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                             Cut your IT costs
                 Control your IT environment
         Secure, simplify and manage your IT
                        Nurture your network
                                       You depend on your data

                                 You must depend on your IT partner

                                                     Full Support
                                                     For clients without in-house IT resources who prefer
                                                     to focus on their organisation and allow our IT
                                                     expertise to fully enable their business. Opting for
                                                     a full service contract provides a client with end to
                                                     end dependability and confidence.
                                                     With industry beating service level agreements,
                                                     every IT function is covered; from 1st line user
                                                     support to all workstation and server management
                                                     and long term IT strategy.

                                                     For a large charity in London NW3 we provide all on
                                                     site and off site IT services and work closely with
                                                     Facilities managers to create a complete central
                                                     services department for the benefit of the whole

                                                     Complimentary Support
                                                     Designed for businesses with some in-house IT

                                                     resources but require further assistance or support
         We went full circle through IT suppliers    on a regular basis, we work closely with the in-house
         and having chosen London Data, we’re
         very happy to recommend them again
                                                     IT resources to complete the IT team; filling gaps in
                                                     expertise or man-power but careful of duplication
         and again.                                  or overlap.

         Paul McLaren, Managing Director,            For a medium sized print and online publisher, we
         Financial Services, City of London.         look after the server and client network including
                                                     many home workers and a satellite office.       We
                                                     compliment an existing member of staff who’s
                                                     primary function is online content management, also
                                                     providing 1st line desktop support to colleagues.

                                                     Project Services
                                                     For clients (who may also be full support or
                                                     complementary support clients) seeking a reliable
       London Data provides reliable,                and well proven partner to plan, manage and deliver
                                                     crucial IT projects. From upgrades and rollouts to
         affordable IT management,                   major network design and implementation, London
         maintenance and support                     Data’s experience and operational efficiency can
        for small and medium sized                   deliver your project on time, on budget, tested,
                                                     working and fully supported.
           businesses throughout
       Greater London, nationally and                London Data understand the drivers, pressures and
               internationally.                      risks associated with IT and have developed efficient
                                                     methodologies to minimise and mitigate risks,
                                                     planning everything and leaving nothing to chance.

                                        Outsource IT support

                                All the advantages, no disadvantages

                                                     End user support
                                                     Our own UK based helpdesk provides fast, friendly and
                                                     effective first line assistance for all staff. Best practice
                                                     incident management keep both the user and senior
                                                     staff in the loop at all times. The helpdesk works
                                                     closely with maintenance and project teams to provide
                                                     the most seamless service possible. We use leading
                                                     incident tracking software to better manage all issues
                                                     and provide detailed reports to management.

                                                     Network management
                                                     Full and complementary service clients rely on us to
                                                     manage their networks and all the underlying security
                                                     and intricacies of the operating systems. Unlike our

                                                     competitors we do not just update Windows and reboot;
                                                     we properly manage the whole network from its base
         London Data look after our                  hardware to making sure the printers get toners. Full
         networks with expertise and     “
         efficiency,. We’ve been a customer
                                                     support clients receive regular reports on the status of
                                                     their network including summaries of significant work
         for three years and will continue.          done, maintenance schedules and end user support
         Ben Pennington, IT Manager,
         Publishing company, SW London.

                                                     Planned Maintenance
                                                     System reliability is essential to any business. Through
                                                     regular out of hours maintenance we keep downtime to
                                                     zero with no disruption of service to the end user. All
                                                     planned maintenance is well scheduled and managed
                                                     so all systems and services are back online ready for
                                                     start of the business day.

         London Data helps clients                   Strategy
        improve organisational and
                                                     Information Technology is a constantly evolving
         individual performance by
                                                     environment. London Data brings fresh, flexible,
        leveraging well-managed IT                   pragmatic and efficient IT strategies covering
        infrastructure, backed up by                 structure,    solutions    to   business    problems,
       expert IT support and advice.                 hardware deployment and sound IT advice.
                                                     Through regular IT audits and budget revisions, we
                                                     deliver strategies that provide real world advantages
                                                     and full return on investment.

                           Core services
From 1st line support to full infrastructure management, design and deployment,
our core services are delivered by professional, permanent staff.

