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    Accounting ........................................... 17        Nursing .................................................19
                                                                                                                                     Schoolcraft College
    Aerobics Cross Training ......................35
    Aquatics ................................................38
                                                                     Painting ................................................31
                                                                     Personal Interest..................................29
                                                                                                                                     Continuing Education
                                                                                                                                      Professional Development
    Art—General .......................................29            Photography .........................................31
    Career Training/Exploration ................ 6                   Public Safety.........................................32
    Ceramics ...............................................30       Reading .................................................20     We are located in the Continuing Education Center.
    Communication/Writing ....................20                     Real Estate............................................ 16      734-462-4448 •
    Computers ............................................12         Small Business/Entrepreneur ............... 8
    Creative Design ....................................29           Tai Chi...................................................43    Continuing Education Center Hours
    Culinary................................................23       Teacher Recertification .......................18                 Monday–Thursday, 8 am–6 pm
    Dance ....................................................42     Tennis ...................................................43      Friday, 8 am–5 pm
    Drawing ................................................31       Test Preparation ..................................21
                                                                                                                                     Schoolcraft College has published this schedule for informational
    English as a Second Language ............29                      Yoga.......................................................43
                                                                                                                                     purposes only and its contents shall not constitute a contract between
    Fencing .................................................42      Youth.....................................................22    this institution and prospective or enrolled students.
    Financial Planning .............................. 17                                                                             The information presented here reflects the current curricula, policies
                                                                     Non-Instructional Activities ....... 44–45
    Foreign Language ................................28                                                                              and regulations of the College. However, these are subject to change at
    Golf .......................................................42   Community Events Calendar ..............50                      any time by action of the Board of Trustees or the administration.
    Kids on Campus ...................................22             Registration Dates & Information .....48                        It is the policy of Schoolcraft College that no person shall, on the basis of
    Lifelong Learners .................................22                                                                            race, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, creed or disability,
                                                                     Registration Form ...............................49             be excluded from participating in, be denied benefits of, or be subjected
    Math .....................................................21     Waiver of Liability Form for                                    to discrimination during any program or activity or in employment.
    Motorcycle Safety Education ..............33                     Fitness Classes .....................................49         A doctor’s review of your health is advised before starting any exercise
    Music ....................................................32     Kids on Campus                                                  program.
    Non-Profit/Grant Funding.................. 16                    Emergency Information Form ............46                       The Schoolcraft College Continuing Education and Professional
                                                                                                                                     Development Schedule is published three times yearly.

2                      | 734-462-4448
hOw TO read This schedule
 SAMPLE CLASS                                                                                        CLASS KEY
                                                                                                             Purchase textbook and bring to first class—available
            CuLinARy                              Class Description                                         at the College Bookstore. View book pricing and details
 Title      ServSafe                                                                                         at The bookstore will be
            Designed for owners and managers of food service estab-                                          closed December 24–January 2 and March 3–9.
            lishments, this class will prepare you for final examina-
            tions administered by the Educational Foundation of the                                          Purchase a USB flash/thumb drive and bring to first class—
            National Restaurant Association. Upon successful comple-                                         available at the College Bookstore.
            tion of the program and exam (taken in class), the certified
            individual will be qualified to train personnel in sanita-
            tion techniques, communicate with representatives of the                                        See Online Class Information on page 47 for specific requirements.
            health departments having jurisdiction, recognize sanita-

            tion deficiencies, and initiate improvements.
                                          Continuing Education
                                                                                                     W       Waiver required. See page 49.

 Number     CES 2087       (1.8 CEu)      Units awarded upon $200/Senior Cost $160
                                                                                                             Prerequisite—CES 2187 Cooking 101:
                                                                 Cost/Senior Cost                            Skill Development or instructor’s approval.
 Duration   2 days           Thur & Fri       Feb 19       Start Date     8 am-5 pm     Time                 See page 25 for tool kit requirements.
 Number     Sec. 921021      Off Campus       Class Location            T. Holewinski   Instructor
                                                                                                             CES 2380 Pastry 101: Skill Development is strongly recommended
                     Days Class Meets
                                                                                                             before taking this class. Cooking 101 is not required.
                                                                                                             See page 26 for tool kit requirements.

                                    New classes and class sections continuously being added.
                                   Visit for updates.

caMpus Map & direcTOry
Schoolcraft College                                               General College 734-462-4400                                   Bookstore 734-462-4409
18600 Haggerty Road                                               Continuing Education Center 734-462-4448             
Livonia, Michigan 48152-2696                                      Hearing Impaired Phone 734-462-4437

                                                                                                     livonia campus                                  Other campus Offices
                                                                                                     AS...........Applied Sciences Building          A ......... Grote Administration Center
                                                                                                     BTC ... Biomedical Technology Center              Human Resources

                                                                                                     CEC ..... Continuing Education Center           CC ....................... Children’s Center
                                                                                                                                                       Child Care Program—
                                                                                                     F ............................ Forum Building     no drop-off care available
                                                                                                     LA ................... Liberal Arts Building    S ...........................Service Building
                                                                                                     L ............................Bradner Library     Bookstore                Lost & Found
                                                                                                       Learning Assistance Center                      Campus Security Police 734-462-4424
                                                                                                     MC ...................... McDowell Center
                                                                                                       Admissions & Enrollment Center                Off campus locations
                                                                                                       Career & Transfer Center                      MED .......................Medical Center
                                                                                                       Cashier                  Computer Lab           17940 Farmington Road, Livonia
                                                                                                       Counseling Center Registration Center           734-425-5544
                                                                                                       Student Accounts      Transition Center         southeast corner at Curtis
                                                                                                     PE ......... Physical Education Building        RC ........Radcliff Center, Garden City
                                                                                                     TBA ..................... To be announced         1751 Radcliff Street, Garden City
                                                                                                       Students will be called when location           734-462-4770
                                                                                                       is finalized. Class will be held at             just south of Ford Road
                                                                                                       Livonia campus.                                  between Wayne & Merriman
                                                                                                     TCTS .......................... Tennis Courts   PSTC...Public Safety Training Complex
                                                                                                                                                       31777 Industrial Road, Livonia
                                                                                                     VT ........................ VisTaTech Center
                                                                                                       American Harvest Restaurant
                                                                                                       Business Development Center
                                                                                                       Culinary Arts Program
                                                                                                       Main Street Cafe
                                                                                                       W ......................Waterman Wing
                                                                                                       Henry's Food Court        Meeting Rooms

                                                                                                                      734-462-4448             |                       3
                                                                                                  MeeT The chefs
Do you LoVE To CooK?                                                                              Certified Master Pastry Chef, Joseph Decker
                                                                                                  Chef Joseph Decker is one of 12 Certified Master
    Do you want to TAKE YouR KITCHEn SKILLS To THE nExT LEVEL?                                    Pastry Chefs in the United States. He is also a
     Do you enjoy being with others who share your PASSIon FoR FooD?                              Certified National Judge for American Culinary
                                                                                                  Federation art salon competitions and was a
if so, you belong in a culinary arts continuing education class at schoolcraft college.           member of the 1995 World Pastry Cup Team. He
                                                                                                  has won medals in world competitions in France
     In these classes you benefit from living close to one of the most admired culinary           and Germany, and national competitions in
     arts programs in the country. That program educates future chefs, who are taught by          Chicago and Detroit. He was director of research
     Certified Master and Executive Chefs in the most advanced instructional kitchens in          and development for Awrey Bakeries. Chef
     the Midwest. As a student in a continuing education culinary class, you have access to       Decker has been a Schoolcraft College instructor
     the same renowned chefs and exceptional facilities.                                          since 1991.
                                                                                                  Certified Master Chef, Jeffrey Gabriel
     Nothing equals the learning experience of a real cooking class. Whether international
                                                                                                  Chef Jeffrey Gabriel is a graduate of the Culinary
     cuisine, pastry delights, or one of our unique offerings, cooking classes are an             Institute of America and has been Chef de Cui-
     affordable and fun way to learn new culinary skills, experience new cuisines, and make       sine at the Harbor Beach Resort, Les Autuers,
     new friends that share your passion for food. So, bring a friend and have a blast! This is   The Detroit Yacht Club, as well as owner of The
     YOUR chance to learn from the best in the business.                                          Farm Restaurant in Port Austin, Michigan. He
                                                                                                  has been a member of several Culinary Olympic
                    Classes fill quickly, so register today.                                      teams, has won Olympic gold medals, including
                                                                                                  two with distinction, and has won 10 National
                                                                                                  American Culinary Federation medals. Chef
                                                                                                  Gabriel has been a Schoolcraft College instructor
                                                                                                  since 1987.
                                                                                                  Certified Executive Chef, Brian Polcyn
                                                                                                  Chef Brian Polcyn is the owner of the Forest
                                                                                                  Grill in Birmingham and Cinco Lagos, located
                                                                                                  in Milford. Chef Polcyn worked as Sous Chef at
                                                                                                  the Golden Mushroom and as Chef de Cuisine at
                                                                                                  The Lark, and is the winner of three gold medals
                                                                                                  from the American Culinary Federation. He was
                                                                                                  a major character in Michael Ruhlman’s, “The
                                                                                                  Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection”
                                                                                                  and co-authored, with Ruhlman, “Charcuterie:
                                                                                                  The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing.” He
                                                                                                  was recently featured on Anthony Bourdain’s
                                                                                                  television show, “No Reservations” on the Dis-
                                                                                                  covery Channel. Chef Polcyn has been a School-
                                                                                                  craft instructor since 1997.
                                                                                                  Certified Executive Chef & Certified
                                                                                                  Executive Pastry Chef, Marcus Haight
                                                                                                  Chef Marcus Haight was Executive Chef at The
                                                                                                  Lark Restaurant in West Bloomfield for 17 years,
                                                                                                  and has held leadership positions at four of the
                                                                                                  15 Mobil Guide Five-Star restaurants in the US.
                                                                                                  During his tenure at The Lark, it maintained
                                                                                                  a four-star rating in the Mobil Travel Guide
                                                                                                  and was rated the best restaurant in the US by
                                                                                                  readers of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine. Chef
                                                                                                  Haight has been a Schoolcraft College instructor
                                                                                                  since 2001.

4       | 734-462-4448
Improving the safety of motorcyclists on our
roads is our primary goal. The Detroit Metro
Motorcycle Safety Consortium was formed
in 1999 to offer hands-on, comprehensive
motorcycle safety training in a safe and
comfortable environment. Since 1999, the
consortium has trained over 50,000 students.
Our classes are taught by professional,
certified instructors who not only have
a passion for riding—but riding safety.
State funds from a motorcycle safety grant
administered by the Michigan Department of
State support this program.
See page 33 for more information on
motorcycle safety classes.

      Give a gift Card toward CEPD classes

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                                                Seasons             any holiday » special Occasion

                                                     give the gift you know they will like…
                                                            because they choose it!
                                                     gift cards may be purchased in the Bookstore,
                                                     at henry’s food court or through the cashier’s Office.

                                                                             734-462-4448   |   5
career Training/explOraTiOn

CAREER TRAINING/EXPLORATION                                                                                                                   oppor
                                                                                                                                                         d scho
                                                                                                                                                    ble fo
                                                                                                                                                               s may
                                                                                                                                                           r the f
                                                                                                                                                s: pha             ollow
whether you have been recently laid off, are re-entering the workforce, looking to bolster your career                                                  rmacy            ing
or want to transition into a new career, schoolcraft college can provide you with an effective strategy                                     perso                technic
                                                                                                                                                   nal fit                ian,
                                                                                                                                           Certifi         ness t
to achieve your goals.                                                                                                                             cation          rainer
                                                                                                                                         mana             , and
we offer training classes and skills certificates to help you move forward. Our convenient classes allow                                       geme               projec
                                                                                                                                                      nt ess             t
you to keep earning while learning. schoolcraft instructors work hands-on with you throughout classes,                                     exam               entials
                                                                                                                                                  prep.                and
sharing their knowledge, experience and skills to help you develop expertise.                                                               Cepd          Conta
                                                                                                                                                   office        ct the
                                                                                                                                                          for mo
                                                                                                                                               inform               re
Project Management                                        neW MS Project 2010: An introduction
Project Management Essentials and                         Learn how to create a project schedule in MS Proj-
Exam Preparation                                          ect. Use a work break down structure to decompose
Are you preparing for the PMP or CAPM exam?               the project deliverables into tasks, define relation-
                                                          ships between tasks, assign resources, analyze the
Or looking for valuable project management skills?
Gain essential knowledge about project manage-            critical path, and explore various schedule compres-             free infOrMaTiOn sessiOn
ment to deliver results for your stakeholders. Top-       sion techniques to reach milestone dates. Then cre-
ics include management of integration, scope, time,       ate a hands-on mock project plan in our computer                 Want to learn more about
cost, quality, human resources, communications,           lab, increasing your confidence using MS Project                 PRoJECT MAnAGEMEnT?
risk, and procurement. Get tools and techniques           so you can get started creating your own project
for initiating, planning, executing, controlling,         schedules. For memory storage, bring a USB Flash                 Come to our free session
and closing projects. Do group practice exercises         Drive (thumb drive) to class. Prerequisite: basic                Monday, January 16
and discuss exam preparation questions. This              knowledge of Project Management.                                 6–7:30 p.m.
course targets those that have project team experi-       CES2 6203        (.8 CEu)         $149/Senior Cost $119.20
                                                                                                                           McDowell Center, room 110
ence, as well as project managers seeking to refresh      4 weeks       Tues              Mar 13        6:30-8:30 pm
their knowledge and complement skill sets.                Sec. 917524   AS220                          J. Greer, PMP
For each exam’s preparation requirements visit
CES2 1572      (3.6 CEu)                           $795
10 weeks      Mon           Jan 30            6-9:40 pm   Physical Fitness Careers
Sec. 917507   MC110              E. van der Meulen, PMP   Personal Fitness Trainer Certification                         CPR & AED Training
                                                          Join this fun field and be a part of what the US               Acquire the knowledge and confidence to identify
neW Project Management Basics                             Labor Department and the fitness industry have                 and provide necessary treatment for someone
Are you a part-time project manager, accidental           documented as a high demand profession. Whether                injured or hurt. This class teaches child and adult
project manager, or a project manager that needs          you desire a career change, or want to build your per-         CPR as well as airway obstruction management,
to refresh your knowledge and complement your             sonal knowledge, get the information you need to               mouth-to-mask training and how to use an AED.
skill sets? Learn the basics of project manage-           become a Certified Personal Trainer. This challenging          An American Heart Association CPR card, valid for
ment, and apply these basics into your work proj-         class is taught over a 8-week period. The National             two years, will be issued upon successful comple-
ects. Group exercises and classroom discussion            Exam is held on the 9th week. Sixteen hours of                 tion of the class. Textbook included. This is not a
focus on practical application of project manage-         lectures include anatomy, exercise physiology, nutri-          CPR certified class for healthcare professionals.
ment principles, tools and techniques necessary           tion, health screening, etc. In addition, sixteen hours        Daytime classes have a one hour lunch which is not
to successfully initiate, plan, execute, monitor and      of “hands on” practical training prepares you to               included in CEU total.
control and close a project.                              actually work with clients one-on-one and provides             CES 4252        (.4 CEu)            $89/Senior Cost $71.20
CES2 1593      (1.6 CEu)          $295/Senior Cost $236
                                                          a great opportunity to network with employers. Cer-            1 day         Wed           Feb 8            5:30-9:30 pm
6 weeks       Tues          Jan 24            6-8:40 pm                                                                  Sec. 917516   AS376                             J. Nicholas
                                                          tification requires passing the written and practical
Sec. 917515   BTC165             E. van der Meulen, PMP
                                                          exam, completing a 30-hour internship and having               1 day         Sat           Mar 17              9 am-2 pm
                                                          current CPR/AED credentials. At the last class meet-           Sec. 917505   AS376                             J. Nicholas
                                                          ing, students need to be available for the entire class        1 day         Wed           Mar 28            5:30-9:30 pm
                                                          duration, but may not be on-site the entire time. A            Sec. 917506   AS376                              J. Nicholas
                                                          half-hour lunch is not included in CEU total.       W
                                                          CES 9861        (3.5 CEu)                              $749
                                                          9 weeks       Sat             Jan 28
                                                                        PE105                            10 am-12 pm
                                                                        PE Fitness Room                12 pm-2:30 pm
                                                          Sec. 917501                     Certified Fitness Instructor
                                                          9 weeks       Sat             Feb 25
                                                                        PE105                             12 pm-2 pm
                                                                        PE Fitness Room                     2-4:30 pm
                                                          Sec. 917502                     Certified Fitness Instructor

6         | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                 career Training/explOraTiOn
Pharmacy Technician
Professional Pharmacy Technician Training                neW Pharmaceutical Sterile Compounding
The demand for trained pharmacy technicians is           Pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and quality
growing, both locally and nationally. This course
is appropriate if you’re interested in becoming
                                                         assurance personnel, take your pharmaceutical
                                                         knowledge to the next level by learning the core
                                                                                                                  free infOrMaTiOn sessiOn
a pharmacy technician, preparing for the certi-          competencies necessary to safely prepare and
fication exam, are a pre-pharmacy student, or            deliver sterile commercial and compounded phar-           Learn more about a fulfilling career
have a healthcare background and are looking to          maceuticals. Learn sterile aseptic drug preparation,      in PHARMACY TECHnoLoGY.
strengthen your current skills. Be introduced to         the technique involving procedures designed to
various pharmacy practice settings covering topics       prevent contamination of drugs, packaging, equip-         Join us for a free session
such as drug classes, basic physiology, drug inter-      ment, or supplies by microorganisms during pro-           Wednesday, January 4
actions, and daily pharmacy operations. Learn to         cessing. Become proficient in sterile product and         6–7:30 p.m.
effectively assist in pharmaceutical preparations,       aseptic admixture techniques. Learn the principles        VisTaTech Center, room 460
focus heavily on calculations and complete daily         of sterile product manipulation for the purpose
tasks required in any pharmacy environment. All          of drug doses and products. The curriculum meets
students will be required to participate in an inter-    or exceeds guidelines and standards required by
view exercise that involves hands-on and/or obser-       the U.S. Pharmacopeia’s (USP) Revised General             Want to learn more about
vatory experience in one of two different pharmacy       Chapter <797> and <795> Pharmaceutical Com-               PHARMACEuTICAL STERILE
settings, hospital or community.                         pounding—Sterile Preparations. Prerequisites (one
Prerequisite: Math skills* including arithmetic,         of the following criteria): successfully completed
                                                                                                                   CoMPounDInG TRAInInG?
basic algebra, complex fractions and equations,          Schoolcraft’s Pharmacy Technician training; suc-          Come to a free session
conversions, and basic analytical concepts (skills       cessfully completed a pharmacy technician training        Thursday, January 5
utilized in high school algebra). Textbooks, drug        at another location and successfully completed a
cards and compounding materials are included in          competency exam at Schoolcraft; is an active Phar-
                                                                                                                   6–7:30 p.m.
the class cost. Daytime classes have a lunch which       macy Technician with 2 years of work experience.          VisTaTech Center, room 405
is not included in CEU total.                            All materials are included in the class cost.
CES 8474
14 weeks
              (10.5 CEu)
              Mon & Wed     Jan 16
                                            6-9:45 pm
                                                         • First 10 students to register
Sec. 917508   AS740                              Staff      will receive a $100 rebate!
14 weeks      Sat           Jan 21    8:30 am-4:30 pm    CES 8487        (7.5 CEu)                     $1,795
Sec. 917514   AS740                              Staff   13 weeks      Tues & Thurs   Jan 24           6-9 pm
                                                         Sec. 917525   BTC210                            Staff
* Not sure of your math competency?
  A math assessment can provide the answers.
  Additional information available in our FAQ

                                                                                                                 Private Pilot Ground School
                                                                                                                 Private Pilot Ground School Hybrid Course
                                                                                                                 Prepare for the FAA Pilot written exam. Obtain a
                                                                                                                 working knowledge of aerodynamics, radio com-
                                                                                                                 munications, flight controls, aircraft systems,
                                                                                                                 weight and balance, and flight planning. Become
                                                                                                                 familiar with applicable Federal Aviation Regula-
                                                                                                                 tions (FARs), National Weather Service products
                                                                                                                 such as forecasts, pre-flight weather briefings, and
                                                                                                                 be able to recognize weather systems. You’ll get the
                                                                                                                 opportunity to plan a cross-country flight utilizing
                                                                                                                 navigational skills, weather information, communi-
                                                                                                                 cation procedures, aircraft performance and aero-
                                                                                                                 nautical decision-making. Discussion emphasis is
                                                                                                                 on the FAA subject areas. Endorsement of students
                                                                                                                 for the FAA Private Pilot written exam is at the sole
                                                                                                                 discretion of the instructor. See Hybrid Class Infor-
                                                                                                                 mation for specific requirements. All materials are
                                                                                                                 included in the class cost.
                                                                                                                 CES2 6154      (4.8 CEu)         $395/Senior Cost $316
                                                                                                                 12 weeks      Mon           Jan 23              6-9 pm
                                                                                                                 Sec. 917503   BTC165                        H. Czupich

                                                                                                            734-462-4448       |            7
career Training/explOraTiOn
Resume Writing Online                                        Administrative Assistant Applications Online                The Craft of Magazine Writing Online
Transform your resume into a powerful tool that              Explore how economics, accounting, business law,            If you enjoy writing, explore the fundamentals of writ-
will help get you interviews. Learn different for-           organizational behavior, and management affect              ing for magazines. Learn powerful brainstorming tech-
mats, how to write an employment objective, and              administrative assistant responsibilities and activi-       niques designed to make writing easier and develop
tips on writing a persuasive cover letter.                  ties. Plan and exercise control to increase your effi-      the skills needed to write and sell your articles. 
CES2 1512      (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76    ciency and effectiveness.                                  CES 7193         (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 917523     CES2 1497      (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76     6 weeks                      Jan 18            Sec. 917512
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 917513     6 weeks                      Feb 15        Sec. 917510      6 weeks                      Feb 15             Sec. 917522
6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 917517     6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 917519
                                                                                                                         Travel Writing Online
Administrative Assistant Fundamentals Online                 Become a Veterinary Assistant Online                        Consider the possibility of exploring the world as a
Discover and master the essentials of managerial and         Do you like animals? Consider preparing for a career        travel writer. Translate what is seen, heard, tasted,
staff support, information and records management,           as a veterinary assistant. Get the information you          touched, smelled, and felt, into publishable articles
communications technology, travel and meeting coor-          need to work in a veterinary office or hospital.           and books. Understand the writing styles and
dination, space planning and office ergonomics.             CES 8426       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76   methods needed to sell material in today’s competi-
CES2 1441      (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76      6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 917511    tive market. 
6 weeks                      Jan 18        Sec. 917509       6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 917520    CES 7201         (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 917518                                                                 6 weeks                      Feb 15            Sec. 917521
                                                                                                                         6 weeks                      Mar 21             Sec. 917504

                                                                                                                                       See Online Class Information on
                                                                                                                                       page 47 for specific requirements.

Event Planning Certificate                                                                                               Entertainment
Our event planning courses are designed to accommodate all levels of education and experience, from                      Voice Acting i: More Than a Pretty Voice
entry level students to individuals in the event planning industry. To qualify for an event planning certificate,        If anyone has ever told you, “You’ve got a great
participants must successfully complete all four courses. Various courses are offered throughout the year, with          voice, you should be doing commercials,” explore
this semester’s offering listed below.                                                                                   voice acting. Discover what types of voice work
it is recommended that students complete the certificate in the following order: introduction to event planning,         there are, what you need to enter the job market
wedding planning, special event design & decor, event planning practical experience. look for introduction               and who has the jobs. Acquire the basic skills
to event planning and wedding planning classes in the spring semester with classes starting in May.                      needed to create a voice-over demo, information
                                                                                                                         about finding a talent agent and how to market
neW Special Event Design & Decor                             neW Event Planning Practical Experience                     your skills. If time permits, each participant will
Have your special event looking great on the out-            Explore available career opportunities while put-           step up to the microphone for a brief recording and
side as well as the inside. After you’ve explored            ting your event planning knowledge to work in               receive helpful feedback from an expert in the field.
aspects of planning and promotion, learn more                the “real world.” Learn the legalities associated           CES2 1519         (.2 CEu)           $49/Senior Cost $39.20
about the art of decorating and design. Acquire              with event planning including fundraising laws,             1 day          Sat           Feb 4            10 am-12 pm
general knowledge of decorating ideas and lan-               performance riders and contracts. Understand the            Sec. 910701    LA200                                T. Force
guage. By drawing from information and resources,            importance of professional etiquette, strong com-
you’ll learn to creatively develop a decor, design,          munication skills, maintaining a current vendor             Voice Acting ii
and theme for many different types of special                list, pursuing organizational memberships and               Identifying both the character and the target audi-
events. Recommendation: CES2 1584 Introduction               marketing. Gain valuable practical experience               ence in any commercial script is the key to success.
to Event Planning.                                           through participation in both the planning and              Learn to expand on the unique selling point and
CES2 1589      (1.4 CEu)            $115/Senior Cost $92     implementation of an event. Prerequisite: CES2              structure of voice acting. If time permits, each par-
6 weeks       Mon            Jan 30         6:30-8:50 pm     1584 Introduction to Event Planning, CES2 1517              ticipant will step up to the microphone, record sev-
Sec. 910711   VT445              C. Gregorich, J. Martinez   Wedding Planning, CES2 1589 Special Event                   eral takes of a script, and receive helpful feedback
6 weeks       Tues           Jan 31         6:30-8:50 pm     Design & Decor.                                             from an expert in the field. Prerequisite: CES2 1519
Sec. 910750   VT405              C. Gregorich, J. Martinez   CES2 1590      (1.2 CEu)          $99/Senior Cost $79.20
                                                                                                                         Voice Acting I: More Than a Pretty Voice.
                                                             6 weeks       Mon            Mar 19               6-8 pm    CES2 1532         (.2 CEu)        $49/Senior Cost $39.20
                                                             Sec. 910749   VT445             C. Gregorich, J. Martinez   1 day          Sat           Feb 25        10 am-12 pm
                                                                                                                         Sec. 910716    LA200                             T. Force
                                                             6 weeks       Tues           Mar 20               6-8 pm
                                                             Sec. 910751   VT405             C. Gregorich, J. Martinez

8           | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                           career Training/explOraTiOn
Entrepreneurship                                                                                                             Fundamentals of Financial Management
for more information or questions about class content                                                                        Become familiar with the basics of financial man-
please call the Michigan small Business and Technology                                                                       agement. Topics covered include: how to apply the
development center™ (Mi-sBTdc™) at 734-462-4438.                                                                             information from key financial statements to help
                                                                                                                             you manage your business; accounting language,
                                                                                                                             including debits and credits; preparation of the bal-
The Michigan small Business & Technology development center™                                                                 ance sheet and profit and loss statement; cash flow
(Mi-sBTdc™) network provides a full range of services for small                                                              analysis; and break even with specific small busi-
businesses that are emerging and growing throughout Michigan                                                                 ness examples. Recommendation: CES2 1542, Fun-
including new venture companies, existing small businesses,                                                                  damentals of Starting a Business prior to this class.
expanding businesses, new technology companies, and innova-                                                                  CES2 1546       (.3 CEu)             $40/Senior Cost $32
tors. The Mi-sBTdc at schoolcraft college provides services and                                                              1 day         Tues          Jan 24               6-9 pm
support to western wayne and southwest Oakland counties.                                                                     Sec. 910739   VT455                                 Staff
we can help you with the following:                                                                                          1 day         Thurs         Mar 22                4-7 pm
                                                                                                                             Sec. 910740   VT455                                 Staff
     » counseling           » Training             » research          » Business plan assistance
                                                                                                                             1 day         Tues          Apr 17     9:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                                                                                             Sec. 910741   VT455                                Staff

Fundamentals of Starting a Business                         Fundamentals of Marketing your Business                          Fundamentals of Business Legal issues
Are you considering self-employment, or at the              Discover practical applications of marketing con-                Gain an understanding of different types of legal
beginning stages of starting a business? Delivered          cepts designed to grow small businesses. Topics                  entities that are appropriate for structuring and
in a workshop format, this introductory session             covered include: market analysis and research, tar-              starting a new business. Topics covered include: tax
will help you assess your ability to lead and manage        get marketing, assessing competitors, and key mar-               and liability issues, basic elements of a contract,
a company, as well as evaluate the market and sales         keting implementation tools. Examine a strategic,                collections, licenses, registrations, employment and
potential for your products. Discover resources             well-planned approach to marketing with several                  property issues, leasing and insurance. Prospective
available to help launch new ventures in Michigan.          examples of effective hands-on marketing tech-                   business owners will be guided in setting up the
CES2 1542       (.3 CEu)             $30/Senior Cost $24    niques that focus on creating and keeping custom-                organizational structure that will help protect you
1 day         Wed           Jan 11     9:30 am-12:30 pm     ers. Recommendation: CES2 1542, Fundamentals                     from unnecessary legal challenges. Recommenda-
Sec. 910717   VT455                                 Staff   of Starting a Business prior to this class.                      tion: CES2 1542, Fundamentals of Starting a Busi-
1 day         Wed           Jan 25                6-9 pm    CES2 1545           (.3 CEu)             $40/Senior Cost $32     ness prior to this class.
Sec. 910719   VT455                                 Staff   1 day          Thurs            Jan 19               6-9 pm
                                                                                                                             CES2 1544       (.3 CEu)             $40/Senior Cost $32
1 day         Wed           Feb 8      9:30 am-12:30 pm     Sec. 910731    VT455                                    Staff
                                                                                                                             1 day         Thurs         Jan 26               6-9 pm
Sec. 910720   VT455                                Staff    1 day          Thurs            Mar 15                4-7 pm     Sec. 910734   VT455                                 Staff
1 day         Thurs         Mar 1                 4-7 pm    Sec. 910732    VT455                                    Staff
                                                                                                                             1 day         Thurs         Mar 29                4-7 pm
Sec. 910722   VT455                                 Staff   1 day          Thurs            Apr 12     9:30 am-12:30 pm      Sec. 910736   VT455                                 Staff
1 day         Wed           Apr 4      9:30 am-12:30 pm     Sec. 910733    VT455                                   Staff
                                                                                                                             1 day         Thurs         Apr 19     9:30 am-12:30 pm
Sec. 910724   VT455                                Staff
                                                                                                                             Sec. 910737   VT455                                Staff
1 day         Wed           Apr 25                6-9 pm
Sec. 910723   VT455                                 Staff

Fundamentals of Writing a Business Plan
Increase your chance for successful self-employ-
ment, or business launch by delving into business                                                money savings opportunity
planning. Topics covered include: specifics of mar-
keting, finance, legal, regulatory and operations
                                                                                                           EnTREPREnEuR SERiES
issues; key components of information based plan-
ning and management; and the first steps for creat-             This money savings series is a real value and includes the following 5 classes:
ing a business plan. Actual examples of effective                •	 CES2	1542	Fundamentals	of	Starting	a	Business
business plans are used as course material. Recom-               •	 CES2	1543	Fundamentals	of	Writing	a	Business	Plan
mendation: CES2 1542, Fundamentals of Starting a                 •	 CES2	1545	Fundamentals	of	Marketing	Your	Business
Business prior to this class.                                    •	 CES2	1546	Fundamentals	of	Financial	Management
CES2 1543       (.3 CEu)             $40/Senior Cost $32         •	 CES2	1544	Fundamentals	of	Business	Legal	Issues
1 day         Wed           Jan 18               6-9 pm         See class descriptions for more information.
Sec. 910702   VT455                                 Staff
                                                                  CES2 1582          (1.5 CEu)           $169/Senior Cost $135.20
1 day         Wed           Feb 15     9:30 am-12:30 pm           5 weeks          Thurs   Mar 1, 8, 15, 22, 29            4-7 pm
Sec. 910703   VT455                                Staff          Sec. 910743      VT455   Meets spring break                Staff
1 day         Thurs         Mar 8                 4-7 pm
Sec. 910713   VT455         Meets spring break      Staff                 you must register prior to the start of the series to take advantage of the savings.
1 day         Wed           Apr 11     9:30 am-12:30 pm
Sec. 910725   VT455                                Staff

