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									                                CSC 201- Computer Science I
                                         Fall 2003

Professor:            Hashem Anwari
Office:               LC 216
Telephone             703 450-2610
Office Hours:         Posted on door

This course is designed to introduce Algorithm development and methods of general problem
solving in computer science. This course will emphasize the use of good programming style and
designing, program coding and debugging. C++ language are used as a programming tool.

TEXT:           Problem Solving with C++

Grading:           Exams                               40%
                   Final                               35%
                   Homework (10%) & Quizzes (10%) 20%
                   Class Performance                   10%
                                                TOTAL         105%
NOTE: The exam times will be announced 2 weeks in advance in class.

The following topics are planned to be covered:
DATE:         TOPICS                                                   REF

8/26                  Introduction to Computer Science                 Ch.1, Notes
                      Computer Basic Architecture                      Notes
                      Problems and Problem Solutions                   Notes
                      Algorithm, Problem Solving and Heuristics        Ch. 1, Notes
                      Algorithm Structure                              Ch. 1, Notes
                      Computer and Algorithms                          Ch. 1, Notes
9/11                  Program Structure                                Ch. 2, Notes
                      Data Type                                        Ch. 2, Notes
                      Variable and Constants                           Ch. 2, Notes
                      Module, Subalgorithm and Abstraction             Ch. 2, 3, Notes
                      Simple Input/Output OperationFunctions           Ch. 3, 4, Notes
                      Argument Passing                                 Ch. 3, 4, Notes
                      Functions as Programming Blocks                  Ch. 3, 4, Notes
                      Function calls                                   ch 4,note
                      I/O Streams/classes and objects                  Ch. 5, Notes
                      Fundamentals of Data Type                        Ch. 3, Notes

10/23                 Exam #1

CSC 201
Fall 2003
Page Two

                       Class & object                                             Ch. 6, Notes
                       Function members
11/4                   Function overloading
                       Constructor and Destructors                                Ch 6,Notes
                       Selection and Decision                                     Ch. 3, Notes
                       Conditional and Unconditional Loop                         Ch. 7, Notes
                       Program Design                                             Ch. , Notes
                       String                                                     Notes, ch. 7
11/13                  Exam #2

                       Abstract Data type                                         Notes, Ch. 6
                       Data Structure                                             Ch. 6, Notes
                       One Dimensional and Multidimensional Arrays                Ch. 9, Notes
                       Intro to dynamic data structure                            Ch 12, Notes
                       Operation overloading                                      Ch. 8, Notes

Each of the topics consists of several sub topics.

All homework is due one week after the assigned date. All homework must be turned in at the
beginning of class period on the date due. No late assignments are accepted.

No make up exams or quizzes will be given (except in the event of extenuating circumstances which
are beyond the student's control).

The above schedule and procedures are subject to change in the event of extenuating circumstances.


Labor Day Holiday                                    September 1
No class                                             October 13,14
Last day to withdraw without penalty                 October 30
Thanksgiving Day Holiday                             November 26-30
Final Exam                                           December 11

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