the best-suited architecture school
that best suits your needs is ‘the guidebook America’s Best Architecture and Design             Formatted: Font: Not Italic
Schools’ guidebook. This guidebook ranks the schools according to various criteria.
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

School Directory Keywords: Beauty School                                                         Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
A beauty school is sometimes called a cosmetology school. Beauty schools are where               Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Bold

hair stylists, barbers, manicurists, pedicurists, and make -up, and skin care professionals      Formatted                                   ...
learn their trade.                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
When considering a beauty school, the following are factors to considerfactors should            Formatted                                   ...
be considered:                                                                                   Formatted                                   ...
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
       -         Make sure the curriculum is aligned with state licensing requirements.         Formatted                                   ...
        Most states require a certain number of hours of schooling be completed as a             Formatted                                   ...
        prerequisite to licensing.                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
        Make sure the school’s program is aligned with the requirements of your state.           Formatted                                   ...
        -                                                                                        Formatted: Font: Calibri
       The school is accredited. Make sure the beauty school you attend has been                Formatted: Font: Calibri
        accredited by an accrediting organization approved by the U.S. Department of             Formatted: Font: Calibri
        Education.                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
        -                                                                                        Formatted                                   ...
       A student should ensure that Tthe beauty school offers a robust curriculum and           Formatted: Font: Calibri
        includes classes in histhe areas that of interest you most.                              Formatted                                   ...
        -                                                                                        Formatted                                   ...
       Ensure Tthe faculty and trainers are professionals you respect; they should have         Formatted: Font: Calibri
        practical experience beyond the classroom.
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
        How long will it take you to complete What is the length of the program?
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
       -          Is there flexibility in the class schedule? Is it possible to go to classes
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
        during the day or at night?
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
       -         Does the beauty school use the latest tools and technologies? Does it
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
        provide students with state-of-the-art supplies and equipment?
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
       Will you be exposed toAre students trained in multiplecurrent and multiple
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
        beauty and cosmetic brands and products?
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
       Does the curriculum spend adequate time preparing you the student for the                                                            ...
                                                                                                 Formatted                                   ...
        successful career management of your career or for business ownership?
        According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly half of all licensed        Formatted: Font: Calibri

        beauty and cosmetology professionals are self-employed. In addition to training          Formatted: Font: Calibri

        techniques, beauty schools should prepare you for the possibility of running             Formatted: Font: Calibri

        their own businessinclude classes on self-employment and managing a small                Formatted: Font: Calibri

        business. .                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
        -                                                                                        Formatted                                   ...
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri

   Are you givenIs there ample opportunity for hands-on and practical experience?          Formatted: Font: Calibri

    -                                                                                       Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
                                                                                            1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5",
   Does the beauty school have high job placement rates? Can students fairly               Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
    easily find jobs in their field upon graduation?                                        Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
   What is the percentage of graduating students who successfully completes the
                                                                                            Formatted: List Paragraph, Indent: Left: 0",
    state licensing examinations? If the percentage is low, the school may be falling       First line: 0", Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
    short in its ability to prepare students adequately for licensure.                      space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
                                                                                            space between Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
   A valuable exercise when looking to findfor the right beauty school that is right       1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5",
    for you is to get referrals. Visit the a few top salons and spas in your area and       Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
    talk to the technicians. Find out about their experience at beauty school and           Asian text and numbers
    whether they would be willing to recommend their school.                                Formatted: List Paragraph, Indent: Left: 0",
                                                                                            First line: 0", Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                            space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
                                                                                            space between Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                            Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
                                                                                            1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5",
                                                                                            Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: Indent: First line: 0.03",
                                                                                            Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
                                                                                            1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5",
                                                                                            Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Asian text and numbers
                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                            Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
                                                                                            Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                            Asian text and numbers

Career Directory Keyword: Accounting Careers                                                   Formatted: Font: 12 pt

There is a wide array of careers available to people interested in the field of accounting.
Accounting professionals are typically responsible for maintaining the financial records
and recording the transactions of private, public, and not-fornon-profit organizations.
Accountants are comfortable working with data and using numbers to solve problems.
They collect data, categorize and evaluate it, and report back to management with
observations, prioritizations, and recommendations.

Accounting careers have evolved in many exciting ways over the last century.
Technological innovations have recreated the way business is conducted; and . The this
transformation is providing new and exciting opportunities for highly analytical,
organized, and computer savvy accountants.

There are a few different tracts career paths one could take with an accounting
careerdegree. The first is in public accounting; this. This entails auditing and tax
consulting for individuals, companies, government or government agencies, or not-
fornon-profit organizations.

A different tract career path is managerial accounting careers. Managerial accounting
is the use of financial and other data to help businesses make better decisions. It
involves strategic planning, spotting trends, measuring organizational efficiencies, and
performance evaluations.

One area of accounting that is growing in popularity is forensic accounting. This
involves helping to investigate, and finding meaning and intent, in financial transactions.
Forensic accounting helps authorities solve and prosecute white-collar crimes, and is
used to mediate domestic and corporate ownership disputes.

Some of the more traditional accounting careers include such titles such asas:
accountant, auditor, analyst (budget, credit, or financial), and tax examiner. Individuals
who are well -suited for these types of roles jobs are good with numbers, have excellent
analytical and problem-solving skills, and can exercise sound judgment.

Communication is another key skill required of those in accounting careers. Data is only
good when management knows what it means and how to interpret it. The accountant
must be able to communicate those thoughts clearly. In addition, accounting careers
today rely on computers to help compile, categorize, interpret, and report on data.
Accounting professionals must also be computer savvy.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for people with
accounting careers degrees is positive. The jJob opportunities will continue to grow

over the next eight to ten years. This is due in large part to changes in tax codes,
corporate governance rules and regulations, and accounting procedures.

The median annual salary for professionals who work in accounting, tax preparation,
bookkeeping or payroll is $61,480 a year.

Career Keyword Directory: Art Careers                                                         Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                              space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
Artists use their craft to convey thoughts, ideas, feelings, and meaning. There is a          space between Asian text and numbers
myriad of methods that an individual usesused by artists to create histheir or her art        Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
vary extensively. The artist may paint, draw, write, animate, sculpt, sing, dance,            Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
photograph, or use any other form of expression. Along with the variation in method,
artists also differ in terms of the mediums media they use.                                   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Typically those who pursue art careers are creative, expressive, and self-motivated.
They appreciate the beauty and original characteristics in of otherwise ordinary things.
They also have novel thoughts and ideas, and approach problem -solving from a creative
angle (as opposed to an analytical one).                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
People who pursue art careers no longer have to accept a fate of poverty. The
electronic and digital transformation of our American society has given rise to many
lucrative art careers. Some of the more lucrative art careers includeinclude: graphic
design, computer animation, web design, and multimedia artists.                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Art careers, particularly visual artists, can be found in virtually any every sector of the
economy. Artists help companies design and define their brands, articulate their
messages, and package and promote their products. Artists hold positions in corporate
America with titles likesuch as: advertising director, graphic designer, brand manager,
events planner, and sales and marketing assistant.                                            Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Not-forNon-profit organizations and governmental agencies also employ artists in a
number of capacities. In addition, many artists find careers in academia.                     Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The majority (60%) percent) of individuals pursuing art careers are self-employed.
The Internet has made it easier for the self-employed artist to find employment clients
and buyers for their work, with websites like,,, and                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The Bureau of Labor Statistics scites multimedia artists and animators as earning on an
the average of of $79,000 a year, and fine artists (which includes sculptors, painters, and
illustrators) as earning $23,600 annually.

Careers Key Word Directory: Aviation Careers                                                   Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                               Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                               space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
When many people hear the mention of aviation careers, they immediately think of               space between Asian text and numbers
pilots;. Buthowever, the aviation industry employs hundreds of different types of              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
professionals in addition to pilots.                                                           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
There are many different roles that need to be filled to make air travel possible. Some
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
of the positions that make it possible for us people to travel by air includeinclude:
aircraft and avionics equipment mechanics, airplane maintenance technicians, flight
attendants, dispatch engineers, cargo workers, reservation and customer service
representatives, ticket agents, flight attendants, airline operators, sales and marketing
professionals … and the list goes on and on. Aviation careers are compelling to
professionals with backgrounds in science, math, business, engineering, technology, and
communications and technology.                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
 The key is that aviation careers offer variety, and can be tailored to an individual’s
strengths and work preferences.                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Soaring fuel costs, aging aircraft fleets, terrorist concerns, and diminishing profit
margins are some of the more formidable challenges facing the aviation industry. Yet,
it is an industry that is inarguably critical to our American society, economy, and
national security. In the U.S. alone, over approximately 28,000 commercial flights
occur each day. These numbers will likely grow as global travel and trade increase.            Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, commercial pilots in all industries earn
on an the average of $65,340 a year. Flight attendants earn approximately $37,270
annually, and reservation specialists earn $31,070. Many individuals who pursue
aviation careers also enjoy additional benefits that they find to be of great value, such as
free or reduced air travel expenses.                                                           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

Career Directory Keyword: Banking Careers                                                       Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
A banking career If you enjoycombines working in an office environment while and also           space between Asian text and numbers
interacting directly with the public, a banking career might be right for you.                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
In 2008, there were over 1.8 million Americans employed in the banking                          Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
careersindustry. Most of those jobs (74%) percent) were with commercial banks.
Commercial banks typically offer a full spectrum of banking services to individuals,
businesses, and governmental agencies and individuals. The transactions in a
commercial bank tend to be in large denominations and are often complex. Retail
banks, or savings and loan associations, generally deal with individual customers and
small businesses. Credit unions serve the banking needs of their members. Retail
banks and credit unions account for 28% percent of all banking jobs.                            Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Banks at all levels seek employees who have strong customer service and
communication skills. An aptitude for math, bookkeeping, finance, or accounting is also
helpful for those pursuing a banking careers. Because eBank employees generally have
access to private information and a good deal of money; therefore, , banks also put a
high value on trust, integrity, and a work ethic.                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The Bbanking industry has careers span a broad array of positions available, ranging
from bank teller, bookkeepingbookkeeper, accountingant, auditingor, loan officer,
customer service representatives, financial analysts, managementr, and personal
financial advisors. There is a tremendous opportunity for growth in a banking career.
Many banking executives start out as tellers, and rise through the ranks, as . Tthere is a
defined career path to follow. In addition, banks have traditionally recruited students
that are fresh out of college. The banks create training and advancement programs
that encourage upward career mobility in an employee’s career.                                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
While tTraditionally, those in banking careers enjoyed a 9:00 to 5:00 type work
schedule, customer expectations and fierce inter-industry competition is changing that
trend. Many banks now boast 24/7 customer service support, and have tellers and
operational operations personnel working 7 seven days a week.
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median hourly range for a bank teller is
$11.34. The median hourly wagees for a loan officers areis $26.30, and a banking
operational operations managers earns on an the average of $44.02 per hour.

Business Degree                                                                                Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Italic
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
Business degrees are in demand in virtually every sector of the United States economy.
A degree in business demonstrates forto a perspective employer that you the job
candidate haves received training in business fundamentals, you understands profit
drivers and what impacts them, and you knows to make sound business decisions based
on data. In a business degree program you a student learns strategies to operate
efficient and effective businesses, and how to gain competitive advantages in the
current environmental landscape.

Over a one million students enter the work force every year. Those with a business
degree have a marketable background, given the broad range and applicability of
training received.

Most business degree programs offer a balance of the different types of skills taught.
They typically offer mandatory and elective courses in soft skills, like such as leadership,
communication, human resources, and organizational effectiveness. In addition, most
business schools require the satisfactory completion of qualitative, analytical courses,
such as finance, accounting, economics, and statistics.

Unlike sSome careers that have an inverse relationship between earning potential and
highest degree obtained,; in business, however, in business, continuing education pays.
The following are the different types of business degrees, and the typical salaries they

Associate’s degree in business. An associate’s business degree in business prepares            Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
students for entry-level administrative and clerical type positions. Most programs for         Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
an associate’s degree in level business degree programs provide students with exposure
to business fundamentals, such as accounting, economics, finance, business operations,
and management. Many individuals first seek an associate’s degree and an entry-level
position before enrolling in a four-year bachelor’s degree program in business or in a
business subspecialtyspecialization.

Bachelor’s degree in business. The most common business degrees at the                         Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
undergraduate level are a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, or a              Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. These degrees prepare
students well for a wide variety of roles in management, sales, insurance, auditing,
marketing, public relations, and human relations. According to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, the average pay salary for administrative service managers in 2008 was
$73,520. This is a position typically held by someone who has attained a baccalaureate
degree in business management.

Master’s degree in business. Many students return to business school to get a master’s    Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
degree after working in the field and gaining practical experience for a few years. A     Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
master’s level degree in business degree helps students deepern their understanding of
business profits and competitive drivers. In addition, many employers require an MBA
(Master’s of Business Administration) as a condition of employment in executive or
leadership roles. While a general business degree is marketable, there is also a demand
for a specialized trainingdegree, such as Master’s of Business Administration: with a
Concentration in Finance. This type of degree would be a prerequisite for many Chief
Financial Officer (CFO) positions. A Master’s in of Business Administration:
Operationals Management degree would be helpful for those professionals who aspire
to becomae Chief Operating Officers (COO) position.

According to, the starting median pay for MBA graduates is $47,000.
Salaries tend to accelerate quickly thereafter. cites Chief Financial
Officers with a Mmaster’s degrees as earning anywhere between $61,626 and $219,643.

Criminal Justice Degree                                                                       Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
It is becoming increasingly important for those wishing to pursue a career in criminal        Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                              space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
justice to obtain a college degree before applying for a job. There was a time when the       space between Asian text and numbers
only prerequisite for many criminal justice careers was a high school diploma. Now,
employers want assurances that prospective employees have a solid educational
foundation before they will offer employment and invest in specialized training. Those
with advanced degrees typically have greater promotional opportunities as well.

Most criminal justice degree programs are offered at varying levels of intensity:.

Associate’s Ddegree in criminal justice: This is typically a two-year program that offers
students a background in the fundamentals of criminal justice, as well as an introduction
to the court and correctional systems. It will also provide a background in crime control
policies and techniques. An associate’s degree will help you meets the requirements of
many police and criminal justice positions, as well as jobs in security (e.g., private
security or airport security),; and positions in court administration, such as a job as a
court bailiff.

Bachelor’s Degreedegree in criminal justice: A bachelor’s level criminal justice This
degree opens the door to many employment opportunities. Most jobs in law
enforcement, court administration, homeland security, forensics, and federal law
enforcement accept an accredited bachelor’s criminal justice degree as satisfying
entrance requirements.

Master’s Degreedegree in criminal justice: A Master’s Degree in criminal justiceThis
degree enables youtrains a criminal justice student to become an expert in a specialized
criminal justice field. This heightened training leads to advancements in current
positions, as well as opportunities in teaching, opportunities, social casework careers,
and and work as an officer of the court positions.

Doctoratel Degreedegree in criminal justice: iIndividuals who seek university- level
academic careers, such as a professor for criminal justice programs, typically pursue a
Doctorate doctoral Degree degree in criminal justice.

Advanced education is a good investment for those wishing to pursue a careers in
criminal justice. Most90% of the individuals (90 percent) that graduatinggraduated
from a criminal justice degree program, and are under the age of 65, are employed in a
field related to their majordegree.

Communications Degree                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                 space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
A communications degree will prepare you a student for a career in the television and            space between Asian text and numbers
radio media, corporations, and government. People with communications degrees                    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
pursue careers as producers, reporters, writers, directors, disc jockeys, advertising, and
public relations professionals. They are employed by television and radio Mmedia
outlets, private corporations, and governmental agencies employ them.

Communications is a discipline that involves using the written, spoken, and graphical
word to express ideas and direction. Someone who pursues a communication degree
learns how to express ideas simply, clearly, and in a manner that grabs the an
audience’s attention. They also typically receive training in how to understand,
appreciate, and influence consumer trends, cultural norms, and public opinion.