                                                                                                                       734-462-4448        |               9
career Training/explOraTiOn
     small business a la Carte! select one of the following classes to
     complement the entrepreneur classes or to enrich your business savvy.

neW Developing your unique                                  Retail Success for the Small Business                        How to Become a Government Contractor
Marketing Plan Workshop                                     Is your business falling short of its financial poten-       Let the government be
Successful small business owners need to develop            tial? Improve your retail effectiveness in a continu-        your newest customer.
a unique marketing plan. Begin with an assess-              ously challenging marketplace by looking at the              Find out what it takes
ment of current marketing initiatives, then learn to        financial side of your operation, managing inven-            to sell your goods and
determine marketing opportunities that will drive           tory and merchandising strategies while focusing             services to the federal
awareness and increase sales. Course time will be           on a strong operation and staff, and improving               government and the State of Michigan. In addition,
dedicated to developing the focus needed to create          sales. Improve sales and profitability by looking at         learn about the services and continuous support the
your company’s unique marketing strategy. As part           the retail industry’s not-so-obvious principles.             Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) has
of the class, a mandatory questionnaire needs to be         CES2 1573       (.3 CEu)              $40/Senior Cost $32    available to help your company with the contracting
completed before the class starts.                          1 day         Tues           Feb 28               6-9 pm     process. For more information or questions about
CES2 1595       (.6 CEu)          $150/Senior Cost $120     Sec. 910748   VT455                                  Staff   course content please call 734-462-4438. Prerequisite:
1 day         Thurs         Mar 8             9 am-4 pm                                                                  Company must be in business for at least two years.
Sec. 910745   W210C         Meets spring break     Staff    The Patent Process                                           CES2 1539       (.3 CEu)              $45/Senior Cost $36
                                                            Protect your idea, save time and money. Under-               1 day         Thurs          Jan 12          9 am-12 pm
Working for yourself: The ins & Outs of                     stand the fundamental steps involved in starting             Sec. 910704   VT425                                  Staff
Becoming a Consultant, a Contractor, or                     your patent process and getting your invention to            1 day         Thurs          Feb 9            9 am-12 pm
Other Service Provider                                      market. Discover how to gauge the value/worth of             Sec. 910705   VT425                                 Staff
Are you an experienced professional with valuable-          the idea. Learn the requirements for obtaining a             1 day         Thurs          Mar 8           9 am-12 pm
defined skill sets, looking for a new career avenue?        patent and how to calculate the costs initially asso-        Sec. 910706   VT425          Meets spring break    Staff
Think about taking your expertise and becoming an           ciated with the process. Don’t reveal your idea to           1 day         Thurs          Apr 12           9 am-12 pm
independent consultant, a contractor, or a service          anyone before taking this class!                             Sec. 910707   VT425                                 Staff
provider. Explore the steps to form your business           CES2 1187       (.4 CEu)          $59/Senior Cost $47.20
(LLC or other), market yourself and your services,          1 day         Tues           Mar 13             6-10 pm      Hands-on Registration Assistance for
create an action-oriented business plan, and define         Sec. 910708   BTC165                           S. Werner     Government Contracting
your client engagement.                                                                                                  Looking for help? This
                                                            Marketing your Patented Product                              workshop is for PTAC
CES2 1548       (.3 CEu)           $40/Senior Cost $32
                                                            Your product is patented…now what? Get started               clients looking for
1 day         Wed           Feb 22             4-7 pm
Sec. 910742   VT445                               Staff
                                                            on your way to success with this Entrepreneur’s              assistance completing
                                                            basic guide to profiting from inventions. Join us to         your Central Contrac-
Basics of Exporting                                         learn about proven techniques and marketing out-             tor Registration (CCR), SBA’s Dynamic Small Busi-
Thinking about exporting? Trade experts from the            lets to promote and sell your product.                       ness Search, and/or the State of Michigan Vendor
U.S. Export Assistance Center (of the Department            CES2 1462       (.4 CEu)          $59/Senior Cost $47.20     Registration. Counselors will be available to help
of Commerce and Small Business Administration)              1 day         Tues           Mar 27             6-10 pm      you understand and complete your online registra-
will help you understand the reasons for exporting,         Sec. 910710   BTC165                           S. Werner
                                                                                                                         tions. For more information or questions about
export readiness; marketing, sales and distribution                                                                      class content please call 734-462-4438. Prereq-
                                                            neW Venture Forward for Business Managers
considerations; logistics and export documenta-                                                                          uisite: CES2 1539 How to Become a Government
                                                            Venture Forward is designed for owners, CEOs
tion; Free Trade Agreements and their benefit;                                                                           Contractor or instructor’s approval.
                                                            and top management team members of businesses
export risks and regulations; and methods of pay-                                                                        CES2 1541       (.2 CEu)              $25/Senior Cost $20
                                                            with at least $750,000 in sales, greater than nine
ment, finance and insurance.                                                                                             1 day         Thurs          Jan 19              9-11 am
                                                            employees and the desire for continued growth.
CES2 1569       (.3 CEu)             $45/Senior Cost $36                                                                 Sec. 910709   VT450                                  Staff
                                                            Attendees will focus on issues most important to
1 day         Wed           Jan 25          9 am-12 pm                                                                   1 day         Thurs          Feb 16               9-11 am
Sec. 910726   VT455                                 Staff
                                                            business health and growth. Gain knowledge to                Sec. 910712   VT450                                  Staff
1 day         Thurs         Mar 8           9 am-12 pm
                                                            make critical decisions about business and strategy,         1 day         Thurs          Mar 15               9-11 am
Sec. 910727   VT455         Meets spring break    Staff     investigate next-stage growth and opportunity,               Sec. 910714   VT450                                  Staff
                                                            plan for strategic growth, build and maintain a              1 day         Thurs          Apr 19               9-11 am
Social networking for Small Business                        competitive advantage and maximize cash flow for             Sec. 910715   VT450                                  Staff
Learn the basics and etiquette of social networking         profitability. Textbook is included.
for your small business. Explore how to leverage            CES2 1591      (3.3 CEu)       $299/Senior Cost $239.20
social networks to help grow your business while            11 weeks      Fri            Jan 20        8:30-11:30 am
reducing your marketing costs. Discover the ben-            Sec. 910744   VT455          Meets spring break     Staff
efits, disadvantages and tricks of the major social
networks (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn).
CES2 1570       (.3 CEu)             $45/Senior Cost $36        learn to create a google adWords
1 day         Thurs         Feb 23               6-9 pm         campaign from the ground up.
Sec. 910747   VT455                                 Staff       see Ces2 6185 google adwords
1 day         Thurs         Apr 19                4-7 pm        on page 15.
Sec. 910746   VT455                                 Staff

10          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                     career Training/explOraTiOn
Wow, What A Great Event Online                             Buy & Sell on eBay Online                                 Secrets of the Caterer Online
Create, coordinate and execute successful special          Make extra money buying and selling goods online.         Do you love to cook and plan parties? Think about
events. Develop skills, find resources and gain con-       Create titles that get noticed, learn to conduct          starting your own catering business to make money
fidence to successfully plan and produce any type of       financial transactions safely and explore today’s         doing what you love! 
event.                                                    global marketplace through eBay online auctions.         CES 2243      (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
CES2 1477      (2.4 CEu)           $95/Senior Cost $76     CES2 1496     (2.4 CEu)           $95/Senior Cost $76     6 weeks                    Jan 18          Sec. 910761
6 weeks                     Jan 18        Sec. 910718      6 weeks                    Jan 18        Sec. 910729
                                                           6 weeks                    Feb 15          Sec. 910754    Starting a Consulting Practice Online
neW Start a Pet Sitting Business Online                    6 weeks                    Mar 21          Sec. 910757    Do you have training or knowledge that could be
Translate your passion for animals into a profit-                                                                    useful to others? Learn the complete process of
able career. Learn the essentials of starting a pet                                                                  starting and operating a consulting practice. 
sitting business including animal care, home visits,           prefer an on-campus ebay class?                       CES2 1370     (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
finances and business start up essentials.                    see page 13.                                          6 weeks                    Jan 18          Sec. 910756
CES2 1583      (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76                                                             6 weeks                    Feb 15          Sec. 910758
6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910755
6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910760                                                              Business & Marketing Writing Online
                                                           Growing Plants for Fun & Profit Online                    Understand the power of writing and use it to pres-

           See Online Class Information on                Explore what you need to know to turn your love of        ent a solid, cohesive message to your target audi-
            page 47 for specific requirements.             plants into an enjoyable and potentially profitable       ence. Learn how business and marketing objectives
                                                           home business.                                           affect writing choices and understand issues unique
                                                           CES2 1347     (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76   to writing for this discipline. 
                                                           6 weeks                    Mar 21          Sec. 910759    CES2 1520     (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                                                                                     6 weeks                    Jan 18          Sec. 910728
                                                                                                                     6 weeks                    Mar 21          Sec. 910753

                                                                                               Online learning
                                                                                          anytime, anywhere...
                                                                                     just a click away!

                                       Learn more at
                                                 or call 734-462-4448

                                                                                                               734-462-4448      |              11
prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
Computers: Back to the Basics                              MS Windows—An introduction                               PowerPoint 1: Presentation Software for
Are you new to using personal computers?                   Are you new to personal computers or do you just         Effective Communication
Familiarize yourself with the basic functions and          want to learn the basics of the Microsoft Windows        Create effective communication pieces and presen-
uses of the personal computer in a relaxed, non-           operating system? Learn to maintain file manage-         tations in a number of formats using PowerPoint
threatening environment. Learn the very basics             ment systems, perform disk cleanup operations,           software. Learn to create slides for presentations
about the hardware and software commonly found             and create an easy to use desktop in Microsoft           by combining text, graphs, charts, ClipArt, Word-
on IBM-compatible computers. Use the Windows               Windows 7. Find out how to install and remove            Art, and templates. This presentation will contain
operating system, and see how word processing              programs and manage hardware keeping the com-            slides that can be displayed on your computer
and spreadsheet software can be used for your              puter running efficiently. Prerequisite: CES 6946        screen or that can be printed as masters for over-
individual needs. Discuss how your information is          Computer Basics or equivalent knowledge.                 head projection, as 35mm slides or as an outline
stored, data security, computer viruses, and learn         CES 1909       (1.6 CEu)     $169/Senior Cost $135.20    and printed notes. Prerequisite: CES 1909 MS
how to determine which computer would best fit             6 weeks       Thurs        Mar 15          6-8:40 pm     Windows—An Introduction, and CES 1829 Word
your needs when purchasing.                                Sec. 910025   AS210                         M. Brown     1: An Introduction to Word Processing or equiva-
CES 6946       (1.6 CEu)      $169/Senior Cost $135.20                                                              lent knowledge.
                                                           Microsoft Office Outlook
3 weeks       Mon & Wed     Jan 23         9-11:40 am                                                               CES 1787       (1.6 CEu)       $169/Senior Cost $135.20
Sec. 910003   CEC100                        M. Wilson      This application of the Microsoft Office Suite is        6 weeks       Thurs          Jan 26          6-8:40 pm
6 weeks       Thurs         Jan 26            6-8:40 pm    an effective desktop information management              Sec. 910011   AS210                                Staff
Sec. 910004   CEC100                      M. Richardson    program that helps you organize your schedule,
                                                           keep track of your contacts, and communicate with        Excel 1: An introduction to Spreadsheets
internet Basics                                            others. Users can track meetings, email messages,        Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheet pro-
Find out how easy it is to: send electronic mail to        appointments and contacts. It provides a way for         gram, is used to perform numeric calculations rap-
your children, grandchildren, friends and relatives;       individuals and workgroups to organize, find, view       idly and accurately. Learn the basic features of the
check on your investments; make travel arrange-            and share information easily.                            MS Excel program by exploring the capabilities of
ments; shop; and maybe even instantly locate peo-          CES2 6173      (1.6 CEu)     $169/Senior Cost $135.20    the software in a hands-on environment. Learn to
ple you lost touch with years ago. Come explore the        6 weeks       Thurs        Mar 15          6-8:40 pm     create professional spreadsheets, work with for-
World Wide Web as you learn basic skills to “surf          Sec. 910033   CEC100                   M. Richardson     mulas and functions, use formatting techniques
the Internet” on your own. Some computer experi-                                                                    and create basic charts and graphs. Prerequisite:
ence and familiarity is required.                          Word 1: An introduction to Word Processing               CES 1909 MS Windows—An Introduction or
CES2 6119       (.6 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                           Learn the basic features of Microsoft Word in the        equivalent knowledge, and familiarity with basic
2 weeks       Mon & Wed     Feb 13              9-11 am    Windows environment. This hands-on class will            math functions.
Sec. 910013   CEC100                          M. Wilson    cover such topics as creating documents, editing
                                                                                                                    CES 1813       (1.6 CEu)       $169/Senior Cost $135.20
                                                           text, formatting documents using special font            6 weeks       Tues           Jan 24          1-3:40 pm
                                                           effects and paragraph alignment, creating bulleted       Sec. 910031   CEC100                           J. Wiktor
                                                           and numbered lists, applying borders and shading,        6 weeks       Wed            Jan 25            6-8:40 pm
                                                           and inserting document headers and footers. Pre-         Sec. 910019   AS940                        A. Blyakhman
                                                           requisite: CES 1909 MS Windows—An Introduc-              6 weeks       Thurs          Jan 26        6:30-9:10 pm
                                                           tion or equivalent knowledge.                            Sec. 910020   AS930                            J. Spence
                            oft Offi                       CES 1829       (1.6 CEu)     $169/Senior Cost $135.20
                    version         ce                     6 weeks       Mon          Jan 23        6:30-9:10 pm    Excel 2: Advanced Features
                              2010                         Sec. 910012   AS900                         G. Miloser   Expand your knowledge of Excel in the Windows
                   is bein                                                                                          environment. Explore more spreadsheet capabili-
                            g used                         Word 2: Advanced Features
                   in all c                                                                                         ties of this software package in a hands-on class.
                            lasses                         Continue to enhance your skills using advanced           Learn to use lists, analyze list data, enhance charts,
                                                           features of Microsoft Word. Learn more advanced          exchange data with other programs, and plan and
                                                           features such as tables, charts, reports, merg-          run macros. Prerequisite: CES 1813 Excel 1 or
                                                           ing documents and basic desktop publishing in a          equivalent knowledge, and familiarity with basic
                                                           hands-on environment. Prerequisite: CES 1829             math functions.
                                                           Word 1: An Introduction to Word Processing or            CES 1815       (1.6 CEu)       $169/Senior Cost $135.20
                                                           have equivalent knowledge.                               6 weeks       Tues           Mar 13         9-11:40 am
                                                           CES 6688       (1.6 CEu)     $169/Senior Cost $135.20    Sec. 910001   CEC100                           J. Wiktor
                                                           6 weeks       Mon          Mar 12        6:30-9:10 pm    6 weeks       Wed            Mar 14            6-8:40 pm
                                                           Sec. 910022   AS900                         G. Miloser   Sec. 910016   AS940                        A. Blyakhman
                                                                                                                    6 weeks       Thurs          Mar 15        6:30-9:10 pm
                                                                                                                    Sec. 910023   AS930                            J. Spence

12          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                               prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
Access 1: An introduction to                                                                                            eBay Selling Basics
Database Management                                                                                                     Don’t miss this hands-on opportunity to become a
Computerized databases store large amounts of                                                                           savvy seller on eBay! Learn the workings of eBay:
information and are able to retrieve all or part of                             Micros                                  registering; researching; seller fees; pay methods;
the information as needed. Microsoft Access is                                          oft Offi                        shipping choices; and how to list an item includ-
                                                                                 version         ce
used to manage data that can be organized into                                                                          ing titles, descriptions, pictures, pricing values;
lists of related information. Learn to identify and                             is bein                                 and how to avoid common eBay sellers’ pitfalls.
work with a relational database. Build a database,                                        g used                        Then roll up your sleeves and actually register to
                                                                                in all c
create and edit tables and records, create and mod-                                      lasses                         sell, become a PayPal member, look at past items
ify forms, reports and queries. Prerequisite: CES                                                                       for marketing ideas and price comparisons, and do
1829 Word Level 1 or CES 1813 Excel 1 or equiva-                                                                        online research. An eBay manual is included in the
lent knowledge.                                                                                                         course cost.
CES 6556       (1.6 CEu)       $189/Senior Cost $151.20                                                                 CES2 6202        (.8 CEu)       $119/Senior Cost $95.20
6 weeks       Tues           Jan 24          6-8:40 pm    Blogging Basics                                               3 weeks       Thurs         Jan 26        6:30-9:10 pm
Sec. 910010   AS930                      M. Richardson    Find out what blogs are all about—how they came               Sec. 910026   AS900                        T. McMahon
                                                          to be, how they benefit you, your personal brand,             3 weeks       Thurs         Mar 15          6:30-9:10 pm
Access 2: Advanced Features                               your career development, your school or company               Sec. 910032   AS900                          T. McMahon
Learn advanced concepts of form and report                and more. Learn to establish and customize a blog
development and design in this continuation of            account and user profile, and create posts including          Adobe illustrator CS5
Microsoft Access. See how to share information            multimedia elements. Note: This hands-on basic                Explore the world of graphic design and illustration
with other Office programs, automate tasks with           class is geared toward students who have never                using this professional computer drawing software.
macros, create advanced and multiple table queries,       established a blog or written a blog post. Students           Learn the fundamental and exciting features of
manage database objects and manage the Access             may bring optional photos and content on a USB                Adobe Illustrator that allow you to create amazing
Database. Prerequisite: CES 6556 Access 1: An             Flash Drive to practice with.                                 vector and raster graphics. Understand the funda-
Introduction to Database Management or equiva-            CES2 6180       (.3 CEu)                $45/Senior Cost $36   mentals of creating a graphic document and utilize
lent knowledge.                                           1 day         Tues             Feb 7                6-9 pm    the program features including panels, preferences,
CES 6675       (1.6 CEu)       $189/Senior Cost $151.20   Sec. 910075   AS210                                W. Kolcz   and dialog boxes. Modify graphics and text to
6 weeks       Tues           Mar 13          6-8:40 pm    1 day         Sat              Feb 25          9 am-12 pm     achieve your ideal project.
Sec. 910005   AS930                      M. Richardson    Sec. 910038   AS210                              T. Thomas    CES2 6192       (3.2 CEu)        $345/Senior Cost $276
                                                                                                                        12 weeks      Mon           Jan 23           6-8:40 pm
Get Started With Facebook & Twitter                       use Social Media to Build Community Buzz                      Sec. 910021   CEC100                         C. Hunter
If you’ve never created a social media profile, or are    Use social media groups, online event management
just getting started and don’t even know what you         tools, and quick sharing apps for your browser                Adobe Acrobat Professional X
don’t know, this class will familiarize you with two      to share and communicate information. Find out                Learn how to create PDF files using the amaz-
of the most popular social network tools. Activities      how to contribute to group discussions to promote             ing capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Professional X.
include establishing and customizing a user profile;      causes, events, groups, efforts and more. Note: This          Explore the user interface including the following
exploring pages, groups, apps, privacy and security       hands-on class is geared toward the intermedi-                features: Commenting and Annotation Tools, Book-
considerations. Note: This hands-on basic class           ate social media user with at least one established           marks, Editing tools, Digital Signature, Scanning,
focuses on the basics for those who have never used       social network profile.                                       Forms, PDF Portfolio, and
Facebook or Twitter.                                      CES2 6181       (.3 CEu)                $45/Senior Cost $36   CES2 6201        (.6 CEu)            $115/Senior Cost $92
CES2 6178       (.3 CEu)            $45/Senior Cost $36   1 day         Tues             Feb 21               6-9 pm    2 weeks       Sat           Feb 11           9 am-12 pm
1 day         Tues           Jan 24             6-9 pm    Sec. 910076   AS210                                W. Kolcz   Sec. 910024   CEC100                            C. Hunter
Sec. 910073   AS210                            W. Kolcz   1 day         Sat              Mar 10          9 am-12 pm     2 weeks       Sat           Apr 14            9 am-12 pm
1 day         Sat            Jan 28         9 am-12 pm    Sec. 910036   AS210                              T. Thomas    Sec. 910040   CEC100                            C. Hunter
Sec. 910034   AS210                           T. Thomas
1 day         Tues           Feb 14             6-9 pm    Mega-Posting: Making Social networks                          neW Acrobat X for Legal Professionals
Sec. 910077   AS210                            W. Kolcz   Do the Work                                                   If you work in the legal profession, learn to use
                                                          Discover how easy it is to keep your social network           the amazing capabilities of Adobe Acrobat X Pro to
Linkedin Basics                                           profiles in sync and have them do more work for               add comments, notations, mark-ups, bookmarks,
Learn why it’s practically a mandate to maintain          you, while saving time and making the process                 stamps, Bates numbering, redactions, and head-
an active LinkedIn account for today’s career pro-        easier. Students will focus on mass sharing tools             ers and footers to your PDFs. Learn about digital
fessional. You will establish and customize a user        such as Posterous, Tumblr, Ping, Hootsuite and                signatures, PDF security, creating and navigating
profile, build your contact network, learn how to         Shareaholic to automate and update sharing infor-             PDFs, scanning documents, OCR, search and index-
create, join and contribute to LinkedIn Groups, and       mation to their social networks. Note: This hands-            ing PDFs, PDF portfolios, Shared Review, Acrobat
learn how to install and get the most out of Linke-       on class is geared toward the intermediate social             ConnectNow for conferences and presentations,
dIn Applications. Note: This hands-on basic class is      media user with at least one established social               and to collaborate or store files. For
geared toward students who have not used Linke-           network profile.                                              memory storage, bring a USB Flash Drive (thumb
dIn before or have only created a minimum profile.        CES2 6179       (.3 CEu)                $45/Senior Cost $36
                                                                                                                        drive) to class.
CES2 6177       (.3 CEu)            $45/Senior Cost $36   1 day         Tues             Feb 28               6-9 pm    CES2 6204        (.6 CEu)        $250/Senior Cost $200
1 day         Tues           Jan 31             6-9 pm    Sec. 910074   AS210                                W. Kolcz   2 weeks       Sat           Mar 17         9 am-12 pm
Sec. 910072   AS210                            W. Kolcz   1 day         Sat              Mar 24          9 am-12 pm     Sec. 910068   CEC100                         C. Hunter
1 day         Sat            Feb 11         9 am-12 pm    Sec. 910037   AS210                              T. Thomas
Sec. 910035   AS210                           T. Thomas

                                                                                                                  734-462-4448        |              13
prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
                                                                                                                           Web Development—Level 1: HTML
                                        money savings opportunity                                                          Learn how to build Web pages using well-struc-
                                                                                                                           tured eXtensible Hypertext Markup Language
                                                                                                                           (XHTML) for content. Using the Web standards
                                               PHOTOSHOP CS5 SERiES                                                        approach, create Web sites that not only look great
                                                                                                                           in all modern Web browsers, but also are accessible
       This money savings series is a real value and includes the following 2 classes:                                     to a wide variety of audiences across a range of
         •	CES2	6063	Photoshop	CS5—Level	1                                                                                 platforms and devices. See how to build contempo-
         •	CES2	6085	Photoshop	CS5—Level	2                                                                                 rary Web pages using easy-to-use tools which are,
                                                                                                                           in most cases, free.
      See class descriptions for more information.                                                                         CES2 6150      (1.8 CEu)         $215/Senior Cost $172
      Prerequisite: CES 1909 MS Windows—An Introduction or equivalent computer knowledge.                                  6 weeks       Tues          Jan 24              6-9 pm
       CES2 6111       (3.2 CEu)           $345/Senior Cost $276                                                           Sec. 910029   MC155                      B. Gasperosky
       12 weeks        Wed            Jan 25           6-8:40 pm
       Sec. 910014     CEC100                          C. Hunter                                                           Web Development—Level 2: CSS
                                                                                                                           Discover how to style and customize the presenta-
              you must register prior to the start of the series to take advantage of the savings.                         tion of well-structured XHTML pages using Cascad-
                                                                                                                           ing Style Sheets (CSS). With Web pages built upon
                                                                                                                           current Web standards, create Web sites that not
Adobe inDesign CS5                                                 Photoshop CS5—Level 1                                   only look great in all modern Web browsers, but
Learn Adobe InDesign CS5,the powerful industry                     Okay—you’ve taken some wonderful shots with             also are accessible to a wide variety of audiences
standard for layout, publishing and interactive                    your digital camera, now what? With Photoshop           across a range of platforms and devices. Learn how
design. Topics include: in-depth information and                   CS5 software, you can edit your photographs             to step-by-step add style to well-structured XHTML
hands-on experience with the InDesign interface;                   to remove red-eye, correct image exposure, and          Web pages. Prerequisite: CES2 6150 Web Develop-
document creation, layout, preferences; paragraph                  enhance your images. Start with the basic features      ment, Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.
and character style sheets; Object styles; creating                of this popular software program and build your         CES2 6151      (1.8 CEu)         $215/Senior Cost $172
                                                                                                                           6 weeks       Tues          Mar 13              6-9 pm
and modifying text and graphic elements; creating                  skills as you explore the world of Photoshop. Pre-
                                                                                                                           Sec. 910030   MC155                      B. Gasperosky
and formatting tables; table of contents, index;                   requisite: CES 1909 MS Windows—An Introduc-
book files; exporting to PDF and more.                             tion or equivalent knowledge.                           Web Development—Level 3: PHP
CES2 6184        (3.2 CEu)              $345/Senior Cost $276      CES2 6063      (1.6 CEu)     $189/Senior Cost $151.20   PHP, the Hypertext Preprocessor, is a widely-used
12 weeks       Tues                Jan 24           6-8:40 pm      6 weeks       Wed          Jan 25          6-8:40 pm
                                                                                                                           general-purpose scripting language for Web devel-
Sec. 910008    CEC100                               C. Hunter      Sec. 910006   CEC100                        C. Hunter
                                                                                                                           opment. Learn the essentials of PHP; the concepts
Photoshop Elements 9.0                                             Photoshop CS5—Level 2                                   of modern Web programming; and the basics of
Congratulations! You have entered the digital world                Now that you have mastered the basics of Photo-         object-oriented programming. These skills are
of photography and found how easy it can be to use                 shop, continue to learn about this digital imaging      necessary to build responsive, data-driven Web
that digital camera. Now, what do you do with all                  software. Focus on some of Photoshop CS5’s new-         sites. Prerequisite: Web Development courses CES2
of the pictures? Try the fun and easy to use Adobe                 est features along with image color-correction;         6150 and CES2 6151, or equivalent experience in
Elements 9.0 software to organize, transform, and                  depth-of-field; panoramas; montages; Smart filters;     XHTML and CSS.
perfect your pictures. This course is not compatible               image sharpening; basic and advanced layering           CES2 6188      (2.4 CEu)         $295/Senior Cost $236
                                                                                                                           6 weeks       Mon           Jan 23            6-10 pm
with Macintosh computers. Prerequisite: CES 1909                   techniques; vector shapes; photo-illustration tech-
                                                                                                                           Sec. 910027   MC155                      B. Gasperosky
MS Windows—An Introduction or equivalent com-                      niques; fixing over- and under-exposed images;
puter knowledge.                                                   Camera Raw and more. Prerequisite: CES2 6063            Web Development—Level 4:
CES2 6088        (1.6 CEu)           $189/Senior Cost $151.20      Photoshop Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.
                                                                                                                           MySQL & JavaScript with PHP
6 weeks        Tues                Jan 24           6-8:40 pm      CES2 6085      (1.6 CEu)     $189/Senior Cost $151.20
                                                                                                                           Learn to build and create responsive, data-driven
Sec. 910002    AS610                               P. Flanigan     6 weeks       Wed          Mar 14          6-8:40 pm
                                                                                                                           Web sites with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript. Dis-
                                                                   Sec. 910007   CEC100                        C. Hunter
Photoshop Elements 9.0—Level 2                                                                                             cover how the combination of PHP and MySQL
Expand on the basics of using Photoshop Elements                   neW Video Game Programming & Design                     provides an easy way to build modern Web sites
9.0 and learn to properly correct and retouch your                 If you’re an adult who loves video games learn to       with dynamic data and user interaction. Find out
photos. Give your photos the perfect transforma-                   design, program and create video games from the         how to add JavaScript to create rich Internet appli-
tion and discover how to create special effects,                   ground up using Gamemaker and Flash software.           cations and Web sites. Learn to combine XHTML,
retouch portraits, restore and sharpen your photos.                Explore the thematic, visual, systematic and geo-       CSS, MySQL and JavaScript with PHP and how to
This class is not compatible with Macintosh com-                   graphical elements that contribute to creating a        use Cookies, Session Management and Ajax. Pre-
puters. Prerequisite: CES2 6088 Photoshop Ele-                     great video game. Your final product will be a 2D       requisite: Web Development courses CES2 6150,
ments 9.0 or equivalent knowledge.                                 video game in Flash.                                    CES2 6151 and CES2 6188, or equivalent experi-
CES2 6108        (1.6 CEu)           $189/Senior Cost $151.20      CES2 6207      (3.2 CEu)        $345/Senior Cost $276   ence in XHTML, CSS, and PHP.
6 weeks        Tues                Mar 13           6-8:40 pm      12 weeks      Thurs        Jan 26           6-8:40 pm   CES2 6189      (2.4 CEu)         $295/Senior Cost $236
Sec. 910017    AS610                               P. Flanigan     Sec. 910071   AS220                       J. Toussant   6 weeks       Mon           Mar 12            6-10 pm
                                                                                                                           Sec. 910066   MC155                      B. Gasperosky

