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					Dr. Christos Nikolopoulos
Office: BR 197
(309) 677-2456

Class Web site:

http://hilltop.bradley.edu/~chris/ and follow the CS 572 link.

CS 572 Summer 1

Advanced Databases
Required Textbook:

Database Systems, Elmarsi/Navathe, Addison Wesley(any edition)

Other References:

   1. PowerPoint slides, class website contents
   2. Video tapes

We will cover Intelligent Databases in general including Deductive
Databases, Fuzzy Databases, Multimedia Databases, Object Oriented
Databases, Distributed Databases, Data Warehousing and OLAP. For
deductive, fuzzy and object oriented databases, we will use as an
implementation language the declarative language PROLOG to build
deductive and OO database prototypes. We will cover elements of Machine
Learning such as neural networks, decision and classification trees,
and the integration of DBMS and ML into Data Mining.

Class delivery format:
The class is offered in an online, asynchronous format.
All individual emails to the instructor will be answered by the end of the day received.
Tests will be online. The MIDTERM will be sent by email to each student by 10:00 a.m.
of the announced day and she/he will have till 10:00 a.m. of the next day to complete, and
email the answers back to the instructor. The answers should be typed in a word file
(preferred) or they can be handwritten and scanned. The FINAL will be emailed to each
student by 10:00 p.m. of the announced day and students will have till 5:00 p.m. of the
next day (July 6th) to complete and return by email as a Word .doc file or scanned.
The homework and the optional project are due by email by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday July
In addition to the online format, for those students who prefer the person to person
interaction with the instructor, the instructor will be available at the BR156 Intelligent
Systems and Robotics Lab on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. to meet with
students. If you have doubts about the material and your questions were not satisfactorily
answered by the video lectures or email communications, you can come if you wish to
meet with the instructor.

The table below gives the reading assignments each day from the book, powerpoints and
online sources.

# Date         Topics for reading/online discussion         Readings/Assignments

Day 1         Review SQL                Chapter 8 Elmarsi/Navathe
              &                         Download Prolog interpreter (see link on class
              Prolog                    website), Web site Notes on prolog & Prolog

Day 2         Prolog                    Web site Notes on Prolog, Prolog tutorial

Day 3         Prolog                    Web site Notes on Prolog, Prolog tutorial
Day 4         Deductive databases       Web site Notes, Prolog tutorial
              using Prolog
Day 5         Deductive Databases       Chapter 24.4 Elmarsi/Navathe
              (using PROLOG)
Day 6         Heuristics for Query      Chapter 15.7 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint slides
Day 7         Selectivity and cost      Chapter 15.8 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint slides
              estimates in Query
Day 8         Spacial and Multimedia    Chapter 24.3 Elmarsi/Navathe
Day 9         Object Databases          Chapter 20.1-20.4 Elmarsi/Navathe
Day 10        Object Databases          Chapter 20.5-20.7 Elmarsi/Navathe

Day 11        OODB, ODL, OQL            Chapter 21.1-21.3 Elmarsi/Navathe

Day 12        OODB, ODL, OQL            Chapter 21.4-21.6 Elmarsi/Navathe

Day 13        MIDTERM EXAM              Online on: Prolog, deductive databases with
6/20/2012     (online-emailed to you    PROLOG, relational query optimization and
              by 10:00 a.m.,            material up to Day 12
              answers due back by
              10:00 a.m. next day
              Thursday 6/21)
Day 14        Distributed Databases     Chapter 25.4-25.6 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
Day 15        Distributed Databases     Chapter 25.6-25.8 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
Day 16        Data Mining Concepts      Chapter 27.1-27.4 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
Day 17        Data Mining Concepts      Chapter 27.5-27.8 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
Day 18        Data Warehousing and      Chapter 28.1-28.4 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
              OLAP                      slides
Day 19        Data Warehousing and      Chapter 28.4-28.8 Elmarsi/Navathe+powerpoint
              OLAP                      slides
Day 20        DBMS Security and         Chapter 23.1-23.3 Elmarsi/Navathe
Day 21        DBMS Security and         Chapter 23.4-23.7 Elmarsi/Navathe

Day 22        HW Due                    Homework due by 5:00 p.m. (and optional
Day 23        University Closed         Independence Day
Day 24        FINAL EXAM-               On:
Thursday      online (emailed to you    cumulative
7/5/2012      by 10:00 p.m.,
              answers due back by
              5:00 p.m. on 7/6)
7/6/2012      FINAL EXAM DUE
              BY 5:00 p.m.

250 Points Total

100 points Midterm Exam
100 points Final Exam
50 points Homework assignments
10 extra credit points given for completion of the Data Warehousing project (see class
website project link)

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