A communication degree program usually involves course work that teaches research
techniques and writing techniques for a variety of different mediumsmedia, such as
web, advertising, marketing, speeches, news andnews, and sports reporting. Public
speaking, sales, and marketing are also valuable skills taught in most communication
degree programs. Public relations firms are a prime employment source for many
people with a communications degree majors, ; therefore, most communications
schools offer an in-depth analysis of American media and our culture. Communications
schools , andalso teachteach students how to use the media to promote products and

The different media uses communications professionals in roles such as reporters,
bloggers, and as well as television and radio personalities. Private corporations hire
someone with a communications degree to support marketing and sales efforts, and for
executive support. Executive support communications positions include speech writing
and copywriting. Governmental officials also often hire communications professionals
to help with speech writing, correspondence with constituents, interactingon with the
media (press secretary), and to in developingp position papers.

The employment rate for individuals who graduate with a communications degree is
nearly 90% percent. Salaries for employees with a communications degree majors vary
depending upon on the career path taken; however, the overall average starting salary
is nearly $49,000 a year. People who have a communication degree and pursue
management and administrative positions tend to earn more than those who pursue a
moren artistic career paths.
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri

Business Careers                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
Business is often a good launching point for a career. The experience gained in a
business management or business administration position prepares you for virtually any
other role you will assume in lifegives a person a solid knowledge-base for almost any
career path. For example, bBusiness careers rely upon problem -solving, leadership,
and sound decision -making; these are necessary skills for any role a person holds over a
. No matter what you end up doing with your life, you need those skills.

Business careers can be found in all sectors of our the American economy; private,
public, and academic. The roles for people with business backgrounds fill in vary
widely in companiescorporations, not-fornon-profits organizations, governmental
agencies, and in academia vary widely. Some common job titles in business careers are
include: operational operations management, financial management, administration,
sales, public relations, human resources, auditor, insurance, and marketing.

Decision-making is a key element of in a business careers. One must learn how to make
sound decisions based on the data, and how an to understanding ofan organization’s
profit drivers. Poor decision-making will impact the future profitability and viability of
an organization, no matter whatno matter what the organization’s economic and
business sector the organization operates in. A career in business often involves
balancing what is good for the consumer against what is good for the long-range
viability of the company.

Business careers can be lucrative. The vast majority (80% percent) of college graduates
with a degree in business end up working in their field of study. One of the greatest
advantages of business careers is the upward mobility. Career advancement
opportunities usually follow a logical pattern or career path. Experience, coupled with
academic training and strong leadership skills, often lead to executive -level positions or
successful business ownership.

Most people in business careers work in corporations or businesses in the private
sector. The government, and governmental agencies, employ approximately 4%
percent of the individuals with business backgrounds, and . 15% percent are self-

Criminal Justice Careers                                                                       Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                               Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                               space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
A career in criminal justice can be exciting and personally fulfilling. Most criminal          space between Asian text and numbers
justice careers involve some level of risk and a great deal of action. It is an ideal career   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
choice for people who want to make a difference in society, and who like to be involved
and part of positive changes. Those who are most successful in criminal justice careers
are individuals who have outstanding communication skills, integrity, physical strength,
and stamina.                                                                                   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 880,000 Americans held criminal justice
careers in 2008. Approximately 79% percent of those jobs were with local
governments.                                                                                   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Criminal justice careers fall into a few different categories. You could get a job inThere
is law enforcement at the local level, including by becoming a police officer,
criminologist, or animal cruelty officer. A Alternatively, you could get a jobthere are
jobs in federal law enforcement and work for agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of
Investigations (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), or for the U.S. Customs and
Border PatrolProtection (CBP). In the U.S., Bbilingual (most commonly English and
Spanish) candidates and those who have military training, typically have better federal
law enforcement opportunities than English-only speaking candidates, and those with
no military service.

Another employment path for those interested in a criminal justice careers can be found
in court administration. Criminal justice careers in court administration include job
titles such as: probation officer, bailiff, court clerk, or correctional officer. There are
also many career path opportunities in forensics, such as crime scene examiners.               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
A Ccriminal justice careers can also be found in the private sector. Companies and
individuals often hire private security officers and private investigators to help detect
crimes, civil injustices, or to provide insights into domestic or business partner disputes.   Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Criminal justice jobs require a high school diploma; however, . Ggiven the increased
complexity in most criminal justice fields, however, more employers require advanced
degrees. In addition, many employers provide incentive programs to encourage
existing criminal justice employees to seek additional classroom training. This helps the
employer ensure that employees are current on the latest crime -fighting latest
techniques and technology.                                                                     Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Because the jJobs for in criminal justice vary so widely, and so does the pay. The
following are some useful statistics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the
median salary for police and sheriff patrol officers is $51,410 a year;. Pprivate
investigators and detectives earn on an the average ofaverage of $60,910 a year.               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

    Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Criminology Careers                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Thanks to popular television shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, criminology is
one of the hottest majors degrees in many college campuses across the United States.
Criminology careers are diversified, exciting, and can be lucrative.

Criminology blends science, psychology, and sociology with crime -fighting. It is the
study of crimes and criminal behavior. Criminology careers include those professions
that try to get to the bottom on of why and how a crime happened. Criminology experts
will examine all of the evidence from a from a psychological, biological, and cultural
perspective in order to solve the crime. Criminologists play an instrumental role in
crime investigation and detection by formulating theories and creating suspect profiles
that lead to solving crimes.

Criminology careers are research –basedbased; . Tthey involve gathering and studying
sociological statistics and crime data. Data sources includeinclude the court system,
jails, schools, and neighborhoods. Criminology careers can be found in many different
settings, including: local police departments, federal criminal justice agencies, court and
correctional systems, and in business.

Criminology careers are varied. Some common criminology careers includeinclude:
criminal investigation, forensics, retail investigations, intervention, and prevention
programming. The demand for criminologists in business settings is on the rise. A
Ccriminology careers forin a business involves detecting and preventing fraud; . for
Eexamples, a criminologist would of criminology careers in business includedetect and
prevent medical fraud, insurance fraud, and financial fraudinvestigations.

Entry-level criminologists typically earn on an the average ofaverage of $30,000 a year,
according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Criminologists with advanced degrees can
expect to earn onan the average ofaverage of $50,000 a year.                                   Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold, Not Italic

Business School                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Italic
                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
A business school should provide students with the academic foundation and decision-
making skills needed to help organizations succeed in today’s economical and political

The core courses you a student can expect to take in business school include the
following: macro and microeconomics, financeial, management, information systems,
statistics, organizational behavior, operational operations management, and ethics and

Business is among the most popular majors degrees chosen by students; . Ttherefore, it
is a major program that is offered by many, many community and online colleges, as
well as traditional colleges, and universities and online degree programs.

 The following are some key factors to consider when determining whichdeciding on the
right business school is right for you:

        Reputation. Does the school have a good reputation for offering a quality            Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
business education? How active is the alumni and what do they say about the                  Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
education they received?
        Curriculum and teaching techniques. The way in which we learn has changed            Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
significantly in the last several decades. Make sure that the business school uses the
latest techniques and technologies. For example, traditional straight lectures are
becoming a thing of the past. Many colleges use case study methodologies to
demonstrate business principals. They also lean towards students working in small
groups or team settings. How do theseFind a school with an effective and current
teaching methodologyies align with your learning style?.
        Accreditation. Make sure that the college you attend has received its national       Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
or regional accreditation. This will help you ensure that the school has met the the
standards of teaching developed by an independent and, objected objective accrediting
organization. Accreditation is usually necessary in order for students to obtain federal
financial aid. In addition, employer’s look for itaccreditation as is verification to an
employer that the school provided their prospective employee with a a quality
educational experience.
        Degrees. What types of business degrees are offered? Does the business               Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
school have options for two-year (associate’s) degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and master’s
programs? Do they offer a variety of management subsspecializationspecialties?

         Facilities and technology. How do you like theIs the campus a good learning       Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
environment? Does it have the latest equipment and technology? Does Does the
library contain sufficient resource materials suit your needs? Are the computers easily
accessible when you might need them? Do they offer classes both on campus, and
          Job placement support. Does the business school offer job search assistance in   Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
helping you find a job and counseling? Do theyDoes the school host recruiting fairs that
give students a chance to meet prospective employers?
-        International exchange programs. Businesses areis increasingly becoming more      Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
and more global, and our the United States’ ability to compete on a worldwide scale is
more important now than ever before. If you areA student interested in international
business, you may want to explore whether the school has an exchange program that
will allow you him to study abroad for a semester or more. Students that prefer to
pursueEven if you want to pursue a business career in the U.S., would still benefit
greatly from foreign study and exposure to global competitive forces. may enhance your

                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt
Cooking School                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
Many people can cook well, but most employers want to know that an applicant has
received proper training. In order to lend credibility, a cook to your skills, you may        Formatted: Font: Calibri

want to consider attending cooking school.                                                    Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri

The following are some things to think aboutfactors to consider when looking into a           Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.25", No
                                                                                              bullets or numbering
cooking school:
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
      Are you interested in obtaining aA student must decide if he wants a degree in         Formatted: Font: Calibri
       cooking, or would a certificate or diploma suffice? If you want to get yourFor a       Formatted: Font: Calibri
       degree in cooking, you may consider a program offered at a culinary institute is       Formatted: Font: Calibri
       recommended. Most degree programs offer a curriculum curriculum designed               Formatted: Font: Calibri
       to teach the business side of cooking, as well as techniques.                          Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.25", No
   -                                                                                          bullets or numbering
      How much time are you wiling to commit, and whenDecide on an acceptable                Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
       schedule and time-frame for completing a cooking program?. Most cooking
       school programs require students to have between 300 and- 400 classroom                Formatted: Font: Calibri

       hours. In addition, students must often complete another 200- to 300 hours in          Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.25", No
                                                                                              bullets or numbering
       anthrough externshipinternship. An exinternship is offers valuable, hands-on
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
       experience that often leads to employment.
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
   -                                                                                          0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
      What is the reputation of the cooking school? Does the school have any famous          Formatted: Font: Calibri
       or award-winning chefs as alumni? What do the area restaurantrestaurateurs             Formatted: Font: Calibri
       owners think of the training given at the school? Are current students satisfied       Formatted: Font: Calibri
       with their experience?                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
   -                                                                                          Formatted: Font: Calibri
      Students should Does thechoose a school that offers a cuisine focus that is            Formatted: Font: Calibri
       aligned with your their own interests.? Do theyDoes the school offer multiple          Formatted: Font: Calibri
       culinary styles to broaden yourfor a broader background?                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.25", No
      What is the student/teacher ratio? A student benefits more fromThe more                bullets or numbering
       individualized instruction you can get, the better. The Good individualized            Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
       attention is usually an outcome of the school having a low student/teacher ratio.      0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"

   -                                                                                          Formatted: Font: Calibri

      Is the cooking school successful at helping its students secure employment upon        Formatted: Font: Calibri

       completion of the program? What is their placement rate?                               Formatted: Font: Calibri

   -                                                                                          Formatted: Font: Calibri

   - Is the school accredited?                                                               Formatted                                  ...
                                                                                              Formatted                                  ...
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted                                  ...
                                                                                              Formatted                                  ...

Criminal Justice Schools                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                  Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                  space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
In the field of criminal justice, advanced education typically translates into greater pay.       space between Asian text and numbers
It is estimated that individuals who have a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice earn on         Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
an the average ofaverage of $15,000 more annuallyper year than their non-degreed                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
colleagues.                                                                                       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

Criminal justice schools help prepare students for a wide array of professions, including
law enforcement, detective work, paralegal positions, and court administration, and
many others.

Criminal justice schools typically provide students with an overview of government,
criminal law, criminal procedure, sociology, white-collar crime, forensics, conflict
resolution, diversity, race relations, and government. Most criminal justice schools
offer both associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs. Some also offer
graduate- level courses. Many criminal justice schools offer distance learning and
online options as well.

The following are some factors to consider when looking at criminal justice schools:

-          Curriculum. The course loadprogram offered should provide a solid                      Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
                                                                                                  Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
foundation in core criminal justice topic areasareas. There The course load should be a           Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
blend of core courses and electives that will allow you the to development of a                   Asian text and numbers

specialtyspecialization.                                                                          Formatted: Font: Calibri
    -                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
Faculty. It is important that the faculty consist of respected criminal justice                   Formatted: Font: Calibri
professionals whom you admire. Look for faculty members with practical experience.                Formatted: Font: Calibri
Much can be learned from those who have worked “on the streets” or in a criminal                  Formatted: Font: Calibri
justice field at some point in their career.                                                      Formatted: Font: Calibri
    -                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
Career placement. Talk to the placement counselors to find out how many criminal                  Formatted: Font: Calibri
justice majors graduates secure employment upon graduation. Criminal justice schools              Formatted: Font: Calibri
typically develop relationships with local and national governmental agencies to help             Formatted: Font: Calibri
graduates find employment.
    -                                                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
Accreditation. Make sure that the school you choose has received the appropriate
accreditation. Many schools may say they are accredited; however, confirm with the,               Formatted: Font: Calibri
so you must inquire about the accrediting organization and verify that it indeed is
legitimateaccredited. If the school does not have proper accreditation status,                    Formatted: Font: Calibri
prospective employers may not recognize your a degree from that school.                           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

Culinary Schools                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                 space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
Culinary schools prepare students for careers in the hospitality industry. Students Iin          space between Asian text and numbers
culinary school, you learn the art and science behind cooking and food preparation.              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt
A culinary school typically has a wide breadth of programs to meet different student             Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
needs and interests. For example, culinary schools may offer certificate programs,
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
diplomas, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs tend to focus exclusively on the
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
culinary arts. Culinary arts majors programs prepare students for careers as executive
chefs, sous -chefs, or and even private chefs. In addition, culinary arts majors students
could pursue a specialtyspecialization, such as baking and pastry arts. In these chef
training programs, students learn a variety of cooking techniques. In addition, students
learn how to stock a commercial kitchen by studying inventory management and cost
containment strategies. Another important element of the training involves food
hygiene and sanitation methods.                                                                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
The degree programs offered at culinary schools tend to be for management
majorsspecialization. Culinary arts Mmanagement majorsprograms get to the business
end of the food preparation and hospitality industry. Examples of management majors
programs offered by culinary schools includeinclude: hotel and restaurant management,
culinary arts management, and as well as wine, spirit and beverage management. In
these programs, students are trained in the culinary arts but also learn what it takes to
run a profitable culinary business.                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
One of the fundamental decisions to make when looking at different culinary schools is
whether or not a degree is important to youthe importance of a degree to the student.
If you a student chooses a career path that would ultimately like to lead to work as an          Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
executive chef at a fine restaurant, a degree program might be the right route.                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
However, a diploma or certificate may suffice Iif instead youthe student simply enjoys
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
baking and wants to be able to perfect your his skills so that you can haveand attain
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
credibility when for pitching your his product to a local bakery, a diploma or certificate
                                                                                                 Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
may suffice.                                                                                     Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                                 Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                                 Asian text and numbers
Other things to research when looking at a culinary school include:
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
       Reputation                                                                               1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5",
                                                                                                 Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
                                                                                                 Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
       -          Quality of faculty                                                            Asian text and numbers
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Facility (does it use state-of-the-art equipment)       Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Length of program
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Flexibility of classroom hours
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Teacher/student ratio
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Variety of techniques
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   ExInternship opportunities
                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

   -   Placement support
                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri

   -   Accreditation

Computer Science Careers                                                                        Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
Computer sScience careers are exceptionally hot right now. The Bureau of Labor
Statistics estimates that computer science jobs will increase by 30% percent between
the years 2008 and 2018.

The job prospectsoutlook is bright for those pursuing computer science careers is bright,
and the message has made its way down to the senior high school levels. Enrollments
in computer science degree programs have has risen dramatically over the last few
years. In fact, Stamford Stanford University boasts a 40% percent enrollment increase
in ctheir computer science programs enrollments.

Computer science careers are vast and varied. Virtually every sector of our the U.S.
economy and political system reliesy upon computers and information technology; and .
Bbecause the field is so immense, there are three general tracks paths that for a
computer science careers can take. .

The first computer science career path is to design and build software programs.
Software developers are in high demand in the financial sector among banking,
investment, credit card, and insurance companies. They are also in high demand for in
health carehealthcare, agricultural companies, and in the entertainment and media

Other A second computer science career paths that areis rich in opportunities are
includes those positions involved with in the planning, implementing, and maintaining
of an organization’s technological infrastructure. These are the careers often referred
to as IT,, or information technology, jobs.

