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                          Cropwell Bishop Parish Council – Minutes of Meeting
                                          3rd November 2009
                                       7.30pm -The Old School
                                  (The meeting started at 7.37pm and ended at 9.27pm)

       Present:             Cllrs: C. Bryan, J. Greenwood, H. Hawkins, (until 8.49pm) H. Kendal, R. Stanley,
                            P. Walters and A. Wilson (Chairman)

       Apologies:           Cllr: D.Barlow - Approved

       In Attendance: J. Grice (Clerk), Cllr G, Moore – Rushcliffe Borough Council


        To Vote on Nominees for Co-option to Fill Parish Council Casual Vacancy

235.   The successful applicant was Mrs Judith Gelsthorpe who duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance of
       Office of Councillor.

                            Declarations of Interest & Confirmation of Agenda

236.   D.O.I - None received and Agenda confirmed.

                                   Minutes of the Previous Meeting
237.   Resolved: “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on October 6 th 2009 be confirmed as a true
       record and signed by the Chairman.”


238.   M 195. Mayor’s Charity Appeal
       The October coffee morning raised £50.00 of which the proceeds will go to the Neonatal Unit at The
       University Hospital.

239.   M 198. Staging
       The staging has been delivered and is extremely robust and easily set up. However storage and
       transportation issues need to be addressed.

240.   M 199. Bar Contract
       Cllr Stanley will provide the Clerk with a proposal for The Old School.

241.   M 207. VAT
       HMRC have responded to the Clerk regarding the Council’s enquiry whether to become VAT registered.
       The Clerk needs to digest the information and access various publications before summarising Council’s

242.   M 208. Cropwell News
       The deadline for articles to go in the next edition is 13 th November 2009.

243.   M 210. Football Training Sessions
       No enquiries had been received for the Saturday morning training sessions. Mr Dawn may promote the
       activity again in the Spring.

244.   M 214. Village Signs
       It is understood that no-one had strong feelings about the detail of the Village signs at the last coffee
       morning. Therefore the Clerk will instruct Malcolm Lanes to provide a firm quotation for the Village
       Boundary Signs in white with no logos.

       The Pinfold sign artwork requires more detail and is ongoing. The Clerk will provide examples when
245.   M 219. Extension Feasibility Study
       Focus has put together an initial budget for the extension and are estimating a total project value in the
       region of £500,000. This includes professional fees and statutory fees for planning and building
       regulations. The Planning Department have yet to provide feedback, once received the full feasibility
       report will be provided.

246.   M 224. Christmas Trees
       The trees were installed on 2nd November at The Old School.

247.   M 225. Skate Park Launch Event
       All detail is in place and the Mayor will be officially opening the facility and cutting the ribbon.

248.   M 226. Clerks Appraisal
       Cllr Walters carried out the Clerks appraisal. Two items of concern are:
            a) Councillor responsibilities and Clerks duties require more definition.
            b) The Clerk requires a period in the week where the office is ‘unofficially closed’ to allow her
               time for work that requires greater periods of uninterrupted concentration.

249.   M 230. Footpath 21 – Mill Lane/Church Street
       The Countryside Access Team have sent a formal request to the Landlord and the Brewery of the
       Wheatsheaf Public House giving them 14 days to carry out the required work on the over hanging trees.
       Otherwise they will then serve notice giving them the power to carry out the work and recover the costs.

250.   M 233. Councillor Profiles
       Cllr Walters provided an example of his profile for the website. Members would now forward their own
       personal profiles to the Clerk. Individual photographs would be taken at the end of the meeting.

                                        Planning Matters & Applications

251.   No Correspondence Received.

252.   Financial Statement October 2009
       The Clerk reported that some time ago RCVS had forward payment of £191.00 which was surplus funds
       from the original Youth Forum. It was:

       Resolved: “That £191.00 is designated for use by the fledgling Youth Strategy Group”.

       The report was noted and approved.

253.   Payments Made October 2009 & Payments Awaiting November 2009
       It was:
       Resolved: “To approve all payments as reproduced on payments document 38.”

254.   Grant Application – 1st Cropwell Bishop Scouts

       Resolved: “The Council pledged £250.00 to the group, for future use when it is established.”

255.   Concrete Quotes for Tree Bench and Notice Board
       Three quotations had been sourced ranging from £300.00 to £410.00. It was:

       Resolved: “That Simon Barlow carries out the work for £300.00”.

256.   Focus Additional Costs
       The consultants request an additional claim of £600.00 due to the amount of time over and above that
       originally expected when they quoted for the production of a feasibility study. Due to various meetings
       with the Parish Council and discussions with the planning authority, five different designs have been
       produced, each one being considerably different from the last. It was:

       Resolved: “To approve an additional payment of £600.00 to Focus Consultants.”

257.   Cllr Walters would make enquiries into the possibility of an independent advisor working with Council
       when the extension project takes off. It was also considered a good idea to advertise for local residents
       who may be able to provide expertise in Quantity Surveying, Business Plans and Funding Applications.
258.   To Consider Replacement of Spring Toys
       One Spring Toy at the Play Area has already been removed on Health and Safety grounds and the one left
       in situ is showing signs of wear and tear. The wood is chipped and the metal corroded. Cllrs Gelthorpe,
       Bryan, Walters and Wilson would attend a working group meeting on Tuesday 10th November to
       consider replacements and bring a proposal back to Council. The Clerk would make enquiries with
       Derek Haydn at Rushcliffe Borough Council for any advice he could offer with regard to The Play
       Builder Funding.

