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									  Place Value, Comparing, Rounding, and Ordering Whole Numbers and Decimals

Cookie Dough

Place Value Puzzler-place value and rounding

Half Court Rounding-1 pointers and 2 pointers

Place Value Calculator (up to thousands)

Place Value (ten thousands)

Place Value to 100,000

Place value to thousand

Place Value Playoff-standard form to expanded form (hundred thousands)

place value (create the largest number)

Birmingham Grid for Numbers-convert standard form to expanded form numbers to 999,999

Star Matica- place value to millions

Decimal Place Value-to hundredths


Timed place value-to hundred thousands

Place Value Mastery Game-goes to trillions

Comparing and Ordering Numbers
Comparing Numbers-to 10,000

Comparing Numbers Practice

Ordering Numbers and Decimals-whole numbers to 1,000 and decimals to three decimals points

Award Ceremony-ordering whole numbers and decimals

Wash Line-ordering decimals

Helipad Hops-rounding to the nearest ten

Rounding Flashcards-rounding up to ten million

Decimal Squares Interactive Games-has games about decimals. Play Beat the Clock and
Concentration, and Decimal darts for decimal place value games. Laser beams is for rounding to
whole numbers.

Ordering Game-choose whole numbers or decimals

Rounding to 1,000

Scooter Quest-place value of decimals to hundredths

Ordering Decimals-to tenths

Decimals of the Caribbean - Reading Decimals

*Place Value to Billions-identify digit- Mrs. Rose created this game

*Comparing Numbers-Arcade style game-Mrs. Rose created this game

*Comparing Numbers2 – Arcade style game-Mrs. Rose created this game
*Comparing Numbers-Dustbin game-Mrs. Rose created this game

*Place Value to billions-Dustbin game-Mrs. Rose created this game

*Place Value-Arcade style game-Mrs. Rose created this game

Ordering Decimals

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