The third track career path that offers many computer science careers is the pursuit of
new uses for computers. These jobs involve the development of ways to automate
processes that were previously done manually. This field has given rise to computer
science careers such aslike robotics, computational medicine, and digital forensics, just
to name a few.

Some of the titles that are commonly used in computer science careers includeinclude:
software developer, information technology director, business analyst, and web

Computer science careers offer solid job prospects, promotional opportunities, and
often command high salaries. According to, the average IT Director

director earns $111,000 per year. The average software developer earns $81,800, and
the average web developer earns $58,400.

Computer Science Degree                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
A computer science degree is in hot high demand in today’s labor market. Virtually               Formatted: Font: Calibri
every sector of our the U.S. economy relies upon computers and is continually
reinventing its practices with in technology. A computer science degree helps
graduates land their first job, and often at a significantly higher salaries salary than their
colleagues without non-a computer majors science degree.

Because of eEmployer demand and the promise of potentially lucrative starting salaries,
have affected a tremendous increase in the level of enrollment in computer science
degree programs at colleges and universitiesare experiencing a tremendous increase in
enrollment in computer science degree programs. Stanford University, for example,
has had a 40% percent growth in enrollmentenrollment increase in their computer
science degree programs. The Computing Research Association reports an 8.1%
percent increase in enrollments into computer science degree programs nationwide.

Many see the computer science and software engineer disciplines as critical skills
needed to help the United States maintain its worldwide competitive advantage.

A computer science degree is often confused with an Iinformation Ttechnology degree
or an information systems degree. Although they both deal with computing and are in
high demand in today’s employment market, the background received in these
programs differs.

Computer science is a very broad study area. It covers computer theory, hardware,
software, and scientific computing. While there are dozens of
subspecialtiesspecializations in computer science, there are a few fundamental skills
taught in a computer science degree program. A computer science degree gives
students a solid foundation in computational thinking and in finding ways to use
technology to solve problems.

By way of contrast, an Iinformation Ttechnology degree program focuses on the
business applications of computing, such as security, organizational infrastructure, and

A computer science degree can be obtained at various levels, including: associate’s,
bachelor’s and master’s.

Associate’s degree in computer sciencedegree. Someone who has obtained his or her                Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
associate’s degree in computer science is typically eligible for employment as a technical       Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
support specialist, a help desk technician, or in as a network administration. Some

software companies may also hire someone with an associate’s degree in level
computer science degree to help write and edit code.

Bachelor’s degree in computer sciencedegree. There are many more job prospects for       Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
those students who earn a bachelor’s degree inlevel computer science degree than for     Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
those who have an associate’s degree,degree or no degree at all. Some common titles
held by those who have earned a bachelor’s computer science degree are: software
developer, program analysts, software architect, or and database manager. In fact,
Money Magazine’s list of the best jobs in America cites software engineers at the top
and . Ccomputer IT/Aanalyst ranked 7th on the top 10seventh. These are both
examples of positions that can be obtained by computer science degree graduates.

Master’s degree in computer sciencedegree. A computer science degree at the              Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
master’s level provides students with opportunities for greater earning power. Many      Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
employers look to at advanced degrees as validation for of the depth of knowledge in a
niche area. A Mmaster’s degree in computer science degree is often a pre-requisite for
senior level IT management positions. Studies show that employees with a master’s
degree in computer science employees earn an average of $15,000 more a per year
than colleagues who only have a bachelor’s degree.

Doctoral degreete in computer sciencedegree. A doctoral levelThis degree computer        Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
science degree helps candidates establish expertise and expert level credibility in a    Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
specific field. For example, one of the biggest concerns of the financial services and   Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
medical industries is privacy and confidentiality. A candidate with a PhDdoctorate in
Ccomputer Ssecurity will have a vast advantage over those who have not invested in the
rigorous training that a doctoral program offers.

Computer Careers                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                            Formatted: Font: Calibri
Many jobs require computer skills. No longer are computer skills the sole domain of
office workers. Now cComputers now enhance the way teachers, police, wait staff, and
countless other positions conduct business. So, if you have an interest of using
yourThere are many opportunities in many different fields for jobs that require
computer skills on-the-job, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to satisfy that
desire. Most traditional jobs now have some computing aspect, including; e.g., sending
e-mails, data entry, creating presentations, developing budgets, etc. The Your use of
computerscomputer may not be the sole focus on yourof a position, but is used only as
a tool tothe computer will enhance your work enhance and aid in the completion of job

Computer careers, or jobs that focus on the use of technology to enhance business or a
process, are in high demand. Traditional computer careers includeinclude those that
focus on computer science, information technology, or technology infrastructure.
Examples of these types of computer careers include: programmer, software developer,
and information technology (IT) specialist. These computer careers typically require a
college degree.

There is also a wide range of computer careers available for those who develop a
specialspecialized computer skills. A few examples of these types of computer careers
includeinclude: graphic design, web design, computer animation, and digital editing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics published its outlook for the 30 fastest hottest
occupations for from 2008- to 2009. In it is aThis list includes a number of computer
careers; . Ffor example, at the top of the list was network systems and data
communications. Other computer careers on the hot jobs listing were: computer
software engineers, computer systems analysts, and database administrators.

Dance School                                                                                    Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
A dance school provides students with an in-depth background in all forms of dance.
Many students receive their dance training and education in private schools across the
country. While that education is valuable, it often does not translate into a college
degree that is marketable to employers.

Offering students the option of majoring in dance at college has been a tradition in this
country since 1949. Texas Christian University was the first college to introduce a
Bachelor of Arts in Ballet degree. Since that time, colleges and universities across the
country have introduced dance programs into their curriculumscurricula.

Whether you areWhen researching a private dance school, or a college, university, or
community college setting, the following are thingsfactors must be to considered
beyond cost and convenience:

      What does the dance school offer in terms of a degree, diploma, or certificate?          Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                                0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
       A certificate may be a good option for you if youra pursuit of dance as a hobby,
       but not if you plan to pursueas a path to pursue a professional career in dance.         Formatted: Font: Calibri

                                                                                               Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
      Will you be introduced or exposed to variousAre the styles of dance varied in the
                                                                                                Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
       curriculum?                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
               Does the dance school have adequate opportunity for a student for you           Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
       to pursue the type of dance that interests youhim most? For example, if you              numbering

       like jazz, will youwould a student be able to develop itjazz dance as a
                                                                                                Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                               0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                                Formatted: Normal, Indent: Left: 0.5", No
                                                                                                bullets or numbering
       Do you respectIs the teacher’s and instructional style appropriate?
                                                                                                Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                               0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
      What is the student/teacher ratio for performance classes? Will you be givenIs           Formatted: Font: Calibri
       there individualized instruction?                                                        Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
                                                                                               numbering
      Is the school accredited? Accreditation is granted by an independent                     Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                                0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
       organization, such as the National Association of Schools of Dance, only after
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
       careful review of a dance school’s offering. Accreditation gives prospective
       students some level of comfort that an independent authority has vetted the              Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
       school and program, and that certain quality standards have been met.
                                                                                                Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                               0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or

   What is the admissions process? Will you be required to auditionAre there       Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                    0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
    auditions? Do you need to get referencesAre references needed or video
    submitsubmissions videos of past performances?                                  Formatted: Font: Calibri

                                                                                   Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
   Has the dance school had success in helping graduates obtain jobs?
                                                                                    Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                    0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"

                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Bold
Dental School                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
A dental school can prepare youa student for a variety of careers in the field of oral
health. The length, depth, and focus of the program offered by the dental school vary
depending upon on the chosen career path you choose. Forpath. For example:

       Dental assistant. A dental school that provides training for dental assistants        Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering

usually has programs that can be completed in one to two years. These programs help
prepare you the student to work directly with dental patients and assist a dentist in
providing oral care and treatment. A dental assistant can perform some patient care
independently, and in some cases can perform lab duties as well. The average salary
for a dental assistant is $27,248. The dental school curriculum is typically geared
towards ensuring that students can successfully complete the Certified Dental Assistant

       Dental hygienist. A dental school with an accredited dental hygiene program
typically offers students the opportunity to earn an associate’s degree. These programs
are typically two years in length and prepare students for a career oral hygiene. Many
dental schools have baccalaureate degree programs in dental hygiene as well. The
average salary for a dental hygienist if is $55,307.

       Dental lab technician. A dental school that offers training for dental lab
technicians can typically be found at the community college level. These programs
focus on training students how to make corrective devices and replacements for natural
teeth. The dental school prepares students to pass the Certified Dental Technician
examination administered by the National Association of Dental Laboratories.

       Dentist. Dental school can usually be completed in four years after you have
gotten yourobtaining a bachelor’s degree. There are less than 60 accredited dental
schools in the United States. If you wish to practice as a dentistTo practice as a dentist,
your a degree must come from an accredited dental school. In order to be accepted at
dental school, you the applicant must first obtain yourhis bachelor’s degree, and then
you must pass the Dental Admission Testing Examination.

      You should vVisit the dental school’s facilities and make sure that the latest tools
and technologies are deployed. The student/teacher ratio is very important as well.
Another key consideration when weighing one dental school against another is the job
placement rate. You want to be sure that tThe dental school you choose can help
youshould have job search assistance and guidance for students to gain employment
upon graduation.

Driving School                                                                                  Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
In order to get your a driver’s license in most U.S. states in this country, you a person
must first successfully complete driving school. Driving school is more than a legal
obligation; it is an important step in preparing youa person for the responsibilities and
realities of operating a motor vehicle.

When considering a driving school, the following criteria should be

      Cost. How must does the program cost in total? If you do not pass your                   Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering

examination, will the driving school provide additional training? If so, is there an
additional cost?

      Length of program. Most driving schools can be completed in six to eight weeks.

     Facilities. Where does the instruction take place? Is there adequate classroom
space? Is it at a convenient location? Are there any portions of the program that can
be completed online?
      Is there adequate classroom space?                                                       Formatted: Font: Cambria

      Instructors. Are the instructors certified? Can you learn from them? ? Do you            Formatted: Font: Calibri

respect their approach? Is their teaching style and approach to student drivers                 Formatted: Font: Calibri

      Reputation. What are people saying about the driving school? Does it have a
good reputation? It is sometimes helpful to check out the driving school’s Facebook or
Twitter accounts to see if any present or past students have posted reviews or
comments about the quality of training received.

    Convenience. What times are classes offered? Can Is the driving school class               Formatted: Font: Calibri

accommodate your schedule flexible?                                                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
       Driving Ttest Ppass rRates. How successful is the school at preparing students          Formatted: Font: Calibri
for the license examination? What is the percentage of students that passes the                 Formatted: Font: Calibri
examination on the first attempt? Will the driving school provide additional training if        Formatted: Font: Calibri
the student does fail the exam? If so, is there an additional cost?                             Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Normal

English School                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt

English schools are located on college campuses and in community spaces across the
United States. An English school provides students you with an opportunity to learn
how to speak English while studying in the United States.

The primary reasonss that students attend an English school is to learn how to speak
English for acculturation acclamation purposes into American culture and for academic
purposes. If someonea person wants to fit better into an English -speaking society and
environment, English school can provide the necessary general language skills needed.
If you are a A non-English speaking student who would like to study in America, would
find an English school might be a good first step for you.

An English school often offers intensive programs that will immerse you the student in
the language, thus improving his so that English speaking skills after only a short
timevery quickly, your English speaking skills will improve. These English schools offer
what is sometimes referred to as vacation programs. They are located usually on
college campuses and also include introductions to American culture.

Some English schools also offer executive programs for non-English speaking
businesspeople. These programs are also typically intensive, much like the vacation
programs, but geared towards helping non-English speaking businesspeople develop the
skills needed to conduct business in or with American companies, consumers, and
business people.

An English school typically has a wide breadth of programs designed to meet a full range
of needs and skill levels. When researching what each English schools has to offer, it is
helpfulrecommended the student first to define his your learning objectives. Once you
know what you want to achievethis is ascertained, it will be easier to determine which
English school, and which program, might be best for youis best.

Film School                                                                                   Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Film school is where you a student will learn the visual art of filmmaking. At film school
you can expectthere is a blend of courses, from including film theory, a historical
perspective on cinemacinema history, digital media, screenwriting, and film production.
Depending upon the film school, you may also takethe curriculum may include courses
on in broadcasting, animation, television production, documentary filmmaking, audio
engineering, and even computer game design. Most film schools also provide students
with an understanding of the trends that are most impacting media today, and
instruction on how to usein using the latest technologies.

A film school is sometimes housed in an Aart Iinstitution to create synergies between
students in various artistic pursuits, like dance and drama.

Most film schools offer programs of varying lengths and focuses areas. For example, if
screenwriting is of an interest to you, a film school may offer programs that vary from
intensive weeklong workshops, to a one-year screen-writing program, to a Master of
Fine Arts in Screenwriting degree.

It is helpful first to define yourDefining learning objectives helps to determine the right
which type of program is right for you. Once a student has you determined whether
you want to pursue a degree program or an intensive workshop type program, he needs
to you must consider what interests you more,decide on a career path toward making
independent films or creating commercial cinema.

Price, cost, and location are all very important factors to weigh when determining which
the right film school is right for you; however, . Theythese should not, however, be the
only considerations. Here are a few more:

        Practical, hands-on experience. The more filmmaking experience while inyou            Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
can get during your training periodschool, and the more exposure you can get to people
working in the craft, the better the your job prospects.
        Techniques, tools, and technologies. Technology is having an incredible
transformative impact on the art of filmmaking. Make sureA student should ensure
that his chosenthe film school you are considering is up-to-date on in the latest
techniques, tools, and technologies.
        Facilities and equipment. It is critically important for you to vVisit the film
school and look at what it has to offer in terms of facilities and equipment. Does the
film school have a production studio? Will you haveIs there access to preview centers
and post-productions laboratories?

        Faculty. Find out as much as you can about the instructors at the film school.
Ideally, they will be working, or have worked, in the movie-making business.
       Relationships. The film industry is notoriously small, meaning that it is a close-
knit group of professionals who all seemingly know one another. The right film school
you attend can help youwill help a student gain access into that world, particularly if
they havethe school’s alumni are currently working in the film industry, and who are still
actively engaged with the institute.

IT Careers                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt

IT Careers careers are among the hottest jobs in the country. This trend will is
purportedlypurported to continue into the foreseeable future. IT is short for
Information Technology. The field of information technology is incredibly vast,
covering virtually any wayall aspects of computers, mobile devices, and all other
telecommunication devicess that transmit data or and information.

IT professionals manage all types of technology ranging from hardware and software, to
administering and maintaining information systems and data constructs. They IT
professionals typically plan, develop, implement, and maintain an organization’s
technological infrastructure.

Common IT career titles s include titles such as a: network engineer, database
administrator, software engineer, architect, and project manager. Some areas within IT
that are in particularly high demand are information security, computer and gaming,
and application development.

At many companies and organizations, the person who holds the highest ranking IT job
is the Chief Information Officer (CIO), or Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Those
individuals command salaries anywhere between $100,000 and $173,000 annually,
according to IT Managers managers earn on the average of between
$58,818 and $96,903 a year.

IT Careers careers are a good fit for people who enjoy problem -solving and who have
good technical (computer) skills. While many companies and organizations provide in-
house training, on-the-job training for employees who are interested in IT careers, a
college education is beneficial. Most IT positions require a college degree, and
allowing for employment and advancement opportunities to increase in accordance
with the level of education attained. Because jJob prospects and the promise of
lucrative salaries among IT professionals are so great,; therefore, colleges across the
country are experiencing enrollment an influx in collegeincreases in their IT
programsenrollments in IT programs.

Information Technology Careers                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Information technology careers are among the hottest today. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the job prospects for information technology will continue to grow at
a significantly higher pace than other professions. Information technology careers will
grow 32 percent between the years 2008 and 2018.

Information technology careers are appropriate for people who have strong computer
skills, such as programmers, engineers, and architects. Even if you do not havewithout
those skills, there are many other are information technology careers that might be
right for youavailable. For example, information technology professionals who have
strong project management skills are in high demand. These individuals have an
understanding of what it takes to execute an information technology project, how to
delegate the appropriate resources, and deliver the project on time and on budget.