14                | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                               prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
Open Source Web Design                                       Achieving Top Search Engine Positions                      Flash: An introduction Online
Jump into open source Web design and start build-            for your Web Site Online                                   Learn how to create engaging Web sites, Flash mov-
ing Web 2.0 Web sites using open source projects             Increasing your search engine ranking is critical to       ies, animations and interactive applications. Cre-
like Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal. Learn to create         increasing visits to your Web site. Learn proven,          ate scenes, work with timelines, create video files,
blogs, interactive news portals, social networks, and        easy-to-use, step-by-step strategies to achieve and        import images, use drawing tools, add decorative
virtually any Web site using free open source soft-          maintain the highest possible position with the            and visual effects, use ActionScript fundamentals,
ware. Work with the chosen tools of bloggers, busi-          major search engines. Prerequisite: CES 6720 Creat-        create interactive buttons, and more. Requirement:
nesses, and social networks. Bring a Web site idea to        ing Web Pages, HTML or HTML editor experience.            Adobe Flash Pro. 
work with in class. Prerequisite: basic computer and         CES2 1251     (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76   CES 6995       (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
internet skills and familiarity with social media.           6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910046    6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910044
CES2 6186      (1.8 CEu)             $225/Senior Cost $180   6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 910049    6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910048
6 weeks       Thurs          Feb 2                 6-9 pm    6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910051
Sec. 910070   MC155                                S. Sevo                                                              neW intermediate Flash Online
                                                             introduction to Programming Online                         Delve into the use of more advanced Flash tech-
Google AdWords                                               Learn basic programming concepts and get hands-            niques including Movie Clip symbols, ActionScript,
Create a Google AdWords campaign from the ground             on practice in writing applications containing GUIs,       animation, application programming, and interac-
up and launch it. Learn how to: perform keyword              sound, and graphics. Gain the skills and confidence        tivity techniques. Requirement: Adobe Flash Pro. 
research, correctly organize keywords, correctly             you need to program in Just BASIC, a free and sim-         CES2 6206      (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
organize campaigns, write ads and measure results.           ple programming language, and design your own              6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910062
Prerequisite: Internet experience and a Web site you         custom applications for home, school, or work.            6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 910064
would like to use for the AdWords campaign.                  CES2 6198     (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
CES2 6185      (1.0 CEu)          $245/Senior Cost $196      6 weeks                     Jan 18        Sec. 910059
                                                                                                                        introduction to PC Troubleshooting Online
4 weeks       Wed            Jan 25           6:30-9 pm      6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910060
                                                                                                                        Learn to decipher and solve common PC problems.
Sec. 910069   AS600                         M. McCann                                                                   Explore step-by-step processes for resolving both
                                                             Dreamweaver Online                                         typical and advanced hardware and operating sys-
Microsoft Project Online                                     Master one of the most widely used Web design              tem problems. This class is not compatible with
Learn how to use Microsoft Project to think through          tools available. Create and format text, images,           Macintosh computers. 
and organize your project’s details. See how to plan a       hyperlinks, tables, and various other media types.         CES 6724       (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
schedule, sequence tasks, produce a baseline, assign         You’ll also examine page design with an emphasis           6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910052
resources and costs, track your progress, identify and       on avoiding common layout errors. Requirement:             6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 910057
analyze variances, and revise your project plan.            Adobe Dreamweaver software.                               6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910054
CES2 6199      (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                             CES 6999      (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Jan 18        Sec. 910055
                                                             6 weeks                     Jan 18        Sec. 910043      introduction to Database Development Online
6 weeks                      Mar 21            Sec. 910058
                                                             6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 910050
                                                                                                                        Learn a systematic, structured approach to using
                                                                                                                        powerful tools to help you build databases and
Creating Web Pages Online                                    Microsoft Publisher Online                                 database applications. Recommendation: software
Create and post your very own Web site on the                Learn to use Publisher to create brochures, news-          for any database management system, including
Internet. Discover low-cost marketing techniques             letters, and Web pages. Formal graphic design expe-        Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle,
and search engine strategies.                               rience or training is not required. This class is not      PostgreSQL, or MySQL. 
CES 6720       (2.4 CEu)               $95/Senior Cost $76   compatible with Macintosh computers. Require-              CES2 6045      (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Jan 18           Sec. 910018                                                               6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 910053
                                                             ment: you must have MS Publisher software. 
6 weeks                      Feb 15            Sec. 910039
                                                             CES 6947      (2.4 CEu)

                                                                                                  $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Mar 21            Sec. 910041   6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 910045
                                                                                                                                    See Online Class Information on
                                                                                                                                    page 47 for specific requirements.
Designing Effective Web Sites Online
Master the basics of Web design and learn how
to build better and more effective Web sites. Get
ready to take your Web design skills to the next

level! Prerequisite: CES 6720 Creating Web Pages or
equivalent knowledge. 
CES2 6152      (2.4 CEu)               $95/Senior Cost $76          Keep offering classes
6 weeks                      Jan 18           Sec. 910047
                                                                        that help you keep professionally on your game

6 weeks                      Feb 15            Sec. 910042
6 weeks                      Mar 21            Sec. 910056
                                                                as it relates to technology and social media.
neW Web 2.0: Blogs, Wikis & Podcasts Online
Join the Web 2.0 world as you learn how to create                                       Patrick D., All About Social Media and Blogging student
and maintain your own blog, wiki, and podcast
working with free online tools. 
CES2 6205      (2.4 CEu)               $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Jan 18           Sec. 910061
6 weeks                      Feb 15            Sec. 910063
6 weeks                      Mar 21            Sec. 910065

                                                                                                                 734-462-4448        |              15
prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
nOn-PROFiT/GRAnT FunDinG                                      neW nonprofit Management:                                  REAL ESTATE
                                                              An introduction Online
neW Starting a nonprofit Organization                                                                                    neW How to Appeal your
                                                              Explore the unique characteristics of nonprofit
Do you have passion for a cause and are thinking
                                                              organizations while mastering the core knowledge           Property Tax Assessment
about starting a nonprofit? Get the tools you’ll                                                                         When home values fall, so can property values.
                                                              necessary to become an effective leader in the non-
need to be successful. Through this overview of the                                                                      Make sure you’re not paying more than your house
                                                              profit arena. 
nonprofit organization process, learn about the                                                                          is worth. Learn about the property tax assessment
                                                              CES2 1460     (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
characteristics of a nonprofit organization: federal                                                                     appeal process, from a former Board of Review
                                                              6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 911111
and state guidelines, the role of the Board of Direc-                                                                    Member, for your city’s Board of Review. Topics
                                                              6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 911113
tors and the Executive Director, how to develop                                                                          include: what is a property assessment, how to
a mission statement, organize documents and                   neW Marketing your nonprofit Online                        determine grounds for appeal, documentation
reporting requirements, while exploring issues and            Further the ideals and goals of your nonprofit by          necessary to support your appeal, the hearing
trends within the nonprofit sector.                           learning to compete more effectively for members,          process and post hearing relief. Please bring your
CES2 1596       (.5 CEu)               $95/Senior Cost $76    media attention, donors, clients, and volunteers.         property assessment to class. Note: This class is
2 weeks       Wed            Jan 25            9-11:30 am
                                                              CES2 1594     (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76   not applicable for owners of foreclosed or short
Sec. 911118   AS220                            O. Caldwell                                                               sale properties.
                                                              6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 911112
                                                              6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 911114    CES2 1598         (.2 CEu)           $29/Senior Cost $23.20
Obtaining Grant Funding for                                                                                              1 day          Mon           Feb 6                   6-8 pm
your School or Organization                                   A to Z Grant Writing:                                      Sec. 910302    BTC160                       M. Nanian, J.D.
With increased emphasis on federal dollars, the
                                                              Relationship Focused Online                                1 day          Thurs         Feb 23                6-8 pm
time may never be better to seek grant funding for                                                                       Sec. 910303    BTC160                        M. Nanian J.D.
                                                              Explore how to research and develop relationships
your school or not-for-profit organization. Gain
                                                              with potential funding sources, organize grant
an understanding of the grant process and how to                                                                         Leasing Residential Property 101
                                                              writing campaigns, and prepare proposals. 
apply for grants from start to finish. Learn to com-                                                                     Interested in leasing a property you own or pur-
                                                              CES2 1230     (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
plete a “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and                                                                        chasing a property to lease? Learn what every land-
                                                              6 weeks                     Jan 18        Sec. 911101
Threats” (SWOT) analysis and a proposal outline                                                                          lord in Michigan needs to know including state and
                                                              6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 911103
for your project, do online research, and edit and                                                                       federal housing laws, fair housing requirements,
                                                              6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 911105
critique actual proposals.                                                                                               responsibilities for upkeep and repair of property,
CES2 1551       (.4 CEu)             $79/Senior Cost $63.20   Writing Effective Grant Proposals:                         advertising and showing properties and a detailed
1 day         Wed            Feb 8        8:30 am-12:30 pm                                                               review of required lease documents. Understand
                                                              Content Focused Online
Sec. 911116   AS220                                W. Glass                                                              practical ways to reduce liability and exposure to
                                                              Preparing successful grant proposals to receive fund-
                                                                                                                         risk in your property management business.
Advanced Grant Writing                                        ing from corporations or foundations requires care-
                                                                                                                         CES2 1581         (.9 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20
Take your grant writing capabilities to the next              ful research, meticulous preparation and graceful
                                                                                                                         3 weeks        Wed           Feb 1               6-9 pm
level. Improve your likelihood of success in acquir-          writing. Learn to avoid common errors that lead to         Sec. 910301    BTC160                      L. McMullen
ing grants by preparing a well written proposal,              the rejection of proposals and techniques that have
creating and justifying a detailed budget and pre-            the potential to increase your funding chances.           QuickBooks for Contractors Online
paring a project evaluation plan. Understand and              CES2 1452     (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76     Construction industry professionals will learn to
avoid common proposal mistakes. Complete and                  6 weeks                     Jan 18        Sec. 911102      utilize this powerful software program to create
critique a concept proposal as part of the class.             6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 911104    estimates, progress invoices, and even job cost
Prerequisite: prior knowledge of grant writing.               6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 911110    reports. Requirements: QuickBooks Premier Con-
CES2 1501       (.8 CEu)       $149/Senior Cost $119.20                                                                  tractor Edition software; completion of CES 6725
2 weeks       Wed            Feb 22   8:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                              Advanced Grant Proposal Writing Online                     QuickBooks: An Introduction, or equivalent knowl-
Sec. 911117   AS220                             W. Glass      Do you know the best way to present information            edge. This class is not compatible with Macintosh
                                                              in a grant proposal? Learn what to do-and what not         computers. 
Fundraising for Small non-Profit Organizations                to do-to help make your grant competitive. Become          CES2 6081        (2.4 CEu)             $95/Senior Cost $76
Small non-profits are growing in number to meet               skilled at ferreting out corporate, foundation, and        6 weeks                      Feb 15           Sec. 910304
pressing social and community needs. After form-              government grant opportunities. 

ing the non-profit organization, fundraising is               CES2 1564     (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76                 See Online Class Information on
critical to its survival. Learn basic fundraising prin-       6 weeks                     Feb 15          Sec. 911106                  page 47 for specific requirements.
ciples and techniques. Topics include: principles             6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 911108
of fundraising, sources of support for non-profits,
how to ask for money, use of special events, non-             Becoming a Grant Writing Consultant Online
profit marketing, creating fundraising plans, donor           Learn how you can use your basic knowledge of
relations and recognition, planned giving, and the            grant or proposal writing to become an expert in
board’s role in fundraising.                                  the grant consulting field. This is one field where
CES2 1576       (.8 CEu)          $135/Senior Cost $108       your writing skills can touch thousands of people
2 weeks       Wed            Mar 14   8:30 am-12:30 pm        and literally make a difference in their lives.
Sec. 911115   VT405                            W. Glass       Requirements: must have a basic knowledge of the
                                                              grant writing process. 
                                                              CES2 1472     (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                              6 weeks                     Jan 18          Sec. 911107
                                                              6 weeks                     Mar 21          Sec. 911109

16             | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                  prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
ACCOunTinG                                                  FinAnCiAL PLAnninG                                               Financial & Estate Planning: An introduction
                                                                                                                             Gain the knowledge needed to make intelligent
QuickBooks Pro 2011                                         Financial Markets & Securities: An introduction                  and analytical long-term decisions regarding your
Discover how to maintain accounting records for your        You need a strong financial knowledge base in order              financial future. Learn the basic concepts of estate
small business using QuickBooks 2011. Assume the            to become an educated investor. Gain a basic over-               and insurance planning, financial planning, and
role of a small business owner and create an account-       view of the purpose and composition of the finan-                debt management. Learn the important rules
ing system for a service business. Create vendor, cus-      cial markets, major exchanges and indices (e.g., the             and regulations for IRAs, rollover options from
tomer and employee accounts, record transactions,           S&P 500 Index). You will also learn the fundamen-                company-sponsored plans, gifting, Social Security,
create invoices, process payroll; create and print          tals of stocks, bonds, exchange-trade funds and                  Medicare and Medicaid.
reports; and perform bank reconciliations.                  mutual funds, including how they work and how to
                                                                                                                             CES2 1492         (.6 CEu)        $69/Senior Cost $55.20
CES2 6143      (3.0 CEu)       $349/Senior Cost $279.20     analyze them. This class serves as a foundation for              3 weeks        Tues          Apr 3         6:30-8:30 pm
12 weeks      Mon            Jan 23          6-8:30 pm      all classes in the Financial Planning Series.                    Sec. 910406    LA200                          W. Connell
Sec. 910602   AS940                            B. Quinn     CES2 1488           (.6 CEu)          $69/Senior Cost $55.20
                                                            3 weeks          Tues            Jan 24        6:30-8:30 pm      Retirement Planning Today
Accounting Fundamentals 1 Online                            Sec. 910402      LA200                            W. Connell     Learn how to avoid the ten biggest retirement
Gain practical bookkeeping and common account-                                                                               planning mistakes! Whether your objective is to
ing knowledge for running a small business, to              Mutual Fund investing                                            build a nest egg, protect your assets, or preserve
enhance your career, or for a better understanding          Mutual funds are a very popular investment choice.               your lifestyle throughout retirement, learn to plan
of your personal finances.                                 Yet, most investors don’t have a strong understand-              your future with confidence. Discover how to cre-
CES2 1537      (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76   ing of what they are and how they work. Increase                 ate a retirement plan, manage investments risks
6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 910603    your knowledge beyond the basics to include how                  and make informed decisions about your finances.
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 910605    mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) are                 Receive a 226-page illustrated textbook as part of
6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 910607    structured and categorized, how to evaluate them                 the course.
                                                            for the purpose of structuring a diversified port-
                                                                                                                             CES 5129          (.6 CEu)        $49/Senior Cost $39.20
Accounting Fundamentals 2 Online                            folio, and how to periodically monitor your funds.               2 weeks        Sat           Feb 18          9 am-12 pm
Gain a solid understanding of corporate account-            Prerequisite: CES2 1488 Financial Markets & Secu-                Sec. 910408    LA400                           M. Rajput
ing practices including analyzing transactions,             rities: An Introduction or equivalent knowledge.                 2 weeks        Tues          Feb 21         6:30-9:30 pm
preparing corporate financial reports, and work-            CES2 1490           (.6 CEu)          $69/Senior Cost $55.20     Sec. 910407    LA140                           M. Rajput
ing with dividends, plant assets, depreciation,             3 weeks          Tues            Feb 14        6:30-8:30 pm
accrued revenue and expenses, retained earnings,            Sec. 910403      LA200                            W. Connell     Where Does All My Money Go? Online
and stockholders’ equity. Prerequisite: CES2 1537                                                                            Are you never able to get ahead? Start by finding
Accounting Fundamentals 1.                                 Structuring a Stock Portfolio                                    out where your money goes. Learn ways to drive
CES2 1540      (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76   Stocks can be volatile, but they also have the poten-            where you want it to go. Begin to tackle your debt
6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 910606    tial to bring meaningful returns to your portfolio.              and stop worrying about money. 
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 910609    So how does a serious investor go about selecting                CES 5235         (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 910612    a stock? Discover fundamental and technical stock                6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 910405
                                                            analysis techniques and how to structure and                     6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 910409
QuickBooks: introduction Online                             monitor a portfolio of individual stocks. Prerequi-              6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 910410
Designed for the small to midsized business owner           site: CES2 1488 Financial Markets & Securities: An

who wants easy-to-use software to set up accounts,          Introduction or equivalent knowledge.                                          See Online Class Information on
handle invoicing, track payables and inventory,             CES2 1489           (.6 CEu)          $69/Senior Cost $55.20                   page 47 for specific requirements.
and generate reports. Class is not compatible with          3 weeks          Tues            Mar 13        6:30-8:30 pm
Macintosh computers. Requirements: QuickBooks               Sec. 910404      LA200                            W. Connell
software. 
CES 6725       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 910604
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 910608                                           money savings opportunity
6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 910610

Performing Payroll in Quickbooks Online                                                                FinAnCiAL PLAnninG SERiES
Create paychecks, pay tax liabilities and generate                 This money savings series is a real value and includes the following 4 classes:
dazzling reports with little effort using Quick-
Books. Learn everything from set-up to creating a                     •	 CES2	1488	Financial	Markets	&	Securities
new employee; tracking time and job cost data; and                    •	 CES2	1490	Mutual	Fund	Investing
generating required forms and reports. If you are                     •	 CES2	1489	Structuring	a	Stock	Portfolio
already using the QuickBooks payroll feature, learn                   •	 CES2	1492	Financial	&	Estate	Planning
troubleshooting tips and solutions for common                      See class descriptions for more information.
problems and mistakes! Class not compatible with                          CES2 1487        (2.4 CEu)       $249/Senior Cost $199.20
Macintosh computers. Requirements: QuickBooks                             12 weeks         Tues          Jan 24        6:30-8:30 pm
Pro Software.                                                            Sec. 910401      LA200                          W. Connell

CES 6948       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76                  you must register prior to the start of the series to take advantage of the savings.
6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 910611
6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 910614

                                                                                                                     734-462-4448           |             17
prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
teachers/K–12 educators—                                                                                                                                  understanding Adolescents Online 
  get your sB-CeUs at home!                                                                                           go to
                                                                                                                                                          CES 0925   Jan 18
                                                                                                                                                                     Feb 15
                                                                                                                                                                              Sec. 919611
                                                                                                                                                                              Sec. 919612
let our classes come to you in the convenience and comfort of your own                                   w w w.e
                                                                                                                  d2go.c                                             Mar 21   Sec. 919635
home. you can complete any one of our online classes at anytime from                                                       om/scs
                                                                                                            for mor                b ce u
anywhere with internet access.                                                                                      e inform                              neW Leadership Online 
                                                                                                             and de            ation
                                                                                                                                                          CES 0973   Jan 18   Sec. 919684
         »         These classes are state Board approved for 2.4 sB-ceus                                           tailed c
                                                                                                                              lass                                   Feb 15   Sec. 919687
         »         Online lessons are 6 weeks                                                                           tions
                                                                                                                                                          Differentiated instruction
         »         class fee $105/senior cost $84
                                                                                                                                                          in the Classroom Online 
         »         Try before you buy—sample the first 2 sessions                                                                                         CES 0920   Jan 18   Sec. 919621
                                                                                                                                                                     Mar 21   Sec. 919630

                                                                                                                                                          The Differentiated instruction &
                   Survival Kit for Teachers Online                                Ready, Set, Read Online 
                   CES 0963    Jan 18   Sec. 919670                                 CES 7316   Jan 18   Sec. 919605                                       Response to intervention
                               Feb 15   Sec. 919672                                            Feb 15   Sec. 919615                                       Connection Online 
                               Mar 21   Sec. 919674                                                                                                       CES 0964   Jan 18   Sec. 919683
                                                                                    Merrill Ream Speed Reading Online                                               Feb 15   Sec. 919681
                   Handling Medical Emergencies Online                             CES 7231   Jan 18   Sec. 919617                                                  Mar 21   Sec. 919679
                   CES 4297    Jan 18   Sec. 919647                                            Feb 15   Sec. 919659
Career Skills

                               Mar 21   Sec. 919649                                                                                                       Teaching Students with
                                                                                    Guided Reading: Strategies for the                                    Learning Disabilities Online 
                   Keys to Effective                                                Differentiated Classroom Online                                      CES 0928   Jan 18   Sec. 919608
                   Communication Online                                            CES 7329   Jan 18   Sec. 919604                                                  Mar 21   Sec. 919626
                   CES 7375    Jan 18   Sec. 919662                                            Feb 15   Sec. 919641
                               Mar 21   Sec. 919664                                                                                                       Empowering Students
                                                                                    Guided Reading & Writing: Strategies for                              with Disabilities Online 

                   interpersonal Communication Online                              Maximum Student Achievement Online                                   CES 0956   Jan 18   Sec. 919634
                   CES 7366    Jan 18   Sec. 919633                                 CES 7374   Jan 18   Sec. 919663                                                  Feb 15   Sec. 919640
                               Mar 21   Sec. 919642                                            Mar 21   Sec. 919665
                                                                                                                                                          Teaching Students
                   Spanish in the Classroom Online 
                                                                    Language Arts

                                                                                    Response to intervention:                                             with Autism Online 
                   CES 3627    Jan 18   Sec. 919646
                                                                                    Reading Strategies That Work Online                                  CES 0932   Jan 18   Sec. 919614
                               Mar 21   Sec. 919651
                                                                                    CES 7337   Jan 18   Sec. 919622                                                  Feb 15   Sec. 919656
Foreign Language

                                                                                               Feb 15   Sec. 919660
                   Speed Spanish Online                                                                                                                  neW Teaching Preschool:
                   CES 3459    Feb 15   Sec. 919607
                                                                                    Enhancing Childhood Language                                          A year of inspiring Lessons Online 
                   Speed Spanish 2 Online                                          Development Online                                                   CES 0974   Feb 15   Sec. 919686

                   CES 3532    Feb 15   Sec. 919625
                                                                                    CES 0898   Jan 18   Sec. 919606                                                  Mar 21   Sec. 919688
                                                                                               Mar 21   Sec. 919632
                                                                                                                                                          The Creative Classroom Online 
                   Speed Spanish 3 Online 
                   CES 3571    Mar 21   Sec. 919661
                                                                                    Writing Essentials Online                                            CES 0908   Feb 15   Sec. 919603
                                                                                    CES 7365   Jan 18   Sec. 919636                                                  Mar 21   Sec. 919631
                                                                                               Feb 15   Sec. 919638
                   A to Z Grant Writing:                                                                                                                  Solving Classroom Discipline
                   Relationship Focused Online                                     Teaching Writing: Grades 4–6 Online                                  Problems Online 
                   CES2 1230 Jan 18     Sec. 919619
                                                                                    CES 7338   Mar 21   Sec. 919623                                       CES 0913   Jan 18   Sec. 919628
                               Feb 15   Sec. 919657
Grant Funding

                                                                                                                                                                     Feb 15   Sec. 919637
                                                                                    Writing for Children Online                                                     Mar 21   Sec. 919613
                   Writing Effective Grant Proposals:                               CES 7304   Mar 21   Sec. 919627
                   Content Focused Online                                                                                                                Solving Classroom Discipline
                   CES2 1452 Mar 21     Sec. 919620                                 introduction to Journaling Online                                    Problems 2 Online 
                                                                                    CES 7376   Jan 18   Sec. 919671                                       CES 0929   Feb 15   Sec. 919601
                   Advanced Grant                                                              Feb 15   Sec. 919673                                                  Mar 21   Sec. 919652
                   Proposal Writing Online 
                   CES2 1564 Mar 21     Sec. 919648                                                                                                       Creating the
                                                                                                                                                          inclusive Classroom Online 
                                                                                                                                                          CES 0930   Jan 18   Sec. 919602
                                                                                                                                                                     Feb 15   Sec. 919655

18                  | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                          prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
                                                                                                                                                 Teaching Smarter with
                                                                                                                                                 SMART Boards Online 
                                                                                                                                                 CES2 6183 Jan 18
saVe The daTe: June 18
                                                                                                                                                                        Sec. 919676
                                                                                                                                                              Mar 21    Sec. 919678

spend a professional development day learning about                                                                                              Guiding Kids on the internet Online 
enhancing student achievement with educational consultant                                                                                        CES 0924     Jan 18    Sec. 919616

Dr. Anthony muhammad while earning your sB-CEUs.                                                                                                 An introduction to
for more information call 734-462-4448.                                                                                                          Teaching ESL/EFL Online 
                                                                                                                                                 CES 0952     Jan 18    Sec. 919639

                                                                                                                                                              Mar 21    Sec. 919643
        Singapore Math: number Sense &                                      integrating Technology in the
        Computational Strategies Online                                    Classroom Online                                                    Creating Web Pages Online 
        CES 8483    Jan 18    Sec. 919666                                   CES2 6153 Feb 15      Sec. 919644                                    CES 6720     Jan 18    Sec. 919609
                    Mar 21    Sec. 919668                                               Mar 21    Sec. 919624                                                 Feb 15    Sec. 919658

        Singapore Math Model Drawing for                                    The Classroom Computer Online                                       Designing Effective Web Sites Online 

        Grades 1–6 Online                                                  CES2 6122 Feb 15      Sec. 919629                                    CES2 6152 Feb 15       Sec. 919645
        CES 8484    Jan 18    Sec. 919669                                                                                                                     Mar 21    Sec. 919650
                    Mar 21    Sec. 919667                                   Creating a Classroom Web Site Online 
                                                                            CES2 6137 Mar 21      Sec. 919610                                    neW Web 2.0: Blogs,
        Teaching Math: Grades 4–6 Online                                                                                                        Wikis & Podcasts Online 
        CES 0962    Jan 18    Sec. 919675                                   using the internet                                                   CES2 6205 Jan 18       Sec. 919680
                    Feb 15    Sec. 919677                                   in the Classroom Online                                                          Feb 15    Sec. 919682
                                                                            CES 0911    Mar 21    Sec. 919618                                                 Mar 21    Sec. 919685

 initial Healthcare Provider BLS-C/CPR                         Pharmacology Review for nurses
 Designed for nursing students and health care pro-            Refresh your knowledge of specific drugs and their
 fessionals, this class teaches infant, child and adult        effects on the human body. Begin with a general                                  planning a future in nursing?
 CPR as well as airway obstruction management                  overview and historical perspective, and then delve                              see page 21 for test of essential
 and mouth-to-mask. An American Heart Associa-                 into the following areas: pharmacokinetic pro-                                   academic skills (teas) preparation.
 tion CPR card, valid for two years, will be issued            cesses, biological response modifiers; drugs to treat
 upon successful completion of the class. Textbook             infectious disease; drugs affecting the cardiovas-
 included. This class is worth 6 continuing education          cular system, central nervous system, autonomic
                                                               nervous system, endocrine system, immune system                     Medical Terminology:
 contact hours for nurses. One hour lunch is not                                                                                   A Word Association Approach Online
 included in CEU total.                                        and respiratory system. This class is worth 8 con-
                                                               tinuing education contact hours for nurses. A half-                 Use an anatomical approach to master challenging
 CES 4151          (.6 CEu)          $125/Senior Cost $100
                                                                                                                                   medical terminology. Study medical root words,
 1 day         Fri              Mar 23          9 am-4 pm      hour lunch is not included in CEU total.
                                                               CES 4282                (.8 CEu)          $119/Senior Cost $95.20
                                                                                                                                   and learn to apply prefixes and suffixes to better
 Sec. 914106   AS376                            J. Nicholas
                                                               1 day               Sat               Jan 28        8 am-4:30 pm    understand medical terms and titles. 
 1 day         Fri              Apr 20           9 am-4 pm
 Sec. 914104   AS376                             J. Nicholas   Sec. 914101         AS920                    D. Denison RN, MSN     CES 4237                 (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                                                                                                   6 weeks                                Jan 18          Sec. 914113
 Healthcare Provider BLS Renewal                               understanding Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests                         6 weeks                                Feb 15          Sec. 914115
 This class will enable Healthcare Professionals who           Interpreting laboratory and diagnostic tests
 need to be recertified for their jobs to refresh their        demands the sharpest skills for healthcare profes-                  neW Medical Math Online
 skills of CPR, use of an AED and relieving choking            sionals. This course will help healthcare profes-                   Master the math skills you need to succeed in the
 (foreign body airway obstruction). Students must              sionals know when a test is appropriate to order,                   medical field from calculating dosages to using sci-
 have taken the full eight-hour Healthcare Provider            understand the physiology behind the test, and                      entific formulas. 
 program or a renewal Healthcare Provider class in             know how to interpret an abnormal result. Regis-                    CES 4299                 (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                               tered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assis-                 6 weeks                                Feb 15          Sec. 914114
 the past, and bring a certificate of proof to class. A
 Healthcare Provider card, valid for two years, will           tants, and other healthcare providers are welcome                   6 weeks                                Mar 21          Sec. 914116
                                                               to attend. This class is worth 8 continuing educa-

 be issued upon successful completion of the class.
                                                               tion contact hours for nurses. A half-hour lunch is                                   See Online Class Information on
 Textbook included. This class is worth 4 continu-
                                                               not included in CEU total.                                                            page 47 for specific requirements.
 ing education contact hours for nurses. Daytime
 classes have a one hour lunch which is not included           CES 4286                (.8 CEu)         $119/Senior Cost $95.20
 in the CEU total.                                             1 day               Sat               Mar 10       8 am-4:30 pm
                                                               Sec. 914105         AS920                C. Todea NP-C, APRN-BC
 CES 4289          (.4 CEu)          $99/Senior Cost $79.20
 1 day         Wed              Mar 14        5:30-9:30 pm
 Sec. 914102   AS376                             J. Nicholas

                                                                                                                            734-462-4448              |                   19
prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
                                                                                                                            neW Write your Life Story Online
                                                                                                                            Learn how to organize and write an inspirational,
                                                                                                                            professional autobiography that will be treasured
Get Back to the Basics at Schoolcraft College                                                                               by family, friends and story-lovers everywhere. 
                                                                                                                            CES 7377       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
   Take non-credit classes that sharpen your skills in
                                                                                       your bas
                                                                                                                            6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 916116

      ✓ Computer use ✓ Math           ✓ Grammar                                     en                                      6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 916118

                                                                                                ic s
                                                                          • Sharp
      ✓ Reading           ✓ Writing ✓ Test taking                                                                           Fundamentals of Technical Writing Online

                                                                                                    kills •
                                                                                                                            Do you have a knack for explaining technical sub-
   Prepare yourself to return to college                                                                                    jects in a way that makes them easy to understand?

