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Introduction: The University of Illinois at             (See Technical Section 10 14 02 and
Urbana-Champaign        is   committed      to          Drawings 10 14 02-1, 2, 3 & 4 for fabrication
providing public way-finding and related                and installation details.)
information as well as safety and health
related information across its campus and               Interior Directions/Information:          Signs
throughout its facilities for the benefit of            should be provided and located within each
students, faculty and visitors. It endeavors            building as required to give immediate and
to accomplish this in a clear, organized and            frequent directions and information and to
consistent manner. Toward that end, the U               alleviate confusion.      A primary directory
of I has established a universal signage                should be provided at the main entrance(s)
program that is administered by the Facilities          and a secondary directory should be provided
and Services Planning Office. The primary               at the elevator lobby(s) on each floor.
purpose of this section within the General              Directional floor plans should also be provided
Guidelines is to provide guidance regarding             at the building entrance(s) and elevator
the requirements of that program.                       lobby(s) on each floor.

Compliance: In addition to the requirements             Room Identification:         The U of I has
of these Standards, signage should be                   established a universal interior identification
provided as required by and in conformance              system for application in all of its buildings.
with the applicable editions of the Illinois            This system incorporates the usage of
Accessibility Code and the NFPA National                standardized sign frames, panels, typeface,
Fire Codes as well as applicable OSHA                   etc. as well as standardized sign locations.
Regulations and IDOT Standards. These                   Each interior space should be identified in a
codes, regulations and standards are to be              manner consistent with this system. This
complied with in all respects (i.e. in terms of         system incorporates permanent as well as
the location, the physical properties, the              easily changeable sign panels as appropriate
symbols, and the wording of each sign).                 for different applications. It also incorporates
                                                        hazardous material information holders to
Building Identification: An exterior sign               facilitate the posting of information regarding
should be installed for the purpose of                  the presence of hazardous materials in
identifying each U of I building. It should             individual rooms. (See Technical Section 10
provide the name of the building along with its         14 03 for fabrication and installation details as
street address.      Generally, it should be            well as the U of I catalog of signs.)
installed in a prominent location that is visible
when facing the street side of the building.            Safety/Health: Signage that addresses life
The exact location and orientation should be            safety, as well as occupational safety and
as directed by the Architecture Review                  health issues, shall be provided as required
Committee (ARC). Temporary buildings may                by and in conformance with the requirements
have a wall-mounted sign if a sign is required.         of all applicable codes and regulations as well
(See Drawings 10 14 01-1, 2 & 3 for                     as the guidelines/requirements of the U of I
fabrication and installation details).                  Department of Occupational Safety and
                                                        Health (OSH). Many of the signs that are
Building Entrances: In cases where not all              required to satisfy these requirements have
of the public entries to buildings are                  been incorporated into the U of I universal
accessible to persons with disabilities,                signage program. (Again, see Technical
directional signage is required to be located           Section 10 14 03 for fabrication and
near each inaccessible entry that directs               installation details as well as the U of I catalog
persons to the nearest accessible building              of signs.)
entry. The directional signage may be vinyl
decal mounted to glass in an entry door,                Traffic Signs:        The fabrication and
door-mounted, wall-mounted or post-                     installation of all traffic signs and other
mounted. The selection of type of signage               exterior metal signs of similar design should
to be used will be dictated by the specific             conform to IDOT standards.
application, but in all cases, the typeface and
symbols must be readily discernable by
pedestrians from main public walkways.

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