Other skills that help in succeeding inbuild a successful career in information technology
careers are problem-solving and communication skills. Information technology
professionals seek ways to best transmit knowledge, information, and data
electronically. The term information technology is broad and is used to describe
professionals who develop, manage, and maintain information systems, hardware,
software, and data constructs.

Information technology careers are varied and exist in all types of companies,
organizations, and governmental agencies. You do not haveIt is no longer necessary to
go to a technology company to pursue an information technology career; you IT can
gobe found anyin every sectorwhere.

Information technology careers are in demand in today’s tight labor market, they
typically offer higher salaries than many other business positions, and there is much
plenty of room for advancement. Some common information technology careers
includeinclude: entry -level programming positions, software engineers, project
managers, database administrators, and information technology program manager.

Most people pursuing information technology careers have obtained a bachelor’s level
degree either in computer science, math, or engineering. While there may be entry-
level help desk or technician positions available for individuals who have obtained an
associate’s degree, more opportunities exist for employees who have attained their
bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

IT Degree                                                                                     Formatted: Font: 12 pt

An IT (Information Technology) Degree degree is one of the most marketable degrees
you one can obtain. Employers have a strongare in demand need for people with
computer sciences and information technology training and backgrounds. Jobs for
information technology professionals will grow at a rate of 32 percent by the year 2018,
according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An ITAn IT Degree degree best prepares
students for the jobs that are most in demand in today’s tight labor market.

An IT Degree degree is sometimes confused with a computer science degree. They are
different. An IT degree program covers aspects of management and information
theory; whereas a computer science degree studies the science backing behind
computing. The focus in an IT degree program is on the business applications of
computing, such as e-commerce, security, and technological infrastructure.

Many colleges and universities refer to their IT Degree degree programs as Computer
Information System programs. These programs are typically offered at theas a
certificate levelprogram in addition to an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, orand
doctoralPhD degrees. An IT Degreedegree, particularly at thea bachelor’s and or a
master’s level, usually has a focus or specialization. The following are examples of IT
degrees offered at many universities across the country:

      Information Ssystems sSecurity                                                         Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
                                                                                              1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"

      IT Ssystems Aadministration

      Multimedia Mmanagement

      Network Aadministration

      Programming

      Software Aanalysis and Ddevelopment

An IT Degree degree in any of these disciplines trains students in how to manage and
communicate information and knowledge efficiently. Students who obtain their IT
Degree degree can find employment in businesses, not-fornon-profits organizations,
academic institutions, and governmental agencies. IT professionals are often rewarded
with higher salaries, more desirable projects, and better promotional opportunities as
they obtain advanced and specialized degrees.

                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold

                                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Insurance Careers

The insurance industry employs over 2 million Americans. The attractive salary and
benefit packages, job security, and opportunities for advancement make insurance
careers very attractive.

Insurance companies employ 61% percent of the industry’s employees pursuing an
insurance career in insurance careers. ; Tthe remaining 39 percent arehe remainder of
individuals pursuing insurance careers is employed by insurance agencies, , and
brokerages, or with another service -related firmss that focuses on a particular aspect of
the insurance business. For example, there are firms that provide claims -handling
processes for insurance companies. A claim’s adjuster could go to work directly for an
insurance company or for a private claims service organization.

Insurance careers involve helping individuals and businesses protect themselves against
a potential financial loss in the future. Insurance professionals help customers assess
the amount of financial risk they have in their lives, and try to find ways to lower that
risk though with insurance. The insurance industry is projected to continue to grow
over the next decade; . Ttherefore, job prospects for insurance careers look good.

There are many types of insurance careers that can be pursued. Some common
insurance jobs includeinclude: insurance agent, actuary, underwriter, customer service
representative, and marketer.

The skills needed most in insurance are good communication skills, strong analytical
skills, a high degree of integrity, and solid math skills.

Nearly 100one hundred colleges across the country offer degree programs and
specializations in the area of insurance. In addition, for many insurance jobs (such as an
insurance agent),, a college degree is not required. Candidates must simply pass their
state licensing examination. A college degree is helpful in preparing for the
examination, but is not necessary.

Many people choose an insurance careers because it offers meaningful work.
Insurance can make the a difference in someone’s life, such as helping him between
being able to ride out a difficult situation -- like the loss of a home to fire, the
destruction of a car in an accident, or being unable to work due to an illnesss -- and
financial ruin. Insurance careers also offer a layer of job security; . Iinsurance is a
growth industry, and, unlike in some industries, many of the positions do not lend
themselves to automation. Finally, many are drawn to insurance careers given the

hope and expectation of high earnings. For example, actuaries have a median salary of
$133,000 a year. Insurance sales agents earn on an the average of of $80,000 per year.

                                                                                         Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold

Software Degree                                                                             Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A degree in computer software will well prepare you foropens doors to many jobs that
are in high demand in today’s tight labor environment. A software degree provides the
academic foundation needed to design, implement, and maintain computer software
programs and applications. An Iindividuals who obtains theirhis software degree isare
often referred to as a software engineer.s.

A software degree can be obtained at many levels:.

        As aAssociate’s degree in computer software: This degree provides a foundation      Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
in computer operating systems, and as well as an introduction to programming,
networking, and database management. Individuals who hold an associate’s degree in
level software degree are typically eligible for positions such as software testing
specialists, software helpdesk professional,s, and entry-level systems analyst positions.
        A Bachelor’s degree in computer software: degree at the bachelor’s level This
degree gives students far more programming experience than an associate’s level
degree in computer software. In most bachelor’s degree programs, students learn how
to design and install computer software programs. An Iindividuals with a bachelor’s
degreelevel software degree haves a solid foundation to for the pursueit of positions as
like software engineers, programmers, and project managers.
        In order to get a mMaster’s level software degree in computer software: In order
to attain this degree level, students must master or become fluent in a computer
language (e.g., C++, CobolCOBOL, Java, etc.). An advanced software degree is typically
required for senior engineering positions at software companies.
       A PhDDoctoral degree in computer software: eA doctoral degreengineering is
typically required for those who want toa career as a university computer software
professor. teach at the university level.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for people with a software
degree will continue to be on the rise over the next several years, increasing bywith an
increase of 32% percent by 2018.

Fashion Careers                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Individuals who are highly artistic, creative, and are able to pinpoint visual trends, often
find success with in a fashion careers. A career in fashion enables someone to take a
passion for making people, places, and things look beautiful, and turn that into an
exciting and personally fulfilling vocationcareer.

There are all types of fashion careers, ranging from design to merchandizing to
marketing. Fashion designers look to current trends to create clothing and apparel that
will appeal to a certain demographic or customer base. Interior designers typically
work with clients to create a look for their home, office, or building that combines
beauty with functionality. Set designers work in the entertainment industry to develop
visual backdrops for movies, television shows, videos, and plays.

A Ffashion careers that deals with the merchandizing end of the industry involves
identifying the products and designs believed tothat appeal to a certain customer base
or demographic. A prime example of a merchandizing career is a fashion buyerbuyer.

Another example of a fashion career. Another example is an individuals who pursues a
fashion careers in visual merchandizing. This is the field of displaying fashions in a way
that has maximum appeal to customers. These professionals are the people who dress
the mannequins, organize clothing, and create window displays.

Other fashion careers involve the promotion of products or fashion trends. Many
writers, reporters, and bloggers report exclusively on the fashion industry. Likewise,
photographers, graphic artists, stylists, and models often look to fashion careers as a
niche that provides exciting opportunities.

Employers for many fashion careers require at least an associate’s degree in fashion or
fashion -related studies. The majority of jobs in fashion tend to be clustered in fashion
centers, such as New York City and Los Angeles, California.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a fashion designer is
$61,160 a year.

Photography Career                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Many people who are good at taking pictures pursue a photography career. The
Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that in 2008, there were over 150,000 professional
photographers employed in the United States. A professional photographer can be
defined for these purposesis defined as someone paid to take pictures.

A photography career gives creative professionalphotographerss an opportunity to do
what they love – and get paid for it. Many people start with an interest and knack for
photography, and then move on to formal technical training in the form of courses or a
degree program at a college or university.

A photography career can lead to interesting work in a wide range of fields. Many
photographers pursue a particular specialtyspecialization. For, for example, portrait
photography, and. Wwithin the portrait field, a photographer may create a niche in, for
example, perhaps pet photography, or student school pictures, or sports portraits of
athletes. The following are some of the different types of photography that are often

      Event photography                                                                      Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri
      News photography or photojournalism
                                                                                              Formatted: Indent: Left: 0.5", No bullets or
      Commercial photography                                                                 Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"

      Industrial photography                                                                 Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
      Scientific photography
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
      Fine arts photography                                                                  0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
      Fashion photography                                                                    Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
Over half of the individuals who pursue a career in photography career are self-              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
employed. They are freelance photographers who contract with individuals,
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
businesses, not-fornon-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. Of tThose
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
who are staff and salaried photographers, the majoritiesmainly work for businesses,           0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
commercial photography studios, or in media and advertising.
                                                                                              Formatted: Indent: Left: 0"

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary of for someone
who pursues a photography career is $29,440. The highest ten percent of
photographers earn on average in excess ofmore than $62,430 a year.

Photography Careers                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A photographer is someone who uses a camera to capture an idea, image, or unique
perspective on a particular issue or topic. Photography careers are creatively fulfilling,
exciting, and provide a good deal of independence and flexibility.

Photography careers can take a few different forms. Over half of the professional
photographers in the United States choose self-employment. They freelance, or
contract with individuals and businesses, typically on a project-by-project basis.
Freelance photographers may be paid either on a per-picture produced and accepted
basis, or a flat rate for a particular project.

Per-event. For example, aA company may pay a photographer to cover an event. The
rate the photographer is paid is an event-rate and; the company gets access to all
photos taken during that event.

Per-photograph. Alternatively, in the case of a wedding photographer, iIn many cases, a
wedding the photographer is only paid based on the couple’s’ commitment to buy a
certain number of photographs from the day. ; and Aadditional photographs are
charged separately.

On retainer. A thirdAnother type of arrangement self-employed photographers enter
into is a retainer arrangement. In In a retainerthis situation, the photographer receives
a set sum for a defined period of time and he or she must provide any photographic
services necessary during that time frame.

Photography careers are often individualized to the person’s unique skills and interests.
For example, someone who is a news-junky could pursue a career as a photojournalist;
an. A animal lovers could develop a niche career doing taking pet portraits. Other
photography specialties specializations includeinclude: industrial, commercial, scientific,
and fine arts photography.

Contrary to popular belief, photographers spend only a small portion of their working
time day actually taking picturesphotographs. A much larger portion of their time is
dedicated to the editing, production, and business process. A college degree program is
helpful in preparing students for photography careers, because most programs focus on
all aspects of photography – not just taking nice pictures.

While most people who pursue photography careers are self-employed, employment
opportunities do exist in commercial settings. Corporations, governmental agencies,
commercial photography studios, newspapers, magazines, advertising agencies, and
public relations firms all employ photographers as well.

Oil Careers                                                                                   Formatted: Font: 12 pt

The oil industry is one that presents job opportunities for people with a wide range of
skills. Many oil careers are lucrative and often offer opportunities for job growth and

Oil careers can range from the general to the highly technical. Someone with a strong
business, financial, or legal background, can look to the oil industry for a jobs in
business operations, land negotiation and management, and or regulatory affairs.

People with a high school degrees diploma can embark on lifelong oil careers by starting
out in an entry -level positions and performing tasks jobs such as a field workerer,
drilling rig operator, or well service operator. These positions often call for a certain
level of mechanical aptitude and the ability to pass safety certification certificate
examinations. On-the-job Ttraining is usually available.given on the job. Other oil
careers for high school graduates are in the marine and nautical services; . Tthis sector
offers jobs in the offshore drilling and production end of the business.

Tradespeople often find the oil industry to be ripe with opportunities to launch their oil
careers. Tradespeople design the materials and equipment needed for the industry.
Just a few examples of jobs in the trades that the oil industry relies upon are crane
operators and machinists. Many individuals begin their oil careers in the trades by
starting as an apprentice, learning on -the -job, and eventually becoming a certified
journeyperson. The years of experience and certification make these individuals quite

There areisa also a wide range of oil careers available for individuals with college
degrees, for example. Eengineers are in high demand. The oil industry uses engineers
in all sectors of the industry,, from exploration, to production, processing, and
transportation. Examples of engineering positions includeinclude: chemical engineers,
environmental engineers, civil and facility engineers, geological engineers, and mining
engineers. In addition, there are many roles that geochemists, geologists, and
geophysicists play in the oil industry.

The bottom line is that the oil industry has a wide spectrum of jobs ranging from
unskilled to highly technical. If you areSomeone who is interested in learning a trade
and developing a specialization,specialization will find many great opportunities in the it
oil is an industry that offers a great opportunity.

Oil and Gas Careers                                                                          Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Oil and gas careers provide employment to more than 63,000 individuals in the United
States. The vast majority of those jobs are in Texas and Louisiana.

Oil and gas careers can pay well, and can offer career growth, and opportunities
opportunity for mobility. According to, oil and gas careers pay on
thean average of of $57,000 a year. Obviously, tThe salary is dependent upon many
factors, including the job type, employer, skill requirement, and amount of danger
involved with the job.

There are many oil and gas careers for highly trained and skilled professionals; . For
example, engineers with a wide range offrom many different disciplines backgrounds,
play important roles in the oil and gas industry. Chemical engineers, marine engineers,
mechanical engineers, civil l engineers, and facility engineers, and many others all play
an important role in the exploration, production, processing, and transportation of oil
and gas. According to, mechanical engineers pursuing oil and gas
careers earn on an the average of $63,000 a year, and petroleum engineers earn slightly
more, at $67,000 annually.

As one would expect, the oil and gas careers that pay less are the ones for which there
arerequire lower academicless education and training requirements. The oil and gas
industry offers many opportunities for unskilled labor to embark on a career path that
offers growth and development. For example, there are jobs in the marine and nautical
services, such as deck crew and deck officers thatwho are involved with offshore drilling
and oil production. Fieldworkers are also needed to assist in the operation of rig
equipment, drilling, and oilfield servicing. A maintenance mechanic that might
assemble and disassemble the machinery and assess readings could earn on an the
average ofaverage of $35,000, according to

Scientists often find oil and gas careers rewarding. The industry seeks geochemists,
geologists, geophysicists, biological, and physical scientists to name just a few. cites physical scientists in oil and gas careers as earning $68,000 a

Law Enforcement Careers                                                                        Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Law enforcement careers can be exciting, as well as personally and professionally
fulfilling, stressful, and sometimes dangerous. The duties can range from performing
desk jobs, to teaching a group of high school students about the dangers of drugs and
alcohol, to fighting crime on in the streets. These jobs often blend social science,
humanities, and behavioral sciences. Law enforcement careers that focus on
investigations also involve forensic science and criminal law.

The law enforcement position that first comes to mind for many is a police officer; but
that is not the only career offering. Law enforcement careers are available at the local,
county, state, county aand federal levels. The jobs associated with law enforcement
careers cover a span of societal issues such as drug abuse, white-collar crimes, computer
crimes, animal abuse, terrorism, and countless others.

At the federal level, law enforcement careers are available in the Department of
homeland Homeland securitySecurity (DHS), the federal Federal Bbureau of
iInvestigations (FBI), customsU.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the U.S.
sSecret sService agency(SS). At the local and county level, law enforcement careers are
available asinclude: fish and game wardens, wildlife law enforcement, or and park
rangers. At the Local communities community and municipalityties level, positions such
as hire police officers and correctional officers are available. In addition, security guard
positions are also law enforcement careers, and are available in all sectors of the

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that in 2008, there were 883,600 individuals
employed in police officer and detective jobs positions in the United States. Local
governments employed nearly 80% percent of these individuals. Law enforcement
careers are expected to grow moderately (10% percent) over the next decade.