                                                                          at S
      ✓ Plan a new career                                                                                                   Learn the skills you need to succeed as a technical

                                                                                   olcraft Col
                                                                                                                            writer and develop your ability to translate complex

      ✓ Learn how to handle tests and other challenges

                                                                                                                            information in easily understood text. Require-
   See pages 12, 20 & 21 for classes offered this semester.                                                                 ment: Microsoft Word software, any version. 
                                                                                                                            CES 7221       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
   For more information call 734-462-4448.                                                                                  6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 916107
                                                                                                                            6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 916110

                                                                                                                            The Keys to Effective Editing Online
                                                                                                                            Ask any published writer and you will hear that a
                                                                                                                            good editor is not just helpful, but essential. Learn
COMMuniCATiOn/WRiTinG                                                                                                       the fundamentals of top-notch copyediting for
Writing Refresher: Back to the Basics                      Start the Short novel you’ve                                     both fiction and nonfiction. 
Whether you need to refresh your skills for work,          Always Wanted to Write!                                          CES 7217       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
or to help your children with their homework, this                                                                          6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 916102
                                                           Learn what’s involved in writing a novel from an
class will strengthen your writing skills and your                                                                          6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 916111
                                                           experienced author who will use her experience
confidence in writing. Review effective communica-         to guide you. Begin with an understanding of the                 Research Methods for Writers Online
tion methods, grammatical rules, brainstorming             types and purposes of novel writing. After a discus-             Learn how to efficiently and effectively conduct
strategies, business writing, research techniques,         sion of the short novel genre, pick a type of short              research for any writing project: fiction, nonfiction,
and editing strategies.                                    novel to write, and with the encouragement of your               and business, even term papers and dissertations. 
CES 7318       (2.4 CEu)         $155/Senior Cost $124     peers…complete it!
                                                                                                                            CES 7286       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
12 weeks      Wed           Jan 25              6-8 pm     CES 7308       (3.3 CEu)         $149/Senior Cost $119.20        6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 916112
Sec. 916108   BTC100                         D. Stearns    11 weeks      Wed              Feb 8         6:30-9:30 pm
                                                                                                                            6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 916114
                                                           Sec. 916104   LA230                                 K. Leo
Grammar Refresher: Back to the Basics
English grammar is critical to clear oral and written      Writerific! Online
communications. Brush up on your grammar skills            Banish writer’s block with these tricks from a
for your job, your schoolwork, or maybe to help            published writer’s toolbox. Writerific liberates the             Merrill Ream Speed Reading Online
your kids with their homework. Review word parts,          imaginative, inventive bolts of genius that can                  Are you struggling to keep up with a flood of email,
punctuation rules, sentence types, suffixes, pre-          shape your writing.                                             articles, reports, books and other printed mat-
fixes, nouns, verbs, pronouns, and modifiers.              CES 7194       (2.4 CEu)                $95/Senior Cost $76      ter? Save yourself oodles of time by learning to
CES 7097       (2.4 CEu)         $155/Senior Cost $124     6 weeks                        Jan 18          Sec. 916101       read faster and with better comprehension from
12 weeks      Thurs         Jan 26              6-8 pm     6 weeks                        Feb 15              Sec. 916106   acclaimed speed reading expert Dr. Merrill Ream. 
Sec. 916105   BTC100                         D. Stearns    6 weeks                        Mar 21              Sec. 916109   CES 7231       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                                                                                            6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 916802
novel Writing—it’s All in the Preparation!                 neW Writerific 2:                                                6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 916803
The decision to write a novel is a big one and not         Creativity Training for Writers Online                           6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 916804
to be taken lightly. Discover what type of commit-         Learn advanced methods to create and write like

                                                                                                                                      See Online Class Information on
ment is required of an author, the types of novels         the professionals-whether you’re launching a career
to write, and how to create timelines from synopsis        or seeking personal satisfaction through writing.                          page 47 for specific requirements.
to revision. Discuss characterization, plot, organi-       CES 7378       (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
zation and research and story boards. Gain prior           6 weeks                        Jan 18        Sec. 916117
knowledge and there’s a much greater chance you’ll         6 weeks                        Feb 15              Sec. 916119
finish that book.                                          6 weeks                        Mar 21              Sec. 916120
CES 7364         (.5 CEu)         $49/Senior Cost $39.20
2 days                                        6:30-9 pm
              Mon           Feb 6                 LA160
              Tues          Feb 7                 LA140
Sec. 916103                                       K. Leo

20        | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                 prOfessiOnal deVelOpMenT
MATH                                                         Graduate Management Admission Test
                                                             (GMAT) Preparation
Basic Math Refresher: Back to the Basics
Never liked math or just wanting to brush up?
You are not alone! Improve your skills in fractions,
                                                             Enhance your math and verbal skills and learn vari-
                                                             ous test-taking strategies that will help you score               JUMp STarT
decimals, percents, and learn the basics of alge-
                                                             to your highest potential on the GMAT. You will
                                                             be tested on actual retired GMAT tests and be pro-
                                                                                                                                         your math education
bra, geometry and statistics. Accomplish all this
                                                             vided with a personal assessment report to identify               A FREE two-session math workshop for
while reducing anxiety and building confidence in
                                                             areas needing improvement. You’ll also receive a
a fun and relaxed learning environment. Textbook
                                                             textbook and a CD-ROM with computer adaptive                      adults focusing on essential whole number
included in class cost.                                                                                                        math skills:
                                                             practice tests. Please be prompt for testing at the
CES 8473        (3.0 CEu)        $235/Senior Cost $188
                                                             first class meeting and bring #2 pencils.                                ✓ Place Value               ✓ Rounding
10 weeks      Tues          Jan 24       5:30-8:30 pm
Sec. 916401   LA465                            T. Lamb       CES 0850       (3.2 CEu)          $395/Senior Cost $316
                                                             8 weeks       Sat            Jan 28           9 am-1 pm                  ✓ Subtraction               ✓ Addition
neW Foundations of Mathematics                               Sec. 916224   LA420                   J. Scott, L. Allman
                                                                                                                                      ✓ Multiplication            ✓ Division
Ever feel you were shortchanged when it comes
                                                             Graduate Record Exam (GRE) Preparation                            date: Friday, January 6 &
to math? Never really understood long division?
                                                             Prepare to succeed on the GRE by combining test-
Here’s your chance to even the score. This class                                                                                     Thursday, January 12
                                                             ing experience, using an actual retired exam, a
will revisit the four fundamental arithmetic
                                                             follow-up personal assessment report identifying                  time: 1–3 pm
operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication
                                                             strengths and weaknesses, classroom review of
and division. You’ll re-develop, practice and work
toward mastering these skills, the single most
                                                             all testing points, and test-taking strategies. For               location: Livonia Campus
                                                             further personal study, a textbook and CD-ROM
important thing you can do to ensure success in
                                                             with computer adaptive practice tests are provided.               For Jump start workshop information and
your future math class.
                                                             Please be prompt for testing at the first class meet-
CES 8486        (1.5 CEu)        $99/Senior Cost $79.20                                                                        registration, call the Learning Assistance
                                                             ing and bring #2 pencils.
5 weeks       Tues & Thur   Mar 20           1-2:30 pm
                                                             CES 0857       (3.2 CEu)          $395/Senior Cost $316           Center at 734-462-4436.
Sec. 916402   LA415                            T. Lamb
                                                             8 weeks       Sat            Jan 28            9 am-1 pm
                                                             Sec. 916220   LA425                 F. Richardson, J. Scott
                                                             Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)                 American College Testing (ACT) Preparation
Test Taking improvement: Back to the Basics
                                                             Preparation                                                   Take control of your college future by preparing for
Alleviate your fear of test taking by learning tech-
                                                             Be well prepared to answer questions on the                   the ACT test. Computer-based diagnostic tests will
niques to successfully take both essay and objective
                                                             TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test). Learn valuable               identify your strengths and weaknesses in math,
tests. Become more comfortable in test situations
                                                             test-taking strategies and review all required test           science, reasoning, reading, English and writing.
by knowing how to organize knowledge, improve
                                                             points. Class sessions will provide hands-on experi-          Based on the test results you’ll develop and imple-
memory and concentration, analyze questions, and
                                                             ence with computer-based practice tests. Combined             ment individualized study plans. Instruction and
review and comprehend facts. Discover ways you
                                                             with home study using the provided textbook and               strategies for the writing portion of the ACT will
can be a better listener and improve your ability to
                                                             CD-ROM with computer adaptive tests, you’ll                   also be covered. Textbooks and all materials will be
follow directions. Please note: this class does not
                                                             have all the tools necessary to succeed. This class           provided. Please be prompt for testing at first class
address content for any specific standardized test,
                                                             is intended for TOEFL test preparation, not ESL               meeting and bring #2 pencils and a calculator.
however it provides general test taking tips that can
                                                             instruction.                                                  CES 7341                                               $259
be useful when preparing for any standardized test.
                                                                                                                           7 weeks        Sat            Jan 14           10 am-1 pm
CES 0349         (.3 CEu)            $55/Senior Cost $44     CES 0849       (2.7 CEu)       $259/Senior Cost $207.20
                                                                                                                           Sec. 916222    LA440                    K. Fotiu, J. Haddad
1 day         Sat           Feb 11          10 am-1 pm       9 weeks       Sat            Jan 28         10 am-1 pm
                                                                                                                           7 weeks        Sat            Feb 11           10 am-1 pm
Sec. 916236   LA405                          C. Cicchelli    Sec. 916221   AS610                            E. Rande
                                                                                                                           Sec. 916225    LA140                    K. Fotiu, J. Haddad
1 day         Sat           Mar 24           10 am-1 pm
Sec. 916237   LA405                           C. Cicchelli   Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS)                      7 weeks        Sat           Mar 24            10 am-1 pm
                                                                                                                           Sec. 916226    LA440    No class 4/7    K. Fotiu, J. Haddad
GED® Test Preparation                                        If you are planning a future in nursing, the TEAS is          American College Testing (ACT)
The GED® test can be the first step to newfound              an important step in the process. Become familiar
                                                                                                                           Preparation Online Course
personal success. If you completed some high                 with the format of the test and learn strategies for
                                                                                                                           Prepare for the ACT online! You’ll get the same
school, but did not graduate, prepare to succeed by          the math, reading, English and science portions.
                                                                                                                           great benefits of our in-class ACT Preparation
learning about the GED® test format, gaining some            Practice exams are included. Requirement: students
                                                                                                                           including pre- and post-class testing to assess your
helpful test-taking strategies and taking sample             must have college level skills in reading, English, and
                                                                                                                           progress, actual retired paper ACT tests for practice
GED® tests. There will be a light review of English,         math. For more information go to the Testing Center
                                                                                                                           and a CD-ROM. If you are self-motivated, you will
writing, reading, and math. If you require in-depth          Web site at
                                                                                                                           benefit by reviewing all testing points, learning
instruction in any of these areas you may be inter-          CES 4296       (1.5 CEu)          $125/Senior Cost $100
                                                                                                                           strategies and tips and putting them into practice.
ested in our Back to the Basics class offerings.             5 weeks       Sat            Jan 28         10 am-1 pm
                                                             Sec. 916239   LA465                         P. Schneider
                                                                                                                           With online access 24/7, toll-free phone and email
CES 7278        (1.2 CEu)       $119/Senior Cost $95.20
                                                                                                                           support, you can work at your own pace to become
4 weeks       Sat           Feb 4           10 am-1 pm
Sec. 916241   LA230                          J. Lehman
                                                                                                                           well prepared for this very important test.
4 weeks       Sat           Mar 10           10 am-1 pm                                                                    CES 7321                                             $229
Sec. 916243   LA230                           J. Lehman                                                                    9 weeks                       Jan 23          Sec. 916230

                                                                                                                    734-462-4448         |               21
persOnal enrichMenT
KiDS On CAMPuS                                                  yOuTH
Video Game Creation Workshop i                                  The Successful Student Seminar: Middle School                       The Successful Student Seminar: High School
For as long as you can remember you’ve played video             Attention middle school students! Enhance your                      Learn valuable study skills for high school that
games. Now, learn to create them! Using Game                    time management skills and learn strategies to                      can carry over into your college years. Learn orga-
Maker software, design and program a real working               complete assignments and tests successfully. Tips                   nizational, time management and test taking
game. Learn to create 2D environments, and dis-                 on improving your memory, organizational skills                     strategies. Enhance your knowledge of note taking,
cover how to access and use online game resources.              and note-taking are just a few of the helpful sub-                  outlining, writing papers, oral presentations, the
Best of all, on the last day of class show off your cre-        jects covered. Develop study and learning skills                    use of graphic organizers and researching papers.
ation to friends and family and then take it home to            that will benefit you in middle school and beyond!                  Set down a solid foundation leading to greater suc-
play. Bring headphones or ear buds to class.                    Workbook provided.                                                  cess in the classroom.
CES2 6093                                               $139    CES 7153                                                  $119      CES 7319                                            $119
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4                  9-11 am    6 weeks       Sat                 Jan 21               9-11 am      6 weeks       Sat           Mar 10          10 am-12 pm
Sec. 919709   AS220           Grades 5, 6           W. Marra    Sec. 919402   LA270                                  R. Fullmer     Sec. 919403   LA260         No class 4/7     P. Schneider

Video Game Creation Workshop ii
Bring the thumb drive with the game you started
in Video Game Creation I and create your own
characters and more. Continue using Game Maker                  LiFELOnG LEARnERS
software to update, add to and improve your game.
Learn to create multi-player options while discov-                                                                                  neW Greek History & Coffee: Future in a Cup
ering even more online game resources including                       money savings opportunity                                     Join Chef George Rapitis for a fun and entertain-
                                                                                                                                    ing afternoon celebrating Greek culture. Look at
sound and action. Prerequisite: CES 2-6093 Video
Game Creation Workshop I. Bring headphones or                                                                                       Greece’s history, its visual splendor, treasures of
ear buds to class.                                                               COnVERSATiOn &                                     its past and Greek traditions such as Greek coffee.
CES2 6118                                             $139                        COFFEE SERiES                                     Learn how Greek coffee is served, and what types
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4             11 am-1 pm                                                                          of pastry to serve with it. Discover the tradition of
Sec. 919707   AS220           Grades 5, 6, 7, 8   W. Marra         Stimulate your mind while you socialize! Meet                    reading fortunes from coffee grounds firsthand and
                                                                   Schoolcraft faculty and guest lecturers, and                     what the different symbols represent.
Video Game Creation Workshop iii                                   enjoy presentations on a variety of topics guar-                 CES 7379        (.2 CEu)             $15/Senior Cost $12
Bring the thumb drive with the games you designed in               anteed to provide an opportunity for learning                    1 day         Fri           Feb 3                 1-3 pm
Video Game Creation I and II and get ready to do some              and for fun. Each session in this series will chal-              Sec. 917402   W210                             G. Rapitis
advance gaming. Using Game Maker software you’ll                   lenge and entertain the curious and fun-loving
create new games and improve your skills as a game                 soul. Don’t miss out!                                            neW The new Healthcare Law &
developer. Learn advanced multi-player programming                 This money savings series is a real value and                    the Future of Reform
and game design with script writing, while discovering             includes the following 3 classes:                                Learn about the progress and unfinished business
new ideas and more online game resources. Prerequi-                                                                                 of healthcare reform in America from an AARP rep-
site: CES 2-6118 Video Game Creation Workshop II.                     •	CES	7379	Greek	History	&	Coffee:	                           resentative. Define the major public policy issues
Bring headphones or ear buds to class.                                           Future in a Cup                                    the new healthcare law addresses. Identify health-
CES2 6126                                              $139           •	CES	4301	The	New	Healthcare	Law	&	                          care issues not being addressed by law and the
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4                  1-3 pm                      the Future of Reform                               possible impact on the federal budget and personal
Sec. 919705   AS220           Grades 5, 6, 7, 8     W. Marra          •	CES	3655	Clay	Art	Throughout	the	Ages                       finances. Acquire new fact-finding resources. Expe-
                                                                                                                                    rience open dialogue based on solid facts, intelli-
Radical Robots                                                     See descriptions for more information.                           gent discussion and informed feedback.
Robots are everywhere—in your family’s car, in your                CES 7274       (.6 CEu)          $36/Senior Cost $28.80          CES 4301        (.2 CEu)             $15/Senior Cost $12
doctor’s office, even on the space shuttle! Discover               3 sessions    Fri      Feb 3, Mar 16, Apr 27      1-3 pm         1 day         Fri           Mar 16               1-3 pm
how robots came to exist and how they are used in                  Sec. 917401 See individual listings below for class locations.   Sec. 917403   W210                            A. Farmer
the movies and in science fiction books. Learn engi-
                                                                 you must register prior to the start of the series
neering principles as you do different robot experi-                                                                                neW Clay Art Throughout the Ages
ments. Rally with your classmates in building and                     to take advantage of the savings.
                                                                                                                                    Take a journey through time looking at clay art begin-
programming LEGO® MindstormTM robots.                                                                                               ning with the Ancient Art of Egypt and the Early
CES 8395                                                $139                                                                        Americas. Enjoy looking at clay art of the Native
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4                  9-11 am                                                                        American, Modern and Contemporary periods, with
Sec. 919701   AS930           Grades 3, 4               Staff                                                                       a cultural comparison of hand built vs. wheel thrown
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4               11 am-1 pm                                                                        techniques. Cap the afternoon off with a discussion
Sec. 919719   AS930           Grades 5, 6               Staff                                                                       of Detroit’s renowned Pewabic Pottery and its creator
8 weeks       Sat             Feb 4          1:30-3:30 pm                                                                           Mary Chase Stratton.
Sec. 919706   AS930           Grades 7, 8, 9         Staff
                                                                                                                                    CES 3655        (.2 CEu)             $15/Senior Cost $12
                                                                                                                                    1 day         Fri           Apr 27               1-3 pm
                                                                                                                                    Sec. 917404   W210                           A. Johnson

22             | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                    persOnal enrichMenT

it is the sculpting of food…
  …in the most advanced kitchens in the Midwest.

  …with some of the best certified Master chefs in america.

  …from international cuisine to butchery to pasty seminars.

with hands-on instruction, you’ll cook with more confidence.

Let us show you the mastery of culinary arts.

Cooking 101: Skill Development
In this relaxed and comfortable environment you                                                       money savings opportunity
will learn basic cooking terminology and tech-
niques. Learn how to properly use basic knives and
hand tools and discover safe and sanitary methods                                            THE WORLD On A DESSERT PLATE—THE SERiES
for food preparation. This class is a prerequisite for          Embark on a sensory world tour—through desserts. In this intriguing series discover dessert
most Schoolcraft College’s CES hands-on Culinary                destinations from across the globe. Learn the history and background of these desserts, and then
Arts classes or instructor’s approval, unless other-            watch as the chef brings them to life.
wise noted. A tool kit is not required for this class.
CES 2187        (.6 CEu)            $105/Senior Cost $84
                                                                 This money savings series is a real value and includes the following 4 classes:
2 days        Wed            Jan 11               5-7 pm           •	 CES	2446	Polish	Desserts
              & Fri          Jan 13               5-9 pm           •	 CES	2357	French	Desserts
Sec. 911008   VT630                      J. Gabriel, CMC           •	 CES	2353	German	Desserts
2 days        Wed            Jan 18                  5-7 pm        •	 CES	2348	Italian	Desserts
              & Fri          Jan 20                  5-9 pm      See descriptions for more information.
Sec. 911014   VT630                         J. Gabriel, CMC         CES 2476         (1.2 CEu)                  $393/Senior Cost $314.40
                                                                    4 weeks          Wed                Feb 8, 15, 22, 29      6-9 pm
Pastry 101: Skill Development                                       Sec. 911034                                                 VT630       J. Decker, CMPC
Learn basic baking terminology and techniques
in a comfortable setting. You’ll gain information                           you must register prior to the start of the series to take advantage of the savings.
on proper pastry tool skills and safe and sanitary
methods for food/baking preparation. Set a solid
base for your baking future. This course is strongly          Polish Desserts                                                    German Desserts
recommended for Schoolcraft College’s CES Pastry              Cakes and pastries are usually the dessert of choice               Desserts are an important element of German
and Baking hands-on Culinary Arts classes, unless             in Poland. Popular cakes include cheesecake,                       cuisine. Discover how light some German desserts
otherwise noted.                                              sponge cake, coffee cakes, poppy seed rolls, and                   can be in contrast with its traditional heavy main
CES 2380        (.6 CEu)              $105/Senior Cost $84    pound cake (babka). Many wonderful pastries like                   dishes. Discover the vast array of German desserts:
1 day         Sat            Jan 28              9 am-3 pm    angel wings (chrusciki), rolled foldover pastries                  chocolate, candy, cakes and cookies known all over
Sec. 911007   VT645                   M. Haight, CEC, CEPC    (kolaczki), donuts (paczki), and apple tarts (szar-                the world, not only for their quality but also for
                                                              lotka) are also enjoyed. Learn about the history, the              their uniqueness.
Time Saving Meal Planning for Busy Families                   ingredients and see the techniques used to create a                CES 2353         (.3 CEu)        $109/Senior Cost $87.20
Do you regularly waste money on food you never                sampling of Polish masterpieces.                                   1 day         Wed            Feb 22               6-9 pm
end up cooking or eating? Do you struggle with                CES 2446            (.3 CEu)           $109/Senior Cost $87.20     Sec. 911018   VT630                     J. Decker, CMPC
what to make for dinner because you don’t have a              1 day          Wed                 Feb 8                6-9 pm
plan? Learn a full-proof prep system that can make            Sec. 911003    VT630                          J. Decker, CMPC      italian Desserts
your weekly meals effortless. Discover how to plan                                                                               Italy is well known for its savory traditional cuisine
and prep your meals for an entire week allowing               French Desserts                                                    and delicious desserts. Italian treats range in flavor
you to save time and money, and spend more qual-              A fine French meal is never complete without a sweet.              from slightly bitter to fairly sweet and can include
ity family time enjoying a healthy dinner at home.            From rich mousse to juicy tarte tatin recipes, the deli-           an endless array of chocolates, cookies and other
CES 2409        (.3 CEu)          $99/Senior Cost $79.20      cacies of the French dessert cart are an undeniable                enticing offerings. Explore the fundamentals of
1 day         Sat            Feb 11          9 am-12 pm       delight. Learn about the history, the ingredients and              Italian desserts and gain the information to create
Sec. 911021   VT630                            K. Lewton      techniques to create unforgettable French classics.                your own Italian classics.
                                                              CES 2357            (.3 CEu)           $109/Senior Cost $87.20     CES 2348         (.3 CEu)        $109/Senior Cost $87.20
                                                              1 day          Wed                 Feb 15               6-9 pm     1 day         Wed            Feb 29               6-9 pm
                                                              Sec. 911009    VT630                          J. Decker, CMPC      Sec. 911022   VT630                     J. Decker, CMPC

                                                                                                                        734-462-4448           |            23
persOnal enrichMenT

     Schoolcraft College’s Culinary Arts Department, “One of the best cooking
     schools in the country,” according to Hour Detroit magazine, opens its doors                  Our popular luncheon service continues Tuesday through Friday
     to the community for exquisite dining for both lunch and dinner.                              with three seatings: 11:45 a.m., noon and 12:15 p.m. Service for
     Located in the VisTaTech Center, the American Harvest Restaurant will offer                   the winter term begins Friday, January 20. Meet your friends or
     a dinner buffet Thursday and Friday during the winter semester, except for                    business acquaintances and enjoy a sophisticated lunch for a very
     school breaks. Dinners during the winter term start Thursday, January 19.                     reasonable price in a trendy, upscale setting.
     The cuisine is expertly prepared by Schoolcraft students and chef instructors.                Call 734-462-4488 or visit
     The menu changes seasonally.                                                                  to make reservations for lunch or dinner.

Mediterranean Cooking                                       How About Brunch?                                           neW Modern Cuisine Techniques:
Who could resist the flavors of the warm Mediter-           Hosting your next friend, family or holiday gath-           Break Through the Boundaries!
ranean? You’ll learn to prepare fabulous meals              ering? Do brunch! Brunch is a great food venue              A revolution is under way in the art of cooking.
from Greece, Italy, Spain and France. Use regional          to share time, food and fun with the gang and it            Just as French Impressionists upended centuries of
cheeses, garlic, eggplant, meats, seafood, and              can be a cost effective and less stressful way to           tradition, new cooking technologies have created
marvelous varieties of olives to create authentic           entertain. Learn to make dishes such as: heirloom           a deeper understanding of science and advances in
Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll also learn options for        tomato tarts, stuffed French toast, unbelievable            culinary art. Learn to integrate new flavors without
making the meals more healthful without sacrific-           egg creations, sausage strudels, pastries. Be ready         changing the physical composition of a dish. See
ing flavor!                                                 for lots of sampling and a comprehensive recipe             how these technologies create wonderful dishes
CES 2135         (.8 CEu)       $119/Senior Cost $95.20     package to take home.                                       like arugula noodles, balsamic and port ‘caviar’,
2 days        Thur & Fri     Mar 1, 2      5:30-9:30 pm     CES 2275        (.4 CEu)             $105/Senior Cost $84   fruit spheres and nitrogen frozen ice cream. All skill
Sec. 911024   VT630                     J. Gabriel, CMC     1 day         Sat           Mar 31             9 am-1 pm    levels welcome.
                                                            Sec. 911001   VT630                            K. Lewton    CES 2475        (.4 CEu)          $99/Senior Cost $79.20
neW Greek Coffee, Greek Cookies & Tales                                                                                 1 day         Tues           Apr 10             6-10 pm
Greek coffee is both delicious and mysterious. This         Discover Raw Foods                                          Sec. 911010   VT630                         Z. Kuczynski
strong brew includes the grounds on the bottom of           Discover the exciting world of raw foods. Learn
the cup. Did you know some believe this tasty cup           what raw means, what food groups are represented            Paris: The Home of Fine Dining
of coffee has the ability to tell you about the past,       and why one would eat “raw.” Learn the art of               New recipes!
present and future? Join Chef George Rapitis for a          soaking, sprouting and dehydrating to maximize              Sneak off to Paris, the city of love and food, for a
fun and entertaining look and taste of Greek coffee         nutrients and discover great recipes utilizing these        taste fest of the signature dishes of five of Paris’s
and Greek coffee cookies, and the tradition of read-        techniques. Open up a whole new culinary world              famous restaurants. Meander and mosey through
ing fortunes from coffee called kafemandeia.                by seeing how eating raw foods is appetizing and            the Ledoyen, renowned for classical cuisine; the
CES 2471         (.3 CEu)         $89/Senior Cost $71.20    nutritionally complete.                                     Carres des Feuillants, featuring modern French
1 day         Tues           Mar 27               6-9 pm    CES 2332        (.3 CEu)         $89/Senior Cost $71.20     cuisine; the Taillevent, which ranks as one of Paris’s
Sec. 911023   VT630                            G. Rapitis   1 day         Tues          Apr 3                6-9 pm     best all-around restaurants; the Meurice, famous
                                                            Sec. 911028   VT630                     J. Gabriel, CMC     for its rich and subtle menus; and the Pre Catelan,
Winter Tuscan Cuisine                                                                                                   which features both urbane and rustic dishes. Get
Tuscan fare is perfect in any season, but winter                                                                        the recipes, taste the results.
brings the opportunity to experience the rich-
                                                                                                                        CES 2378        (.3 CEu)         $109/Senior Cost $87.20
ness and diversity of Tuscan cuisine’s winter fare.                                                                     1 day         Sat            Apr 21          10 am-1 pm

Savory soups, sauces and casseroles abundant with                                                                       Sec. 911031   VT630                 M. Haight, CEC, CEPC
produce, mellow cheeses, grilled meats and pasta
are just a few ways to keep the chill of winter at bay.
Discover these simple, warm, comforting Tuscan
                                                                 I have been impressed
recipes guaranteed to warm your heart.                        with the quality of instruction
CES 2234         (.3 CEu)      $139/Senior Cost $111.20
                                                                    in the continuing education culinary classes.

1 day         Wed            Mar 28              6-9 pm
Sec. 911039   VT630                      B. Polcyn, CEC
                                                                              All of the chefs do a great job.
                                                                                                                                         CEPD culinary student

24          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                          persOnal enrichMenT
                                                                                                                        Authentic Enchiladas Made Right: Hands-on
           Prerequisite—CES 2187 Cooking 101: Skill Development or instructor’s approval.                               There are, perhaps, as many ways of making enchi-
           Please prepare a tool kit with the following: a paring, chef and bread knife; peeler;                        ladas as there are cooks in Mexico. Explore the cul-
           spatula; dough cutter; pastry brush; thermometer; and measuring spoons. Plan to                              tural and culinary history of this Mexican delight.
           wear a white chef’s jacket, dark pants and comfortable shoes in all hands-on classes.                        Discover the many variations and sauce possibili-
                                                                                                                        ties. Learn to identify the ingredients necessary to
                                                                                                                        make authentic enchiladas and then do it! Enjoy
Chicken Cookery: Hands-on                                   The Corn Kitchen: Hands-on                                  the titillating experience of making real enchiladas
New recipes!                                                New recipes!                                                in red sauce. Become enchilada savvy.
Chicken is healthful, nutritious and easy to pre-           “A gift of the gods” is how corn was regarded by the        CES 2356         (.3 CEu)         $89/Senior Cost $71.20
pare. That’s why the average American family of             Indians of Mexico. This amazing crop has been and           1 day         Thur           Mar 22               6-9 pm
four eats 324 pounds of chicken per year! Think of          continues to be a staple food for the Mexican cul-          Sec. 911032   VT620                             A. Perez
the money you’ll save when you professionally cut           ture. Corn is the ingredient in masa, the traditional       Meat Cutting Basics for
up a whole chicken instead of purchasing chicken            corn dough used in many Mexican dishes. Learn
                                                                                                                        the Home Cook: Hands-on
parts. Discover new cooking techniques and inno-            how masa is made, then use corn dough to form
                                                                                                                        Learn the basic principles of butchery. Experience
vative dinner recipes making chicken the main               tortillas, tamales, sopes and tostadas.
                                                                                                                        the professional way to cut steaks and chops, truss
course at your house.                                       CES 2358         (.3 CEu)          $89/Senior Cost $71.20
                                                                                                                        and disjoint a chicken, and filet a fish with con-
CES 2203         (.4 CEu)         $109/Senior Cost $87.20   1 day         Tues            Feb 21               6-9 pm
                                                            Sec. 911017   VT620                              A. Perez
                                                                                                                        fidence. Discover how to sharpen and keep your
1 day         Wed             Jan 25             6-10 pm
Sec. 911011   VT620                       J. Gabriel, CMC
                                                                                                                        tools as precise as possible—all while maintaining a
                                                            European Bread Making: Hands-on                             safe and sanitary environment.
neW Master the Gourmet Pizza: Hands-on                      There is nothing as pleasurable as the aroma and            CES 2307         (.3 CEu)        $119/Senior Cost $95.20
Learn to serve pizza that is so much more than              taste of warm home-baked bread. Experience                  1 day         Sat            Apr 7           10 am-1 pm
pepperoni and cheese. Take pride in serving fresh,          this wonderful feeling firsthand while increasing           Sec. 911038   VT625                M. Haight, CEC, CEPC
delicious and innovative gourmet pizza. Learn               your knowledge of European-style breads. Learn              neW Regional American Food: Hands-on
pizza making techniques, about unique varieties of          to choose ingredients and acquaint yourself with            America’s regional foods are as unique, and
dough, sauces, and toppings using both grill and            mixing and baking techniques. Produce mouth-                diverse, as the country itself. Explore the exten-
pizza stone cooking techniques.                             watering sourdough breads, French baguettes and             sive offerings of four regional cuisines: Pacific
CES 2473         (.3 CEu)         $109/Senior Cost $87.20   croissants, along with additional Chef choices.             Coast—California, Washington and Oregon; Mid-
1 day         Wed             Feb 1                6-9 pm   CES 2082        (1.0 CEu)           $125/Senior Cost $100   west—Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania; New Eng-
Sec. 911012   VT635                       J. Gabriel, CMC   2 days        Thur & Fri      Feb 23, 24         5-10 pm    land Coast; and Southern—Louisiana, Texas and
                                                            Sec. 911019   VT635                       J. Gabriel, CMC
Japanese Sushi: Hands-on                                                                                                Florida. Learn about the history of the fare born
Sushi doesn’t always mean raw fish. Learn to pre-           neW Practical Preparation of Mushrooms:                     of the settlers of our great land. Bring a ten-inch
                                                                                                                        French knife.
pare delicious and beautiful Japanese sushi and             Hands-on
appetizers. Included are tempura, marinades, and                                                                        CES 2478         (.6 CEu)           $105/Senior Cost $84
                                                            Mushrooms are a cook’s best friend. Whether you
                                                                                                                        2 days        Tues & Thur    Apr 10, 12          6-9 pm
vegetarian sushi. You’ll get tips on shopping for           need just a little something to dress things up or          Sec. 911036   VT620                     M. Russell, CMC
ingredients, too! Try something new with healthful          add a whole new dimension of flavor, the answer
and unique Japanese dishes, and take your sushi             is mushrooms. Learn about the varieties of mush-            Versatile Mexican Style Chicken: Hands-on
home at the end of class.                                   rooms—wild and cultivated. Find out how to                  New recipes!
CES 2200         (.4 CEu)       $129/Senior Cost $103.20    handle, store and prepare these earthly delights.           Chicken is one of the most popular meats in
1 day         Tues            Feb 7         5:30-9:30 pm    Don your chef’s hat and create enticing yet simple          Mexican food recipes and has been for centuries.
Sec. 911013   VT620                      J. Gabriel, CMC    dishes from appetizers to main dishes. Bring a ten-         Although there are lots of authentic Mexican
                                                            inch French knife.                                          chicken recipes the class will feature three healthy,
neW Bar & Sheet Cookies: Hands-on
                                                            CES 2477         (.6 CEu)           $105/Senior Cost $84    delicious meals that will build your dinner arsenal:
Bar and sheet cookies are a simple and delicious            2 days        Tues & Thur     Mar 13, 15         6-9 pm     garden chicken, roasted green salsa chicken casse-
way to make dessert for just a few or for a crowd.          Sec. 911035   VT620                      M. Russell, CMC    role and spicy glazed chicken.
While bar cookies are never boring and always
                                                                                                                        CES 2406         (.3 CEu)         $89/Senior Cost $71.20
flavorful, there are some key tricks-of-the-trade to        Vegetarian & Vegan Boot Camp: Hands-on                      1 day         Wed            Apr 18               6-9 pm
making them perfect every time. Make a variety              Take control of your life and treat yourself to radi-       Sec. 911030   VT620                             A. Perez
of bar and sheet cookies from biscotti to pecan             ant health. People who have shifted to vegan and
diamonds. Bring some samples home to share with             vegetarian diets have experienced natural weight            Outdoor Grilling: Hands-on
family and friends.                                         loss, improved health, increased energy, and a              Transform your backyard into a successful outdoor
CES 2470         (.4 CEu)         $109/Senior Cost $87.20   variety of other benefits. Learn how to create entic-       party regardless of the weather. Learn to infuse your
1 day         Thurs           Feb 16             6-10 pm    ing meat- and dairy-free meals using fresh, high-           own oils and vinegars to prepare unique and flavorful
Sec. 911016   VT635                       J. Gabriel, CMC   quality ingredients. Find out about the cuisine, do         marinades and salad dressings. The secrets of success-
                                                            the prep work, and prepare satisfying and flavorful         ful grilling of poultry, seafood and vegetables will be
                                                            vegetarian and vegan dishes.                                demonstrated. A variety of salad dishes will be dem-
                                                            CES 2375        (1.8 CEu)          $375/Senior Cost $300    onstrated using mixed greens, fruits and pasta.
                                                            2 weeks       Fri             Mar 16, 23          6-9 pm    CES 2241         (.8 CEu)      $139/Senior Cost $111.20
                                                                          & Sat           Mar 17, 24      9 am-3 pm     2 days        Thur & Fri     Apr 19, 20          5-9 pm
                                                            Sec. 911026   VT630                      J. Gabriel, CMC    Sec. 911015   VT620                     J. Gabriel, CMC