                                      Infrastructure audits and reviews
Infrastructure                        Infrastructure support & maintenance
                                      Infrastructure design & implementation
                                      User support
                                      User training

                                      Intrusion detection
Security                              Layered file security
                                      Email screening
                                      Internet filtering
                                      User access control
                                      Penetration testing

                                      Clustered applications
Availability                          Failover networking
                                      Server cloning
                                      Offsite data streaming

                                      Email delivery
Communications                        IP reputation
                                      Private instant messaging
                                      Site to site voice & video
                                      Remote user voice & video

                                      Data back-up
Disaster recovery and
                                      Back-up testing
                                      Multilevel storage
                                      DR planning and testing

                                      Network expansion, contraction, merger
Strategy                              Multi office connectivity
                                      Consolidation, virtualisation
                                      Remote working, home working
                                      International VoIP telephony

                                      Email archiving
Compliance & legal                    Access management
                                      Acceptable use policies
                                      Call recording
                                      Email filtering
                                   Being proactive, looking for trouble

                                         Planned maintenance for reliability

                                                               Each day our maintenance staff manually check
                                            Hands on           each and every system for errors. Backups,
                                                               antivirus and security settings are checked and
                                                               tested. Any and all issues found are recorded and
                                                               escalated to teams to deal with the issue.

                                                               Every ten seconds our central monitoring servers
                                                               check every single client’s core system metrics
                                            System             and compare these to well defined trigger levels
                                            monitoring         for first stage warning, second stage alert or third
                                                               stage alarm.

                                                               On discovery of an issue, an escalation process is
                                                               run where the event is evaluated against criteria
     We’ve always found the London
     Data team to be nice, friendly         Escalation         for it’s impact on a user, users or the system as
                                                               a whole and if necessary assigned to a 2nd line
     people to work with. They always
                          “                                    engineer for action.
     have time for us and clearly take
     pride in their work.

     Carole Bailey, Finance Director.                          Planned maintenance is a very important part
     Construction company. Surrey.                             of our service.     All hardware and software
                                             Planned           manufacturers regularly update their products and
                                             maintenance       these must be implemented in a tested, managed
                                                               process but not so it affects day to day business.
                                                               We routinely perform this work out of hours by
                                                               dedicated staff.

     The professionalism of                                    Post action, the issue is re-checked and if
     our people, combined                                      appropriate further work will follow to ensure the
     with our dedication to                 Remedy             issue is completely dealt with. Further, focused
                                                               checks are made over subsequent intervals to
    the best levels of service                                 ensure no reoccurrence.
     ensure we provide the
      most reliable, secure
      and high performing
                                                                Both support and maintenance teams log all
     IT system to each and
                                                                incidents and generate management reports to
          every client.                     Reporting           help with strategy, training and risk management
                                                                best practice.

                                                      Case studies

                        World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

                                                                                  World Association
                                                                                  of Girl Guides
                                                                                  and Girl Scouts

                                                                The headquarters of a truly international
                                                                organisation, World Association of Girl Guides and
                                                                Girl Scouts’ World Bureau in North London, works
                                                                alongside several international offices to manage
                                                                global guiding events, promotions and activities.
                                                                The nature of the organisation underlines the
                                                                importance of effective communication, file-
                                                                sharing, data security and overall system stability.
                                                                London Data were invited to implement a
                                                                modernised, centralised and standardised solution
                                                                including a dedicated support technician on-site
                                                                during office hours, as well as 2nd and 3rd line
                                                                escalation routes.

                                                                The concept was to allow the offices access to
       Modernise and secure the central IT system               a centralised store of data for accounting and
                                                                membership applications to increase productivity
                                                                and inter-site co-operation. With each network
         Facilitate full IT system and user support
                                                                location working differently and with their own
                                                                security concerns, a global policy needed to be
       Provide planned maintenance and proactive
                                                                designed and implemented to ensure the level of
                                                                seamless connectivity and interoperability required
                                                                by the World Bureau without compromising the
                                                                integrity of the file system and working model.

                                                                The office spaces have been set up to interconnect
                                                                through VPNs between local networks and remote
                                                                workers can connect from all over the world to
                                                                servers and workstations via terminal services.

       “   The worldwide nature of the organisation
           underlines the importance of effective
           communication, file-sharing, data security
                                                                Guest computer terminals on site have been
                                                                segregated and locked down to prevent un-witting
                                                                guest users from compromising mission critical
                                                                data and services. We implemented a standardised
           and overall system stability.
                                                                security structure for users, passwords and access
                                                                rights, and furthermore a centralised management
                                                                of operating system maintenance and virus/
                                                                malware protection from our central London
                                                                location. affording the organisation the comfort
                                                                of a well-managed and supported IT environment.