While there are law enforcement careers available for high school graduates, hiring and
promotional opportunities increase as more education is attained. For example, a
criminal justice degree is a prerequisite for many law enforcement careers. People who
have earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice earn on an the average of $15,000
more each year than coworkers without a degrees. Another plus for those seeking
hiring and promotional opportunities in law enforcement careers is language skill. In
the U.S., Mmany employment opportunities are available for bilingual candidates (most
commonly English and Spanish), particularly in urban and metropolitan areas with large
minority populations.

Stress is inherent in many law enforcement careers. Police officers and detectives are
notoriously more prone to on -the -job illnesses and injuries. The divorce rate in these
professions is high as well. In addition to being confronted with dangerous situations,

law enforcement careers often include a degree of exposure to human pain and
suffering. It is important for people in these professions to make efforts to maintain
their physical and emotional well-being.

The pay and benefits for law enforcement careers depend upon the job duties and
responsibilities, and whether any special skills are required. According to the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, the 2008 average salary for police and sheriff patrol officers was
$51,410. Detectives and criminal investigators earned slightly more than police
officers, at an average of $60,910 per year. In addition, fish and game wardens earned
on an the average ofaverage of $48,938048,930. Many law enforcement careers offer
the opportunity for high wages to be earned by working overtime. Law enforcement is
a 24- hours a day, seven days a week profession, and . Ffor those willing to put in the
extra time, additional shift work is often available.

Psychology Career                                                                             Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A psychology career provides insights into human behavior and interactions.
Psychologists study the human mind and . They go about their research in many ways.
They use testing tools to gather data about a person’s behavior, thoughts and
motivations. Some . Some of those testing tools includeinclude: intelligence tests,
personality tests, aptitude tests, and performance predictors.

Another way that psychologists gather data is by personal observation, interviews,
surveys, and clinical studies. A psychology career involves the analysis of all the data so
as to formulate possible explanations for what was observed.

According to the most recent statistics issued by the Department of Labor, more than
170,000 individuals were pursuing a psychology career in 2008. Academic institutes
employed 29% percent of those individuals. Government al agencies and private
businesses also employ psychologists. The average salary for a psychologist working in
a clinical, counseling counseling, or school setting is $64,140 per year.

A psychology career requires a commitment to higher education. While there are many
bachelor’s degree programs in psychology, there are relatively few job opportunities
available unless a master’s or a doctoratedoctoral degree is obtained. Only 38%
percent of graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology actually pursue a
psychology career. A large number (42% percent) of psychology graduates continue
their education in with master’s degree programs. A doctoral degree is required for
licensure as a psychologist.

Psychology Careers                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Psychology is the study of human behaviors and interactions. The following are among
the many psychology careers that one could pursue:

         The largest group of individuals pursuing psychology careers falls into the            Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
categorycan be found in of clinical psychology. Clinical psychologists help people cope
with whatever life has thrown their way. They work in places like counseling centers,
hospitals, vocational rehabilitation centers, and health maintenance organizations.
Specialties Specializations within clinical psychology includeinclude: health psychology,
neuropsychology, child psychology, and many others.
         Cognitive psychology focuses on an analysis of memory, thinking, emotions, and
         Psychology careers that deal with how individuals develop in various stages of
life (e.g., adolescence) are in the field of developmental psychology.
         School psychologists work with students, faculty, and administration to help
ensure students receive a quality education.
         The area highest projected psychology job to growth the most over the next
decade is among psychology careers in the industrial organizationsector. According to
the Department of Labor, there will be a 26% percent growth rate in this area by 2018.
Industrial psychologists work with businesses, governmental agencies, and not-fornon-
profit organizations to increase productivity and organizational effectiveness.
        Research- based psychology careers can be found in academia, government, not
fornon- profits organizations, and private businesses. One hot research area that
businesses are interested in is behavioral economics. This involves the study of
consumer purchase behaviors.
                                                                                                Formatted: Indent: Left: 0"
Psychology careers can vary in terms of the salaries they fetch. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a psychologist working in a clinical, counseling,
or school setting is $64,140 per year.
                                                                                                Formatted: Indent: Left: 0"

Psychology Degree                                                                                Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A psychology degree is required in order to pursue a career studying human behavior.

While a bachelor’s degree in psychology may qualify a candidate for certain market
research or industrial organization positions, the opportunities are limited. In fact, the
Department of Labor indicates that the overall job outlook for individuals with a
bachelor’s degree in psychology degree at the bachelor level is very limited. A
bachelor’s level degree in psychology degree could prepare students to assist
psychologists that working in a clinical setting, for example insuch as a mental health
center. A four-year psychology degree could also meet eligibility requirements of for
some sales, service, or business management positions. It is not uncommon for
students who have achieved a four-year psychology degree to pursue a career outside
of the field. Only 38% percent of psychology degree graduates remain in the field.

According to the Department of Labor, the greatest job prospects for psychologists over
the next decade will be for individuals with a ddoctorateoctoral in
psychologypsychology (Psy.D.), degree andwho also have a specialization in growth
areas, such as health and or industrial organization.

At a rate of 42% percent, of four-year psychology degree program graduates go on to
obtain their master’s degree. A psychology degree at the Mmaster’s or Ddoctoral
degree in psychology level is far more marketable than an undergraduate degree. In
fact, a doctoral degreedoctorate is required to obtain a license to practice psychology.
A doctoral degree (a PhD or a Psy.D.) usually entails five years of full-time graduate

                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt, Not Bold

Psychology Schools                                                                             Formatted: Font: 12 pt

If you are trying to narrow down your choices ofWhen researching schools with
psychology schoolsprograms, make sure you consider the following factors:

Accreditation. The American Psychology Association reviews and provides
accreditation to psychology the schools and to the programs. It is important to make
sure that the psychology school you are considering is accredited. This will give
youprovides a level of assurance that the psychology school has met the minimum
quality standards.

Area of specialtyspecialization. If you know what area of psychology you are most
interested in pursingIn finding a school that supports a particular career path, make sure
that the school has it as a focusthe proper courses. Also, psychology schools tend to
have a particular theoretical orientation; therefore, . Fconfirm the school’s ind out if the
school heavily grounded in one particular psychology theory, such as research.

Degrees offered. While you may not know today how far you want to go in your
educationEven with a career path that is currently undecided, it is important to know
whether the school provides opportunities for progression to advanced degrees. If you
were toAfter attaining graduate from a bachelor’s degree program, could you go on for
yourthe option to enroll into the master’s or even doctoratedoctoral program at the
same institution should be available.? However, Iif higher levels of education are not
availablenot, would youris it possible to transfer earned credits to another school? be

Reputation. What does the psychology community think of the school? Psychology
schools are ranked by a number of sources including U.S. News & World Report, The
Center for Measuring University Performance, and The National Academies. In
addition, the and both provide forums for students to
rank psychology schools.

Career assistance. What does the psychology school offer in terms of internship
programs and job placement counseling and assistance?

Placement. What percentages of students are accepted in more advanced psychology
schools or programs?

Military Careers                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt

There are 2.4 million Americans pursuing military careers in the United States Armed
Forces. 1.4 million of thoese individuals are on active duty with one of the five main
branches of defensethe U.S. military: Army, Air force, Marine Corps, Navy, orand Coast
Guard. The remaining 1 million Americans who are pursuing military careers are in the
U.S. Army Reserves.

A military career can provide lifelong job security. After serving on active duty, military
personnel can continue their service to the country in the Rreserves. (e.g., Army
Reserves). The U.S. RArmy Reserve branches usually require military personnel to
commit to serveing one weekend per month and two weeks in the course of a year.
The ongoing commitment and connection is critical in keeping Reservists prepared to go
on active duty if necessary.

The military provides on-the-job training for a wide range of professions and trades.
The Army alone boasts over 100 different military careers. These jobs range fromjobs
include: business administration, accounting, financing, budgeting, arts, communication,
and design, to as well as building construction building, cooks, artillery specialists, and
combat operations. The military provides the training needed to become proficient in a
specialized job or skill set. Many embark on military careers to gain training and
experience that will give them an edge in the private sector job marketa training and
experience advantage in the private sector job market. In addition, service men and
servicewomen get moneyare financially supported by the military for in the pursuit of a
college education, and can even attain college credits for the training received while on
active duty.

Each of the military branches has it’s own entry requirements. Generally, you have to
bethe minimum age requirement is 18 years old to enlist in a military branch, or 17
years old of age with parental permission. Other requirements includeinclude: a high
school diploma or GED (General Educational Development), and be you must be a U.S.
citizen or a Ppermanent Rresident Alien.

Veterinary School                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt

If youSomeone who enjoys working with pets animals and haves a good background in
math and science, you may want to consider a career in veterinary services. You could
pursue a careerVeterinary careers include as a veterinary technician (sometimes called
veterinary nurse), or and become a doctor of veterinary medicine.

Several colleges and universities across the country offer certificate programs,
associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees in veterinary and animal science. These
programs may prepare youprepare students for a career as a veterinary technician.

A vVeterinary schools that prepares students for a career as a Doctor of Veterinary
Medicine is are fewer and farther between. There are only 28 veterinary schools in the
United States. Because there are so few veterinary schools to choose from, competition
for admission is generally tighthigh. A veterinary school requires applicants to have a
four-year degree, preferably in math, science, or biology. Veterinary school is typically
a four-year post-graduate commitment.

When researching veterinary schools, be sure to look into the following:

Accreditation. Make sure that the American Veterinary Medical Association has
accredited the school you pick. A degree from an accredited veterinary school is a
prerequisite for licensing and can give youoffers peace of mind that the minimum
quality standards have been met.

Curriculum. At the end of the four-year program, veterinary candidates must
successfully pass the requisite examinations given by the national National Board of
Veterinary Medical Board ExamMedical Examiners (NBVME). This is a difficult
testThese are difficult exams and isare sometimes compared to the rigorous Bar bar
eExams for law students. The veterinary school’s curriculum must be rigorousattain
this high level of rigor in order to enough to prepare its students for the examinations.

SpecialtySpecialization. Each veterinary school has its own niche. For example, if you
area student with an interested in working with larger animals, like horses, you might
want to consider the University of Pennsylvania. Other specialties specializations
includeinclude: orthopedics, surgery, and exotic animal care and treatment. Make sure
that the school you consider has adequate focus for a chosen career path.on the areas
of interest to you.

Hands-on experience. It is helpful to inquire about the amount of clinical practice
provided by the veterinary school program. Many students feel better prepared for a

career in veterinary practice after they have had a comfortable amount of hands-on

Internship and residency opportunities. While internships and residencies are not
required from by many employers, they are helpful fordo help students qualify for
advanced qualifications and specialty specialization certifications.

                                                                                           Formatted: Font: Bold

Hospitality Careers                                                                        Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                           Formatted: Font: 12 pt
Hospitality careers include jobs in hotels, restaurants, resorts, casinos, tourist
destinations, museums, bars, and cruise ships. The hospitality industry is where many
young people launch their working careers. According to the Department of Labor, 21%
percent of the people employed in hospitality careers are between the ages of 16- and
19 years oldof age.

The hospitality industry is huge. The food service and accommodation (hotels) sector
alone provides 8% percent of the nation’s overall employment. Hospitality careers can
be lucrative. The amount of income earned is often directly related to the effort put
into the job, particularly in positions that supplement salaries with tips and bonuses.

Another benefit to hospitality careers is job mobility. The Department of Labor
projected 17% percent growth in hospitality careers between the years 2004 and 2014.
Once experienced and trained, a hospitality career could can take yoube embarked
upon almost just about anywhere in the country or in the world.

Hospitality careers can be launched with a high school degree diploma and a good work
ethic. The positions for high school graduates tend to be performing tasks such as
housekeeping services and wait staff. Many community colleges, universities, and
specialty specialization schools (e.g., bartending schools, culinary arts schools) offer
certificate, diploma, and degree programs that enhance job prospects.

According to, the average salary for those pursuing a hospitality
careers is $50,000 a year. This The specific amount one can earn is dependent upon
skills, specialtyspecialization, location, and employer.

Sales Careers                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                              space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
A career in sales might be right for you if you haveis right for a person with strong         space between Asian text and numbers
communication skills, areis persuasive,, and is well organized. Sales careers involve         Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
generating interest in the a product or service you represent.                                Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Sales Sales careers are available in many industries. These jobs are attractive to self-
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
motivated individuals because salaries are most often commensurate with the effort.
Increased earning opportunities are available to those who work hard and work
smartThe harder and smarter you work, the higher your earning opportunity. Most
employers pay sales professionals using a formula that combines salary plus commission
or production-based bonuses. Expenses related to sales activities, (such as travel,
accommodations, meals, and client-related entertainment), are generally reimbursed in
full.                                                                                         Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Sales careers can take a couple of different forms. Sales jobs representative positions
usually take place either in the office (inside sales representative position), or out
traveling to potential clientsoutside. An inside sales representative rep. generally works
in an office or at home. He , working on thecommunicates with potential buyers by
phone and through online communication to trying to generatee interest for the
product he or she represents. An outside sales representative travels and visits
potential customers to talkand talks with them in person about the product or service
he or she is selling.

Sales careers can be for one product, one employer, or for multiple products. For
example, a pharmaceutical representative may sell three different kinds of prescription
drugs manufactured by the same drug company. By way of contract, aA sales person
interested in becoming a life insurance broker can s pursue sales careers allowing them
to represent life insurance products manufactured by multiple life insurance carriers.        Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
There are no standard formal job requirements for sales careers. Some sales careers
are available for high school graduates, and the employer provides all necessary
training. However, Oothers sales positions, however, require college training; . Ffor
example, medical equipment sales positions may require job candidates to have a
science or biology undergraduate degree.                                                      Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
In addition to selling products, sales careers involve other job tasks as well. These tasks
includeinclude: creating presentations, reports, and expense statements, as well as
monitoring the market, and evaluating the competition.                                        Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average sales professional of for
commercial equipment and supplies, merchandise, and wholesalers is $70,140 per year.          Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

Real Estate School                                                                             Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                               Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                               space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
If you areThere are many opportunities for people interested in selling real estate in         space between Asian text and numbers
yourtheir local communitycommunities; and the first step is to, you must first obtain          Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
your a real estate license. A pre-requisite for licensing in every state, is mandatory real    Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Real estate training and education is mandatory in every U.S. state. A rReal estate
schoolclasses can help in preparing for you prepare for your the real estate licensing
examination. Most states require. A prerequisite of 21 class hours of real estate school
or training is mandatory prior to becoming eligible to sit for the examination,; however,
some states vary in the amount of educational hours required.                                  Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
A real estate school can provide you withprovides the necessary training and
background needed to become a real estate sales person, broker, appraiser, or
mortgage loan originator. In addition to helping you preparepreparation for the
licensing examinations for each of these professions, a real estate school can also
provide you with the education needed to uphold the continuing education
requirements of your a real estate license. For example, most states require licensed
real estate professionals to obtain fifteen 15 hours of continuing education every two
years. This helps to ensure that licensed real estate professionals are keeping current
on latest property laws, regulations, and developments in the state.                           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
One of the key considerations in a real estate school is in whether you wantchoosing to
take the courses online or in the classroom. If online is a moren attractive alternative
for you, make sure that the real estate school providing the training offers 24 hour a
day, seven days a week instructional support for online students.                              Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri

Physical Therapy Schools                                                                        Formatted: Font: 12 pt
                                                                                                Formatted: Widow/Orphan control, Adjust
                                                                                                space between Latin and Asian text, Adjust
If you want toTo become a physical therapist, you one must seek a post-baccalaureate            space between Asian text and numbers
degree from one of the nearly 500 accredited physical therapy schools in the United             Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri, 12 pt, Bold
States. A physical therapist must graduate from an accredited physical therapy school           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
before he or she can sit for the National Physical Therapy Examination, or the State
Boards of Physical Therapy exam.                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
A good place to start in looking at the different physical therapy schools is with on the
American Physical Therapy Association website ( This independent                  Formatted: Font: Calibri
organization maintains an up-to-date list of all accredited physical therapy schools.           Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
Physical therapy schools often maintain undergraduate allied health and science degree
programs to act as feeder groups to their master’s and doctoral degreete programs.
These undergraduate programs provide students with the science and clinical
backgrounds to pursue careers as a physical therapy assistants, or to successfully gain
admittance to an advanced degree program.                                                       Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
In addition to obvious factors such as price, convenience, accreditation, and entrance
requirements, the following factors should be considered when evaluating physical
therapy schools:                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
                                                                                                Formatted: Font: (Default) Calibri
· Student/teacher ratio. Low student/teacher ratios will be helpful particularly for            Formatted: Indent: Left: 0", First line: 0",
                                                                                                Widow/Orphan control, Adjust space between
clinical courses and experiences.                                                               Latin and Asian text, Adjust space between
                                                                                                Asian text and numbers
· Percentage of graduates successful in passing the state board exams. Most physical
therapy schools keep statistics on the number of students who successfully pass the
state board examinations. This information correlates to the quality of the a school’s
curriculum and teaching staff, and helps determine whether the school is adequately
preparing students for the examination.
Observation requirements. Physical therapy schools differ in observation
requirements. Many physical therapy schools require fifty hours of clinical experience
or observation, while others may require as many as twice thatone hundred hours.
Job placement. Does the school offer job placement assistance services?
Doassistance? Do local hospitals and private physical therapy organizations recruit from
the school?