                                                                                                                 734-462-4448         |            25
persOnal enrichMenT

         CES 2380 Pastry 101: Skill Development is           Passion for Chocolate Desserts: Hands-on                     Youth Culinary
         strongly recommended before taking these classes.   The most popular dessert recipes today most often            Big Chefs & Jr. Chefs: Hands-on
         Cooking 101 is not required.                        include chocolate. Join Chef Decker and learn about          Don’t miss this hands-on opportunity for you and
         Please prepare a tool kit with the following:       the history and the terminology surrounding this             your child to experience the workings of a profes-
         a rubber spatula; pastry brush; rolling pin;        ‘food of the gods’. Learn techniques for melting choc-       sional kitchen. Learn kitchen safety and sanitation
         paring knife; vegetable peeler; french knife;       olate, while discovering its use in tortes and warm and      skills. Then put on the chefs’ hats and aprons to
         melon baller; (2) 16" pastry bags; pastry           cold plated desserts. Don’t miss this class guaranteed       create some delicious main dishes and desserts
         tubes (Large No. 5 Plain Tube; Large No. 5          to make your heart melt—with chocolate that is!              together. Only the adult needs to register and one
         Star tube); serrated bread knife; 3" and 10"        CES 2256        (.3 CEu)        $119/Senior Cost $95.20      child per adult, please. This class is open for chil-
         icing spatula. Plan to wear a white chef’s          1 day         Wed            Mar 21              6-9 pm      dren seven years of age and older. Please bring a
         jacket, dark pants and comfortable shoes            Sec. 911040   VT635                    J. Decker, CMPC       paring knife, measuring cups and aprons to class.
         in all hands-on classes.                                                                                         No prerequisite required.
                                                             neW Cookie Decorating with Royal icing:
                                                                                                                          CES 2178        (.4 CEu)       $129/Senior Cost $103.20
                                                             Hands-on                                                     1 day         Sat            Feb 18          10 am-2 pm
Macaroons & Madeleines: Hands-on                             Decorated cookies make a colorful accent to an ordi-         Sec. 911025   VT630                 M. Haight, CEC, CEPC
Possessing unlimited possibilities for cookie colors,        nary cookie tray. Learn how to prepare the dough,
fillings and flavorings, the macaroon, is quickly            make royal icing and how to decorate beautiful               neW international Buffet for young Chefs—
becoming the “it” dessert, with macaroon shops               cookies! Discover piping techniques and designs              Ages 12–17: Hands-on
giving popular cupcake shops competition in New              using colored royal icing, sanding sugars, and other         Enjoy a two-day international buffet excursion
York and Los Angeles. Couple that with the melt-             decorative items. Please bring a piping bag, #3 and          across the globe to Asia, the Mediterranean and
in-your-mouth authentic madeleine cookie and you             #4 tips, and three squeeze bottles to class.                 Europe, all without leaving Livonia! The first day,
have the sweetest experience ever. Learn to bake             CES 2210        (.3 CEu)              $105/Senior Cost $84   review proper cooking techniques and prepare the
these two trendy treats and dress them up with a             1 day         Tues           Apr 24                6-9 pm    cosmopolitan items for cooking. On the second
variety of flavors and ingredients.                          Sec. 911033   VT620                         M. Bommarito     day, cook the cuisine. Afterwards, experience a
CES 2444         (.4 CEu)          $119/Senior Cost $95.20                                                                world-class meal and a great dining experience.
1 day         Sat              Feb 4           10 am-2 pm
                                                                                                                          No prerequisite required. Please prepare a tool kit
Sec. 911027   VT620                  M. Haight, CEC, CEPC
                                                                                                                          with the following: a set of knives, peeler, spatula,
Cake Decorating with Buttercream: Hands-on                                                                                thermometer and measuring spoons. Plan to wear
You’ll find that no other icing can be used in as                                                                         a white shirt, dark pants and comfortable shoes.
many different ways as buttercream. Using a pre-                                                                          CES 2472                                             $139
pared buttercream frosting, decorate a cake learning                                                                      2 days        Fri            Apr 6          5:30-8:30 pm
to do latticework, flowers, leaves, borders and more.                                                                                   & Sat          Apr 7                1-4 pm
Gain the skills you need to make your cakes one-                                                                          Sec. 911029   VT620                      J. Gabriel, CMC
of-a-kind works of art. Bring a cake decorating bag;
tips #1, #2, #32, #104, #143; and rose nail #907.
These supplies are available at local craft stores.
CES 2329         (.4 CEu)          $119/Senior Cost $95.20
1 day         Sat              Feb 25          10 am-2 pm
Sec. 911037   VT635                   M. Haight, CEC, CEPC

26             | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                persOnal enrichMenT
Red Wines of the World
Television and the newspaper headlines are singing
the praises of red wine. Come taste a wide variety
of red wines from around the world. You’ll discover

new and exciting wines as well as some of the clas-

sics. Whether you’re filling a wine cellar or just
looking for a new red wine to enjoy, this is the class
for you. You must be at least 21 years old to attend.
CES 2137        (1.0 CEu)      $169/Senior Cost $135.20
5 weeks       Mon            Jan 23              7-9 pm
Sec. 911005   W210B          No class 2/6    L. Hershey

Spanish Wines
Enjoy an exciting and delicious tour of Spain’s
multi-faceted wine regions. A treasure trove of
wines—something for everyone, regardless of your
taste or budget, is at your fingertips. You must be
at least 21 years old to attend.
CES 2111        (1.0 CEu)      $169/Senior Cost $135.20
                                                                  Want to get on our culinary mailing list to receive the dish
5 weeks
Sec. 911004
                             Mar 12              7-9 pm
                                             L. Hershey
                                                                  directly to your home? Just email us at
                                                                  or give us a call at 734-462-4448.
Textbook included. Designed for employees, own-
ers and managers of food service establishments,
this course will prepare you for final examinations
administered by the Educational Foundation of the
National Restaurant Association. Upon success-
ful completion of the program and exam (taken in
class), the certified individual will be qualified to

train personnel in sanitation techniques, commu-
nicate with representatives of the health depart-          MEET inSTruCTor           terrie holewinski
ments having jurisdiction, recognize sanitation            Terrie Holewinski, MS, rD, has more than 25 years of food
deficiencies and initiate improvements.                    service experience as a food service director and dietitian.
CES 2087        (1.8 CEu)         $225/Senior Cost $180    She has been teaching the ServSafe class at Schoolcraft for
2 days        Thur & Fri     Jan 26, 27      8 am-5 pm
                                                           11 years, certifying culinary arts students as well as the
Sec. 911002   LA200                       T. Holewinski
                                                           community food handlers.
2 days        Thur & Fri     Mar 22, 23       8 am-5 pm
Sec. 911006   LA200                        T. Holewinski   The ServSafe class is designed for employees,
                                                           owners and managers of food service establishments,
neW ServSafe—One Day Class                                 this course will prepare you for final examinations
Textbook must be purchased through the School-             administered by the Educational Foundation of the
craft Bookstore and reviewed prior to class start          national restaurant Association. Her class pass rate
date. Designed for employees, owners and manag-            the national ServSafe exam is 94%. The ServSafe class
ers of food service establishments, this course will       is completed in two 8-hour days, and is offered 2–3
prepare you for final examinations administered by         times a semester. a new one-day certification class is
the Educational Foundation of the National Res-            offered this semester, which will be ideal for individuals
taurant Association. Upon successful completion of         who need to be recertified. Terrie’s goal is for her
the program and exam (taken in class) the certified        students to successfully pass the exam and improve their
individual will be qualified to train personnel in         knowledge of food safety to ensure they are providing safe
sanitation techniques, communicate with represen-          food to their clients or customers.
tatives of the health departments having jurisdic-
tion, recognize sanitation deficiencies and initiate
CES 2469         (.8 CEu)         $99/Senior Cost $79.20
1 day         Fri            Feb 24           8 am-5 pm
Sec. 911020   LA200                        T. Holewinski

                                                                                                      734-462-4448        |   27
persOnal enrichMenT
Languages Around the World—Level i                          Languages Around the World—Level ii                       American Sign Language i
Whether you’re planning a cruise or a trip through          Increase your writing and speaking skills by delving      American Sign Language is the fourth most com-
a foreign land, trying to make that sale, or just           further into the grammar of your new language.            monly used language in the U.S. Discover the basics
getting back to your own family roots, learning a           Review what you learned in Level I and expand             of ASL including facial expressions, hand gestures,
language is a wonderful personal experience. The            further your communication skills in everyday liv-        and body language. Gain basic knowledge of the
time is now and the opportunity is here! Learn a            ing skills such as banking, shopping, restaurants,        alphabet, numbers, colors, and time telling. Learn
language the easy and fun way. Start with simple            hotels, airports, and even emergency situations.          about the deaf culture and the use of the Michigan
grammar and vocabulary, and be able to engage in            Feel an emotional tie start to root as you begin          Relay Center (MRC). The first half of the textbook
basic conversation and writing. Learn the political         to understand and appreciate another culture’s            will be covered. This class is taught by a hearing
and social dos and don’ts that will increase your           holidays and special celebrations that make them          instructor.
confidence and communication skills, making you             unique. Celebrate the progress you’ve made in your        CES 3150         (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20
more comfortable in all social situations whether           language experience!                                      12 weeks       Tues          Jan 24              6-8 pm
they take place in the boardroom, on the Internet,                                                                    Sec. 916019    LA470                            T. White
                                                              French ii Conversational
or in travel ports worldwide. Grow as a person as             CES 3270      (2.4 CEu)
you begin to appreciate other cultures through the
                                                                                          $149/Senior Cost $119.20    American Sign Language ii
                                                              12 weeks        Mon         Jan 23            6-8 pm
magic of language.                                                                                                    Take your American Sign Language skills to a new
                                                              Sec. 916021     MC115                    A. DelPizzo
                                                                                                                      level. Enjoy the challenge of using less voice and
  French i Conversational                                     German ii Conversational                                using more ASL. Learn more complex sentence
  CES 3054      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20        CES 3590      (2.4 CEu)     $149/Senior Cost $119.20    structure, finger spelling, facial expressions, classi-
  12 weeks        Thurs       Jan 26            6-8 pm        12 weeks        Wed         Jan 25            6-8 pm    fiers, descriptions of objects and vocabulary. Prac-
  Sec. 916020     LA310                         S. Ajazi      Sec. 916013     LA310               H. Fruechtenicht    tice your skills using storytelling and game playing.
  German i Conversational                                     italian ii Conversational                               The second half of the textbook will be covered.
  CES 3064      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20                                                                This class is taught by a hearing instructor.
                                                              CES 3330      (2.4 CEu)     $149/Senior Cost $119.20
  12 weeks        Tues        Jan 24            6-8 pm        12 weeks        Thurs       Jan 26            6-8 pm    CES 7127         (2.4 CEu)     $149/Senior Cost $119.20
  Sec. 916007     LA310               H. Fruechtenicht        Sec. 916012     MC115                    A. DelPizzo    12 weeks       Mon           Jan 23              6-8 pm
                                                                                                                      Sec. 916029    LA470                            T. White
  italian i Conversational                                    Polish ii Conversational
  CES 3063      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20        CES 3328      (2.4 CEu)     $149/Senior Cost $119.20    Speed Spanish Online
  12 weeks        Mon         Jan 23            6-8 pm        12 weeks        Thurs       Jan 26            6-8 pm    Need a Spanish review? Learn six easy recipes for
  Sec. 916003     LA415                   R. Blanchard        Sec. 916018     AS376                        J. Shore   gluing Spanish words together to form sentences.
  12 weeks        Sat         Jan 28            9-11 am                                                               With the powerful methods taught in this course,
  Sec. 916015     LA415                            Staff      Spanish ii Conversational
                                                                                                                      you’ll be able to renew your Spanish and engage in
                                                              CES 3591      (2.4 CEu)     $149/Senior Cost $119.20
  Polish i Conversational                                     12 weeks        Tues        Jan 24            6-8 pm
                                                                                                                      conversational Spanish in no time. 
  CES 3085      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20        Sec. 916001     LA410                    A. Sherman     CES 3459         (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
  12 weeks        Tues        Jan 24            6-8 pm                                                                6 weeks                      Jan 18          Sec. 916025
  Sec. 916009     AS376                        J. Shore     Language Around the World—Level iii                       6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 916027

  Russian i Conversational                                  Feel empowered in your business relations, social
                                                            interactions, and personal relationships as you           Speed Spanish 2 Online
  CES 3065      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20                                                                With this follow-up to our popular Speed Spanish
  12 weeks        Wed         Jan 25            6-8 pm      immerse yourself further into your language. In
                                                            this lively, but low-stressed atmosphere you will         course, gain comfort in Spanish-speaking situa-
  Sec. 916008     LA300                   T. Karakulina
                                                            increase your grammar efficiency. Communication           tions by learning even more clever new recipes you
  Spanish i Conversational                                  skills will also improve as you begin to put more         can put to immediate use. Prerequisite: CES 3459
  CES 3053      (2.4 CEu)     $139/Senior Cost $111.20      complex sentences together. Accelerate your social        Speed Spanish Online Course. 
  12 weeks        Thurs       Jan 26      6:30-8:30 pm
                                                            skills and have fun with phone conversations,             CES 3532         (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
  Sec. 916005     LA410                     A. Sherman                                                                6 weeks                      Feb 15          Sec. 916028
                                                            ordering from a menu, and asking and giving per-
  12 weeks        Sat         Jan 28       10 am-12 pm
                                                            sonal information. Nourish a genuine understand-
  Sec. 916004     LA410                       S. Stichler                                                             Speed Spanish 3 Online
                                                            ing of the people whose language you are acquiring.
                                                                                                                      Accelerate your ability to speak, understand, and
                                                              Spanish iii Conversational                              read Spanish by taking the final installment in our
                                                              CES 3434      (2.4 CEu)     $159/Senior Cost $127.20    unique three-part Speed Spanish learning series.
                                                              12 weeks        Mon         Jan 23            6-8 pm    Prerequisite: CES 3532 Speed Spanish 2 Online
                                                              Sec. 916011     LA400                    A. Sherman     Course. 
                                                                                                                      CES 3571         (2.4 CEu)            $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                                                                                      6 weeks                      Mar 21          Sec. 916030

                                                                                                                                   See Online Class Information on
                                                                                                                                    page 47 for specific requirements.

28         | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                persOnal enrichMenT
learn to use correct grammar and converse in                  ESL i—English as a Second Language                              Accent improvement i
english. Build vocabulary; improve your pronuncia-            CES 7235       (7.2 CEu)            $305/Senior Cost $244       Improve your spoken English and learn to be bet-
tion and practice listening, speaking, reading and            12 weeks         Mon & Wed       Jan 23              6-9 pm     ter understood by American English speakers. The
writing. gain familiarity with american culture. each         Sec. 916928      MC125           No class 3/5, 3/7 R. Leider    Accent Improvement has been developed to help
level builds on the skills learned in the previous class.     12 weeks         Tues & Thur     Jan 24         9 am-12 pm      the ESL student like you to speak with an American
                                                              Sec. 916917      MC120           No class 3/6, 3/8 H. White     accent. You’ll interact with others who are expe-
a placement test is required for correct level place-
ment. The last test date is approximately one week            ESL ii—English as a Second Language                             riencing the same challenges and improve your
before classes begin and space is limited, so please          CES 7236       (7.2 CEu)            $305/Senior Cost $244
                                                                                                                              clarity and ability to follow the English spoken lan-
plan ahead. Testing is by appointment only. please            12 weeks         Mon & Wed       Jan 23              6-9 pm     guage. Students should be enrolled in or completed
call 734-462-4448 to schedule an appointment.                 Sec. 916929      LA430           No class 3/5, 3/7D. Szeman     ESL 4 or higher.
Testing begins promptly at the appointment time and           12 weeks         Tues & Thur     Jan 24         9 am-12 pm      CES 7298        (4.8 CEu)           $255/Senior Cost $204
lasts 2–3 hours.                                              Sec. 916918      MC110           No class 3/6, 3/8J. Blustein   12 weeks      Sat             Jan 21           9 am-1 pm
                                                                                                                              Sec. 916920   LA475           No class 3/3      P. Konfara
winter placement Test dates:                                  ESL iii—English as a Second Language
   Monday, January 9, 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.                      CES 7261       (7.2 CEu)            $305/Senior Cost $244
   Monday, January 9, 6–8:30 p.m.                             12 weeks         Mon & Wed       Jan 23         9 am-12 pm
                                                                                                                                  toefl-test of english as a foreign
   Tuesday, January 10, 6–8:30 p.m.                           Sec. 916919      MC110           No class 3/5, 3/7S. Stichler
                                                                                                                                  language preparation Workshop.
                                                              12 weeks         Tues & Thur     Jan 24              6-9 pm
   wednesday, January 11, 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.                                                                                      see page 21.
                                                              Sec. 916930      MC125           No class 3/6, 3/8 E. Rande
   wednesday, January 11, 6–8:30 p.m.
   Thursday, January 12, 6–8:30 p.m.                          ESL iV—English as a Second Language
   friday, January 13, 10 a.m.–12:30 p.m.                     CES 7262       (7.2 CEu)            $305/Senior Cost $244
                                                              12 weeks         Mon & Wed       Jan 23              6-9 pm
   Tuesday, January 17, 6–8:30 p.m.
                                                              Sec. 916931      LA410           No class 3/5, 3/7 E. Rande
   wednesday, January 18, 6–8:30 p.m.
   Thursday, January 19, 6–8:30 p.m.                          ESL V—English as a Second Language
                                                              CES 7285       (7.2 CEu)            $305/Senior Cost $244
Once testing has been completed students may
                                                              12 weeks         Tues & Thur     Jan 24              6-9 pm
register for esl classes in-person in the Mcdowell            Sec. 916916      LA270           No class 3/6, 3/8 I. Baciak
center. no online registration is available.

                                                                                                                              Experimental Art: Straight from the Soul
                                                                                                                              Experimental art is original and does not aim to
                                                                                                                              be appreciated or embraced; it attacks the artistic
                                                                                                                              process. Explore various techniques, experiences
                                                                                                                              and artistic planning as it relates to creativity, art
                                                                                                                              and the end product. Using items found around
                                                                                                                              the house, paint, draw, and create collages and/or
                                                                                                                              assemblages or whatever your mind dreams up. A
                                                                                                                              supply list will be discussed at the first class. No
                                                                                                                              previous art experience is needed.
                                                                                                                              CES 3629        (3.0 CEu)          $145/Senior Cost $116
                                                                                                                              10 weeks      Thurs           Jan 26             6-9 pm
                                                                                                                              Sec. 912603   F370                              A. Bacon

                                                            PERSOnAL inTEREST
                                                            Present Moment Meditation                                         CREATiVE DESiGn
                                                            Learn to use Present Moment Meditation, a light-                  interior Design i
                                                            hearted, practical approach that makes meditation                 Learn to make any interior come together creat-
                                                            inviting and beneficial for everyone. You’ll see posi-            ing your own personalized look! Explore the basics
                                                            tive results in every area of your daily life—work,               of interior design including space planning, color
                                                            family, home, health, relationships, personal goals,              schemes, art, proportions, lighting, furniture, win-
                                                            and more. Each meeting includes two meditations, a                dow treatments, and creating a style. Develop your
                                                            short presentation on topics relating to meditation               design sense, organize and get the self-confidence
                                                            and stress reduction, discussion and Q & A time.                  needed to make wise design decisions. A portion of
                                                            CES 0966          (.6 CEu)            $59/Senior Cost $47.20      the class is student hands-on projects. A supply list
                                                            4 weeks         Mon              Jan 30           6-7:30 pm       will be distributed at the first class.
                                                            Sec. 917001     LA200                      K. Bindu Henning       CES 5013        (2.4 CEu)       $129/Senior Cost $103.20
                                                            4 weeks         Mon              Mar 19            6-7:30 pm      8 weeks       Mon             Mar 12              6-9 pm
                                                            Sec. 917002     LA200                       K. Bindu Henning      Sec. 912301   LA370                             J. Weiser

                                                                                                                       734-462-4448         |              29
persOnal enrichMenT
                                                                                                                          Ceramics Open Studio—independent
                                                                                                                          Study: non-instructional Activity
                                                                                                                          Dedicated ceramic students are invited to join us
                                                                                                                          for a self-directed independent study of advanced
                                                                                                                          ceramics. You must have knowledge of ceram-
                                                                                                                          ics lab equipment and techniques. We’ll have a

                                    «     MEET inSTruCTor Bridgette wooten
                                                                                                                          trouble-shooter available but no formal instruc-
                                                                                                                          tion will be given. Let your imagination guide
                                      Bridgette Wooten is a free-lance artist in the metro-Detroit                        you as you follow your passion and increase your
                                       area focusing on showing and selling ceramics and creating                         skills. Prerequisite: CES 3525 Ceramics III or
                                        children’s illustrations. Having earned a bachelor’s degree                       equivalent ceramics experience. Tuition includes
                                         from the College for Creative Studies, her education not                         30 lbs of clay. All other clay must be provided by
                                          only taught her patience and understanding but she tries                        student. If registering online, this activity can
                                          to relate and understand her student’s frustrations and help                    be found under the “Non-Instructional” menu
                                          them find the artistic processes that will help them achieve                    option in WebAdvisor.
                                          their artistic goals.                                                           CESn 0011                                  $155
                                                                                                                          11 weeks        Sat       Jan 28          1-4 pm
                                          Students inspired Wooten to teach and to be a better
                                                                                                                          Sec. 611101     F410
                                          artist. “it’s so interesting to watch how a student works and
                                         grows through each assignment and how different each
                                        student’s creative perspective is.”
                                     When asked what she likes best about teaching adults,
                                    Bridgette stated that she loves their interest, dedication and
                                   ability to open up their creative mind which they may not have
                                  done since childhood.
                               This winter, Wooten will be teaching Ceramics IV: Garden Projects
                             and Traditional Illustration Techniques (found on page 31).

Ceramics i                                               Ceramics iii
Discover the art of ceramics, in a relaxed and           Expand the basic wheel-throwing and hand-build-
creative environment. You will be taught to hand-        ing techniques you learned in Ceramics II. Enjoy
build and wheel-throw pottery, different ways to         using a variety of surface treatments including
decorate your pieces and how to apply glazes giv-        high-fire and low-fire glazes, slips, oxides, terra
ing your creations artistic life. Learn about kilns      sig and Raku. Individual projects are encouraged,
and the art of mixing glazes, while experiencing         coupled with interactive group instruction. Raku
a unique sense of personal accomplishment. This          facilities are available. Prerequisite: Ceramics II or
class is for first-time participants only.               equivalent knowledge.
CES 3518       (3.3 CEu)         $185/Senior Cost $148   CES 3525       (3.3 CEu)           $185/Senior Cost $148
11 weeks      Thurs         Jan 26            7-10 pm    11 weeks      Tues            Jan 24            7-10 pm
Sec. 912201   F410                         C. Laginess   Sec. 912204   F410                              M. Kuhn

Ceramics ii                                              neW Ceramics iV: Garden Projects                             introduction to Wheel Throwing
Continue developing your hand-building and               Expand your hand-building and wheel-throwing                 Making pottery on the wheel consists of using
wheel-throwing skills while creating functional          skills and get ready for spring by making creative           hand-eye coordination, sensitivity to pressure and
as well as sculptural pieces. Learn to mix clay and      homes and feeders for your garden friends. Try-              speed. Through demonstration and individual proj-
glazes. Further explore the techniques and pro-          ing different techniques create functional pieces            ects learn to use different hand positions, to shape
cesses of applying glazes and slips to expand your       for your garden or yard including: a butterfly bowl,         and form raw clay into sturdy, useful vessels. Learn
mastery of the media. The class emphasis is on           humming bird feeder, bird house, toad house, and             to choose and prepare clay, and trim, slip and carve
wheel-throwing techniques. Prerequisite: Ceramics        a birdbath. Prerequisite: Ceramics III or equivalent         the forms into finished pieces of art. Necessary
I or equivalent experience.                              ceramics experience, including knowledge of hand-            ceramic tools and respirator will be discussed at the
CES 3519       (3.3 CEu)         $185/Senior Cost $148   building and wheel-throwing techniques.                      first class.
11 weeks      Mon           Jan 23             7-10 pm   CES 3653       (3.3 CEu)          $199/Senior Cost $159.20   CES 3642          (3.3 CEu)        $185/Senior Cost $148
Sec. 912202   F410                           P. Howard   10 weeks      Fri              Jan 27          6:40-10 pm    11 weeks      Sat             Jan 28         9 am-12 pm
                                                         Sec. 912203   F410   No classes in March        B. Wooten    Sec. 912205   F410                              M. Kuhn

30         | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                          persOnal enrichMenT
Portrait Drawing & Painting i
In this studio class, learn to create a likeness from
the live model by accessing your creative right
brain and training your eye to see. This relaxed
approach is supported with class presentations and
an emphasis on individual instruction. You may
draw throughout the class or work in your chosen
medium. Please bring paper, pencils and a kneaded
eraser to the first class. Some drawing experience is
helpful. The model fee is included in the class cost.
CES 3521         (3.3 CEu)     $199/Senior Cost $159.20
11 weeks       Tues          Jan 24        6:30-9:30 pm
Sec. 912006    F470                             L. Baum

Oil Painting
Learn the versatility of Alla Prima oil painting, the
technique of painting masters. Explore different
subjects and styles, while learning color theory,
perspective and composition. Emphasis is placed
on developing your own creativity through per-
sonal instruction, supported with class presenta-          DRAWinG                                                      PHOTOGRAPHy
tions. Some drawing experience is helpful. Please          Drawing i                                                    Capture the Moment: Basic Photography
bring the following materials to the first session:        Unlock your artistic talent by developing funda-             Experience the satisfaction of using your 35mm or
oil colors-red, yellow, and blue; a bristle brush #4;      mental drawing skills. Learn how to create beauti-           digital camera to its fullest. Through lecture and field
12"x16" canvas board or canvasette; odorless thin-         ful drawings using graphite and charcoal. Begin to           trips learn the basic tools of photography: camera
ner or mineral spirits; and a small container. Note:       understand composition, see value in form, and               operation and flash techniques. A 35mm point and
Water Mixable Oils may be used in this class.              handle materials with a greater confidence. A variety        shoot camera will work, but a 35mm SLR or digital
CES 3520         (3.3 CEu)     $159/Senior Cost $127.20    of methods will be demonstrated covering line and            camera with interchangeable lenses will produce bet-
11 weeks       Mon           Jan 23        6:30-9:30 pm    value scales, sighting, and measuring techniques.            ter results and is recommended. All prints must be
Sec. 912002    F470                             L. Baum                                                                 processed at an outside lab by you. Information on
                                                           CES 3523       (3.3 CEu)           $155/Senior Cost $124
11 weeks       Thurs         Jan 26              1-4 pm    11 weeks      Mon             Jan 23             6-9 pm      two field trips will be given the first night of class.
Sec. 912005    F470                             L. Baum    Sec. 912102   F400                              A. Bacon     Basic computer skills are required for this class.
                                                                                                                        CES 3423        (2.4 CEu)          $145/Senior Cost $116
Acrylic Painting                                           neW Traditional illustration Techniques                      8 weeks       Tues            Jan 24              6-9 pm
Experience the versatility of acrylic paint as you         Discover the many drawing and painting tech-                 Sec. 912402   MC110                           B. Mitchell
explore different techniques, mixing colors, styles        niques used by professional illustrators. Explore            8 weeks       Thurs           Jan 26                6-9 pm
and consistencies using this water-soluble medium.         the illustrative concepts of ideas and images, recog-        Sec. 912404   MC110                             B. Mitchell
Create realistic and impressionistic paintings includ-     nition, media selection, and step-by-step work-ups.
ing landscapes and still lifes. To the first meeting       The presentation of final work is of utmost impor-           Prizewinning Photography Program
please bring a small detail brush and a medium flat        tance and will be developed thoroughly. Learn to             Join a prizewinning photographer for an evening of
brush; acrylic paints: Ultramarine blue, white, black,     simulate the demands and deadlines faced in the              photographic pleasure. This photography program
Cadmium yellow, light burnt umber, red - choose            advertising world. Color pencils, oil colors, and a          is all about shifting from taking snapshots to MAK-
from Naphtha, Pyrrole or Alizarin Crimson; a pal-          can of crystal clear will be provided. Additional            ING PHOTOGRAPHS! Learn about composition,
ette and a 18x24 canvas, and a pad of paper for            supplies will need to be purchased. A list will be dis-      shutter speeds, apertures and exposure. Come to
sketching (it does not need to be a complete pad).         cussed at the first class.                                   understand depth of field, film and digital cameras,
Acrylic paint does not wash out of clothing; please        CES 3654       (3.3 CEu)          $159/Senior Cost $127.20   filters, flash, lenses, and much more. Let a master
wear appropriate clothing or bring a cover up.             10 weeks      Tues             Jan 24         6:10-9:30 pm   photographer improve your photographic skills.
CES 3058         (3.3 CEu)     $159/Senior Cost $127.20    Sec. 912101   LA415   No classes in March        B. Wooten   CES 3431         (.4 CEu)          $49/Senior Cost $39.20
11 weeks       Wed           Jan 25        6:30-9:30 pm                                                                 1 day         Mon             Feb 27             6-10 pm
Sec. 912004    F400                         D. Zuccarini   Colored Pencil                                               Sec. 912403   LA200                             M. Nagler
                                                           “I can’t believe that it’s pencil,” is a statement often

             See Online Class Information on
              page 47 for specific requirements.
                                                           heard by colored pencil artists. Colored pencils are
                                                           easy and fun to use yet the artist can create beau-
                                                           tiful works of art through techniques including
                                                                                                                        Secrets of Better Photography Online
                                                                                                                        Designed for both film and digital photographers,
                                                                                                                        this course is filled with tips and tricks to help you
                                                           layering, blending, and burnishing. Come and enjoy           take better photographs. Learn the basic technol-
                                                           learning the different ways to use this versatile and        ogy that all cameras use, and receive helpful infor-
                                                           exciting medium.                                             mation on exposure and lighting. 
                                                           CES 3356       (2.4 CEu)        $129/Senior Cost $103.20     CES 3530        (2.4 CEu)              $95/Senior Cost $76
                                                           8 weeks       Thurs           Jan 26              1-4 pm     6 weeks                       Jan 18          Sec. 912401
                                                           Sec. 912103   LA430                                S. Eid    6 weeks                       Feb 15          Sec. 912405
                                                                                                                        6 weeks                       Mar 21          Sec. 912406

                                                                                                                 734-462-4448         |               31
persOnal enrichMenT
Voice: Honing your instrument                                Jazz Lab Band—improvisation 1                                    note: audition required—contact the instructor
Anyone can learn to sing! Whether you’re a begin-            This group is geared to the less experienced jazz                via email at to
ner hobby-singer, car-singer, or have some expe-             player, performing contemporary jazz music in                    make an appointment prior to the class start
rience singing in a chorus, discover the fun of              the big band setting, but with some emphasis on                  date. audition music will be available at the
improving your voice. Learn to warm-up and do                improvisation. The Lab Band will perform at con-                 continuing education center welcome desk.
vocal techniques as you build confidence and elimi-          certs during the school year. The class is open to all           Class is free upon passing the audition.
nate fear. If comfortable, at the last class, put your       students, high school and college, and members of
heightened skills to use and perform. Class repeat-          the community.                                                   Wind Ensemble 1
ers are encouraged and welcomed.                             CES 3565        (3.2 CEu)                             $80        The Schoolcraft Wind Ensemble is one of the
CES 3479        (2.2 CEu)        $159/Senior Cost $127.20    15 weeks      Thurs            Jan 19           7-9:50 pm        most visible and popular organizations on
10 weeks      Tues             Jan 24        6:30-8:45 pm    Sec. 912501   F310                                R. Selva       campus. This community wind, brass, and
Sec. 912505   F530                             M. Morgan                                                                      percussion instrumental ensemble is open to
                                                             Jazz Band 1                                                      all musicians. The Wind Ensemble performs
Choir 1                                                      This group is known throughout the Detroit Area                  approximately six concerts a year, and at all
Explore the principles of choral singing and musi-           for its jazz performances. The band also partici-                college commencements. All musically talented
cianship. Understand the individual’s role in a large        pates at concerts in the community during the                    musicians are invited. An orientation at the
performing ensemble. Learn to appreciate the                 school year. All aspiring jazz performers ages 16                beginning of each semester is required.
importance of individual and group preparation for           through 80+ are invited to participate.                          CES 3580       (3.2 CEu)
performances. Develop technical skills used to con-          CES 3567        (3.2 CEu)                             $60        15 weeks       Wed           Jan 18           7-9:50 pm
tribute to the ensembles’ performance level. Music           15 weeks      Mon              Jan 16           7-9:50 pm        Sec. 912504    F310                        P. Michalsen
of all styles and periods will be included. Recitals         Sec. 912506   F310                                R. Selva
and performances are part of the class activities.
CES 3576        (3.2 CEu)                              $60
15 weeks      Tues             Jan 17           7-9:50 pm
Sec. 912507   F310                                J. Drake       schoolcraft College piano academy
                                                                 As one of the area’s leading centers in piano education, Schoolcraft has designed a unique approach
                                                                 to teaching music at the keyboard. Programs are designed to accommodate a wide range of ages and
                                                                 ability levels, from first grade through high school. information is available at
                                                                 or by calling the Schoolcraft College Music office at 734-462-4403.

