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									           Hounsllow & Diistriict Aquariists Sociiety                       Entry forms should be sent to Show Secretary:
           Houns ow & D str ct Aquar sts Soc ety
                                                                            Dick Mills, 10 Rosken Grove, Farnham Royal, Slough, Berkshire SL2 3DZ
                A Message from our Chairman                                 Tel : 01753 645675 email:

Dear friends and fellow aquarists,                                          Duplicate Entry Forms should be collected on arrival at the Show.

On behalf of the 2009 Show Committee and the members of HDAS,
I would like to offer you a warm welcome to our 46th Open Show.
HDAS will have their fish/equipment shop and food bar open
 throughout the Show.

Our venue is the same as usual, Hounslow Youth Centre, Kingsley Road
with free parking adjacent. Make sure you park by the Youth Centre,
inside the double gates. The car park before the gates is Pay and
Display, so if you do park outside, you will need to buy a ticket.

Hounslow Bus Garage and Hounslow East station are within walking
distance, as is Hounslow shopping area. Weather permitting, benching
facilities will again be outside the Centre as well as in the main hall.

We are pleased to have been given Classes D (Cichlids),J (Rasboras)
and V (Twin-tailed Goldfish) as this year’s FBAS Championship Trophy
Classes. There are also Tetra’s Best Pair and Best Breeder awards to be
won, and NEW THIS YEAR, two Classes for Juniors and our two
Special SHANGHAI Classes.

We all look forward to seeing you at our Open Show either as an exhibitor   H.D.A.S.meets at St. Stephen’s Church Hall, Parkside Road, Hounslow,
or as a visitor. Old and new friends, experts or novices to the aquatic     Middlesex. on alternate Wednesdays.
hobby, all are welcome.
                                                                            Details from: Peter Quested, 32 Southfields, East Molesey, Surrey KT8 0BP
Special thanks go to the FBAS Judges, our Advertisers, the Show                           Telephone 0208 224 5574 E-Mail:
Committee, our Club Members and the Refreshment Ladies, but                               Website
especially to you for your support.
                                                                            Meeting Nights for remainder of 2009:
I look forward to seeing you all and hope you enjoy the day                              Sept 30, Oct 14, Oct 28, Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 9, Dec 16.

Peter Anderson, Chairman 2009                                                               NEW MEMBERS & VISITORS MOST WELCOME
RULES                                                                                  HOUNSLOW & DIISTRIICT AQUARIISTS SOCIIETY
                                                                                       HOUNSLOW & D STR CT AQUAR STS SOC ETY
Entry fees: 20p per entry by post or E-mail.
Closing date for post, fax or E-Mail Entries: Wednesday 16th                                                 SHOW COMMITTEE
September 2008
Phone entries 20p up to 9 p.m. on Friday 18 September.                                                            CHAIRMAN:
Late entries up to 11.00 a.m. on the day of the Show, at the Show                     Peter Anderson, 4 Copthall Close, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. SL9 0DH
Manager's discretion, at a fee of 25p. Every 6 entry free.                                                 Telephone 01753 882873
(Excluding phone entries and entries on the day).
Entries may be benched from 9.30 a.m. and must be fully benched by 12                                           SECRETARY:
noon on the day of the Show                                                                   Peter Quested, 32 Southfields, East Molesey, Surrey
                                                                                                          Telephone 0208 224 5574
Judging commences at 12.30 pm. Prize-giving between 16.30 & 17.30.
The decision of the Show Committee shall be binding in all matters not covered                                 SHOW MANAGER:
by these Rules. While all reasonable care will be taken, the Show Committee                Vic Higgs, 20 Forge Lane, Hanworth, Middlesex TW13 6UW
does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to exhibits.                                     Telephone: 0208 894 0235

SUITABILITY OF WATER                                                                                          SHOW SECRETARY:
It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that the water in which their     Dick Mills, 10 Rosken Grove, Farnham Royal, Slough, Berks. SL2 3DZ.
exhibits are shown is suitable for that exhibit. The Organisers' will not be                      Tel 01753 645675 Email :
responsible for any loss of, or adverse effect to any exhibit caused by the quality
or composition of the local or introduced water supply, which may contain                                    INVITED JUDGES
chemicals or differ in quality to that which the exhibit is normally accustomed.
No gravel may be used except in Class Ag and Ak                                              Mr. Keith Cocker Mr. R. D. Esson Mr. Colin Pannell
Entries in Class Ag and Ak may be brought ready set up.                                      Mr. L. Pearce   Mr G.Steptowe    Mr. A. I. Stevens
DEFRA listed species: It is the Exhibitors' responsibility to have available
any licence, if requested by a DEFRA Officer for any listed species.                       The Show will be run in accordance with F.B.A.S. Rules
Full List of known species published on the FBAS website                                                     as displayed in the Hall.