Pharmacy Schools                                                                             Formatted: Font: 12 pt

In order to become licensed as a pharmacist in your state, you mustit is necessary to
first earn a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from an accredited pharmacy school.
Pharmacy schools receive their accreditation from the Accreditation Council for
Pharmacy Education. This independent organization reviews pharmacy schools and
their programs, policies, and practices to ensure they meet certain baseline standards.

Pharmacy schools typically offer degree programs that can be accomplished in four
years. In order to be accepted into pharmacy schools in the United States, you
mustthere is first take a pharmacy admissions test, similar to the GMAT (Graduate            Formatted: Font: Calibri
Management Admission Test) exam for business school, or LSAT (Law School Admission           Formatted: Font: Calibri
Test) for law degree programs. Pharmacy schools also require students to have at least
two years of college education in related areas, such as math, science, biology,
chemistry, or physiology.

Pharmacy schools teach all aspects related to the distribution of legalized drugs for the
purposes of treatment, rehabilitation, or therapy. Prescription drugs are becoming
increasingly complex; and . Aas people are continue to livinge longer, they have to take
more drugs for longer periods of time. Often, they need to take multiple types of drugs
to maintain their health. In addition, pharmacists are becoming increasingly involved
in issues of patient care. These are some of the reasons why the job outlook will remain
bright for pharmacists for in the foreseeable future.

The most important criteria to look at when comparing pharmacy schools is
accreditation, and whether the curriculum and faculty will adequately prepares you its
students to pass yourthe licensing examination. Many pharmacy schools track each of
their graduates’their graduate’s licensing examination success raterates at passing
licensing exams. A lot can be gleaned from thisthese statistics. You should aAlso
consider the class size and amount of hands-on experience you will gaingained from
working under the supervision of a licensed pharmacists.

A number of sources rank pharmacy schools, including U.S. News & World ReportUS
News and World Report, and the Annals of Pharmacotherapy. To help you find the
right program that is right for you, the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
provides a comparison tool on its website. This tool will helps in you comparing e
programs based on the criteria that are most important to youof a student’s

Many pharmacy schools offer one-year programs to prepare students for careers as
pharmacy technicians. Some pharmacy schools offer graduates an opportunity to
continue on to residency or fellowship programs. These are often prerequisites for
pharmacists working in clinical settings.

Special Education Degree                                                                    Formatted: Font: 12 pt

In 1974, the federal government passed the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
This law gave disabled students the legal right to an adequate education. Students with
cognitive, physical, and emotional disabilities became entitled to an educational
experience tailored specifically to their needs and learning style. This gave rise to a
number of special education degree programs in colleges and universities throughout
the United States.

In order to work with students who have learning disabilities, emotional issues, or
behavioral disorders, you one must first obtain a special education degree. A special
education degree is typically more advanced than a general education degree, and
requires a longer period of study. Some special education degree programs provide
techniques to promote learning among mildly and moderately disabled students, while
others focus on teaching basic life skills and literacy to the severely disabled.

Special education teachers work in a couple of different settings. Some special
education teachers have their own classroom and work with a group entirely comprised
of special education students. A different special education model is when a teacher
with a special education degree worksing in a school resource room, and children with
special needs get pulled from their classroom for one-on-one instruction. A third way
in which a special education teachers works in a school settings is to accompany a
disabled child into the mainstream classroom. In this model, the special education
teacher modifies the instruction to the needs of a particular student.

Special education degree programs are offered at different levels, including at the
undergraduate, master’s, and doctoratedoctoral degrees level. Most special education
degree programs require a bachelor’s degree and additional casework (usually at least
anone additional year) to develop expertise in a specialized education. In addition,
most special education degree programs require students to work with certified special
education teachers in a student teaching capacity.

A special education degree is generally a prerequisite for state-required special
education licensing.

Education Degree                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt

In order to become licensed to teach in the United States, you, one must first get an
education degree. Education degrees can be obtained from over 20,000 teacher
education and certification programs offered by more than 1,700 colleges and
universities throughout the country.

Another career path that requires a degree in n education degree is in education
administration. Education administration careers provide leadership on for instruction,
as well asand management of the operations offor a school or learning center.

In addition to traditional education jobs, there are many positions available to a
graduate who has obtained an education degree. The business sector regularly hires
people with an education majorsdegree to provide training to employees in a variety of
areas, such as management training, sales techniques, diversity, team building, safety
training, and leadership skills. A candidate with an education degree and business
experience would be well- suited for these types of training careers. Likewise, people
with an education majorsdegree who are also skilled with computers are in high
demand to facilitate computer training.

Other careers that require an education degree to consider if you have an education
degree isinclude: to become a tutortutoring, freelance writinger for educational
magazines or web Internet articles, writing curriculum curricula or textbooks, and
administering standardized tests, (such as SAT’ exams,s and ACT (American College
Testing) exams’s).

Education degree programs often allow students to specialize in an area of interest.
Common specialties specializations includeinclude: early childhood education (ECE),
gifted and talented education, history education, music education, art education,
science education, and math education. While a general education degree is
marketable, a specialized education degree can help build credibility in a field of

An education degree can be granted at the different levels, including bachelor’s,
graduate and doctoralte levels. Most education degree programs require students to
work in a classroom setting with a licensed teachers or school administrators
supervising their performance.

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Marketing Careers                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Marketing is the process by which a company or organization generates interest in their
its product or service. Marketers identify, attract, and maintain customer relationships.
Marketing is a very broad field comprised of several interrelated disciplines. The
marketing disciplines, such as advertising, public relations, market research, media
planning, sales and marketing strategy, competitive analysis, and communications work
together to create, manage, and enhance a brand’s image.

Regardless of which the of the many marketing careers you pursue, there are certain
skills that will help youare required in order to succeed. Sought Sought-after skills for
marketing careers includeinclude: excellent communication abilities, creativity,
innovation, and visual arts. The latest trend in marketing careers is in inintegrateding
social media into an organization’s overall marketing strategy. Candidates with strong
computer skills and who are savvy with social media trends will be in high demand for
the foreseeable future.

Most marketing careers require a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The most valued
majors degrees for those in marketing careers are: marketing, public relations,
communications, or journalism, depending upon the specialtyspecialization.

Marketing careers can be lucrative. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the
average salary for a marketing manager is $108,580 per year. A public relations
manager earns on thean average of $89,430 annually, and an advertising and promotion
manager earns a yearly salary of $80,220.

Marketing Degree                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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A marketing degree often helps candidates get their foot into the door with an
employer. Nearly every type of business and many schools, not-fornon-profit
organizations, and governmental agencies use marketing professionals to help attract,
satisfy, and retain customers.

A career in marketing is one where the advancement often takes time and comes with
solid work experiences. There are many entry-level marketing jobs available for
individuals who have attained a two-year, associate’s level degree in marketing degree.
With aAn associate’s level marketing degree in ,marketing means the student
hascandidates learned the basics of marketing, how to analyze market trends, and how
to interpret consumer behavior. While tThere is a need for entry-level marketing
professionals; however,, competition for advanced positions is steep, making it career
advancement a challengineg to advance your career without a further higher level of

Most bachelor’s degree marketing degree programs prepare students for many
marketing positions, whether they are in advertising, public relations, media, brand
management, market research, social network marketing, or competitive analysis. In a
bachelor’s level marketing degree marketing program, one can expect coursework to
includeinclude: marketing, consumer behavior, accounting, macroeconomics,
microeconomics, visual arts, communication, and market research.

Competition for high-level, high-paying marketing positions is fierce, and . Iit is most
very difficult to get one of those these coveted positions without an advanced
marketing degree. A master’s degree with a marketing concentration, or a
concentration in one of the marketing disciplines, is most helpful for thosewhen looking
to compete for those high-ranking marketing positions.

An advanced marketing degree may be worth the investment. According to the Bureau
of Labor Statistics, marketing managers earn on thean average of $108,580 per a year.
A pPublic relations managers earns on an the average ofaverage of $89,430, and
advertising and promotion managers earn $80,220 annually.

Science Careers                                                                                 Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Science careers generally pay well, offer excellent benefits, and enable professionals to
make positive contributions to society, and to the world. Scientists, for the most part,
are well- respected in most communitiesy because the work they do helps people live
longer, better, and healthier lives.

Science careers might beare right for you if youthose who are naturally curious about
the way things work, who like to find look for clues to solve ordinary things that youand
find mysterious puzzles, and if youwho like to be continually challenged to learn new
things. The field of science is enormous. ; sScience careers are offered in business,
governmental agencies, and colleges, and universityies.

Chemical and materials scientists try to find ways to make chemicals useful. They work
with everyday items, ranging from skin lotions to pain medicines to pain. The scientist
is challenged to make these items, and countless others, more effective, less pollutant,
and more energy efficient. Chemists generally earn on an the average ofaverage of
$71,700 a year, and material scientists earn $81,600 annually.

With pPolitical and societal pressures to push scientists to make products more energy
efficient. , tThe demand for science careers in agriculture, food scientists, environmental
scientists, and environmental biologists are all on the rise. Agricultural and food
scientists study how we can gain in productivitiesy while conserving soil and water.
Another area of intense study is in controlling pests. Agricultural scientists earn on an
the average ofaverage of $61,640 a year. The average soil and plant scientist earns
$64,110 annually, and. Likewise, environmental scientists earn on an the average
ofaverage of $65,280.

Other science careers that are in increased demand relate to forensic studies. Forensic
scientists work with crime -fighting organizations to collect, categorize, and evaluate
physical evidence. Forensic science technicians, for example, earn on an average of
$44,600 a year.

Science careers are really only possible if accompanied by a commitment to education,
as. Mmost scientific positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Financial Careers                                                                            Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Financial careers are some of the hottest jobs in the current labor market. In fact,
according to the U.S. News & World Report’ss listing of the 50 Best Jobs in 2011,
actuaries, financial advisors, and financial analysts all make the ranklist.

Financial careers are jobs that rely on your the ability to use data to make decisions.
These jobs often require a strong mathematical or statistical ability, and a business
management or operations background, and as well as excellent computer skills.
Examples of financial careers includeinclude: mortgage brokers, insurance underwriters,
loan officers, financial advisors, investment analyst, financial planner, and many others.

Financial careers can be pursued in virtually any economic sector. Businesses, not-
fornon-profit organizations, academic institutions, and governmental agencies employ
financial professionals. One of the things that make upward -mobility in financial
careers easier is industry specialization. For example, accountants are fairly marketable
based on their academic and professional accomplishments alone,; however, when an
accountant has worked exclusively in the oil and gas industry, he or she will command a
higher salary and have more promotional opportunities in that sector.

Financial careers require a commitment to education. Most upper -level financial
positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. An investment in education is
often rewarded. For example, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average
salary for a financial advisor is $94,180 per year, a . Lloan officers earns on an the
average ofaverage of $63,210 a year, and an investment analysts areis typically paid
$85,240 a year.

Financial Career                                                                              Formatted: Font: 12 pt

A finance career can be personally and professionally fulfilling; . Iit can also offer
generous pay and benefits, and provide a sense of job security. If you have aSomeone
with a solid financial background, or a degree in math, finance, economics, accounting,
or business, will do well in a a financial career might be right for you.

A financial career can be pursued in virtually any industry. Businesses, not-fornon-
profit organizations, academic institutions, media and entertainment, religious
organizations, and governmental agencies all hire financial professionals to help guide
their business decisions. In order to be successful in a financial career one must have
the ability to review facts, numbers and data, and to make sound decisions. Other
important skills that will help the advancement of a financial career are organizational
skills, communication abilities, and computer experience (both hardware and software).

While some financial positions are numbers -oriented, a financial career that revolves
around helping people achieve financial security is a financial advisor or financial
planner. These professionals work directly with individuals in mapping out a financial
plan that will help them achieve their life goals. A similar financial career is an
insurance agent. This is a person who understands what is important to an individual,
and helps that person mitigate financial risks through insurance protection.

According to the U.S. News & World ReportUS News & World Report, financial advisors
are among the top 50 jobs of 2011, and . Tthey earn, oan average, of $94,180 per year.
Other financial careers that provide comparable earning opportunities includeinclude:
investment analyst, actuaries, financial managers, and senior-level accountants.

Finance Careers                                                                                Formatted: Font: 12 pt

Finance careers often involve helping a business or organization manage revenues and
expenses to fulfill business objectives. These positions are often referred to as
corporate finance careers, and include professionals in roles, such as auditing, treasury,
accounts payable, accounts receivable, comptroller, etc.

It is typically easier to advance in a finance careers if you havewith either a bachelor’s
degree or a master’s degree in a related field. The most desirable degree programs for
finance careers are in finance, business management, business operations, accounting,
math, statistics, and or auditing. While some finance careers can be launched with just
an associate’s degree in a related field, advancement opportunities are more limited
and competition for promotions more fierce.

The meltdown on With the meltdown on Wall Street and the financial crisis that began
in 2006, affected a rise in finance careers are now starting to rise. The reason for the
increase in hiring of financial expertsjobs is twofold. The first reason is that in 2006 and
2007, mid-level financial professionals were the hit hardest hit in by job layoffs and
cutbacks. Now, as the economy slowly reboundsregains its strength, those positions
are starting to be rehiredrefilled. In addition, many businesses and governmental
agencies are tightening financial controls to prevent fraud and misuse of funds. This
tightening has given rise to a number of auditing, accounting, and compliance -related
financial careers.

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Education Career                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt
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An education career can take many different paths outside of the classroom. Certainly,
mMany people who who are interested in a career in education pursue the path ofto
becoming a teacher. If teaching is the education career you wish to pursuechosen
education career, it may be helpful to obtain a degree and experience in a
specialization. For example, you could becomethere is an early childhood education
(ECE) teacher ,or a secondary school education teacher, . You could teach Enan
glishEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, or a specialized teacher working with
physically, emotionally, or behaviorally -challenged students. There are many
opportunities for an educator to develop a niche, increase that will help add to your job
satisfaction, and make youbecome more very marketable to employers.

Once in the classroom, some teachers then set their career goals on becoming involved
in school administration. They strive to serve in the capacity of a lead teacher, assistant
principal, or even principal.

A related education career for teachers, who are not interested in teaching in the
classroom, is to become a private tutor. Tutors can work both in the school system and
through private arrangements with families. Many after -school and summer programs
hire people with an education degree so that they mayin order to offer the community
academic enrichment courses.

Other education career paths can take you in an entirely different direction; for. For
example, many businesses hire people with an educational degrees to assist with
employee training. These educational professionals work in a business or corporate
setting. They design the curriculum curricula and teach classes on a wide range of
topics, including leadership skills, management development, diversity and sensitivity
training, workplace safety and wellness, and sexual harassment prevention.

If you are aA talented writer with a background in education, you could provide articles
and blogs for the wealth of magazines, websites, and trade journals that focus on
education. A writer could also pursue an education career that involves writing
curriculumcurricula, lesson plans, and textbooks. There is also a strong demand for
grant writers who have an education background and knowledge of how a school
system operates. This is an education career that is flexible, and can pay quite well
depending on upon yourone’s ability to secure grant money.

