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					                          8th Period RTI Business Plan

Each student is to think of a business they might like to open in Edmonson
County in the future. When making your choice, consider businesses that are
currently in Edmonson County and ones that you would like to have here. This
should provide a service or sell products that you feel our county citizens would
be able and willing to support. We will be doing several desktop publishing
projects for the business each one chooses. To complete the projects, you will
need to decide the following:

1.  Business Name
2.  Type of product(s) or service your business will provide
3.  Business Owner(s) names
4.  Future date business is expected to open
5.  Describe the type of employees/personnel needed to work in your business –
    job titles
6. Location of business – the address
7. Operating Hours/Days
8. Capital equipment needed and possible supply list
9. Detail of possible income and expenses
10. Insurances, licenses and permits needed (ask me about this)

Design a business logo
Design a letterhead
Design an advertising flyer
Design a business card
Write a help wanted ad


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