Emergency Preparedness                                       Refresher for Carrying Concealed Pistols                     Decision Shooting
Learn what constitutes an emergency and what                 If you hold a Michigan Concealed Pistol License,             Be exposed to shoot/don’t shoot scenarios using the
your responsibilities are when an emergency hap-             refresh your skills. Receive legal updates and a             Fire Arms Training (F.A.T.S.) videos—the same mod-
pens. Discover how your emergency response inte-             review of the pistol safety curriculum to fulfill your       ern video-based system that law enforcement uses.
grates into an overall disaster response. Explore            renewal requirement. For renewal, applicants are             This instructor led video simulator class allows stu-
how to react to an active shooter scenario. Finally,         required to have one hour on the firing range within         dents to experience a variety of scenarios that may or
learn strategies to educate your friends and family          the preceding six months. If you have not been to            may not threaten deadly force. See how quickly circum-
on emergency planning and protocol.                          the range, you may take advantage of the opportu-            stances can change. Discuss what factors justify the
CES 0965         (.4 CEu)           $49/Senior Cost $39.20   nity to do so the Saturday following this class.             use of deadly force and methods of conflict avoidance.
2 weeks       Mon              Jan 30               6-8 pm   CES 0864         (.4 CEu)           $69/Senior Cost $55.20   CES 0954          (.2 CEu)           $49/Senior Cost $39.20
Sec. 919905   AS378                              J. Monge    1 day         Mon              Apr 16               5-9 pm   1 day          Wed              Feb 15               6-8 pm
                                                             Sec. 919902   RCTBA Garden City                  J. Monge    Sec. 919906    RC230 Garden City                  J. Monge
Firearms Training for Concealed Pistol License                                                                            1 day          Thurs            Mar 15               6-8 pm
Designed to fulfill the training requirements to                                                                          Sec. 919903    RC230 Garden City                  J. Monge
obtain a Concealed Pistol License in the State of                                                                         1 day          Mon              Apr 9              8-10 pm
Michigan this class includes lecture, shooting simu-                                                                      Sec. 919904    RC230 Garden City                  J. Monge
lator, and range shooting. Shooting decisions will
be discussed. Bring a reliable, unloaded handgun
to the first class. A holster, eye and ear protection,
and 150 rounds of ammunition for your handgun
will be necessary for the range training on the last
day of class.
CES 0660        (1.2 CEu)        $169/Senior Cost $135.20
1 week        Mon & Wed        Apr 16 & 18          5-9 pm
              & Sat            Apr 21          9 am-1 pm
Sec. 919901   RCTBA Garden City                  J. Monge

32          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                        persOnal enrichMenT

The motorcycle safety education classes offered below are conducted with state funds
from a motorcycle safety grant administered by the Michigan Department of State.
 •	 $25	non-refundable & non-transferable class fee for all motorcycle safety classes.
 •	 You	must	be	present	for	the	entire	class;	students	arriving	late	by	5	minutes	or	more	
    for the first class session will not be allowed in the class, and no refund will be given.
 •	 You must provide protective clothing/gear for all motorcycle classes—no sharing!
 •	 Participants	must	be	at	least	15	years	of	age.

Classes fill quickly!
Motorcycle information Hotline 734-462-4452
  » A complete schedule for the year will be published in February.
  » View current schoolcraft course availability and section numbers, and the
    entire 2012 detroit-Metro regional Motorcycle safety schedule online:
  » register online, by mail, or walk-in.

Basic Rider Course                                         Performance Based Motorcycle Course
Motorcycles are provided. Designed for someone             Designed for the experienced but unlicensed rider to
who has minimal experience operating a motorcy-            become licensed and legal. All students must provide
cle, this course focuses on the development of basic       their own motorcycle (no sharing), proof of insur-
riding skills: turning, shifting and braking. We offer     ance for their bike, and the bike must pass a safety
three schedule choices that provide approximately          inspection. Class meets for one day, 8 am–6 pm.
16 hours of instruction:
 •	 One	Weekend—The most physically and men-               Advanced Rider Course
    tally challenging option. Class meets Friday, 6–10     Designed for licensed and experienced riders
    pm, Saturday and Sunday, 8 am–8 pm. You need           to enhance their basic skills and help with per-
    to be available during the 12-hour period, but are     sonal risk assessment. All students must provide
    not expected to be on site the entire time. Variable   their own motorcycle (no sharing), proof of cycle
    schedules will be assigned the first night of class.   endorsement, insurance for their bike, and the bike
                                                           must pass a safety inspection. Class meets for one
 •	 Two	Weekend—Class meets two consecutive
                                                           day, 8:30 am–6 pm.
    weekends, Fridays, 6–10 pm, Saturdays and
    Sundays, 8 am–8 pm. You need to be available
    during the 12-hour periods both weekends, but
    are not expected to be on site the entire time.
    Variable schedules will be assigned the first
    night of class.                                        interested in becoming a Motorcycle safety
 •	 Weeknight	or	Weekday—Two weeks, Monday
    through Thursday for four hours each day.
                                                           Foundation Certified riderCoach instructor?
                                                           applicant requirements:
Three-Wheel Basic Rider Course                               » Be 18 years of age or older
If you have minimal experience or are unlicensed             » possess a valid operator’s license with a motorcycle endorsement for at least one year
operating a three-wheel motorcycle, this course              » have a personal driving record with no more than 6 points in the 12 consecutive months before applying
is for you. Develop your basic riding skills as you
learn proper turning, shifting and braking. You              » Be an active motorcyclist with considerable street riding miles each season
have approximately 12 hours of instruction; 4 in             » commit to all aspects of motorcycle rider education and safety
the classroom and 8 on the range. All students             successful completion of the class results in national certification by the Motorcycle safety foundation.
must provide their own three-wheel motorcycle (no
sharing), proof of insurance for their bike, and the       Classes are now forming. For more information, please contact the Continuing Education
bike must pass a safety inspection.
                                                           and Professional Development office at or 734-462-4448.

                                                                                                              734-462-4448       |            33
physical fiTness

     Schoolcraft Fitness Center                                                        Openin
                                                                                       in	earl
     ◗	Affordable memberships for students, faculty, staff and the community            2012
     ◗	State-of-the-art fitness equipment
     ◗	Renovated locker rooms

                                                                         13 treadmills
     MeMBerships                                                         2 adaptable motion trainers
     Active credit students and active faculty & staff                      (stepper/skaters)
     $15 per month
                                                                         7 strength cable pieces
     Active Continuing Education and Professional Development students      for all muscle groups
     $20 per month
                                                                         2 rowers
     Community members
                                                                         2 abdominal benches
     $25 per month plus $35 one-time enrollment fee
                                                                         8 upright and recumbent bikes
     Age restriction
                                                                           (4 each)
     No one under age 18 allowed; exception is students
     admitted for enrollment in credit classes.                          12 ellipticals
                                                                         3 stair steppers
     hOurs                                                               2 stepmills
     Monday–Thursday . . . . . .5:30 a.m.–10 p.m.                        8 expresso bikes
     Friday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5:30 a.m.–9 p.m.
                                                                         14 strength line
     Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 a.m.–6 p.m.
     Sunday . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 a.m.–4 p.m.                11 Kaiser strength pieces
                                                                           for all muscle groups
     The Center will be closed when the college is closed.
                                                                         12 free-weight stations
     lOcaTiOn                                                              for various muscle groups
     Inside the Physical Education Building                              Individual televisions on a majority
                                                                           of the cardiovascular pieces
     (former location of the Auxiliary Gym)

     MOre infOrMaTiOn

34      | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                           physical fiTness
get Fit, have Fun, Make Friends
physical exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, build and maintain healthy bone density,
muscle strength and joint mobility, promote physiological well-being and strengthen the immune
system. we offer a vast array of affordable and convenient classes for all ages and skill levels.
please see below for important information:
  » for youth classes (aquatics, fencing, Tennis, etc.), please use child’s information
     when registering.
  » wear exercise clothing.
  » Bring a towel and water bottle to class. Bring a mat to class if noted in class description.
      all participants of continuing education & professional development physical fitness classes
W     must agree to the terms of the Schoolcraft College Waiver of Liability – Fitness Classes at
      the time of registration:
       » if registering online, check box to signify agreement.
       » if registering by mail or walk-in, include one signed waiver per registration form or
         registration will not be processed. The waiver form is available on page 49 of this
         schedule, and online at

a doctor’s review of your health is advised before starting an exercise program.

Hoop Blast                                                  Zumba, Strength Training & Floor Work                         Cardio Kickboxing
Hooping is becoming a popular form of exer-                 Enjoy this exciting combination workout class!                Have fun and get a full body, fat-burning workout-
cise because it’s fun, creative, and never boring.          Start with exhilarating Zumba dance, followed by              all done to music! Cardio Kickboxing burns 800
Using an adult size, weighted hula hoop, begin              upper body strength building and sculpting using              calories per hour making it a great aerobic work-
performing very basic moves on/off the body and             3–5 lb. hand weights, and a fifteen-minute butt and           out. Do punching, kicking, core, weight and toning
then progress into a full-body workout. Hooping             abs floor workout. Equipment supplied. This class             exercises—something new each week. Bring a mat
helps build motor skills, increases coordination,           is taught by an official Zumba instructor. Class for-         to class. W
strengthens core, sculpts waistline and thighs,             mat may vary. Bring a mat to class. W                         CES 9723                           $99/Senior Cost $49.50
tones abs, glutes and arms, encourages cardiovas-           CES 9810                            $99/Senior Cost $49.50    14 weeks      Wed             Jan 11        7:05-8:05 pm
cular health, and builds a strong and confident             14 weeks      Thurs            Jan 12        7:30-8:30 pm     Sec. 918114   PE140                           S. Janiunas
body. A weighted hula hoop will be provided or              Sec. 918134   PE140                             E. Mitchell
you may bring your own. W                                                                                                 Get Fit! From Top to Bottom
CES 9806                          $99/Senior Cost $49.50    Circuit Training                                              Recent research has shown that good muscle
14 weeks      Sat            Jan 14      10:30-11:30 am     Lose inches while strengthening all your major                strength will help you live a longer and healthier
Sec. 918116   PE140                            K. Torres    muscle groups by combining strength training                  life. Get fit from top to bottom improving your
                                                            and cardio in the same workout. Move through                  muscle and bone health, as well as your cardiovas-
Zumba Fit—A “Blast” Fitness Class                           timed stations to keep your heart rate up as you              cular function. With the use of low impact aerobics,
Zumba is a combination of easy-to-follow routines           strengthen all major muscle groups. Learn to                  resistance-bands, exertubes, stability balls, and
done to Latin and International music, featuring            safely use fitness equipment to maximize your                 free weights, you’ll have fun getting fit. This class is
interval training and fast and slow rhythms. The            results while taking control of your individual               designed for all ages. Bring a mat to class. W
result is an energizing, fat-burning cardio workout         improvement. W                                                CES 9774                          $125/Senior Cost $62.50
that burns up to 500 calories per class! Zumba is           CES 9779                          $125/Senior Cost $62.50     14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10               8-9 am
designed for all fitness levels, with no dance experi-      14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10               5-6 pm     Sec. 918102   PE140                             S. Zydeck
ence necessary. Class format may vary. This class is        Sec. 918104   PE Fitness Room                S. Bauslaugh
taught by an official Zumba instructor. W                   14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10                6-7 pm
CES 9796                          $99/Senior Cost $49.50    Sec. 918123   PE Fitness Room                 S. Bauslaugh
14 weeks      Tues           Jan 10        11 am-12 pm      CES 9764                           $99/Senior Cost $49.50
Sec. 918137   PE140                              K. Agee    14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14        11 am-12 pm
14 weeks      Tues           Jan 10               5-6 pm    Sec. 918111   PE Fitness Room                S. Bauslaugh
Sec. 918106   PE140                           E. Mitchell
14 weeks      Thurs          Jan 12        11 am-12 pm
Sec. 918140   PE140                             K. Agee
14 weeks      Thurs          Jan 12        6:30-7:30 pm
Sec. 918105   PE140                        J. Dumbleton

                                                                                                                   734-462-4448         |             35
physical fiTness
Get Fit & Stay Fit

Enjoy this beginning to moderate level of exercise
designed for all fitness abilities. Set your own pace
in variations of low impact aerobics, strength train-
ing and sculpting. Learn to incorporate stability                                I would definitely
                                                                              recommend this class
balls, exertubes, dynabands and hand weights into
your fitness routine. Cool down with a relaxing seg-
ment of yoga type stretches. Class format may vary.
Bring a mat to class. W
                                                                                   because it is

CES 9716                           $149/Senior Cost $74.50
14 weeks      Mon, Wed & Fri   Jan 9              9-10 am
Sec. 918127   PE140

Best Body Workout
                                                 K. Carzon
                                                                               the best body workout ever!
Get a total body makeover! Begin with an ener-                                                                                      Best Body Work Out student
gized, calorie-burning cardiovascular segment,
with interval training, toning and sculpting. Using
various equipment continue with a floor workout,
reshaping abs, glutes and thighs. Finish with relax-
ing yoga type stretches. Bring a mat to class. W
CES 9838                               $99/Senior Cost $49.50
14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9                   7-8 pm
Sec. 918135   PE140                               S. Campbell

High Energy/Low impact Aerobics
Enjoy a fun, energizing, motivating aerobics class in
a friendly non-threatening setting. This class com-
bines traditional aerobic moves with calisthenics,
introduction to kickboxing, basic step and interval
training. The strength portion of the class utilizes
free weights, bands and balls. Get a power workout
for all fitness levels. Bring a mat to class. W
CES 9715                           $125/Senior Cost $62.50
14 weeks      Mon & Wed        Jan 9                 6-7 pm
Sec. 918118   PE140                   D. Wilson, E. Mitchell

Pi-yO Strength, Sculpt, Stretch                                 Pilates i                                                    Pilates ii
Power your entire core with Pilates and Yoga fusion             A safe and effective mat Pilates workout offers a            Looking for more intensity in your Pilates work-
exercises. Combine the power of Yoga and Pilates                powerful conditioning program for the entire body.           out? Take it up a notch! Enjoy an invigorating rou-
with muscle toning strength moves by adding light               These exercises practiced correctly, promote func-           tine that leaves you feeling stretched and toned.
hand weights, resistance bands and other props.                 tional strength of abdominal and back muscles,               Gain stamina, balance, and endurance as you
Improve strength, flexibility and balance and build             and help to develop pelvic floor strength and better         move through a mat Pilates workout. Please bring
stamina and strengthen your mind and body. Bring                posture. Please bring a mat to class. W                      a mat to class. Prerequisite: Pilates I or previous
a mat to class. W                                               CES 9712                            $99/Senior Cost $49.50   experience. W
CES 9719                             $99/Senior Cost $49.50     14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9            11 am-12 pm     CES 9713                        $99/Senior Cost $49.50
14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9                 8-9 am     Sec. 918121   PE140                              S. Zydeck   14 weeks      Wed          Jan 11        11 am-12 pm
Sec. 918128   PE140                           J. Dumbleton      14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                  6-7 pm   Sec. 918122   PE140                          S. Zydeck
14 weeks      Wed              Jan 11                 8-9 am    Sec. 918112   PE140                             B. Glowski   14 weeks      Thurs        Jan 12        5:30-6:30 pm
Sec. 918129   PE140                             J. Dumbleton                                                                 Sec. 918113   PE140                         B. Glowski

36               | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                              physical fiTness
Strength Training & Sculpting
Weight Training “Aerobically”                                 Fit & Fun Challenge                                           1/2 Hour Lunch Break Fitmix
This exciting muscle toning workout will help                 Come work out with us in a 50 minute class                    With family, work, bills to pay, laundry, and the
you get your heart rate into your training zone.              while enjoying 70s and 80s music. Improve your                daily “stuff” that keeps us crazy-busy, when are
Designed for all ages and levels of fitness, this             strength, cardiovascular health, balance, and flex-           you supposed to work out? Lunchtime! Here’s
workout is great for improving cardiovascular and             ibility, using various types of gym equipment pro-            your chance to get an effective core-shaping and
muscle strength at the same time. It also adds vari-          vided at class. Format may vary, which will include           sculpting session that focuses on abs, glutes, chest
ety for those interested in cross-training. W                 team relays and circuit training stations. All fitness        and thighs that will get results. Class format will
CES 9724                            $99/Senior Cost $49.50    levels welcomed. Please bring a mat to class. W               vary. All equipment provided. Please bring a mat
14 weeks      Sat              Jan 14       9:30-10:30 am     CES 9436                          $75/Senior Cost $37.50      to class. W
Sec. 918119   PE140                             E. Mitchell   12 weeks      Tues           Jan 10             9-10 am       CES 9844                            $55/Senior Cost $27.50
                                                              Sec. 918141   PE Main Gym                      K. Carzon      14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9         12 pm-12:30 pm
Personal Training                                             12 weeks      Thurs          Jan 12               9-10 am     Sec. 918124   PE140                          J. Dumbleton
Here’s your opportunity to work with a personal               Sec. 918115   PE140                              K. Carzon    14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11        12 pm-12:30 pm
trainer learning to use fitness equipment safely and                                                                        Sec. 918125   PE140                          J. Dumbleton
effectively maximizing your workout in a minimal
amount of time. Receive a pre- and post-evaluation.
An individualized exercise program will be estab-
lished based on test results and personal goals. W
CES 9721                        $299/Senior Cost $149.50
14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10        2:15-3:15 pm
Sec. 918109   PE Fitness Room                 S. Syswerda
14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10          3:30-4:30 pm
Sec. 918110   PE Fitness Room                   S. Syswerda
CES 9807                          $149/Senior Cost $74.50
14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14             10-11 am
Sec. 918126   PE Fitness Room                S. Bauslaugh

Strength Training & Muscle Conditioning
Focus on strengthening and toning the major
muscle groups as you increase lean muscle mass.
Enjoy a healthier body and a higher metabolic rate,
as you firm, tone, and enhance the body’s natural
shape. Exercises are developed using a variety of
machines. W
CES 9770                          $125/Senior Cost $62.50
14 weeks      Tues & Thur     Jan 10               7-8 pm
Sec. 918120   PE Fitness Room                S. Bauslaugh
CES 9722                           $99/Senior Cost $49.50
14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14              9-10 am
Sec. 918117   PE Fitness Room                S. Bauslaugh

Senior Fitness
Zumba Gold                                                    Strength Training for Seniors                                 Fit as a Fiddle
Zumba Gold is designed for the true beginner and              Numerous studies have highlighted the health                  Enjoy this beginning- to moderately-paced work-
the active older adult. This party-like fitness dance         value of strength training for aging adults.                  out while sitting comfortably in a chair, working
class, done to a variety of music like meringue,              Strengthening the major muscle groups of the                  at your own pace. Improve your range of motion,
salsa, and tango, is an effective work out, burns             upper and lower body improves metabolism,                     strength, balance and flexibility. Enjoy friends and
tons of calories and is geared for all fitness levels.        increases bone mineral density, and can reduce                fellowship, all while improving your energy levels
No dance experience is necessary. Class format                arthritic discomfort. At your own fitness level,              and your quality of life. Optional standing exercises
may vary. This class is taught by an official Zumba           enjoy great music, warm-up time, strength exer-               are included; there is no floor work. W
instructor. W                                                 cises, and stretching and relaxation. Please bring a          CES 9815                            $75/Senior Cost $37.50
CES 9839                            $99/Senior Cost $49.50    mat to class. W                                               6 weeks       Mon & Wed     Jan 9                10-11 am
14 weeks      Fri              Jan 13            10-11 am     CES 9550                             $85/Senior Cost $42.50   Sec. 918101   PE Main Gym                    J. Dumbleton
Sec. 918136   PE140                          J. Dumbleton     6 weeks       Mon & Wed      Jan 9                   1-2 pm   6 weeks       Mon & Wed     Feb 20               10-11 am
                                                              Sec. 918107   PE140                                N. Klein   Sec. 918103   PE Main Gym                    J. Dumbleton
                                                              6 weeks       Mon & Wed      Feb 20                 1-2 pm
                                                              Sec. 918108   PE140                                N. Klein

                                                                                                                     734-462-4448         |              37
physical fiTness
Different strokes for Different Folks
interested in learning new strokes or just getting in shape with some low-impact water
aerobics? Take a look at our wide-range of aquatics classes. we offer prenatal, parent & Tot,
youth swim, and competitive edge classes in addition to many classes for adults such as adult
swim, hydrotoning, swimnastics and deep water aerobics. not sure which youth swim or
adult swim class to take? refer to individual class descriptions, which include a list of skills
to be learned. Our friendly, experienced staff and safe, comfortable environment make our
classes fun for all ages and skill levels. please see below for important information:
  » for youth classes (parent & Tot, youth swim, competitive edge, etc.), please use child’s
     information when registering and bring class confirmation/receipt to first class.
  » waiver of liability agreement is required for all physical fitness classes.
  » Bring a swimsuit, towel and goggles to class.
  » class sizes are limited for quality instruction and feedback.
  » family changing rooms are available to accommodate two distinct populations:
      1. parents or guardians with children more than two (2) years of age of the opposite sex.
      2. persons with disabilities requiring assistance from helpers of the opposite sex.
     All others must use their designated locker room.

American Red Cross Lifeguard Training                      Youth Swim
To become a lifeguard you need to recognize and                                                                       youth Swim Beginner: Ages 5+
                                                           Basic Swim for the Water Shy youth: Ages 5+
respond quickly and effectively to emergencies.                                                                       Register in child’s name.
                                                           Register in child’s name.
You must be at least 15 years of age and be able                                                                      Skills to be learned: tread water for thirty seconds;
                                                           Skills to be learned: enter and exit the pool cor-
to complete the following skills: swim continu-                                                                       ten relaxed bobs; do unassisted front and back
                                                           rectly; five relaxed bobs; blow bubbles into the
ously for 300 yards (100 yards freestyle, 100 yards                                                                   arrow, no arm/leg movement; able to flip from a
                                                           water through the nose only, and through the nose
backstroke and 100 yards your choice of freestyle                                                                     front float to a back float unassisted; proper free-
                                                           and mouth simultaneously; float on the front and
or backstroke). You must also swim 20 yards then                                                                      style flutter kick with flotation device; body undu-
                                                           back having all muscles relaxed; float with head in
dive to 7–10 feet to retrieve a 10 lb. object, swim                                                                   lation for ten yards with flotation device; swim
                                                           the water, with correct mouth-nose and/or nasal
back 20 yards and get out of the pool without                                                                         ten yards freestyle (whole stroke) with any kind of
                                                           exhalation; keep head up with synchronized move-
using a ladder or steps. Upon passing the course                                                                      breathing; proper backstroke kick with flotation
                                                           ment of arms, hands and legs; jump into shallow
you will earn a Lifeguard Training and First Aid                                                                      device; elementary backstroke as a survival stroke
                                                           end from a sitting position or standing up; retrieve
card and a CPR for the Professional Rescuer card.                                                                     with flotation device; retrieve a ring from 4½ feet
                                                           a ring from 1–2 feet with assistance; float and
Class will meet for 5 sessions. W                                                                                     with assistance to submerge if needed; jump into
                                                           swim, with head up or down, in the deep water
CES 9389                                          $225                                                                the deep end with flotation device. For the instruc-
                                                           with a flotation device. For the instructor to recom-
5 days
                                                           mend a student move to the next level, these skills        tor to recommend a student move to the next level,
      Fri   Apr 20         6-7:30 pm              PE100
                           7:45-10:15 pm         PE Pool
                                                           must be demonstrated. W                                    these skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite:
      Sat   Apr 21         9 am-12 pm             PE100    CES 9772                                            $125   Basic Swim for the Water Shy Youth: Ages 5+. W
                           1-6 pm                PE Pool   14 weeks      Tues               Jan 10           5-6 pm   CES 9742                                          $125
      Sun Apr 22           8:30-11:30 am          PE100    Sec. 918533   PE Pool                          D. Rapach   14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9               5-6 pm
                           10 am-1 pm            PE Pool   14 weeks      Sat                Jan 14   10:30-11:30 am   Sec. 918515   PE Pool                       C. Skinner
      Fri   Apr 27         7-8 pm                 PE100    Sec. 918532   PE Pool                      A. McCullough   14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10            5-6 pm
                           8:15-10:15 pm         PE Pool                                                              Sec. 918512   PE Pool                        B. Gould
      Sat   Apr 28         9:30 am-12:30 pm       PE100                                                               14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12            5-6 pm
                           1:30-7:30 pm          PE Pool                                                              Sec. 918513   PE Pool                        B. Gould
Sec. 918709                                     P. Gould                                                              14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14     10:30-11:30 am
                                                                                                                      Sec. 918514   PE Pool                       C. Skinner

38          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                   physical fiTness
youth Swim intermediate: Ages 5+                        youth Swim Advanced: Ages 5+                             Competitive Edge intermediate: Ages 7+
Register in child’s name.                               Register in child’s name.                                Register in child’s name.
Skills to be learned: tread water for one minute;       Skills to be learned: tread water for two minutes;       Skills to be learned: two laps (100 yards) using the
twenty relaxed bobs; do tight, hand-over hand           retrieve a ring from 9–12 feet with feet first or a      freestyle and backstroke with proper body posi-
streamline on front and back, no kicking; retrieve      pike surface dive; one lap (50 yards) freestyle and      tion, body rotation, correct kick and arm rotation;
a ring from 4½ feet unassisted; one half lap (25        backstroke with proper body position, body rota-         two laps (100 yards) breaststroke with proper kick,
yards) freestyle and backstroke with proper flut-       tion, correct kick and arm rotation; one lap (50         arms, and coordination, breathing every stroke;
ter kick and arm rotation, and for the freestyle        yards) breaststroke with proper, arm movement            one-and-a-half laps (75 yards) using the butterfly
alternate breathing; one half lap (25 yards)            and coordination, breathing every stroke; one half       with proper body undulation, correct arms and
breaststroke with proper kick and arm movement,         lap (25 yards) butterfly stroke with proper body         breathing every other stroke; and one-and-a-half
breathing every stroke with correct timing; jump        undulation, correct arms and breathing every other       laps (75 yards) elementary backstroke; and perform
into the deep end off the side or the diving board,     stroke; one half lap elementary backstroke; jump         proper starts and flip-turns. For the instructor to
swim back to the ladder and climb out; perform          off the diving board, swim back to the wall, and         recommend a student move to the next level, these
standing dive into the deep end off the side or the     climb without using the ladder; standing dive off        skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Com-
diving board. For the instructor to recommend a         the diving board. For the instructor to recommend        petitive Edge Beginner: Ages 7+. W
student move to the next level, these skills must       a student move to the next level, these skills must      CES 9746                                          $125
be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Youth Swim Begin-        be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Youth Swim Inter-         14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11              5-6 pm
ner: Ages 5+. W                                         mediate: Ages 5+. W                                      Sec. 918525   PE Pool                        D. Rapach
CES 9743                                        $125    CES 9744                                          $125   14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13              4-5 pm
14 weeks      Mon          Jan 9              5-6 pm    14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9              5-6 pm    Sec. 918528   PE Pool                        D. Rapach
Sec. 918518   PE Pool                      D. Rapach    Sec. 918521   PE Pool                         B. Gould   14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14   11:30 am-12:30 pm
14 weeks      Tues         Jan 10              5-6 pm   14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12              5-6 pm   Sec. 918527   PE Pool                    B. Schwaegerle
Sec. 918516   PE Pool                      C. Skinner   Sec. 918520   PE Pool                        D. Rapach
14 weeks      Thurs        Jan 12              5-6 pm                                                            Competitive Edge Advanced: Ages 7+
Sec. 918519   PE Pool                      C. Skinner   Competitive Edge Beginner: Ages 7+                       Register in child’s name.
14 weeks      Sat          Jan 14     10:30-11:30 am    Register in child’s name.                                Skills to be learned: four laps (200 yards) using the
Sec. 918517   PE Pool                  B. Schwaegerle   Skills to be learned: tread water for five minutes;      freestyle and backstroke with proper body posi-
                                                        retrieve a ring in 9–12 feet with pike surface dive;     tion, body rotation, correct kick and arm rotation;
                                                        one-and-a-half laps (75 yards) using the freestyle       four laps (200 yards) breaststroke with proper kick,
                                                        and backstroke with proper body position, body           arms, and coordination, breathing every stroke;
                                                        rotation, correct kick and arm rotation; one-and-        two laps (100 yards) butterfly stroke with proper
                                                        a-half laps (75 yards) using the breaststroke with       body undulation, correct arms and breathing every
                                                        proper kicks, arms and coordination, breathing           other stroke; and two laps (100 yards) elementary
                                                        every other stroke; one lap (50 yards) using the         backstroke; and perform proper starts and flip-
                                                        butterfly with proper body undulation, correct           turns. Prerequisite: Competitive Edge Intermedi-
                                                        arms and breathing every other stroke; and one           ate: Ages 7+. W
                                                        elementary backstroke lap (50 yards); and perform        CES 9747                                           $125
                                                        proper starts and flip-turns. For the instructor to      14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11              5-6 pm
                                                        recommend a student move to the next level, these        Sec. 918529   PE Pool                          B. Gould
                                                        skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite: Youth         14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13               4-5 pm
                                                        Swim Advanced: Ages 5+. W                                Sec. 918531   PE Pool                        C. Skinner
                                                        CES 9745                                          $125   14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14   11:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                        14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11             5-6 pm    Sec. 918530   PE Pool                        C. Skinner
                                                        Sec. 918524   PE Pool                    A. McCullough
                                                        14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14   11:30 am-12:30 pm
                                                        Sec. 918523   PE Pool                    A. McCullough