Education Careers                                                                                Formatted: Font: 12 pt

An Eeducation careers allows a person you to make an enormous impact on the future
of an individuals, communityies, and society. Whether you choose to teaching
advanced calculus to talented and gifted high school students, teaching English as a
Ssecond Llanguage to adults, or teaching basic life skills to the disabled, there is youan
opportunity to have a tremendous impact on the lives of many individuals’ lives.

Education careers can be varied. Many who are interested in education pursue
teaching. In order to become a teacher, you one must first obtain a teaching degree
from an accredited college or university. These programs are mostly four years in
length, although advanced degrees can be obtained at the Master’s master’s and
Doctorate doctoral levels as well. One of the decisions you will want to make fairly
early in your educational journey is whether youFor students who want to specialize in a
particular teaching discipline, there. For exampl are options to e, you could become an
eEarly cChildhood eEducation (ECE) teacher, a high school math teacher, etcand so on.
The coursework you take will be geared toward the a declared specialtyspecialization
you declare.

In addition to classroom teaching, there are is a wide variety of other education careers.
School administration is an area that employs many education professionals who never
step foot in the a classroom. These individuals are responsible for the operations of a
school or a school system. There are also opportunities for education careers in the
private sector; many teachers set up a businesses as private tutoring businesss or run
academic enrichment courses and camps.

The government and and private businesses also offer a great deal of opportunity for
people to pursue their education careers. Governmental agencies sponsor programs
geared toward increasing the academic achievements in of the citizens in their
jurisdiction. These agencies often offer grant monies money to schools , and
thereforeand must part of the job is determininge which schools are the most
appropriate funding recipients of funding.

An Eeducation careers in business involves teaching employees about certain company
policies. For example, a many businesses may host training sessions for all of their
employees on safety procedures, or and on the company’s discrimination and sexual
harassment policies. In addition, many businesses hire trainers to teach employees
how to use proprietary computer systems.

Finance Degree                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Bold

A finance degree will prepare youprepares a person for a job in a financial fields, such as
banking, investments, insurance, and financial planning, among others. A finance
degree is a business degree that focuses on using data and numerical analysis to guide
decision- making.

Nearly every business in every economic sector relies upon professionals with financial
skills to help run the business and plan for the future. Professionals with financial
expertise play integral roles in governmental agencies, not-fornon-profit organizations,
and academia. Therefore, a finance degree opens the doors to opportunities in
numerous sectors.

Some of the jobs held by individuals who have obtained a financial degree
includeinclude: financial planner, loan officer, credit analyst, investment analyst, and
loan officer. Most of these positions require a bachelor’s degree level in finance
degree. There are entry-level finance positions for those who earn an associate’s
degrees; and those jobs tend to be administrative and clerical in nature.

More advancement advanced opportunities are available for those who have obtained a
bachelor’s or master’s level degree in financial degree. For example, someone with a
bachelor’s finance degree in finance may be qualified for a financial analyst position.
Someone who continued on to obtain a master’s degree in Finance finance may be
qualified for a Senior senior Investment investment Analyst analyst position. Teaching
positions, at the university and college level, require a doctoratedoctoral degree.

In most financial degree programs, students must take mathematics, statistics, risk
assessment and analysis, investments, and accounting courses.

A finance degree can lead to lucrative employment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites
the median salary for a financial analyst at $73,150 per year. Financial managers made
make on an the average ofaverage of $99,300 per year and most were are eligible for a
bonus or incentive compensation.

Law Careers                                                                                   Formatted: Font: Bold

When most people think about law careers their minds’ immediately goes to traditional
legal jobs. Traditional law careers are include when an attorneys worksing in a in
private practice, a for the government department, ina business, or working pro bono
publico (for the public good).interest.

A law career in private practice entails providing legal representation to individuals and
businesses. The government employs lawyers to represent government interests. E An
examples of a law career in governmental law career isare a district attorney or a judge.
There are many law careers in business for lawyers to represent the interests of .
Businessesprivate companies employ lawyers to represent their interests. Major
corporations often have tax attorneys, intellectual property attorneys, litigators, and
compliance officers all on staff. A public interest law career involves representing the
interests of the community at large, or a segment of the community. An example of an
organization that hires public interest lawyers is a public advocacy organization, such as
an urban housing development organization.

According to the American Bar Association, approximately eleven 11 percent of law
school graduates pursue non-traditional law careers. Non-traditional law careerss
include include job titles such as: a law librarian, legal educator, insurance and risk
manager, environmental enforcement officer, estate planner, mediator, and corporate
investigator. A non-traditional law career is also possible with many law enforcement
agencies, environmental organizations, governmental agencies, and corporations.

Law Degree                                                                                    Formatted: Font: Bold

The first step in becoming a lawyer is to obtain a Juris Doctorate (J..D..) degree, also
known as a law degree. However, Bbefore you can enter entering law school, however,
there are a few academic hurdles you mustto overcome.

The first educational milestone you must pass on your journey to a law degree is to
complete a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited college or university. The
American Bar Association is the organization that grants accreditation to law schools..

Your uUndergraduate studies do not have to be in any particular specialty specialization
to gain acceptance at most law schools,; however, political science, criminal justice, and
philosophy backgrounds tend to be most helpful.

In addition to undergraduate academic accomplishments, law school admissions staff
considers a student’s scores on the standardized your score on the standardized Law
School Admissions Test (LSAT). Schools will also review references and personal
statements to determine which students to admit.

A law degree can generally be accomplished in three years. Unlike many other
programs, most law schools set a cap on how long they will allow students to complete
their law degree. Generally speaking, law schools discourage students from dragging
out their law degree; they want people committed to reaching their academic goals in a
timely manner.

Once you have obtained a law degree is obtained from an accredited law school, you a
student can sit for the Bar bar Examination examination in the state in which you wishhe
wishes to practice law. The American Bar Association is the organization that grants
accreditation to law schools.

Law School                                                                                   Formatted: Font: Bold

Before you can sitsitting for the bar exam and practiceing as a lawyerlaw, a student you
must first get a Juris Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree Doctorate degree at an accredited law
school. There are currently 200 two hundred law schools in the U.S. that are accredited
by the American Bar Association.

Competition to get into a top-tier law school, such as Yale, Harvard, Stanford, or
Columbia, is incredibly fierce. A number of factors are considered for admittance into
law school. One of the primary factors is a student’s undergraduate academic record.
The law school you apply to will review youra student’s undergraduate transcript; many
schools set thresholds with respect to acceptable undergraduate grade point averages.

Another key factor reviewed by a prospective law school is your a student’s score on the
Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The LSAT exam is a standardized test administered
four times a year. The test generally takes four hours to complete.

Each prospective law school entrant student must take the LSAT. The students at Yale,
the top-ranking law school by U.S. News & World ReportU.S. News and World Report,
generally have LSAT scores in the range of 171- to 176. Students attending school at
the 100th leading law school, Syracuse University, typically score between 153- and 157
on the LSAT.

In addition to academic history and LSAT scores, a law school will also consider youra
student’s references and personal statement.

When considering which law school to attend, you should first verify the school’s
accreditation status. The next most influential factors are cost, location, admission
criteria, and areas of specialtyspecialization. You A student should also research the
percentage of graduating students who passpassing the bar exam on their first attempt,
and the percentage who of how many secure employment in a legal capacity within a
year of graduation.

Health Career                                                                                    Formatted: Font: Bold

Americans areOur society is quitevery health conscious. The nation is grappling with
how to make healthcare more affordable, while individuals struggle to maintain healthy
lifestyles in light of a national obesity epidemic.

Currently, over 12 million Americans are currently pursuing healthcare careers. The
Bureau of Labor Statistics sites cites the healthcare industry as one that offers the most
growth potential in the next decade.

A health career might beis appropriate for you if you arefor someone who is genuinely
concerned about the well- being of others, who . If you enjoys motivating others to
achieve good health, and can listen empathetically to others in order and to identify
strategies for improvement.,
 a health career might be right for you.

Some health careers that are expected to grow more than 30% percent over the next
decade includeinclude: home health aides, medical scientists, physicians assistants,
athletic trainers, physical therapist aides, dental hygienists, veterinary technicians, as
well as and dental, medical, and physical therapist assistants.

A decision to pursue a health career is a commitment to education and . The profession
you choose will havethere are entry requirements. For example, pharmacists must
first graduate from an accredited pharmacy school before they can sit for the state
licensing examination. In addition, many health professionals must maintain a certain
number of continuing education credits to maintain their licenses.
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Healthcare Careers

More than 12 million Americans are currently pursuing healthcare careers. The Bureau
of Labor Statistics indicates that healthcare is one of the largest and fastest -growing
industries. Health care professionals are either self-employed or work in the more than
600,000 healthcare facilities nationwidethroughout the country. The different types of
facilities y type can varyrange from hospitals, to ambulatory care centers, to hospice
agencies. These facilities employ healthcare professionals, including therapists and
technicians, as well as managerial, administrative, and support positionsstaff.

Advances in technology and , science, and societaly, and economics trends have all
given rise to hundreds of different types of healthcare careers. In centuries past, the
only healthcare careers were doctors, nurses, dentists, and veterinarians. Now,
healthcare professionals can choose from any number of specialtiesspecializations.
Some of those healthcare careers includeinclude: pharmacists, occupational and
physical therapists, technologists, home health aides, and numerous others.

When evaluating healthcare careers, it is useful to look at demographic and economic
trends. Healthcare costs have skyrocketed in recent years. The country as a whole is
struggling with issues on of how to provide quality healthcare at lower costs. Another
trend that greatly impacts demand for healthcare professionals isis the fact that the
increasing longevity of Americans, who are people are living longer. Americans now
liveing on an the average of 72 years. In the 20th century, the average American only
lived to the age of 47. Healthcare careers that help aging Americans in the later stages
of their lives will continue to be in great demand. According to the Bureau of Labor
Statistics, home health aidsaides, medical scientists, and physicians assistants are
among the healthcare careers that will offer the most opportunities for in the years to

The skills mostSome of the more important skills needed in a healthcare careers are
composure under pressure, empathy and compassion for others, and excellent listening
and communication skills. Also, healthcare careers require a commitment to ongoing
education. Not only are professionals required to obtain the necessary degrees,
licensing, and certifications for certain positions (e.g., nursing license), but they most
must also keep current on latest best practices through continuing education.

Doctor Careers                                                                                Formatted: Font: Bold

The best and brightest students are often drawn to doctor careers in hopes of
meaningful employment through helping others, opportunities for lucrative pay, and the
prestige that comes along with having an M.D. (Medical Doctor) titleafter their name.

Given medical and technological advances, doctor careers have exploded in recent
years. There is now a dizzying array of doctor careers available to individuals who are
willing and capable of completing rigorous educational and residency requirements.

In the twentieth century, there were only a few different types of doctors, like family
practitioners or general internists. Now there are numerous niche areas that physicians
can pursue as a specialtyspecialization. For example, within the broad category of
internal medicine, there are doctor careers in hematology (blood), cardiovascular
(heart) disease, gastroenterology (digestive tract), oncology (cancer), pulmonary
medicine (respiratory system), or and infectious diseases. Previously, there were only
general surgeons; . Nnow there are doctor careers in all types of surgical
specialtiesspecializations, such as neurology and orthopedics.

One area of specialty specialization that is expected to continue to expand over the next
few decades is geriatrics. Geriatrics is the care and treatment of elderly patients. As
the baby boomer generation ages, the requirement for more geriatric doctors careers
are is going to increase to meet the demand of a large and aging population. thatIt is a
projected that 70 million Americans will require geriatric treatment by the year 2030.

In addition to the wide array of opportunities in various specialtiesspecializations,
doctor careers can be found in a number of different settings. Different The wide
variety of environments where where doctors can practice includeincludes: hospitals,
research facilities, health maintenance organizations, clinics, and private practices.

Nurse Career                                                                                   Formatted: Font: Bold

A nurse career is a blend of science, technology, and people skills. As important as an
academic aptitude, nurses must be compassionate and have excellent communication
skills. In addition to providing patient care and treatment, nursing professionals
provide patients and their families with valuable information and emotional support
that is needed to help with recovery and disease prevent diseasesion.

In 2008, there were over 2.6 million Registered Registered Nurses Nurses (RNs) in the
United States. A nurse career as a Registered registered Nurse nurse is the largest
health carehealthcare occupation, although there are numerous other career path
opportunities for nurses. Three out of five Registered registered Nurses nurses work in
a hospital setting.

A nurse career often pays well and offers tremendous job mobility. According to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, rRegistered Nurses nurses earned anon the average of
$65,130 a year in 2008. The salary for lLicensed Ppractical Nnurses (LPN’s) is slightly
lower than that of RN’s. LPN’s working in nursing care facilities earned on thean
average of $42,590 annually. LPN’s working in general medical and surgical hospitals
earned on thean average of $40,250 per year. Whether an RN or an LPN, must most
nurses have ample opportunity to increase earnings by taking on additional hours and
shift work.

The high job mobility scores for a nurse career are as a result of the incredibly high
demand for nursing professionals in all medical care settings. In addition to needing
qualified nursing professionals to fill a number of open positions, many hospital and
care facilities across the country also suffer from a high rate of turnover (nearly 50%
percent each year) among nursing staff.

While the country U.S. grapples with ways in which to provide affordable health
carehealthcare to our an aging population, a nurse career in geriatrics or elder care is
one that will continue to be in high demand. Home health carehealthcare nurses will
also continue to be a nursing career segment that will increase in demand for the
foreseeable future.

Nursing Career                                                                                  Formatted: Font: Bold

Nursing careers are at the heart of the American healthcare system. Nurses provide
patient care while also giving emotional support and educational information to
patients and their families.

A nursing career can be personally fulfilling. After all, many nurses are in the business
of saving lives.! A nursing career can also provide forhave excellent earning potential,
steady income, job mobility, and career excitement. On the flip -side, nursing is
stressful and often involves long working hours and exposure to sad situations.

Although the majority of nurses (60% percent) work in hospital settings, a nursing career
can be pursued in many other environments as well. Nurses work in clinics, surgery
centers, companies, schools, rehabilitation centers, hospice organizations, and in private

Now more than ever before, students have you have the opportunity to pursue a
nursing career that meets your a specific area of interest. For example, if you enjoy
workingto work with children you couldthere are opportunities to specializee in
pediatric care, or you could work as a maternityin maternity, as a nurse or as a nurse
midwife. A nursing career in the Army could lead to severalseveral different
opportunities after active duty, including flight nurse, emergency room nurse, or
surgical nurse.

Nursing Careers                                                                                  Formatted: Font: Bold

Nursing professionals are in extremely high demand in most communities across the
United States. In fact, in over the last decade, billions of dollars were have been spent
in an attempt to recruit people into nursing careers. In the mid-2000’s several
published studies revealed a major nursing staff shortage in nursing medical facilities
throughout the country. The National Commission on Nursing Workforce for Long-Term
Care’s reports highlighted a need for more than 118,000 registered nurses on any given
day. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projected the need for 1.2 million new and
replacement nurses by the year 2014.

Nursing careers involve more than treating patients. Nurses also educate patients, and
their families, and as well as the general public about medical care and treatment.
Nurses also promoting promote disease prevention and advocate for living a healthy

It is usually the nurses, not the doctors, that who oversee patient cases. Nurses and
provide the education and emotional support that to patients and their families need
during the a time of illness or injury.

Medical advances have given rise to a wide array of nursing careers. Nurses can
choose to work in a number of different specialtiesspecializations; for example, . Tthey
can focus on a specific health concern, such as cancer. Another way to specialize is to
concentrate on certain organs, for example cardiac care (heart). Alternatively, a nurse
can focus on a certain patient group, like pediatrics (children), or geriatric care (elderly).
Other nursing careers can specialize in the type of treatment rendered, e.g.,, like trauma

                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Not Bold

Nursing Schools                                                                                Formatted: Font: Bold

There are many different nursing schools. A student should choose a school that
focuses on his The key is to find one that will best lead your career path in the direction
you want it to take, and one that is affordable and convenient for you.