                                                  Case studies

                                            Civil Society Media


                                                            Civil Society Media, formerly Plaza Publishing,
                                                            is a specialist publishing house that produces
                                                            magazines, websites and bespoke research
                                                            projects within the civil society - charity sector.
                                                            After dramatic hardware failure (a failed hard disk
                                                            controller) left their communications, applications
                                                            and therefore their business crippled, London Data
                                                            were asked to get the company’s IT back on its
                                                            feet after previous oversights in disaster recovery
                                                            management meant that there were significant
                                                            gaps in the restoration plan. After eventually
                                                            restoring and recreating the servers and network
                                                            to full working order we were asked to manage
                                                            their systems and ensure this never happened
                Restore the IT system
                                                            Working within the budget of the organisation, the
        Identify and deal with further IT risks             accepted proposal was precise and efficient without
                                                            sacrificing the security of the data or stability and
       Provide timely system and user support               viability of the IT system. The existing network was
                                                            not out-dated or under specification and in fact only
                                                            small changes to the server hardware was required.
                                                            The final solution was multifaceted, including
                                                            creating multiple state of the art back-up sets in
                                                            order to simplify and accelerate any necessary
                                                            restoration in the future. Automatic fail-safes
                                                            have been employed such as disk mirroring and
                                                            the setting up of secondary servers to handle

  “    Working within the budget of the organisation,       DNS and DHCP, so in the event of primary services
       the accepted proposal was precise and efficient      being unreachable the system behind kicks in.
       without sacrificing the security of the data or
                                                            A second internet connection has also been
       stability and viability the IT system.
                                                            installed to allow users to access WAN resources
                                                            independently of the exchange connection, and
                                                            hot spares of critical server components have
                                                            been made available and are kept on site so
                                                            that they can be installed within a few moments.
                                                            Implementation of remote monitoring tools
                                                            enables us to keep track of how much hard
                                                            disk space is available or how fast the internet
                                                            connections are and target individual services and
                                                            applications to provide London Data with an early
                                                            warning system so granular that we can detect a
                                                            problem and even fix it before Civil Society notices.

             Partnerships, policies, memberships and support


                 Protia Ltd, parent company of London Data has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since
                 2003. Many London Data staff have qualified through various Microsoft programmes
                 including MCP, Small Business Advisor and Licencing Specialists.

                 Protia Ltd, parent company of London Data has been business partners with HP since
                 2003. Due to low failure rates and high standards of support London Data procures
                 high volumes of HP servers and network hardware on behalf of their clients.

                 Protia Ltd, parent company of London Data has been business partners with Dell since
                 2003. London Data procures high volumes of Dell workstations and laptops due to
                 their excellent value for money, high performance and strong warranties.

                 Protia Ltd, parent company of London Data has been partnered with Cisco since 2003.
                 London Data deploys Cisco equipment most commonly for remote office and home
                 worker solutions.

London Data is a company conscious of its ethical obligations and conducts its business in a manner consistent
with a responsible, conscientious and community minded company.
The key points of our ethical strategy are:

         Respect the wider environment and ensure wherever possible that all company activities follow best
         practice environmental measures in the use and choice of material, distribution, operation, energy and
         disposal by Protia Ltd and its clients.

         Material resources used by the company will be sourced from sustainable supplies where possible, and
         under appropriate certification. Where such supplies are necessary, they are sought from fair trading
         suppliers and employers.

         Following clear rules controlling the access and use of individual and corporate data, Protia Ltd follow
         best practice privacy policy management.

         As an employer, Protia Ltd genuinely ensures proper human resource management and encourages all
         employees at all levels to pursue professional personal development and attainment. Protia Ltd is an
         investor in people.

    Memberships                                                                      Supporting

        Paul Appleby
        Member: Institute of Directors
                                             About us

      London Data offers leading end to end outsource IT solutions; providing direct user and system
  support and full IT project delivery to small and medium sized businesses throughout Greater London,
                                        nationally and internationally.
  London Data presents clients with a complete IT department; providing either a full outsource solution
   taking on all aspects of the IT needs, or a complementary solution where London Data fill in the gaps
           around incumbent personnel ensuring the client full IT service coverage at all times.

   Protia Ltd, t/a London Data. A private limited company registered at Companies House number 4711077.
                          Registered office 175 High Street, Tonbridge, Kent. TN9 1BX.
                          Registered for UK VAT GB 810388934 D.U.N.S. 734382018

                                            Contact us

                      London office         Surrey office        Sales                0800 3277908
                      London Data.          London Data.         Support              0845 0041600
                      1st Floor,            15 West St.          Accounts /admin      0845 0041601
LONDON                                                           Fax                  020 8711 3189
                      15 Prescott Place,    Carshalton,
DATA                  London.               Surrey.              Email      
                      SW4 6BS.              SM5 2PT.             www        

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