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									            Year-at-a Glance                              Course Title: English II PAP                                                    Grade Level: 10

                     Reading                                                     Skills Unit                                            Writing
9 Major Works which have appeared on the AP               SAT Vocabulary                                            Extractable Thesis
Exams                                                     Annotation – Close reading                                Meaningful commentary
7 Nonfiction selections including literary criticism      Short Story – Elements of Fiction                         Well-developed paragraph structure
25 Poems                                                  Style Analysis – Nonfiction                               Embedded quotations
3 Short Stories                                           Persuasion and Appeals                                    Timed writings weekly -- 4 paragraph essay
3 Speeches                                                Poetry                                                    structure
                                                          Research                                                  Introduce Style Analysis with author’s purpose (AP
                                                          Drama                                                     exam)
                                                          Mastery Project – Shakespeare                             Literary Analysis with thematic position (AP Open
                                                                                                                    Documented Literary Analysis major composition
                                                                                                                    Introduce Defend, Challenge, Qualify (AP exam)
                                                                                                                    Introduce Simple Persuasive (AP exam)
                                                                                                                    Introduce Poetry Analysis (AP exam)
                                                                                                                    Introduce Synthesis Essay (AP exam)
                                                                                                                    Mastery – 3 timed essays from unmodified AP

     Strand                 Reading                    Writing/Grammar            Inquiry/Research/                 Viewing/                PAP/AP Skill Set
                                                                                      Analysis                   Representing
                     Summer Reading: Jane         Complete timed writing AP       Complete sample AP                                  Review annotation requirements
                     Eyre and 1984                style analysis essay on Jane    multiple choice questions                           and techniques
    August           Short Stories:"Masque of     Eyre passage                    on Jane Eyre                                        Backgrounde notes on
                     The Red Death,” “A Rose                                                                                          development of Short Story and
                     for Emily,” “A White Heron   AP Open-ended essay on                                                              review literary terms including:
                                                  Jane Eyre                                                                           imagery, tone, motifs, theme,
                                                                                                                                      inference, characterization,
                                                  Assign weekly SAT                                                                   antagonist, protagonist, ephiphany,
                                                  Vocabulary list and continue                                                        setting, irony, mood, plot,
                                                  weekly quiz over vocabulary                                                         flashback, foreshadowing,
                                                  throughout the year.                                                                suspence, euphemism, point of
                                                                                                                                      view, symbolism, understatement,
                                                                                                                                      and historial, mythological and
                                                                                                                                      literary allusions.
                                                                                                                                      Notes for writing thesis statements,
                                                                                                                                      topic sentences and well-developed
                                                                                                                                      Introduce “DOSTYLES” analysis

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 Strand             Reading               Writing/Grammar                 Inquiry/Research/                   Viewing/                       PAP/AP Skill Set
                                                                              Analysis                     Representing
             Non-Fiction Essays:        Vocabulary Continued              Non-fiction objective          Watch the movie: Places in    Explain how to choose appropriate
             “Nameless Tennessee,”      Analyze symbols in Places in      exam                          the Heart                      quotations and incorporate them
September    “Sayonara,” and            the Heart and complete essay      Complete internet search      A&E Biography on               correctly in sentences
             “Lochness                                                    project identifying           Steinbeck                      Introduce Literary Criticism term
                                                                          biographical information      “Dust Bowl” historical video   and characteristics, and reinforce
                                                                          and literary criticism over                                  diction, syntax and point of view.
                                                                          Grapes of Wrath                                              Introduce parallelism, anaphora,
                                                                                                                                       rhetorical questions, and sentence
                                                                                                                                       structure and variety.
             Continue Grapes of Wrath    Vocabulary Continued             Grapes of Wrath               Braveheart movie, and          Historical and cultural information
                                        In class AP style analysis        Objective exam                complete viewing guide         on Grapes of Wrath
 October     Assign outside reading:    essay over Grapes of Wrath                                                                     Reinforce motifs
             Cyrano De Bergerac         AP style essay over                                                                            Introduce persuasive appeals
                                        “Odyssey” prompts                                                                              (logos, ethos, pathos)
                                        concerning allusions                                                                           Introduce point of view shift,
                                        Complete interactive journal                                                                   juxtaposition, antithesis, patterns.
                                        over literary analysis of                                                                      Implement transitions, sound
                                        Cyrano De Bergerac                                                                             devices, figures of speech in
                                        Complete Summer Reading                                                                        student’s own compositions
                                        style analysis essay –
                                        students select their own
                                        passage from novel.
                                        AP style analysis essay over
                                        “Turtle” poem by Mary Oliver
             Assign selections from     Vocabulary Continued              Historical research over      French Revolution and          Introduce refutation
November     Poetry Packet              Finish interactive journal over   French Revolution             Charles Dickens biography      Introduce sound devices and
                                        literary analysis of Cyrano De                                  videos and viewing guides.     figurative language terms,
December     Speech analysis packet:    Bergerac                          Complete literary                                            including: hyperbole, oxymoron,
                                        Essay over analysis of            analysis of speeches          40-minute presentations        alliteration, assonance,
                                        speeches from Braveheart,         from Braveheart, Cyrano       over historical research on    consonance, meter, onomatopoeia,
                                        Cyrano and Queen Elizabeth        and Queen Elizabeth           French Revolution              rhyme, rhythm.
                                        AP style persuasive essay                                                                      Introduce using note cards and
                                        including refutation over         Complete analysis of                                         source cards for documented
                                        Braveheart                        poetry explication                                           research paper
                                        AP style analysis essay over                                                                   Introduce MLA documentation and
                                        poetry                            Poetry Objective Exam                                        reinforce proper selection of
                                        AP style essay exam over                                                                       quotations
                                        poetry                                                                                         Introduce archetypes in relation to