Photography only with permission of the Show Manager.                                                    TROPHIES & AWARDS
Exhibitors are reminded of F.B.A.S. Show Rule No. 14:                                        2009 FBAS Trophy Classes “D” “J” “V”
Exhibits may not be removed before the end of the Show without prior
permission of the Show Manager.                                                                                                 st
                                                                                                  BEST FISH IN SHOW plus 1 & 2 Reserve

                                                                                                       BEST BREEDER Tetra Trophy
                                                                                                          BEST PAIR Tetra Trophy
       (DEBENCHING AT THE END OF PRIZE-GIVING. THANK YOU)                                            SPA GLASS ‘SHANGHAI’ AWARDS
Breeders Classes must be teams of four fish not more than fourteen months old                           1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th Place Cards
on the day of the Show. Date of birth must be shown on the entry forms, and the                           Goodie Bag for every exhibitor
fish must have been bred by the exhibitor.
                                                                                                H. & D.A.S. thank Tetra, Rolf C Hagen & Spa Glass
                                                                                                              for their generous support
                                             Hounslow, are going to include an                                  OPEN SHOW CLASSES
                                             extra 'Special Class' attraction at their
                                                                                                                OPEN SHOW CLASSES
                                             Open Show this year.
                                                                                         Ag      Mini Furnished. 10" x 8" x 6"
                                                                                         Ak      Individual Aquascape. 18" x 10" x 10"
                                             It's loosely-inspired on the Darts game     B       Barbs As current FBAS size sheet
                                             of 'Shanghai!' where you get three          C       Characins (other than Ca, Cb)
                                             darts in all three beds (Single, Double     Ca      Characins (Hemigrammus, Hyphessobrycon etc)
                                             and Triple score) of a single figure on     Cb      Characins (Pencilfish etc)
                                             the dartboard.                              D       Cichlids (other than Da, Db, Dc)           FBAS TROPHY CLASS
                                                                                         Da      Angels
                                             Hounslow are actually trying it out as      Db      Cichlids Dwarf Cichlids
                                             two Special Classes – one for               Dc      Cichlids Rift Valley Cichlids
                                             Egglayers and one for Livebearers.          E       Labyrinths (other than Ea).
                                                                                         Ea-a    Best Male Fighter.
                                                                                         Ea-b    Best Female Fighter
                                                                                         N-Ea    Best Fighter Pair
                                                                                         F       Egglaying Toothcarps (Killies)
                                                                                         G       Catfish
                                                                                         H       Aspidoras, Corydoras
It could become a useful display feature to visitors to Open Shows (or even              Ha      Brochis
Hayling Island), showing not only a wide variety of fishes but also their 'family        J       Rasboras                                   FBAS TROPHY CLASS
group' potential without all the technicalities that are involved in trying to win a     K       Danios
Championship Class.                                                                      L       Loaches, Botias
                                                                                         M       AOS Egglayers
It could also encourage the more 'quiet breeders' in the hobby to show off their         Nb-m    Pairs Egglayers )                                 BEST PAIR
successes too.                                                                           No-t    Pairs Livebearers)                                TETRA TROPHY
                                                                                         Oa      Male Guppy
An entry in this Class will consist of :                                                 Ob      Female Guppy
                                                                                         P       Cultivated Livebearers
           a Single fish, a Pair and a Team of four breeders                             Q       Swordtails
                                                                                         R       Platies
                                                                                         S       Poecilia & Limia (excluding O & P)
all from a single species of fish, ie, any Barb, Characin, Danio, Rasbora, Guppy,        T       AOS Livebearers
Platy etc.                                                                               U       Singletail Goldfish (Common)
                                                                                         Ua      Comets
Fishes can be benched in three separate tanks or, a tank divided into three.             Ub      London / Bristol Shubunkins
Where so desired, in order to keep livebearer sexes segregated, up to 5 separate         V       Twintail Goldfish                          FBAS TROPHY CLASS
tanks (or a single tank divided into 5 compartments) may be used.                        W AOS   Cold Water Fish, inc White Cloud Mountain Minnows
                                                                                         Xb-m    Egglayer Breeders            )
Tank siizes mustt confform tto tthe FBAS miiniimum siizes or above –
Tank s zes mus con orm o he FBAS m n mum s zes or above –                                Xo-t    Livebearer Breeders          )                    BEST BREEDER
                                                                                         Xu-w    Breeders Coldwater           )                    TETRA TROPHY
                                                                                         Z       Aquatic Plants
smallest tank must have minimum dimensions of 100mm x 100mm x 100mm.
                                                                                         Y b-m, u-w     Junior Egglayers        ) Entrants must be
These guidelines must also be followed when a divided tank is used.                      Y o-t          Junior Livebearers      ) under 16 years of age

                                                                                         SH1 - SHANGHAI – Egglayers                 SH2 - SHANGHAI - Livebearers
A suggested ‘divided tank’
arrangement would be:

18” x 6” x 6” divided into:

(5” x 6 “ 6”), (5” x 6” x 6”) and
(8” x 6” x 6”)

As in FBAS Breeders’ teams Classes, Judges are likely to give preference to
entries constituting a single male fish, a sexable pair, and youngsters comprising
two males and two females.

In the Livebearer Class, any cultivated Livebearers entered must be of the same
obvious strain.

We are delighted to announce that these Special Classes have
               been sponsored by Spa Glass

Brian Chittenden has generously donated two ‘Shanghai Tanks’ to be awarded –
one to the winner of each Class.

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