259.   Staging Storage and Transportation
       Although robust, the weight of the stage platforms makes it extremely difficult to transport safely. A table
       truck is required to ensure Manual Handling procedures are acceptable. It was:

       Resolved: “To purchase a suitable table truck and cover at £400.00”

260.   Storage also needs to be addressed. Cllr Walters and Wilson will investigate possible solutions.

                                      Correspondence for Action

261.   Nottinghamshire County Council – Parish Council Event – 10th December 2009 -7.00pm
       – County Hall
       Cllrs Kendal, Wilson, Walters and the Clerk would attend.

262.   Green Communities – Funding Training – 10th November 2009
       No members wished to attend.

                                                  A46 Project

263.   Balfour Beatty and Highways Agency Presentation A46 Project Office - 9th December 2009 –
       6.45pm -
       Cllrs Bryan, Greenwood and Stanley would attend.

264.   Notice Board Contribution
       Balfour Beatty is also requesting that Parish Councils put up basic project update information on village
       notice boards. An offer of £500 has been pledged as a contribution to a new notice board. Together with
       the Nottinghamshire Village of the Year category award of £250, this will be £750 towards costs. It was:

       Resolved: “That the Clerk speak to Spirita and the Co-op Group with regard to siting a new notice board
       adjacent to the Co-op.”

265.   Community Projects Offer
       Cllr Greenwood had drafted a letter seeking assistance from Balfour Beatty for two community projects,
       The Old School extension and the re- watering of the Canal. The Chairman would oversee the final
       version, before the Clerk sends it off.

266.   Cllr Hawkins left the meeting at 8.49pm

                                                  Youth Initiatives

267.   Youth Notice Board & Suggestion Box
       Item deferred pending further talks with the village youth as to where exactly they would like a notice
       board siting or indeed if they wanted one.

268.   Youth Activity Nights
       The Clerk has requested help from Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Urban Roadshow with regard to putting
       on a first youth activity night. Adult supporters have come forward to help form an established project.

269.   W. C Facilities at the Playing Fields
       Members did not consider the item a priority at this point.

                                       Village Ranger Inspections

270.   Apart from the poor state of the Spring Toy in the play area and teething problems with the Skate Area,
       i.e. litter and graffiti. There were no other problems to report.

                                              The Old School

271.   Events & Activities Update
       Caroline Trevithick and Tracie Berridge have agreed to head the Entertainments Working Group. They
       have been invited to submit a proposal to council with regard to any funding requirements or ‘kitty’ for
       the next financial year.

       Due to difficulties experienced with Filmbank , the group are also looking into possible different film

                                           Citizenship Awards

272.   Cllr Walters proposed that the Council consider providing Citizenship Awards to residents who give
       outstanding time and effort for the community. It was:

       Resolved: “That Council make the awards if in agreement with nominations.”

                                     Emergency in the Community

273.   A working group comprising of Cllrs Greenwood, Stanley, Walters and Wilson would look into
       preparing for an emergency in the community. Nottinghamshire County Council provide a guidance
       document on developing a plan. Local Parish Councils would also be invited to work along side Cropwell
       Bishop to formulate a plan together.

                                           Councillors’ Reports

274.   Cllr’s Bryan and Greenwood will attend the next meeting of the Grantham Canal Liaison Group.
       However, the re-watering of the Canal in the Cropwell Bishop area does not appear to be high on the
       agenda. There are so many different repair projects required on the canal that specific areas of concern
       can get diluted in debate.

275.   The Chairman is representing Cropwell Bishop Parish Council at the Remembrance Sunday Service. It is
       expected that either Cllr’s John Cottee or Neil Clarke will also attend from Rushcliffe Borough Council.

276.   Cllr Moore advised that the forthcoming precept requirements made by the County Council will incur a
       0% increase as they are in the process of many cut backs. It is understood that Rushcliffe Borough
       Council’s increase will also be minimal.

277.   A resident has endured years of trying to get a tree felled on Marshall Road which is causing considerable
       damage to her property. Cllr Moore advised that Rushcliffe Borough Council have finally intervened and
       have agreed to cut down the tree and replace with something less intrusive.

278.   There is a tree preservation order on specific trees at The Old Weighbridge site on Nottingham Road. The
       Planning department are investigating recent felling to ensure that the order has not been breached.

279.   Colston Basset Parish Council is interested in joining in the Speed Watch initiative and has asked to look
       at the equipment and find out more about the sessions.

280.   Various issues need addressing with regard to the A46 project. Lorries taking shortcuts, weight
       restrictions and in particular signage which needs the Parish Councils input at an early stage. The Clerk
       will invite Langar/Barnstone, Cropwell Butler, Kinoulton and Colston Bassett Parish Councils to a joint
       meeting also attended by Cllr’s Moore and Butler. (Details to be confirmed).

                                   Highways and Footpaths Defects

281.   Footpath 21 Mill Lane to Church Street still requires a barrier to stop pedestrians from going onto the
       road from the footpath at speed. The previous response from the Countryside Access Team was that the
       footpath did not meet the criteria for a barrier and they could not justify one. The Clerk would raise the
       question with them again.
282.   It is extremely difficult to cross the road from the Wheatsheaf car park to the Butchers and other
       businesses. The speed limit in the main body of the village being set at 20mph is still an aspiration.

283.   The contractors on the new development site at Cropwell Butler road have been quite lapse in clearing up
       the mud on the road. In rainy weather it cascades down to Church Street. They are also driving lorries on
       the adjacent pavement next to the site and damaging the tarmac. The Clerk has reported the matter to
       Waterloo Housing Group.

284.   Lamp column no 1. at the bottom of Marshall Road is not working. The Clerk will report to Highways.

                                   Correspondence for Information

285.   The November correspondence file would be circulated to all members.

                                          Date of Next Meeting
286.   December 1st 2009.

       Chairman’s Signature……………………………………………………..Date………………

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