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 Strand            Reading                Writing/Grammar                 Inquiry/Research/              Viewing/                         PAP/AP Skill Set
                                                                              Analysis                Representing
            Outside reading: Tale of    Vocabulary Continued                                                                        Historical and cultural information
            Two Cities                  AP style synthesis essay over                                                               on Dickens and French Revolution
January                                 French Revolution.                                                                          Introduce AP synthesis essay
                                        Complete 4 AP style timed                                                                   requirements
                                        writings over Tale of Two                                                                   Review all TAKS skills.
                                        Cities: style, theme, motif and                                                             Reinforce and apply archetypes.
                                        tone.                                                                                       Reinforce all close reading and
                                                                                                                                    style analysis skills.
            Finish Tale of Two Cities   Vocabulary Continued              Complete research        Watch video of play,             Evaluate sources and review
            Issue                       Essay exam over Tale of Two       paper over Tale of Two   Elephant Man                     literary criticism. Reinforce MLA
February    Elephant Man, annotate      Cities                            Cities                                                    style, documentation and formatting
            on their own – no study                                       Objective exam over                                       guidelines for research papers.
            guide.                                                        Tale of Two Cities.                                       Proofreading, writing commentary
                                                                                                                                    and peer editing review.
                                                                                                                                    Review all TAKS skills.
            Issue outside reading:      Vocabulary Continued              Internet background      Video excerpt from movie         Review style, tone, structure, point
            Mrs. Dalloway               Elephant Man AP persuasive        research over            The Hours, only select           of view, point of view shift, syntax,
 March                                  synthesis essay.                  Shakespeare plays.       scenes                           patterns, diction, imagery, symbols.
                                        AP open ended question for        Background and           Shakespeare background
                                        Elephant Man,                     information on drama     video                            Summarization.
                                        2- AP style analysis essay        and tragedy.             Share Internet research on
                                        over Mrs. Dalloway                                         Shakespeare plays.
                                        One AP style open ended
                                        question over Mrs. Dalloway
            Shakespeare Play –          Vocabulary Continued              Research Shakespeare     Identify rhetorical strategies   Evaluation of literary criticism.
            Groups select and read                                        play for later           and figurative language
 April      for intensive study.        Orpheus essay                     presentation.
            Shakespeare reading                                           Review Elizabethan
            selections and analysis.                                      language and analyze
            Outside reading: Orpheus                                      style.
            Descending                                                    AP Tests review and AP
                                                                          essay practice.
            Continue reading            Vocabulary Continued                                       Socratic Seminar over
            Shakespeare Play            AP style essay over                                        Orpheus Descending
  May                                   Shakespeare play.                                          40-minute group present
                                        Style imitation essay of                                   Shakespeare Research and
                                        previously read authors.                                   analysis of play
                                                                                                   Act out scene of
                                                                                                   Shakespeare play
                                                                                                   View Camelot

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