                                                                                                          734-462-4448         |           39
physical fiTness
Family Swim
Prenatal Swim
No doubt about it, exercise is a big plus for both
you and your baby! Swimming, an aerobic exer-
cise, increases the ability of your pregnant body to
process oxygen and use it. While burning calories,
it makes you feel better by improving circulation.
It increases muscle tone preparing you and your
body for birth. You’ll sleep better and feel less
fatigued. Be sure to discuss your exercise plans
with your doctor. W
CES 9748                                            $99
14 weeks      Mon             Jan 9              6-7 pm
Sec. 918701   PE Pool                         D. Rapach

Parent & Tot Swim: Ages 6 months–3 years
Register in child’s name.
Develop in your young child, 6 months through 3            Adult Swim
years, a high comfort level in and around the water        Basic Swim for the Water Shy Adult                        intermediate Adult Swim Stroke & Technique
and a readiness to swim. Parent water participation        Skills to be learned: tread water for thirty seconds;     Skills to be learned: tread water for two minutes;
is required. Children must wear tight rubber pants         unassisted front and back arrow with no arm/              do a standing dive off the diving board; retrieve an
over cloth diapers, or swim pants. W                       leg movement; able to flip from front float to back       object in 9–12 feet of water, with feet first or pike
CES 9739                                             $99   float unassisted; proper freestyle flutter kick with      surface dive; one lap (50 yards) freestyle and back-
14 weeks      Mon             Jan 9               6-7 pm
                                                           a flotation device; body undulation for ten yards         stroke with proper body position, body rotation,
Sec. 918501   PE Pool                         C. Skinner
                                                           with flotation device; swim ten yards freestyle           correct kick and arm rotation; one lap (50 yards)
14 weeks      Tues            Jan 10             6-7 pm
                                                           with flotation device; proper backstroke kick             breaststroke with proper kick and arm movement
Sec. 918502   PE Pool                         D. Rapach
                                                           with flotation device; elementary backstroke as a         and coordination, breathing every stroke; one half
14 weeks      Thurs           Jan 12             6-7 pm
Sec. 918503   PE Pool                         D. Rapach
                                                           survival stroke with flotation device; retrieve and       lap (25 yards) butterfly stroke with proper body
                                                           object from 4½ feet deep; jump into water from            undulation, correct arms and breathing every
14 weeks      Fri             Jan 13       11 am-12 pm
Sec. 918504   PE Pool                         D. Rapach
                                                           the side of the pool. For the instructor to recom-        other stroke; and perform proper starts and flip-
14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14      9:30-10:30 am
                                                           mend a student move to the next level, these skills       turns. For the instructor to recommend a student
Sec. 918505   PE Pool                     A. McCullough    must be demonstrated. W                                   move to the next level, these skills must be dem-
                                                           CES 9749                         $99/Senior Cost $49.50   onstrated. Prerequisite: Beginning Adult Swim &
Parent & Preschool Swim: Ages 3 & 4                        14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10               7-8 pm   Stroke Technique. W
Register in child’s name.                                  Sec. 918705   PE Pool                         D. Rapach   CES 9751                         $99/Senior Cost $49.50
The three and four year old child will learn the basic     14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11             6-7 pm     14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11               6-7 pm
skills of kicking, arm movement, blowing bubbles,          Sec. 918703   PE Pool                    A. McCullough    Sec. 918765   PE Pool                         D. Rapach
floating and safety. All participants should have          14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14        8:30-9:30 am    14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14        8:30-9:30 am
some water experience. Parent water participation          Sec. 918704   PE Pool                        C. Skinner   Sec. 918710   PE Pool                    B. Schwaegerle
is required. W
                                                           Beginning Adult Swim Stroke & Technique                   Advanced Adult Swim Stroke & Technique
CES 9740                                           $99
14 weeks      Mon             Jan 9             6-7 pm
                                                           Skills to be learned: tread water for one minute;         Polish your swimming strokes and improve your
Sec. 918506   PE Pool                          B. Gould    tight, hand over hand streamline on front and back,       endurance, resistance, strength and speed. Keep
14 weeks      Thurs           Jan 12            6-7 pm
                                                           no kicking; one half lap (25 yards) freestyle and         your swimming skills competitive and learn the
Sec. 918509   PE Pool                          B. Gould    backstroke with proper flutter kick and arm rota-         most effective turns, starts, and finish techniques.
14 weeks      Fri             Jan 13       11 am-12 pm     tion, and alternate breathing with the freestyle; one     Show off the best swimming styles. Prerequisite:
Sec. 918507   PE Pool                         C. Skinner   half lap (25 yards) breaststroke with proper kick         Intermediate Adult Swim Stroke & Technique. W
14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14      9:30-10:30 am    and arm movement, breathing every stroke with             CES 9752                         $99/Senior Cost $49.50
Sec. 918508   PE Pool                         C. Skinner   correct timing; jump off the diving board, swim           14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13               5-6 pm
                                                           back to the wall and climb out using the ladder;          Sec. 918711   PE Pool                        C. Skinner
Parent & Child Swim: Ages 5+                               standing dive off the diving board. For the instruc-
Register in child’s name.                                  tor to recommend a student move to the next level,
The five+ year-old child will learn the basic skills of    these skills must be demonstrated. Prerequisite:
kicking, arm movement, blowing bubbles, floating           Basic Swim for the Water Shy Adult; or the ability
and safety. All participants should have some water        to float; or some deep water familiarity. W
experience. Parent water participation is required. W      CES 9750                         $99/Senior Cost $49.50
CES 9741                                             $99   14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11               6-7 pm
14 weeks      Tues            Jan 10              6-7 pm   Sec. 918706   PE Pool                          B. Gould
Sec. 918511   PE Pool                         C. Skinner   14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12              7-8 pm
14 weeks      Sat             Jan 14      9:30-10:30 am    Sec. 918708   PE Pool                        D. Rapach
Sec. 918510   PE Pool                     B. Schwaegerle   14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14        8:30-9:30 am
                                                           Sec. 918707   PE Pool                    A. McCullough

40          | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                           physical fiTness
Aerobic Swim                                                Deep Water Aerobics i                                        Deep Water Aerobics ii
                                                            Deep water aerobics is an enjoyable way to slim              Enjoy a challenging class format, which includes
Aquafit interval Training
                                                            down and shape up! Spend forty-five minutes using            a thermal warm-up, stretching, aerobic walking,
Work off unwanted pounds while improving your
                                                            the natural resistance of water to improve muscle            toning and final stretching. Discover increased
flexibility, range of motion, upper-body strength,
                                                            tone, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. Twenty         cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, flexibility and
and endurance. In shallow water using various class
                                                            minutes is equivalent to two hours of walking on             relaxation. Prerequisite: Deep Water Aerobics I. W
formats, tone your entire body using provided noo-
                                                            land, burning up to 480 calories per hour. You do            CES 9758                          $75/Senior Cost $37.50
dles, kickboard, fins and barbells. All fitness levels
                                                            not need to know how to swim, but must be com-               14 weeks      Wed            Jan 11        6:30-7:30 pm
welcome. You do not need to know how to swim to
                                                            fortable in deep water. W                                    Sec. 918702   PE Pool                           P. Gould
take part in this class. W
                                                            CES 9757                            $75/Senior Cost $37.50
CES 9756                           $75/Senior Cost $37.50                                                                Hydro-toning
                                                            14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9                   8-9 am
14 weeks      Mon            Jan 9                 7-8 pm                                                                Enjoy an aquatic workout that utilizes the natural
                                                            Sec. 918716   PE Pool                       M. Schweitzer
Sec. 918792   PE Pool                           K. Carzon
                                                            14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9                9-10 am     resistance of water. Begin with deep water run-
                                                                                                                         ning for 25 minutes, then move to the shallow end
Basic Swim & Exercise                                       Sec. 918717   PE Pool                       M. Schweitzer
                                                            14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9                  4-5 pm    and use resistance weights on your arms and legs.
Learn to relax and enjoy the water with stretching
                                                            Sec. 918718   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    This aquatic activity is equivalent to a Nautilus
and flexibility exercises to music. Learn basic swim-
                                                            14 weeks      Mon           Jan 9                  7-8 pm    workout. To take this class you must be a deep-
ming and/or improve skills. Lap swimming for the
                                                            Sec. 918719   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    water swimmer. W
more experienced. W
CES 9753                         $125/Senior Cost $62.50    14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                 6-7 am    CES 9755                             $75/Senior Cost $37.50
                                                            Sec. 918721   PE Pool                             P. Gould   14 weeks      Mon            Jan 9                   6-7 am
14 weeks      Mon & Wed      Jan 9             10-11 am
                                                            14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                3-4 pm     Sec. 918744   PE Pool                              P. Gould
Sec. 918715   PE Pool                     A. McCullough
                                                            Sec. 918722   PE Pool                            D. Dallas   14 weeks      Mon            Jan 9                  8-9 pm
Swimnastics i                                               14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                 6-7 pm    Sec. 918748   PE Pool                            D. Rapach
You don’t need to be a swimmer to benefit from              Sec. 918724   PE Pool                             P. Gould   14 weeks      Wed            Jan 11                 4-5 pm
this class. Progressive exercises and rhythmic              14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                 7-8 pm    Sec. 918745   PE Pool                            D. Rapach
activities in the water are designed to improve flex-       Sec. 918725   PE Pool                             P. Gould   14 weeks      Fri            Jan 13                 3-4 pm
ibility, circulation, and relaxation. Basic swimming        14 weeks      Tues          Jan 10                 8-9 pm    Sec. 918746   PE Pool                            D. Rapach
skills will be taught as needed. W                          Sec. 918726   PE Pool                             P. Gould   CES 9754                         $125/Senior Cost $62.50
CES 9759                         $125/Senior Cost $62.50    14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11                 1-2 pm    14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10               1-2 pm
14 weeks      Mon & Wed      Jan 9                1-2 pm    Sec. 918727   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    Sec. 918741   PE Pool                           D. Dallas
Sec. 918747   PE Pool                     A. McCullough     14 weeks      Wed           Jan 11                 2-3 pm    14 weeks      Wed & Fri      Jan 11                 6-7 am
14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10             9-10 am     Sec. 918728   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    Sec. 918742   PE Pool                              P. Gould
Sec. 918750   PE Pool                         N. Wagner     14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12                 6-7 am    14 weeks      Wed & Fri      Jan 11                8-9 am
14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10         11 am-12 pm     Sec. 918729   PE Pool                             P. Gould   Sec. 918743   PE Pool                             D. Dallas
Sec. 918751   PE Pool                         N. Wagner     14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12                3-4 pm
14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10              2-3 pm     Sec. 918730   PE Pool                            D. Dallas   Pool yoga
Sec. 918752   PE Pool                           D. Dallas   14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12                 6-7 pm    Pool Yoga is a modern adaptation of yoga. Using
14 weeks      Wed & Fri      Jan 11             9-10 am     Sec. 918732   PE Pool                             P. Gould   the same poses as traditional yoga with minor
Sec. 918754   PE Pool                           D. Dallas   14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12                 7-8 pm    modifications, the pool experience provides the
                                                            Sec. 918733   PE Pool                             P. Gould   perfect amount of resistance, yet allows you to be
CES 9760                          $75/Senior Cost $37.50
14 weeks      Fri            Jan 13            10-11 am     14 weeks      Thurs         Jan 12                 8-9 pm    flexible as most poses require, relaxing the muscles
Sec. 918755   PE Pool                         C. Skinner    Sec. 918734   PE Pool                             P. Gould   while supporting your weight. All yoga levels wel-
                                                            14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13                 1-2 pm    come. No swimming experience needed. The head
Swimnastics ii                                              Sec. 918735   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    will not be submerged. W
If you would like a more vigorous swimnastics pro-          14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13                 2-3 pm    CES 9863                          $99/Senior Cost $49.50
gram and can easily swim at least four lengths of           Sec. 918736   PE Pool                           D. Rapach    14 weeks      Fri            Jan 13               6-7 pm
the pool, Swimnastics II is for you! Enjoy rhythmic,        14 weeks      Fri           Jan 13                 5-6 pm    Sec. 918712   PE Pool                         L. Herman
aerobic exercises improving your circulation, flex-         Sec. 918737   PE Pool                           D. Rapach
ibility and endurance. W                                    14 weeks      Sat           Jan 14           8:30-9:30 am
                                                            Sec. 918739   PE Pool                           K. Carzon
CES 9761                         $125/Senior Cost $62.50
14 weeks      Mon & Wed      Jan 9                2-3 pm

Sec. 918756   PE Pool                     A. McCullough
14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10              8-9 am
Sec. 918757   PE Pool                         N. Wagner                I found this class to be enjoyable and relaxing.
14 weeks      Tues & Thur    Jan 10            10-11 am
Sec. 918758   PE Pool                         N. Wagner            I have never taken a yoga class before
                                                                            and I learned some useful and interesting
                                                                                      information from Linda.

                                                                                                                                           Pool Yoga student

                                                                                                                                       |                41
physical fiTness
DAnCE                                                         Swing Dance                                                  Latin “Salsa” Dance iii
                                                              Put your jitters to good use! Swing back in time and         Take the next Latin Salsa Dance. With the
Lunchtime Line Dance ii                                                                                                    emphasis on social salsa, focus on making your
Are you ready for a new lunchtime challenge? Take             learn dances including the Half-time, Jitterbug,
                                                              and Syncopated-Triples. Learn the steps and styles           movements flow with your partner. Learn styling
your afternoons to new heights and learn the lat-                                                                          and Cuban motion with more complex moves that
est Line Dances featuring: Blame it on the Bossa              of yesterday-today! Couples and singles are wel-
                                                              come. Prices are per person. W                               will help you become a more confident dancer.
Nova, Rio, and Tina’s Waltz. Count on great fun,                                                                           Wear hard-soled shoes. Couples and singles are
a good workout and meeting new people. Prereq-                CES 9461                            $75/Senior Cost $37.50
                                                              8 weeks       Sat           Feb 4               6:30-8 pm    welcome. Prices are per person. Prerequisite: Latin
uisite: Lunchtime Line Dance I or some previous                                                                            “Salsa” Dance II or previous experience. W
                                                              Sec. 918016   PE140                              N. Nader
experience. W
                                                                                                                           CES 9831                         $75/Senior Cost $37.50
CES 9638                            $90/Senior Cost $45
                                                              East Coast Swing & American Tango                            12 weeks      Fri           Jan 13        8:05-9:05 pm
12 weeks      Tues           Jan 10        12 pm-1 pm
                                                              In this fun and comfortable atmosphere learn the             Sec. 918017   PE140                           J. Gomez
Sec. 918001   PE140                         W. Peterson
                                                              East Coast Swing - also known as the Jitterbug,
Lunchtime Line Dance: One Plus                                the original “sock-hop” swing dance from the 50s             FEnCinG
Completed Lunchtime Line Dance I? Not quite                   - and the American Tango, a medium-tempo tango               Fencing i
ready for Lunchtime Line Dance II? Dance your way             variety. Increase your confidence on the dance               Fencing is one of only four sports that have been
into Lunchtime Line Dance: One Plus! Featured                 floor and live the adage ‘variety is definitely the          on every modern Olympic program since 1896.
dances are, Mack the Knife, Diamond Waltz and Fly             spice of life’! Couples and singles welcome. Prices          Gain a basic understanding of the sport of fenc-
Me to the Moon. W                                             are per person. W                                            ing—the art of sport swordplay—in an enjoyable
CES 9686                               $90/Senior Cost $45    CES 9784                         $75/Senior Cost $37.50      and relaxed atmosphere. Learn basic fencing posi-
12 weeks      Thurs          Jan 12           12 pm-1 pm      8 weeks       Sun           Jan 15            6:30-8 pm
                                                                                                                           tions, movements, and principles. Equipment is
Sec. 918002   PE140                            W. Peterson    Sec. 918011   PE Main Gym                    T. Babenko
                                                                                                                           provided. You must be 11 years of age or older to
                                                              Waltz & Rumba                                                register. W
Social Ballroom Dance i
                                                              Learn two fun and exciting partner dances—the                CES 9180                         $89/Senior Cost $44.50
If you’ve always wanted to learn how to ballroom
                                                              Waltz and Rumba. In the first half of the course             12 weeks      Fri           Jan 13        6:30-7:50 pm
dance, this is the place to start. Have fun learning                                                                       Sec. 917901   PE Main Gym                   D. McLaren
the basic technique of the Waltz, Fox Trot, Cha-              learn the Waltz, considered to be the mother of
Cha, Swing, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Merengue or                  present day dances. In the second half learn the             Fencing ii
Polka. Couples and singles are welcome. Prices are            Rumba—a slow romantic dance sometimes referred               Build your knowledge of the sport and improve
per person. W                                                 to as the “Dance of Love” due to the way couples             your fencing technique. Learn new movement and
CES 9381                             $75/Senior Cost $37.50   stare into each other’s eyes while dancing. Prices           strategies necessary for bout fencing. Equipment
8 weeks       Sun            Feb 5               2-3:30 pm    are per person. W                                            is provided. You must be 11 years of age or older to
Sec. 918006   PE140                               N. Nader    CES 9781                         $75/Senior Cost $37.50      register. Prerequisite: CES 9180 Fencing I. W
8 weeks       Tues           Feb 7              8:30-10 pm    8 weeks       Sun           Jan 15        5:30-6:30 pm
                                                                                                                           CES 9181                         $89/Senior Cost $44.50
Sec. 918010   PE140                                N. Nader   Sec. 918012   PE Main Gym                    T. Babenko
                                                                                                                           12 weeks      Fri           Jan 13           8-9:20 pm
                                                                                                                           Sec. 917902   PE Main Gym                   D. McLaren
Social Ballroom Dance ii                                      Latin “Salsa” Dance i
For couples and singles who want to review and                Don’t just sit there, get up and join the fun! Latin
retain what they’ve learned. Practice and receive             music and dance is the latest craze. Learn the basic         GOLF
tactful tips while updating the latest style, tech-           techniques and special moves for Salsa, Mambo,               Golf Kinematics: Fitness Training &
niques, patterns and combinations. Confidence,                Rumba, Cha-Cha and Merengue. No experience                   Conditioning for Better Golf
comfort, poise, control, and balance come from                necessary. Wear hard-soled shoes. Couples and                Intermediate golfers who want to bring their golf
practice and time provided by this class. It’s healthy,       singles are welcome. Prices are per person. W                game to the next level will fine this course invalu-
fun, social and exciting. Prices are per person. W            CES 9495                         $85/Senior Cost $42.50      able. Have your swing evaluated and discover
CES 9379                           $75/Senior Cost $37.50     12 weeks      Fri           Jan 13        6:45-8:05 pm       your weaknesses. Understand how your physical
8 weeks       Thurs          Feb 9            8:30-10 pm      Sec. 918007   PE140                           J. Gomez       capabilities contribute directly to your golf swing
Sec. 918015   PE140                              N. Nader     CES 9506                            $75/Senior Cost $37.50   performance. Learn individually tailored flexibility
                                                              8 weeks       Sun           Feb 5               4-5:30 pm    and strength building exercises that develop your
Wedding Dance Preparation                                     Sec. 918018   PE140                              N. Nader    core muscles and improve golf-strength, and how
Perform your first dance of married life with pride,                                                                       to prevent possible injury. Equipment provided or
confidence, while having fun! Learn how to comple-            Latin “Salsa” Dance ii
                                                                                                                           you may choose to bring your own 5 or 6 iron. Pre-
ment your partner, use correct social manners,                Feel comfortable with the basics of Latin “Salsa”
                                                                                                                           requisite: solid knowledge of the game, including
improve your balance and move with the beat of                I? If you’re ready for the next level challenge
                                                                                                                           grip and posture. W
the music. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your               yourself with Latin “Salsa” Dance II. Enjoy doing
                                                                                                                           CES 9710                            $95/Senior Cost $47.50
favorite song. No tennis shoes for safety reasons.            intermediate Salsa, Rumba and Cha-Cha. Focus on
                                                                                                                           6 weeks       Thurs         Feb 2               3:30-5 pm
Prices are per person. W                                      developing stronger technique and styling. Learn             Sec. 918301   PE140                              T. Bealert
CES 9503                             $75/Senior Cost $37.50   and master harder steps and combinations. Wear
8 weeks       Sun            Feb 5           12:10-1:40 pm    hard-soled shoes. Couples and singles are welcome.
Sec. 918005   PE140                               N. Nader    Prices are per person. Prerequisite: Latin “Salsa”
                                                              Dance I or previous experience. W
                                                              CES 9762                         $75/Senior Cost $37.50
                                                              12 weeks      Fri           Jan 13        5:45-6:45 pm
                                                              Sec. 918008   PE140                           J. Gomez

42             | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                            physical fiTness
TEnniS                                                       Flowing yoga i                                               Light Weights with a Little yoga
                                                             In this beginning class you’ll enjoy a moving                Begin your fitness adventure doing yoga stretches
Fun Start introduction to Tennis: Ages 6–10                  sequence of Hatha Yoga poses for flexibility,                to warm your neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs.
Have your child play their way to learning tennis.           strength and relaxation. You will learn the 12 part          Next, safely and comfortably work with one to ten
This game-based, six-week session provides ten-              Sun Salutes in addition to several more yoga poses           pound weights increasing your strength, stamina
nis fundamentals and gets kids on the court right            supported by yoga breathing. Leave with your body            and bone density. Learn to comfortably lift weights
away. Tennis concepts, terminology and skills are            and mind refreshed and relaxed. Please bring a               from sitting, standing, and lying positions feeling
learned playing games like Alligator, Zoo, Four Cor-         sticky mat and pillow to class. W                            totally in control. Enjoy a relaxing cool-down feeling
ner Relay, Silly Tennis and many more. The tennis                                                                         rejuvenated and stronger in both mind and body!
                                                             CES 9733                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50
games are played on the gym floor with portable              14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9         5:30-6:50 pm    Please bring a sticky mat and pillow to class. W
tennis nets and foam balls. This class may be taken          Sec. 918902   Off Campus Medical Center           D. Kause   CES 9734                            $119/Senior Cost $59.50
more than once. Racquets will be provided for                14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9         7:10-8:30 pm    14 weeks      Wed              Jan 11         9:30-10:50 am
those who need them. W                                       Sec. 918915   Off Campus Medical Center     S. Hembrough     Sec. 918905   Off Campus Medical Center D. Siegel-Divita, RYT
CES 9827                                             $75     14 weeks      Tues             Jan 10        5:30-6:50 pm    14 weeks      Fri              Jan 13         9:30-10:50 am
6 weeks       Sat              Jan 14         12 pm-1 pm     Sec. 918904   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas   Sec 918914    Off Campus Medical Center D. Siegel-Divita, RYT
Sec. 918601   PE140                                 Staff
                                                             14 weeks      Thurs            Jan 12 11:15 am-12:35 pm
6 weeks       Sat              Mar 10         12 pm-1 pm     Sec. 918913   Off Campus Medical Center         D. Kause     Precision yoga i: The iyengar Way
Sec. 918602   PE Main Gym                           Staff                                                                 Precision Yoga practices precise alignment to avoid
                                                             Flowing yoga ii                                              injury and maximize inner and outer balance.
yOGA                                                         Build on the stamina you developed in Flow-                  Learn basic yoga postures and breathing techniques
yoga for the Face, neck & Shoulders                          ing Yoga I. Review the 12 part Sun Salutes, and              to build strength and peace of mind following the
Neck and shoulders retain tension and physical               then learn the 16 part and 24 part Sun Salutes               methods of B.K.S. Iyengar. If needed, props will
strain, leading to stiffness, tension headaches and          increasing your breath capacity, body flexibility            be used to help you get into poses. Please bring a
possible injuries. Stress can disrupt our body’s             and strength. Enjoy more challenging poses and a             sticky mat and pillow to class. W
balance resulting in wrinkles and fatigued appear-           variety of yoga breathing exercises. Please bring a          CES 9785                            $119/Senior Cost $59.50
ance, expressing our physical and emotional state.           sticky mat and pillow to class. Prerequisite: at least       14 weeks      Wed              Jan 11       11 am-12:20 pm
Using traditional yoga poses and other methods               one year of Flowing Yoga I or at least one year of           Sec. 918916   Off Campus Medical Center D. Siegel-DiVita, RYT

target the neck, shoulders and face, strengthen-             yoga training. W
                                                             CES 9737                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50   yoga to Renew & Restore
ing muscles, increasing flexibility and circulation.                                                                      Yoga is about honoring your own body. In this prac-
                                                             14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9    11:15 am-12:35 pm
Ease tension resulting in a toned and more youth-                                                                         tice learn breathing techniques to help relax the
                                                             Sec. 918908   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas
ful appearance. W                                                                                                         mind. Move into a slow flowing sequence to help
                                                             14 weeks      Tues             Jan 10        7:10-8:30 pm
CES 9841                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50                                                                energize the body. Go into restorative poses, also
                                                             Sec. 918909   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas
14 weeks      Thurs            Jan 12       9:30-10:50 am
                                                             14 weeks      Thurs            Jan 12        5:30-6:50 pm    called active relaxation, which will bring balance to
Sec. 918903   Off Campus Medical Center           D. Kause
                                                             Sec. 918910   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas   your life and help you journey into a place of deep
“Easy Does it” Hatha yoga                                                                                                 contentment, heal your body and calm your mind.
                                                             Flowing yoga iii                                             Beginning and continuing students are welcome.
Hatha Yoga is a time-proven fitness system which is
                                                             If you have at least one year of Flowing Yoga II, and        Please bring a sticky mat and pillow to class. W
gentle, but effective, promoting flexibility, balance,
                                                             wish to be challenged, this course is for you! Expect        CES 9736                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50
strength, and wonderful posture. Yoga teaches
                                                             to do more advanced poses, including challenging             14 weeks      Wed              Jan 11           7-8:20 pm
breathing, stretching and relaxation. This course
                                                             balances, wheel, headstand, etc. Learn the Power             Sec. 918906   Off Campus Medical Center          J. Jeffery
will be gentle, slow and calm. It is for those who
                                                             Yoga Sun Salutes for an energizing, athletic, ten-
want to be supple and ageless. Please bring a sticky
                                                             sion melting experience! Please bring a sticky mat
mat and pillow to class. W
                                                             and pillow to class. Prerequisite: Flowing Yoga II or            enhance your ability to meditate.
CES 9735                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50
                                                             approval of the instructor. W                                    try present moment meditation.
14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9         1:10-2:30 pm
Sec. 918907   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas   CES 9738                           $119/Senior Cost $59.50       see page 29.
                                                             14 weeks      Mon              Jan 9        9:30-10:50 am
14 weeks      Wed              Jan 11        1:10-2:30 pm
                                                             Sec. 918911   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas
Sec. 918901   Off Campus Medical Center          D. Kause
                                                             14 weeks      Thurs            Jan 12        7:10-8:30 pm
                                                             Sec. 918912   Off Campus Medical Center          K. Farkas   TAi CHi
    looking for a new yoga experience?                                                                                    Beginning Tai Chi
    try pool yoga. see page 41.                                                                                           Tai Chi is a series of gentle turning and stretching
                                                                                                                          exercises that aid in relaxation and stress reduc-
                                                                                                                          tion and improve flexibility, circulation, balance,
                                                                                                                          muscle control and strength. This beginning course
                                                                                                                          introduces the fundamentals of the 108 moves in
                                                                                                                          the Taoist Tai Chi set. Wear loose clothing and com-
                                                                                                                          fortable shoes. W
                                                                                                                          CES 9330                             $95/Senior Cost $47.50
                                                                                                                          12 weeks      Tues              Jan 10            7-8:20 pm
                                                                                                                          Sec. 918801   PE140             Michigan Tai Chi Association

                                                                                                                   734-462-4448         |                 43
nOn-insTrucTiOnal acTiViTies
The following programs are all unstructured activities for both independent and group enjoyment.
Registrations received before December 12 will not be processed until that date.
How to register for Handball, Paddleball, Racquetball or Walleyball:
 1. Choose the activity you want to play: CESN 0001 Handball/Paddleball,
    CESN0012 Racquetball, or CESN 0010 Walleyball.
 2. Choose the time you want to play indicated by section number.
 3. Choose one person to register your team. One registration per team per session is required.                                        structi
    If registering for more than one court for the same session, you will need to fill out a separate                                          onal
                                                                                                                                 will NO es
    registration form using a different player’s information.
 4. Register by Web, mail or in person using the form on page 49.                                                                        T meet
 5. Come to play on the date and time you chose.                                                                                  March
 6. Check in with the Building Supervisor on duty for your assigned court. Note the maximum                                              3–9.
    number of players per team/activity: Handball/Paddleball, 4; Racquetball, 3; Walleyball, 10.
    You may have more than the maximum number of players rotate in/out of the court during a 1.5
    hour session, but no more than the maximum is allowed on a court at one time. In addition, a
    $5.00 charge per player will be paid to the building supervisor for each 1.5 hour session if you fall
    into one of the following categories: a. a non-team player OR b. any team player(s) that wants a
    vacant/additional court (if available).