The first thing to look at when evaluating nursing schools is the accreditation status.
Accreditation means that an independent and objective organization has reviewed the
school and its programs in order to determine that it has met certain quality standards.
Nursing schools generally receive accreditation from organizations such as the National
League for Nursing, or the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Each state has
a board of nurse examiners that grants nursing schools permission to operate legally in
the state.

Other criteria to look for in comparing nursing schools are the specific nursing programs.
A student should Make sure that theensure the school’s nursing degree program
curriculum matches his chosen area of interest. you choose has the program type or
degrees that match your specific area of interest.

Nursing schools also vary in terms of how much time must be spent in doing clinical
rotations. Hands-on experience is an important part of the preparation process for a
nursing career.

Nursing schools also keep statistics on how many graduates pass the nursing licensing
license examination. This is an important data point for you becauseas it is an indicator
of how well the school prepares its students for thise mandatory test.

The cost of nursing schools and the availability of financial aid variesvary widely.
Always inquire as to whether the school provides financial aid, scholarship monies, or
access to grant funding. Some nursing schools have relationships with hospitals,
whereby the hospital will provide financial assistance to students who are willing to
commit to future employment.

Nursing Degrees                                                                                  Formatted: Font: Bold

If you have an interest in working in any nursingTo work in nursing field, you one must
first pursue a formal education. However, Tthe level of education required, however, is
often determined by the student’s specific nursing career you decide to

Many technical institutes, community colleges, and junior colleges offer technical
registered nursing degrees. Upon graduation from these programs, the student earns
his or her associate’s degree. Graduates with an associate’s degree are generally
eligible to sit for the registered nurse licensure examination (R.N.). Once the exam is
passed, the student is eligible for some entry-level and staff-nurse positions.

A BSN (Bbachelor inof sScience in Nursing) nursing degree opens the door to many more
nursing jobs than an associate’s degree in level nursing degree. Within nursing careers,
aAs your a nurse’s education level increases, generally so dowilles your his salary, job
security, and promotional opportunities. A BSN bachelor in science nursing degree will
also prepare you a nurse to take onfor increased patient care responsibilities and give
you him greater autonomy on-the-job.

Many nursing schools offer graduate-level courses to increase a nursing professional’s
advancement opportunities. There are currently over sixty 60 master’s programs
offered in nursing schools in the United States. The degrees offered in these programs
vary from nursing administration and education, to clinical specialtiesspecializations, in
fields like geriatrics.

Some nursing schools also offer doctoral degree nursing programs. These programs are
generally geared towards preparing nursing professionals to assume educational and
leadership roles, and to advance in the profession.

Nursing Programs                                                                              Formatted: Font: Bold

One of the first steps you should takeAn important decision in in pursuing youra nursing
education is to decide on what the type of program that will support a chosen career
path is of interest to you. There are several nursing programs to choose from, each
geared toward preparing you a student for in different aspects of nursing. Nursing
programs are also geared towards helping nurses along their career path, often giving
credit for other educational or practical experiences.

The following is an overview of different nursing programs offered in most nursing

Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) – these programs            Formatted: Font: Not Bold
tend to be offered in vocational technical schools or community colleges. LPN or LVN
nursing programs can generally be completed within a year and prepares students to sit
for the state nursing licensing exams.

Associate’s Degree degree in Nursingnursing. Associate ‘s degree in nursing programs          Formatted: Font: Not Bold
typically provide students with an interim degree in the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science     Formatted: Font: Not Bold
in Nursing (BSNBSN) degree. The curriculum for an Aassociate’s degree in nursing              Formatted: Font: Not Bold
programs prepares students for entry -level nursing positions and to sit for the state
nursing licensing exams.

LPN to BSN programs. These nursing programs are tailored towards nursing                      Formatted: Font: Not Bold
professionals who have already obtained their LPN designation and now want to obtain
a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN). Most of these types of nursing programs
are accelerated and a BSN can be obtained in as little as four semesters. Similarly, a
number of schools offer RN to BSN programs, which are accelerated as well.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degreeBSN programs. Most employers today                 Formatted: Font: Not Bold
require nurses to have a BSN degree. A BSN can typically be completed in four years.

Master’s of Science in Nursing (MSN). MSN degree programs provide nursing                     Formatted: Font: Not Bold
professionals professionals with the background requiredments to for specializeing in a
particular nursing discipline. Most MSN degree programs can be completed within 18-
to 24 months.

Medical Career                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Bold
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: 12 pt
A medical career can provide job satisfaction and stability, while also offering good
earning potential and career mobility. A medical career might be right for you if haveis
a good path for someone with the following characteristics:

      A genuine concern for the well-being of others                                          Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                               0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"

      Excellent communication skills

      An interest and aptitude for anatomy, physiology, or biology

      A desire to learn about how medicine and the different treatment methods used
       can for cureing illnesses, treating injuries, and preventing diseases

      Enjoy working with people

      Lead an active and healthy lifestyle. Most medical careers require professionals
       to be on their feet for long stretches of time. While there are some sedentary
       medical careers (e.g., medical transcription or office administration), most of the
       jobs require physical activity. Also, Hhealth care professionals often have to
       counsel patients on healthy lifestyle choices; , and therefore, it is beneficial to
       emulate the choices promoted.

If you are confident that youA student that possesses these characteristics, the next
thing to think about is themust also consider the educational commitment you he will
have to make in order to pursue a medical career.

Most careers in health carehealthcare require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and
many require much more (doctors, pharmacists, dentists, etc.). It is often helpful to
think objectively about your one’s stamina, ability, and financial resources, and decide
whether or not to it will be enough to endure the required the required rigorous
academic training necessary to a career in medicine. The more you know about the
specific field and position you would like to pursueA student that knows his
specialization or career focus, is better the better you will be able to assess the time
commitment and resources needed to achieve the necessary academic training

The good news, however, is, that when it comes to a medical career there is something
for everyone. The health carehealthcare industry is growing and evolving and is in need
of professionals at many different skill levels and interest areas.

    Formatted: Font: Not Bold

Medical Careers                                                                               Formatted: Font: Bold

Medical careers will rapidly increase for the foreseeable future. Advances in science,
medicine, and technology are all giving rise to new ways to treat patients and prevent

There are a few other factors contributing to the rise of medical careers. Baby boomers
are now reaching retirement age; . Tthey are living longer, and thus requiring
significantly more medical attention. In additionAt the same time, the health
carehealthcare industry is trying to reduce expenses to make health carehealthcare
more affordable. They areThis is causing a shifting of patient care responsibilities
down to lower-paid, lower skilled professionals. So, fFor example, nurses are now
administering routine care that was formerly performed exclusively by doctors. This
These types of shifts in responsibilities hasve increased occurred for in all medical
careers that are steps removed from doctors and nurses.

Job opportunities for medical assistants, dental assistants, and physical therapist aides
are expected to rise by more than 30% percent by the year 2014. The number of home
health aides is expected to rise 54% percent in the same time period.

Many of the medical careers that exist in 2011 did not even exist thirty years ago. In
addition to how medical treatment is administered, computer technology is
transforming the health carehealthcare industry and creating new medical careers.
Computer technology has greatly impacted medical careers, including medical research,
document imaging, and medical record confidentiality, patient scheduling, and
diagnostic testing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the fastest top 20 twenty occupations; thirteen of the
top twenty can be categorized as medical careers. Some of the fastest -growing
medical careers are: clinical lab technicians, dental assistants, dental hygienists,
diagnostic technicians, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, medical records
technician,s, orderliesy, and attendants.
                                                                                              Formatted: Font: Calibri

Medical Field Careers                                                                            Formatted: Font: Bold

Medical field careers are both diverse and plentiful. The jobs are diverse in that the
health carehealthcare industry employs both medical and non-medical professionals.
Many medical field careers never treat patients, for example, medical transcriptionists,
biostatisticians, and medical equipment repairers. There are literally hundreds of
different medical field careers for you to choose from; varying anywhere from the
traditional doctor and or nurse, to cytotechnologists (study of cell disease), to a

Heath care is a growth industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects medical field
careers to increase by over 20% percent in the foreseeable future. Some jobs, like
home health aides and physician’s assistants, will grow more than 30% percent.

When exploring medical field careers, it may be helpful to first think about the academic
eligibility requirements and gauge one’s. This way you can gauge whether you might
have the intellectual aptitude, emotional stamina, and financial resources required to
endure the academic portion of your medical training.

There are a number of medical field careers that only require a high school diploma or
an associate’s degree. These jobs include: titles such as personal and home care aides,
ambulance drivers, human service workers, and EKG technicians.

Medical field careers that are available for individuals who complete some post-
secondary or technical training includeinclude: radiologic technicians, physical therapy
assistants, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and medical secretaries.

Medical field career opportunities that are available for those willing to obtain attain a
bachelor’s degree or morehigher in education includeinclude: dieticians and
nutritionists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists.

More advanced medical field careers are available for individuals who commit to
graduate or doctoral studies. These programs prepare individuals for a number of
different careers, includings such as: biochemists, physical therapists, pharmacists,
andand veterinarians.
                                                                                                 Formatted: Font: Calibri

Medical School                                                                               Formatted: Font: Bold

The competition to get into medical school is fiercely competitive. Recent studies show
that only 50% percent of those who apply to medical school are accepted. The
following are the criteria that most medical schools look into at when considering

Academic background. Admission counselors will look at an applicant’s overall grade          Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
point average as well as theand his chosen program of study. A liberal arts education
with a concentration of in math and science courses is a solid foundation for most
medical school admissions. Another piece of the academic puzzle is your the
applicant’s score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). This test is
administered multiple times a year, and you can takecan be taken it as many as three
times per year. The higher your the MCAT score, the more likely you are to the
applicant will getbe accepted into the medical school of yourhis choice.

Extracurricular activities. Medical school is a tremendous commitment. Most medical          Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
school programs include four years of intensive study, which is followed by a residency
program. Some schools have accelerated three-year programs as well. The admissions
counselors look favorably upon candidates who have worked or volunteered in a health
care-giving capacity. Volunteer activities often serve as a barometer of the applicant’s
interest and commitment to the profession.

Interview. One of the final stages of the medical school application process is a            Formatted: Font: Not Bold, Not Italic
personal interview. Medical school admission counselors look for cuesclues as toin the
personal applicant’s character and to decide whether or not the applicanthe will fit the
student body profile.

The race for Because it is so competitive to get into acceptance into medical school is
highly competitive,; it is advisable to apply to at least a few different onesschools. The
broad acceptance of the American Medical College Application Service has made it easy
to apply to multiple medical schools. Only one submission of background material is
necessary whenBy u using this application service, as the material you only have to
submit your background materials once, and it is then disseminated among the chosen
medical schools you wish to apply.

While location and costs are important factors to consider when choosing a medical
school, they are n’t not the only factors:.

                                                                                             Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
      When you are deciding which medical school to attend, the first thing you             1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
       shouldto look at is accreditation status. The Liaison Committee on Medical            Formatted: Font: Calibri

       Education, which is jointly sponsored by the American Medical Associations and
       the Association of American Medical Colleges, grants accreditation to medical

                                                           You should alsoAlso look           Formatted: Font: Calibri

       into how much clinical experience you would getis available at through the              Formatted: List Paragraph, Bulleted + Level:
                                                                                               1 + Aligned at: 0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
       medical school.
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                              What types of teaching
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
       methods are are used? Its ist a traditional, lecture -style education, or does the
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
       school offer more case-based problem -solving?
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri

                                                              Is the school an academic       Formatted: Font: Calibri

       research center or a primary care school?                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri

                                                              How many graduates              Formatted: Font: Calibri

       passed their qualifying and board exams?                                                Formatted: Font: Calibri
                                                                                               Formatted: Font: Calibri

                                                            Another insightful statistic      Formatted: Font: Calibri

       to look at is the number of students that are matched in thewith their chosen
       specialty specializationof choice.

While these statistics will not guarantee your a success rate, they can be predictive of       Formatted: Font: Calibri
how well the medical school prepares its students.

Management Degree                                                                             Formatted: Font: Bold

A management degree may open the doors to many career opportunities. The most
common type of management degree is a general business degree. This type of degree
program is appropriate for those business majors students who may not have a
particular industry focus.

Other popular management degree programs include:

   - Hospitality Management management Degreedegree                                          Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
   - Marketing Management management Degreedegree
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
   - Healthcare Management management Degreedegree                                           Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
                                                                                              Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
   - Financial Management management Degreedegree                                            0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal, No bullets or numbering
This is not an exhaustive list and the chances are very good for a student to find . If you   Formatted: Bulleted + Level: 1 + Aligned at:
                                                                                              0.25" + Indent at: 0.5"
have a particular industry that you are interested in, chances are that you can find a
management degree program that supports his desired specializationto provide you
with the specific academic training. For example, in the leisure and sports sector, a
degree in Pprofessional Ggolf Mmanagement Degree is valuableavailable.
                                                                                              Formatted: Normal
Management degree programs help develop critical thinking skills, enhance analytical
abilities, and teach management theories and philosophies. The focus of studies in
most management degree programs is on how to plan projects, organize the tasks,
allocate resources, motivate staff, execute on thea plan, and monitor and report on

A management degree is useful for a variety of career paths, including marketing,
accounting, human resources, and finance. Management positions are available in
businesses of all sizes, as well as in not-fornon-profit organizations, governmental
agencies, the health carehealthcare industry, and academia.

Management degree programs are typically offered at all levels, including : associate’s,
bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral. Most management positions require a minimum of
a bachelor’s degree.

MBA Schools

Master’s in of Business Administration (MBA) degrees are increasingly dramatically in
popularity, as more employers require advanced degrees for senior positions. Given
the extremely high demand for this type of academic training, the number of MBA
Schools schools has exploded explodedas well.

Location and cost are the top two criteria most students look at when choosing a school,
but there are others factors to consider as well. MBA Schools schools vary widely with
respect to what you will be required to learn,the school’s curricula and and how you will
be taught teaching methodology. Each MBA schools haves primary academic focus
areas, andas well as strengths and weaknesses. Some schools still use a didactic,
lecture- type teaching methods, while others have adopted an integrated, case-based
curriculum. With so many choices of MBA schools out there for you, you want to be
sure youto end up with a school that will choose a school that supports a chosen career
path.lead you to the career you desire while teaching you in a way that is most effective
for you.

MBA Schools schools typically offer an array of formats to appeal to students with
diverse needs. MBA Schools schools often have both one-year and two -year programs.
They have full-time, part-time, on-line, and weekend options as well. The programs
tend to be quite flexible and cater to so that working professionals canthat are
continueing their education while remaining on the career path to more senior

One way to distinguish one MBA schools from another is by looking at the which schools
employers whoare turning to the schools ffor recruitment purposes. Recruiting
information will give yougives a sense of the schools’ reputation, as well as the types of
career and networking opportunities that might be available to you upon completion.

Finally, when choosing between an MBA schools, you want to be sure that the one you
decide upon one thatit is accredited. Employers’, for the most part, will only recognize
an MBA degree from an accredited college or university.

Music School                                                                                   Formatted: Font: Bold

The music industry is competitive and extremely selective. It is often a hard industry to
break into without the formal training one receives from a music school. Music school
provides the background needed to pursue a wide range of careers in music, including:
performance, songwriting, production, and engineering, music business management,
music education, music therapy, and electronic production and design.

Music education has been part of American culture dating back tosince 1857, when the
Peabody Institute, now part of Johns Hopkins, established the first Academy of Music.
Now, there are hundreds of schools that offer music degrees, diplomas, and certificate
programs. These schools offer students the opportunity to pursue all aspects of the
music business with majors programs such aslike: music education, vocal arts,
composition, and audio production, and recording. The National Association of Schools
of Music, which is a member of the Council of Arts Accrediting Association, evaluates
the degree and non-degree programs offered by music schools, and grants
accreditation. Accreditation helps students ensure that the music school has met the
quality standards developed by an independent authority.

If you are interested in attendingIn order to attend a music school, you one must be
willing to share your his musical talents during the application process. Many music
schools, particularly those offering degree programs, require applicants to perform live
or submit a recorded audition.


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