Racquetball: non-instructional Activity                                                                           Handball/Paddleball: non-instructional Activity
This is an unstructured activity period for adults. Rac-                                                          This is an unstructured activity period for adults. Pad-
quets, balls and lockers are furnished. Participants       14 weeks      Wed       Jan 11-Apr 18   4:45-6:15 pm   dles, balls and lockers are furnished. Participants must
must supply their own locks and towels. Racquetball        Sec. 610025   PEHBC                                    supply their own locks and towels. Handball and pad-
teams may have a maximum of 3 players. One person          14 weeks      Wed       Jan 11-Apr 18   6:20-7:50 pm   dleball teams may have a maximum of 4 players. One
per team per session must register. Each team will be      Sec. 610034   PEHBC                                    person per team per session must register. Each team
assigned to one court. Enrollment is limited.              14 weeks      Wed       Jan 11-Apr 18   7:55-9:25 pm   will be assigned to one court. Enrollment is limited.
CESn 0012                                          $210    Sec. 610026   PEHBC                                    CESn 0001                                           $280
14 weeks      Mon         Jan 9-Apr 16     4:45-6:15 pm    14 weeks      Thurs     Jan 12-Apr 19     6-7:30 am    14 weeks       Mon        Jan 9-Apr 16      4:45-6:15 pm
Sec. 610018   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610027   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610001    PEHBC
14 weeks      Mon         Jan 9-Apr 16     6:20-7:50 pm    14 weeks      Thurs     Jan 12-Apr 19   4:45-6:15 pm   14 weeks       Mon        Jan 9-Apr 16      6:20-7:50 pm
Sec. 610019   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610028   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610002    PEHBC
14 weeks      Mon         Jan 9-Apr 16     7:55-9:25 pm    14 weeks      Thurs     Jan 12-Apr 19   6:20-7:50 pm   14 weeks       Mon        Jan 9-Apr 16      7:55-9:25 pm
Sec. 610020   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610029   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610003    PEHBC
14 weeks      Tues        Jan 10-Apr 17       6-7:30 am    14 weeks      Thurs     Jan 12-Apr 19   7:55-9:25 pm   14 weeks       Tues       Jan 10-Apr 17     4:45-6:15 pm
Sec. 610021   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610030   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610005    PEHBC
14 weeks      Tues        Jan 10-Apr 17    4:45-6:15 pm    14 weeks      Fri       Jan 13-Apr 20   4:45-6:15 pm   14 weeks       Tues       Jan 10-Apr 17     6:20-7:50 pm
Sec. 610022   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610031   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610006    PEHBC
14 weeks      Tues        Jan 10-Apr 17    6:20-7:50 pm    14 weeks      Fri       Jan 13-Apr 20   6:20-7:50 pm   14 weeks       Tues       Jan 10-Apr 17     7:55-9:25 pm
Sec. 610023   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610032   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610007    PEHBC
14 weeks      Tues        Jan 10-Apr 17    7:55-9:25 pm    14 weeks      Fri       Jan 13-Apr 20   7:55-9:25 pm   14 weeks       Wed        Jan 11-Apr 18     4:45-6:15 pm
Sec. 610024   PEHBC                                        Sec. 610033   PEHBC                                    Sec. 610008    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Wed        Jan 11-Apr 18     6:20-7:50 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610017    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Wed        Jan 11-Apr 18     7:55-9:25 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610009    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Thurs      Jan 12-Apr 19     4:45-6:15 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610011    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Thurs      Jan 12-Apr 19     6:20-7:50 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610012    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Thurs      Jan 12-Apr 19     7:55-9:25 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610013    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Fri        Jan 13-Apr 20     4:45-6:15 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610014    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Fri        Jan 13-Apr 20     6:20-7:50 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610015    PEHBC
                                                                                                                  14 weeks       Fri        Jan 13-Apr 20     7:55-9:25 pm
                                                                                                                  Sec. 610016    PEHBC

44           | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                         nOn-insTrucTiOnal acTiViTies
Walleyball: non-instructional Activity                      Family Sunday Health Club:                                  Synchronized Swim Club:
This is an unstructured activity period for adults.         non-instructional Activity                                  non-instructional Activity
Balls and lockers are furnished. Participants must          Sunday Health Club is designed so families can              This club is for adults with synchronized swim-
supply their own locks and towels. Walleyball is            enjoy unstructured activity in a fully-equipped             ming experience who would like an opportunity to
scheduled for a maximum of 10 players per court.            physical education facility. Gym, courts, weight            practice their skills. Will NOT meet March 7 due to
One person per team per session must register.              machines and pool are included. Children under age          Spring Break.
Each team will be assigned to one court. Enroll-            16 must be accompanied by an adult. Children over           CESn 0003                                       $105
ment is limited.                                            2 years of age are not allowed in locker rooms of           14 weeks       Wed         Jan 11-Apr 18   7:30-9 pm
CESn 0010                                            $420   the opposite sex. Visitors may attend on a per visit        Sec. 610201    PE Pool
14 weeks      Mon          Jan 9-Apr 16      4:45-6:15 pm   basis, $5.00 per individual payable at the door. Will
Sec. 611001   PEHBC                                         NOT meet March 4 due to Spring Break and April 8
14 weeks      Mon          Jan 9-Apr 16      6:20-7:50 pm   for the Easter holiday.
Sec. 611002   PEHBC                                         CESn 0005                                            $120
14 weeks      Mon          Jan 9-Apr 16      7:55-9:25 pm   13 weeks      Sun                           Jan 15-Apr 22
Sec. 611003   PEHBC                                                       PE Pool                           1-4:30 pm
14 weeks      Tues         Jan 10-Apr 17     4:45-6:15 pm   Sec. 610401   Main Gym/HBC                         1-5 pm
Sec. 611004   PEHBC
14 weeks      Tues         Jan 10-Apr 17     6:20-7:50 pm   Fencing Club: non-instructional Activity
Sec. 611005   PEHBC                                         This unstructured activity period is for those who
14 weeks      Tues         Jan 10-Apr 17     7:55-9:25 pm   have taken beginning through advanced fencing
Sec. 611006   PEHBC                                         and would like an opportunity to practice their
14 weeks      Wed          Jan 11-Apr 18     4:45-6:15 pm   skills. Will NOT meet March 9 due to Spring Break.
Sec. 611007   PEHBC                                         CESn 0004                                            $65
14 weeks      Wed          Jan 11-Apr 18     6:20-7:50 pm   12 weeks      Fri            Jan 13-Apr 6         7-9 pm
Sec. 611015   PEHBC                                         Sec. 610101   PE Main Gym                                                   Non-in
14 weeks      Wed          Jan 11-Apr 18     7:55-9:25 pm
Sec. 611008   PEHBC                                                                                                                         activit
14 weeks      Thurs        Jan 12-Apr 19     4:45-6:15 pm
                                                                                                                                         will NO
Sec. 611009   PEHBC                                                                                                                              T meet
14 weeks      Thurs        Jan 12-Apr 19     6:20-7:50 pm                                                                                 March
Sec. 611010   PEHBC                                                                                                                              3–9.
14 weeks      Thurs        Jan 12-Apr 19     7:55-9:25 pm
Sec. 611011   PEHBC
14 weeks      Fri          Jan 13-Apr 20     4:45-6:15 pm
Sec. 611012   PEHBC
14 weeks      Fri          Jan 13-Apr 20     6:20-7:50 pm
Sec. 611013   PEHBC
14 weeks      Fri          Jan 13-Apr 20     7:55-9:25 pm
Sec. 611014   PEHBC

Thursday gyM & swiM/saTurday gyM & cOurTs
Registration is not necessary for Thursday Gym & Swim and Saturday Gym & Courts.
no session Thursday, March 8 and Saturday, March 3.
Please note: the Aux Gym and Fitness Center (PE 210) will no longer be available.

thursday gym & swim                                         saturday gym                                                saturday Courts
Thursdays, January 12–April 19                              Saturdays, January 14–April 21                              January 14–April 21
This is an open program for adults to use the               This program is for adults to use the Main Gym              This program is for adults. Racquetball,
physical education facilities available at the              on Saturdays from 7–11 am. Visitors may attend              Handball, Paddleball, Walleyball courts are
following times:                                            on a per visit basis, $5.00 payable at the door.            available for one-hour periods from 7–11 am,
  Main Gym ..............................7–9:30 pm                                                                      on a walk-in basis only. Court time starts on
                                                                                                                        the hour. Cost is $5.00 per person. Nets for
 Pool (adults and children) .....8–9:30 pm
                                                                                                                        Walleyball are provided; all other equipment
Visitors may attend on a per visit basis,                                                                               must be supplied by the individual.
$5.00 payable at the door.

                                                                                                                 734-462-4448         |        45
    Kids On caMpus eMergency infOrMaTiOn fOrM
                                                                                         Winter 2012 Emergency information
                                                                                         Parent or Legal Guardian: Please complete the following information. Submit one
                                                                                         form per person. Duplicate this form as needed. If using online registration, all
                                                                                         emergency contact information will be stored electronically and can be updated
                                                                                         via WebAdvisor if information changes.
    for safety reasons, completed emergency information must accompany the registration.
    schoolcraft College reserves the right to delay the registration until emergency information is provided.
    Student’s name _______________________________________________________________________ Current Grade_________________ Date of birth ____________________________

    Primary Contact _________________________________________________ Relationship _________________ Phone number while student is in class_______________________________

    Address if different from student _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Secondary Contact ______________________________________________ Relationship _________________ Phone number while student is in class_______________________________

    Address if different from student _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Child’s Doctor _________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________ Phone _______________________________

    Doctor’s Hospital Affiliation ______________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________

    Medical Information: ❒	none ❒	Convulsive Disorders ❒	Diabetes ❒	Allergies (i.e. stings, diet) ❒	other _________________________________________________________________

    Please describe symptoms and precautions _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Additional medical information we should know ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    While we strive to provide a safe environment, we cannot control what your child will come in contact with because of our open environment.

    I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Schoolcraft College, its officers, agents, and employees for any loss or injury that my child ___________________________________________
    may sustain while participating in the Kids on Campus Program. In case of an emergency, I ask Schoolcraft College to contact an adult listed above. If the college is unable to reach
    one of us, I authorize the college to secure emergency medical treatment for my child. I understand that Schoolcraft College may take photographs and/or video of my child during
    camp/class activities that may be used in marketing and publicity of the Kids on Campus program. my signature also indicates that i have read and will adhere to the
    safety and program guidelines listed below.

✁   Required Signature (parent/guardian) ____________________________________________________________________________________ Date ___________________________________

    safeTy & prOgraM guidelines fOr children On Our caMpus
    Before Classes Begin                                                                         During Class Sessions
    » For safety reasons a completed emergency form must accompany the                           » Appropriate behavior is expected. Students will be disenrolled
      registration. schoolcraft College reserves the right to delay                                for misbehavior.
      the registration until an emergency form is provided.                                      » Walk your children to class and meet them outside the classroom
    » Register your children based on their current grade level.                                   after class.
      our instructors and administration request that parents follow the                         » Introduce yourself to your children’s instructors.
      grade-appropriate guidelines listed next to each class. We reserve
      the right to reassign your child to a grade-appropriate class. Your                        » Inform instructors if someone else will be picking up your children.
      cooperation is appreciated.                                                                » Inform the instructors if your children need assistance walking
    » Children should wear comfortable play clothes that can get                                   between classes/buildings.
      messy and are easily cleaned.                                                              » Instructors will release students 5 minutes before the hour to allow
    » Give your children a written list of their classes and classrooms.                           time to change classes.

    » Talk with your children about safety issues in all public places                           » Parents are responsible for their children before and after the time for
      such as Schoolcraft College.                                                                 which they are officially in class. We suggest you discuss your drop-
                                                                                                   off and pick-up arrangements with your children before the first class.
    » If this is your children’s first experience at Schoolcraft College, we
      suggest that you visit the campus before classes begin to become                           » Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when
      familiar with the campus and class locations.                                                not in class.
                                                                                                 » The Kids on Campus staff and faculty members will not dispense
                                                                                                   medications as we are not properly trained to do so.
                                                                                                 » Do not park in the spaces “Assigned,” “Handicapped,” or
                                                                                                   “Authorized.” Park only in the general parking areas.

    46            | 734-462-4448
                                                                           Online and hyBrid class infOrMaTiOn

                                                online Class information

Continuing Education and Professional Development offers a great alter-
native to traditional classes held here on campus. You can update your
                                                                                  How do i register?
                                                                                  Getting started with our online classes takes just three easy steps:

skills, discover a new talent or chart a career path at your own pace and
                                                                                  Register and pay for your class with Schoolcraft College at least 24
convenience—we bring the classroom right to you, wherever you may be.
                                                                                  hours prior to the class start date. You can do this online via WebAdvi-
How do online classes work?                                                       sor, by walk-in or mail-in—see page 48.

Each class consists of twelve lessons that are made available to you over
a specific six week period. The first lesson is released after 4 a.m. on the      Once you have registered and paid for your class with Schoolcraft
first Wednesday of class; subsequent lessons are released on Fridays and          College, you must also enroll with one of the following Web sites
Wednesdays. You do not need to be present when the lesson is released,            to gain access to your online classroom:
but you must complete each lesson within two weeks of its release. The les-        • For online general classes, enroll at
sons are supplemented by interactive quizzes, assignments, tutorials, and          • For online teacher recertification SB-CEU classes, enroll at
online discussion areas available via the Web.                              
What classes are available?                                                        • Choose the class title and select the “Enroll Now” button.
Our online classes are notated throughout this schedule with the words                Follow the instructions.
“Online” next to the class title. You can also visit            NOTE: Online Enrollment must take place no later than the
craft for all of our general classes. Teachers interested in our teacher recer-       Wednesday following your class start date, or your access to the class
tification classes should go to                                will be denied and no refund will be issued. If you register for more
What do i need to take an online class?                                               than one online class, it is imperative that you complete the Online
All you need is Internet access; Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla               Enrollment for each class.

Firefox Web browser; familiarity with the Internet; email; and a computer.        When your class starts, return to the appropriate Web site listed above
Additional software requirements, if any, will be noted in the class descrip-     and click on the “Classroom” link. Log in with the email address and
tion. Some classes are not compatible with Macintosh computers.                   password you created when initially enrolling with Ed2Go.

                                                           Hybrid Class information

Hybrid classes—the best of both worlds
If you want to try something new…
If you are curious about online classes…
If you like being in class with other students…
If you aren’t put off by technology and the Internet…                                                        id         C l ass
If you are an independent, self-motivated learner…                                                 a uni                               es:
                                                                                                             qu e a
How do hybrid classes work?                                                                   lea r n                  nd fle
Students get the flexibility of online classes with the personal interactions                            i ng e                    x i ble
                                                                                                                   x per
of classroom sessions. Students will meet on campus for a portion of the                        e nc o                      i e nc e
class and the other portion will be completed online with assignments,                                    mpa s                        t h at
                                                                                             i n st r               se s in
reading and research. Class section information provides more detail on                                 u c t io                - c las
the exact meeting times and locations.                                                                             n w it                 s
                                                                                                                            h on l
What classes are available?                                                                             c ou rs                      i ne
                                                                                                                   e w or
Our hybrid classes are notated throughout this schedule with the words                                                      k
“Hybrid Class” next to the class title.
What do i need to take an online class?
Hardware and software requirements for hybrid classess are listed at

                                                                                              734-462-4448           |          47
regisTraTiOn daTes and insTrucTiOns
                                                                                                                     The col
                                                                                                                             lege wi
Registration begins Monday, December 12, 2011                                                                     closed	f           ll be
                                                                                                                           or	the	h
                                                                                                                 Decem              olidays
Online	registration	is	strongly	recommended—you	will	be	enrolled	                                                       ber	23–             	
immediately	depending	on	class	availability.	Mailed	registrations	                                             Howev             Januar
                                                                                                                    er, onl              y	2.	
are	processed	manually.	We	are	not	able	to	take	registration	or	                                                            ine reg
payment	information	over	the	phone.                                             Mail-in schoolcraft college         will be
                                                                                                                            availab         on
Register as soon as possible to ensure your place in class!                             cashier: ce             Decem               le
                                                                                                                       ber 23,
Class sizes are limited to ensure the highest quality instruction.                      18600 haggerty rd.                      26–30
                                                                                        livonia, Mi 48152-2696       Januar             &
Our classes are designed for the adult learner. Unless otherwise noted, all                                                   y	2.
classes are intended for students aged 18 and older. For more information,      You also may use the drop box located
please refer to our Web site at                       in front of the McDowell Center in Livonia.
                                                                                Please include payment or sign the registration
Online                                       form if you are paying by credit card.
                   Begins 8 am, Monday, december 12                             Mail-in registration continues until one week before the class meets.
                   no registration december 24–25, 31–January 1                 Your registration form and payment should be received at least one
                   hours: Monday–saturday, 2 am–11 pm;                          week before the class start date. Complete the registration form on
                   sunday, 2 am–9 pm                                            page 49. Your receipt and class confirmation will be mailed to you. If
                                                                                you do not receive your class confirmation within one week, please call
Online registration continues until the day before the first class meets.       734-462-4448 to verify your enrollment.
Go online to search and register for classes. A credit card or check payment
is required when registering for Continuing Education via the Web. Please
have your payment information at hand. If you prefer to pay with cash, you      walK-in Monday–Thursday, 8 am–6 pm; friday 8 am–4:30 pm
may use the in-person registration process. If you experience any problems      no registration december 23–January 2
registering via the Web, please contact our Admissions & Enrollment Center                        extended hours January 3–19
at 734-462-4426 before attempting to proceed with your registration.
                                                                                                  Monday–Thursday, 8 am–7 pm; friday 8 am–4:30 pm
instructions for how to log in and register are available on the online reg-
                                                                                                  Bring your completed registration form to the McDowell
istration page. if you are registering for the first time, use the continuing                     Center, Livonia campus. Class fees must be paid in full.
education link on the left to register for classes without logging in. if you                     The college accepts cash, checks, money orders, VISA,
have taken a class before, please log in and then register.                                       MasterCard, Discover, and debit cards.

Most classes are not scheduled on the following days:                           Check Policy
» Spring Break: March 3–9, 2012                                                   • Make checks payable to Schoolcraft College.
                                                                                  • Postdated checks are not accepted.
» Easter Sunday: April 8, 2012
                                                                                  • If your check is returned because of insufficient funds in your account,
Classes/activities that will meet are noted in the schedule.                        we may redeposit it electronically.
                                                                                  • There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.
Changes to Student Contact Information
It is the student’s responsibility to notify the college of any changes to      Dropping a Class and Refund Policy
name, address, phone or email as this information is used to send class         You can drop a class for a full refund up to the day before the first class
confirmation or to contact you regarding changes in class status. Entering      meets through WebAdvisor or by written request.
new contact information on your registration form does not automatically        Written requests for refunds must be initiated by the student and are to
update your student record unless you are registering in person. If not reg-    be mailed or walked in to the Admissions and Enrollment Center in the
istering in person, name, address and phone changes must be submitted           McDowell Center. The request must contain the following:
on a Personal Data Change Form, which can be found in the FAQ section             • Student name.
of our Web site. Email address changes can be made via WebAdvisor. Name           • Student ID number.
changes require a copy of your driver’s license or social security card.          • Class number, section number.
                                                                                  • A brief statement requesting the refund, signature and date.
Senior Adult Tuition Policy                                                     The	refund	policy	is:
In order to receive senior adult status, persons sixty (60) years of age or       •	Through	the	day	before	the	first	class	meets:	100	percent	class	fees.
older must verify their age (using a birth certificate, driver’s license, or      •	Thereafter—no	refund.
other legal documents) with the Admissions & Enrollment Center (main              •	No	refund	or	transfers	for	motorcycle	classes.
campus) at the time of registration or prior to the start of the class          Credit card payments will be credited to the account used for payment. All
in order to receive the senior rate. No rate adjustments will be made after a   other refunds will be issued to the student by check and mailed to the stu-
class has started.                                                              dent’s address on record, or by direct deposit. See Bank Info—Direct Deposit
                                                                                under the Financial Information heading in the WebAdvisor student menu
                                                                                to select the direct deposit refund option.

48           | 734-462-4448
                                                                                                                                                                                             regisTraTiOn fOrM
Schoolcraft College                                                                                                                                                             all participants of Continuing education
                                                                                                                                                                                & professional development physical

Continuing Education                                                                                                                                                            fitness classes must agree to the terms of
                                                                                                                                                                                the Schoolcraft College Waiver of Liability for Fitness

 Professional Development
                                                                                                                                                                                Classes at the time of registration.

                                                                                                                                                                                 •	if registering online, check box to signify agreement.
registration/admission form | Winter 2012                                                                                                                                        •	if registering by mail or walk-in, include one signed
                                                                                                                                                                                   waiver per registration form or registration will not
Please use one registration form per student.                                                                                  1. Are you Hispanic?  Yes  No
                                                                                                                                                                                   be processed. The waiver form is also available
Duplicate this form as needed.                                                                                                 2. Please select one or more races:
                                                                                                                                                                                   online at
Before registering notify the college of any change to name, address or                                                            American Indian or Alaska Native
                                                                                                                                   Asian  Black or African American           a doctor’s review of your health is advised before
phone number(s). Entering new contact information on your registration
form does not automatically update your record. See changes to                                                                     Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander   starting any exercise program.
student contact information section on page 48 for more information.                                                               White
                                                                                                                                                                                           Schoolcraft College
         -           -                                                        OR                        -          -                       ❍ Male ❍ Female                          Waiver of Liability for Fitness Classes
DATE oF BIRTH                            STuDEnT nuMBER                               SoCIAL SECuRITY nuMBER
                                         To be assigned to first-time students.       returning students only need to include the last 4 digits.                                In consideration for being allowed to participate in this activity, which
                                                                                                                                                                                I do freely and voluntarily for my own personal benefit, I hereby take
                                                                                                                                                                                action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin,
LAST nAME                                                                              FIRST nAME                                            MI/FoRMER nAME
                                                                                                                                                                                successors and assigns to:
                                                                                                                                                                                A. Waive, release and discharge from any and all liability Schoolcraft
nuMBER AnD STREET                                                                                      CITY
                                                                                                                                                                                    College, its elected and appointed officials, employees, students,
                                                                                                                                                                                    agents, and volunteers for my bodily injury, death, disability,
STATE        ZIP CoDE                EMAIL ADDRESS                                                                                                                                  personal injury, property damage, or property theft, or actions of
             -                -                                          -                    -                                      -                 -                            any kind which may hereafter accrue to me.
DAY PHonE                                              EVEnInG PHonE                                                   CELL PHonE                                               B. Indemnify and hold harmless Schoolcraft College, its elected and
                             CES, CES2,                                                                                                                                             appointed officials, employees, students, agents, and volunteers,
Section no.                  CESn no.              Title of Class                                                                           Amount                                  from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or
                                                                                                                                           $                      .                 entities as a result of or relating to my participation in this activity.
                                                                                                                                                                                I know that there may be risks associated with fitness classes and
                                                                                                                                           $                      .             willingly accept those possibilities. I know that it is my responsibility
                                                                                                                                                                                to ensure my own safety. I take full responsibility for my own health
                                                                                                                                           $                      .             and safety in participating in the fitness class and to the extent I
                                                                                                                                           $                      .
                                                                                                                                                                                deem advisable, will consult a physician before participating in any
                                                                                                                                                                                of the activities. I agree to pay all reasonable costs related to the
                                                                                                                                           $                      .             classes, including any medical costs I incur.
                                                                                                                                                                                Therefore, intending to be bound and as a condition of being allowed
                                                                                                                                           $                      .             to participate in the fitness class, I have freely signed this waiver at
                                                                                                                                           $                      .
                                                                                                                                                                                the time of registration.
                                                                                                                                           $                      .             Print Participant Name
                         Are you 60+? See Senior Adult Tuition Policy on page 48. total: $                                                                        .             Participant Signature                                          Date

mail to:                                         Company-paid tuition:                                                                   For office use only:
                                                 Please send a copy of your purchase order when you register.                                                                   Semester                                                Student ID#
Schoolcraft College
                                                 Co. Name ___________________________________________                                                                           if the participant is under 18 years of age,
Cashier: CE
                                                 Co. Address __________________________________________                                                                         a parent or guardian must sign below on
18600 Haggerty Road                                                                                                                                                             behalf of the participant.
Livonia, MI 48152-2696                           Billing Contact Person ____________________________________                                                                    _______________________________________
                                                 PO# ______________________________________________                                                                             Print Parent/Guardian Name
 Enclosed is my Check/Money Order payable to Schoolcraft College                                                                                                               Parent or Guardian Signature                                   Date
 Charge to VISA/MC/Discover No. ___________________________________________________ Exp. Date _____/_____
                                                                                                                                                                                    Signed waiver agreement is required
                                                                                                                                                                                        for all Physical Fitness classes
   Signature required for charge card payment (Refund checks are issued to students rather than charge card credits)

                                                                                                                                                                         734-462-4448            |                             49
culTural and cOMMuniTy eVenTs
Schoolcraft College special events for the Winter 2012 semester.
Visit for more information and additional events.
Pageturners Book Club
Meeting dates and book titles are available by calling
                                                           March 1                                              aprIL
                                                                                                              april 13
                                                           Full Day Kindergarten Open House                   Transition Center Luncheon Series
734-462-4400 x5685.
                                                           Thursday, 7 p.m.                                   Beyond Poison Ivy: Plants with a Criminal Past:

January 4
                                                           Schoolcraft College Children’s Center
                                                                                                              Friday, 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                                              $20 per person prepaid
Free Information Session                                   734-462-4442;              VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room
Pharmacy Technician                                        March 14
Wednesday, 6-7:30 p.m.                                     Public Safety Career Expo                          april 13 & 14
VisTaTech Center, room 460                                 Wednesday, 4–7 p.m.                                Theatre Production—romeo and Juliet
734-462-4448                                               Free                                               Friday & Saturday, 8 p.m.
January 5                                                  Radcliff Center, Room 115, Garden City             $12 per person
Free Information Session                                   734-462-4421;                 Liberal Arts Theatre
                                                                                                              Tickets: main bookstore or 734-462-4596
Pharmacy Compounding Training                              March 20
Thursday, 6-7:30 p.m.                                      Spaghetti Dinner & Wine Glow                       april 18
VisTaTech Center, room 460                                 Tuesday, 5:30–9 p.m.                               Noon Concert Series
734-462-4448                                               $35 per person prepaid                             Wednesday, noon
January 16                                                 VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room                     Donations accepted
Free Information Session                                   734-462-4443                                       VisTaTech Center, Presentation Room
Project Management                                         March 21
Tuesday, 6-7:30 p.m.                                       Noon Concert Series Schoolcraft Music Faculty      april 20
McDowell Center, room 110                                  Wednesday, noon                                    Evening Recital Series Lori Sims, piano
734-462-4448                                               Donations accepted                                 Friday, 8 p.m.
January 20                                                 VisTaTech Center, Presentation Room                $20/students $10
Transition Center Luncheon Series                          734-462-4403                                       VisTaTech Center, Presentation Room
                                                                                                              Tickets: or 734-462-4403
Petticoat Patriots                                         March 23
Friday, 11:30 a.m.                                         Evening Recital Series Tribute to the Andrew       april 23
$20 per person prepaid                                     Sisters                                            Up Jumped Spring Concert Schoolcraft College
VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room                             Friday, 8 p.m.                                     Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Improvisation Combo
734-462-4443                                               $20/students $10                                   Monday, 7:30 p.m.

February 2
                                                           VisTaTech Center, Presentation Room
                                                           Tickets: or 734-462-4403
                                                                                                              VistaTech Center, DiPonio Room
Allied Health and Nursing Job Fair                         March 23 & 24
Thursday, 1–3 p.m.                                         Dinner Theatre—romeo and Juliet                    april 28
Free                                                       Friday & Saturday, 6:30 p.m. dinner, 8 p.m. show   Collage Concert
VisTaTech, DiPonio Room                                    $24 per person                                     Featuring the Schoolcraft College Music Department
734-462-4421,                         Dinner in VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room;          Saturday, 8 p.m.
February 8                                                 show in the Liberal Arts Theatre.                  $8 adult, $5 student,$3 seniors/children under 12
Noon Concert Series Motor City Brass Quintet               Tickets: main bookstore or 734-462-4596            VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room
                                                                                                              Tickets: or 734-462-4403
Wednesday, noon                                            March 26
Donations accepted                                         Middle School College Night                        april 30
VisTaTech Center, Presentation Room                        Monday, 4–7 p.m.                                   Spring Concert
734-462-4403                                               Free                                               Schoolcraft College Synthesizer Ensemble
February 15                                                VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room                     Monday, 7:30 p.m.
Breast Cancer Awareness –Basketball                        734-462-4426                                       Free; donations accepted at the door
                                                                                                              VistaTech Center, DiPonio Room
Games                                                      March 29                                           734-462-4403
Wednesday; 5:30 p.m. women’s game,                         Multicultural Fair
7:30 p.m. men’s game
$5, all funds going to a breast cancer awareness charity
                                                           Thursday, 10 a.m.–3 p.m.
                                                           Free                                                 JUNE
                                                                                                              June 4
Physical Education Building, Main Gym                      DiPonio Room, VisTaTech Center                     Golf Classic Fore Scholarships
734-462-4804                                               734-462-4400 x5271 or x5647;                       Monday, noon shotgun start
February 17                                      ;   Cost varies by participation level
Transition Center Luncheon Series                          March 30 & 31                                      Walnut Creek Country Club
Vintage Valentines                                                                                            734-462-4518,
                                                           Dinner Theatre—romeo and Juliet
Friday, 11:30 a.m.                                         Friday & Saturday, 6:30 p.m. dinner, 8 p.m. show   June 9
$20 per person prepaid                                     $24 per person                                     Michigan Electric Vehicle Show
VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room                             Dinner in VisTaTech Center, DiPonio Room;          Saturday, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.
734-462-4443                                               show in the Liberal Arts Theatre.                  Free
                                                           Tickets: main bookstore or 734-462-4596            VisTaTech Center and North parking lot

50          | 734-462-4448
Winter 2012 credit classes

the sc
no-classes-cancelled guarantee

✔	If the class has students registered, it will run.
✔	New sections are added to meet demand; see the latest
  class listings at or through
  WebAdvisor at
  The SC No-classes-cancelled Guarantee will better serve students by not cancelling
  credit classes based on the number of students registered. The hope is that students
  will be better able to plan ahead and to achieve their educational goals at Schoolcraft
  if they know that certain classes are going to be available. As class sections fill up,
  Schoolcraft uses just-in-time scheduling to add sections based on student demand.

  There are situations in which a class might be cancelled for reasons other than the number of students
  enrolled. For example, if an instructor originally scheduled to teach a class becomes unavailable and the
  college is unable to find another instructor for that class, the college reserves the right to cancel that class.

  The latest information about the guarantee can be found at

no last-minute cancellations—
           you can count on it
Winter 2012 credit classes begin Saturday, January 14
                                                                                                                                 NoNprofit org
                                                                                                                                   U.S. poStage
                                                                                                                               Schoolcraft college
Continuing Education and
Professional Development
18600 Haggerty Road
Livonia, MI 48152-2696

                                                                                                             TO: POSTAL CUSTOMER
                  Board of Trustees
Gregory J. Stempien .....................................Chair
Brian D. Broderick................................. Vice Chair
Carol M. Strom ........................................ Secretary
Patricia Watson ....................................... Treasurer
John R. Elkins ............................................ Trustee
James G. Fausone ..................................... Trustee
Joan A. Gebhardt ...................................... Trustee
          Conway A. Jeffress, President

             Spring/Summer 2012 CEPD Schedule will be mailed late March; class listings online mid-March

                                                                                                                      • Meet instructors and ask questions
                                                                                                                      • Visit the campus
                                                                                                                      • Discover camp highlights
                                                                                                                      • Register on-site

                                                                                                                      For additional information,
                                                                                                   Summer 2012        visit
                                                                                       Open House                     or call 734-462-4448.
                                                                                       Tuesday, March 13, 2012        The Summer Kids on Campus
                                                                                       5:30–7:30 p.m.                 schedule will be posted online
                                                                                       VisTaTech Center               in late February.

     Are you preparing for                                                                        Winter Kids on Campus classes are
                                                                                                 included in this schedule on page 22
     the PMP® or CAPM® exam
     or looking for valuable
     project management skills?
     Hone your project management knowledge and take your
     career to the next level with our Project Management training.                     Pharmaceutical Sterile comPounding
     Topics include management of integration, scope, time,
     cost, quality, human resources, communications, risk,
     and procurement. Get tools and techniques for initiating,                       Pharmacy technicians, pharmacists and quality assurance personnel:
     planning, executing, controlling, and closing projects.                          learn the core competencies necessary to safely prepare and deliver
                                                                                            sterile commercial and compounded pharmaceuticals.

     Go to,                                                        Free information session January	5
                                                                                                       see page 7 for more information
     see page 6 inside this schedule, or
     call 734-462-4448 for more information

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